tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 25

Passion Ch. 25


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Rivers of cum twisted sinuously in the pits of Lilith's hell, the musk of Man filling the ravines and gorges of mossy stone. Succubi bathed decadently in their father's seed, reveling in his liquid lust as it seeped into their pussies. The low groans of sensual pleasure in the nine circles grew into a louder chorus of panted gasps as demonelles crested the waves of ecstasy, licking his cum off each other's bodies and out of their pussies, kissing madly in the rivers of spunk and trading their drool and Alexander's cum.

In the center of the pits, atop a ridge from which could be seen the high cliff walls around them and ravines below them, sat a great black stone throne, cushioned in brilliant red moss. Alexander lounged in this throne, incubus and prince consort. Lily snuggled up into his side and spoke mysteries unto him in whispered moans. He grasped her shapely round ass, moaning into her kiss as succubi lavished his succulent cock with lust and slobber.

His massive shaft towered, perpetually erect and dark purple, pulsing ropes of jizz into his daughters' mouths. "You are incubus now, Alexander of the Mighty Cock," Lily murmured to him as a low moan wrenched his mouth out of their kiss. "We have unleashed the lust of your cock, but the passion of your heart has yet to be fully awakened." Alexander groaned again as he pumped cum into a succubus' throat. He convulsively squeezed Lily's lovely form into him, slicking his thigh with her juicy pussy.

Her eyes rolled back briefly, her bust heaving into his side as her breath caught in the middle of forming a sentence. A succubus tugged a ball sack into her mouth and suckled. "I first met you long before you first met me," Lily panted. "You loved me, and your load was so great, so full, that your seed has remained in me these long ages, siring daughter after daughter upon me."

She ran a pale finger delicately up his chest, tracing the deep red curves of his muscles as more jets of cum spurted into his daughter's mouth, as her throat glucked greedily on his vibrating, studded pole. In response, Alexander kissed Lily once more, gently at first, savoring her hot mouth. This quickly heated into frantic tongueing as his demonic daughters milked his dick lustily.

"Mmmmm, Daddy..." a succubus managed to moan, somewhat coherently, around the mass of his cock sausage stuffing her mouth. His manhood lurched at her lewd desire, tossing the curls of her white hair about as she wrenched more bursts of cum from him. His back arched, head lolling back, and Lily grinned knowingly.

"Behold, Alexander of the Mighty Cock," she murmured in a sultry almost-alto. "Your tide rises."

Indeed, the neverending fountains of cum from the new incubus lord's eternally hard shaft were pouring more and more into the rivers of cum, as they slowly rose along the banks of the pit.

"Maidens four shall mark the tide," he managed to groan out. Lily nodded.

"Your passion makes you wise," she agreed. "Despite my eromantic lore, I have not the particular gift of a seer as does the oracle Cyranre. But your cum awoke a seer's sight in Zaelle." The succubal girl with skin as pale as Lily's and hair as fiery as Cinnamon's. "Four virgins, crowned in crimson locks, shall mark the time till I must release you to follow your passion where it leads you."

"My passion... leads me here, Lily of...the Dark Eyes." Alexander tossed his head from side to side as a procession of his daughters took turns giving their father head. His grip clenched spastically, one hand on Lily's ass, the other in the raven hair of a succubus who nursed obscenely upon him.

Lily stroked his brow, where sweat had plastered his newly red-orange curls to his forehead around his horns. "For now," she whispered, and pressed moist, fluttering kisses to his dusk-skinned throat. Her other hand caressed his muscular chest, feeling every chiseled outline. "As prince consort of the exiled goddess, it is your right and duty to visit maidens of the lands above and show them the wonders of lust and the pleasures of a Man."

A demonelle standing behind them tapped the surface of the summerwine in the silver basin next to the throne, and as ripples spread across the rich purple liquid, an image formed. A young maiden appeared to him in the pool, a girl with creamy skin and lush black ringlets down to her neck. Her breasts were delicate pears, with tiny nipples in full areolas. Her pussy was bald and pink.

Alexander tilted his head back, and his succubal daughter poured summerwine from a golden pitcher down his throat. His cock lurch mightily, flinging his cocksucking daughter around as her curls tossed. She moaned around his girth, and laughed delightedly as it popped free of her throat. She ran a teasing finger along the thick, stud-bordered cum tube of his drool-slathered cock. "Mmmmm, Daddy, so big... I think you need to plow a fertile valley."

He grinned his crooked smile, and flicked out his long tongue to brush wetly upon her nose. She giggled naughtily. Lily turned his face to hers with a hand on his cheek, and melded her lips to his once more. "Go forth, my mighty-cocked incubus," she murmured, and he drifted...

As one drifts into a dream from wakefulness, so Alexander drifted from cum-musked hell to the lands above. In the mountains upon the edge of the world, a pavilion rested on a lush outcropping of rock, sky open to the moonlight, illuminating the maiden for whom he had come.

Half-hidden in filmy curtains blowing from between the marble pillars surrounding her open-aired chamber, Mollissia lay upon a thick quilt woven from blue and white feathers. She shifted in her slumber, thighs rubbing together, as Alexander drifted into reality. Her hair was dark, nearly black ringlets in a rich fan around her head, her skin creamy and pale in the moonlight. Two flowers were twined in her hair.

His flesh had darkened to ebony, but his hair remained flame-orange. His cock stood at towering attention, his entire slab of meat a deep purple shade. Clear precum, flowing in rivulets from his cockknob down his shaft, glistened in the soft moonlight, and the violent throbs of passion that spasmed his cock flung droplets of his precum about with sweet abandon.

He flicked out his tongue salaciously, and his breath perfumed the air with his musky incense. The young maiden's nipples hardened into pebbly points, and she rubbed her thighs together once more. A moist sheen became apparent on her puffening slit. "Mmmmm," she sighed dreamily. Alexander knelt beside her bed, and rolled out his long tongue to wrap around her boob in wet, heavy licks. Mollissia gasped and moaned, her head tossing about in her sleep. He lowered his finger, and touched it lightly to her achingly stiff nipple--

She screamed in ecstasy, snapping awake as orgasms shook her body. Her back arched, her toes curled, her eyes rolled back. "Oooooooooh Goddess!" she moaned. Her eyes slowly came into focus once more, and she gasped as she saw the incubus and felt the heavy wet warmth of his tongue wrapped around her succulent pear-shaped tit. She shivered violently, a spasm of pleasure wracking her body. "Who...?" she panted out, barely able to draw breath.

His lips curved into his warm, crooked smile. "I am Alexander." His voice was slightly muffled around his tongue, which squeezed around her boob, milking and massaging. He slowly withdrew it, sliding it slickly along her flesh as she shivered. His cock was massively erect, a deep throbbing purple pole swaying and twitching before her eyes, and she stared at his manhood as though hypnotized.

"I am," she paused, licking her lips, "Mollissia. Alexander..." Her voice trailed off in wonder as her creamy-skinned hand reached out to caress the thick, thrumming cum tube bordered by studs, massaging it with her thumb. He groaned lewdly. His dick lurched so madly that it batted away her hand, and she laughed hoarsely in husky delight. "Are you a demon come to seduce me?" Her gaze never strayed from his throbbing cockknob as she began rubbing soft slow circles around the top metallic stud tingling on his sensitive triangle.

"A Man come to love you," he said in gasped moans as she fondled and milked him. He moved to kneel behind her at the head of her bed of quilts. Her eyes widened with lusty anticipation, and she opened her mouth to receive his gift. Mollissia's hand tugged on his mighty shaft as his succulent cockhead pressed between her plump lips and stretched them into thin pink lines.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned lewdly, lovingly, as she sucked on his head. Then her lips clamped down around his flared helmet as he popped into her mouth. Alexander moaned a gasping cry as her hot, wet, eager mouth suckled noisily upon him.

"Molly..." he groaned, anointing her with precum and a lover's name of affection. Her hands reached behind her, insistently pulling on his shaft, and he drove his hips forward, plunging his massive dong deep into her throat. Her scream of absolute ecstasy was muffled by his titanic dick, but she thrashed around his pole and squirted her creamy juices in a glistening wet spray.

In and out, Alexander pumped his studded dick within Mollissia's tight, glucking throat. Fierce wet heat bathed his cockmeat as she swallowed him whole, her lips slurping greedily around the base of his shaft as his heavy nuts smeared her face with his sweat and her own drool. She slobbered eagerly around him, saliva pouring down his balls and her face, pooling on the quilt as she traded her thick coats of drool for his sticky globs of precum.

He burst, jets of liquid fire creaming down her thirsty throat. Her milking swallows eagerly guzzled down his jizz, and her throat gurgled with obscene glugging moans. He gasped in a soundless roar as he pumped his load inside her maiden mouth, and his knees buckled. He half-fell, half-lay forward onto her, and she juiced hard, spraying his face with hot love as she felt his powerful muscles thrumming atop her.

He buried his face into her cunt as his load pumped into her. She squirmed lustily as he rolled them both over, so that she lay on top of him. She moaned and gurgled lewd love around his spunking shaft, grinding her pussy hard into his face, soaking him with her womanly dew. Her hands fondled his massive nuts as she moved her head back and forth, jerking his thick log with her throat. He shuddered in lust, unable to stop pouring his thick cockslop down her throat, and his long, demonic tongue slithered sensuously between her puffy red slit.

Molly screamed in obscene euphoria, her yells of passion muffled by his rod. Her pussy was a fountain, showering his face with her juices, slicking his thick mane of flame-hued hair and running down his head and chin. Alexander's long, sinuous red tongue dived into the depths of her cunny, curling and twisting and probing. It curled back on itself, thickening coils caressing every velvet wall of her womanhood, before doubling back to flick his tip up at her clit.

The raven-locked maiden thrashed atop him, gasping breathlessly around his thick slab of meat. Her hot, sweet breath washed over his pole, and he grunted, muscles coiling as he blasted forth a final geyser within her. She shuddered violently with rapture, and fell limply upon him. "Mmmmmmmmm!" she moaned around his shaft, lightly nursing it with gentle glucks in her throat.

Alexander bestowed a hot kiss upon her steamy pussy, loving her with his lips, and her back arched. "I would take thee, Molly," his sigh whispered up her body. She shuddered with glowing pleasure at the thought, and pulled her throat off his turgid cock, revealing the drool-slicked rod that gleamed in Selene's light.

She tugged on his shaft as she rolled over onto her back once more. His hand came to rest upon hers, and pulled her hand away as he rolled up to kneel over her. His tremendous cock came to rest heavily along her torso. Her breathing quickened, the apples of her eyes flaring in excitement, and her rocky nipples scraped lightly against his chest as her hand tightened in his.

Her other hand came down to clasp his thick trunk. With a wondering touch, she kneaded it softly, relishing the groans she milked from him, and pulled it away from her tummy. In tune with her intent, Alexander pulled his hips up. His fat cockknob left a slick trail of sticky precum along her tummy as it pulled back, till the bulbous head of his member throbbed into her bald, wet slit.

Mollissia trembled with desire and longing as she gazed up into the Man-Incubus' eyes of glimmering embers. She panted dark wet heat upon his face, and as her pussy slicked the tip of his cock with her overflowing honey, she humped her hips up at him needily. Her puffening pink slit stretched wide around his cockhead, aching to bury him within herself.

Alexander smiled his crooked smile. "Molly," he rumbled lustily. He bent to press his lips to hers as he slid into her maidenhood. She gasped with throaty pleasure into his mouth as he breached her. In the throes of virgin ecstasy, her hips thrashed upward, sinking him fully within her in the space between heartbeats.

Their lips gasped apart as she buried him to the hilt inside her, his heavy sweaty balls heaving and churning against her tight ass. "Al-- Al-- Alexander!" Mollissia babbled with incoherent delight. She gyrated her hips up against his, grinding against him with desperate need, and he began thrusting. Their hips pummeled each other with slurpy, salacious smacks as Man and maiden, incubus and mortal, made passionate, lusty love.

His massive cockknob penetrated into her womb, and Molly arched her back with gasped pleasure as his flared cock crown caught on her cervix, locking him into place right where he belonged. Alexander groaned, every muscle shuddering, and he cummed with the force of a waterfall, bursting thick jets of jizz inside her fertile, nubile womb.

Molly's ecstasy blossomed lewd, sweet nectar onto his bloated nuts as she felt his hot, life-giving seed pour into her. She locked her legs around his back, holding him tight as her pussy frantically clenched and convulsed around his pulsating, spurting member. Her womb greedily slurped up every last glob of cum she enticed from him as their obscene screams mingled in a chorus of rapture that echoed off the mountainsides.

As the eastern sky began to lighten, Alexander started to fade, leaving behind a thoroughly loved woman, a maiden no more.

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