tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 27

Passion Ch. 27


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


And so Alexander spent his days as Lily's consort, worshipped by his demonic daughters, deflowering the maidens of the land. Flood tide rose in Lilith's pits, his thick, musky jizz and his daughter's creamy juices pouring into ravines and trickling into every crack. A strange and wondrous thing began to happen: lilies, as pure white as snow, blooming from brilliantly green stems, sprouted from the ground where his fertile cum oozed.

Their sweet perfume blew across the circles of hell, mingling with the spicy draft of sex and sweat and musk as Alexander made love to the succubi, his cock an eternally erect spire and forever a deep throbbing purple.

The incubus and one of his honey-haired daughters were ravishing a family of sisters in the lands above, as the once-maidens thrashed and screamed in shrill ecstasy. The girl's hips pummelled up into his with wild abandon as he pounded his fat cock into her, and his tongue dove into her sister's dripping, honeyed cunt as she writhed. One hand grasped a creamy-skinned boob as the girl it belonged to humped the face of the sister Alexander was fucking. The succubus fiercely tangled her tongue with the sister the incubus was eating out, whilst her father fingered her hot, soaking slit.

Alexander anchored his cock deep inside the girl as he spilt his nectar within her nubile womb. Drunk on his musk, and his cock, and his cum, and his touch, all four girls - sisters three and succubus - convulsed as they juiced, creamy love bursting from their overstimulated pussies. Screams in lusty sopranos joined his wild bellows as his bloated nuts pulsed fertile lust into her hot cunny.

And then he was drifting, as he had drifted before, fading from the world even as his mighty manhood spurted. "UNGH!" He groaned as the heat of his passion coiled in his belly, feeding the lust that spewed forth endlessly from his spunk pump.

And then he was there, in a summoning circle once again, and his jizzing monster cock sprayed thick globs of deliciously hot seed onto a woman as brilliantly redheaded as Cinnamon, or Siobhan. She gasped in scandalized pleasure as his warm spunk splashed all over her sensitive flesh, and her nipples prickled. Her eyes rolled back briefly as a thick driblet of his cockslop slid fertile fingers into her plump scarlet-dusted cunt.

As his eternally hard incubus shaft slowed its creamy lobbing, Alexander's harsh breathing filled the silence. Cum and pre bubbled up out of his jizzslit, dripping down his pole as he stared at the red-maned enchantress coated in the fruit of his loins. And he recognized her.

"Rebecca," he said, recalling the mistress of the nekella ranch, mother to his four brides Leah, Bilhah, Zilphah, and Rachel. But this was a younger Rebecca, and he realized that he had been summoned back in time--

--the dusk of a day long past--

--to work what sorceries she wished upon him.

Her eyes fixed on him as she panted, watching his sweat-glistened form, her nostrils flaring with his intoxicating musk. "A mighty demon you are, O Man, to know my name," she admitted. Her red locks fell only to her waist, rather than to her ankles as they would later, and no tasseled braid flowered from her temple.

She circled a finger in the musky gloop coating her boob, and brought it up to her plump mouth to suckle on it. "Mmmmmm," she moaned appreciatively. "Your seed is potent indeed, demon. I have summoned thee to make a pact. I desire three boons - three daughters, born of a demon's lust."

"Then you must bind yourself to me," Alexander said, chest heaving with desire. "A demon's mate must pledge herself a wife to him. Do this, and grant me a boon of my own, and we shall have a treaty."

Rebecca's eyes stared unflinchingly into his. "Agreed. The pact is sealed."

"Not yet," the incubus told her. "Your moisture must be mingled with mine, my manhood anointed by your lust." He flexed his cock, which throbbed and flung precum and cum everywhere upon the grass.

Rebecca stepped into the circle with an eager stride and knelt before him. "I pledge myself a demon bride," she said, her voice thick with desire. She took his length in her hands, unable to wrap all the way about the thick girth with her fingers, and flicked her tongue at his bubbling cumslit. A shudder ran through her as she tasted him, and she opened her mouth wide, plump fuck-me lips framing a dark hole with an eager wet tongue.

Then she engulfed him, plunging his mighty dick into succulent wet heat. "Unnngghgh!" he groaned, placing his broad hand atop her scarlet head. The young sorceress let out a low muffled moan, and slobber dribbled copiously from her lips down his shaft. She suckled vigorously on the apple head of his shaft, guzzling down the precum that spilt upon her tongue, and let her drool bathe his entire pole, coating it in a thick gleam of love.

Alexander's fingers ran through her hair as guttural pleasure hummed in his throat, and he tugged lightly on her hair as a spasm of ecstasy spiked up his spine. Rebecca's lips fastened around his cockcrown, latching onto his bulbous knob with her clamped mouth, tugging and sucking and licking him mercilessly.

The lust of an incubus was an easy thing to stoke, and Alexander roared as he pulsed spunk into her throat. The hot seed spurted to the back of her mouth, filling her throat with creamy passion. The sorceress swallowed eagerly, drooling even more as her eyes rolled back with the pleasure of feeling him cum into her.

"Oonnhhgghhhggnnhhhh, Goddess!" she moaned in breathless delight as she pulled back, gurgling down the last of his thick cock cream. Her eyes searched vacantly around the air for a moment, before focusing on him. "Alexander, I..." Her breath was harshed panting. "I must make myself ready, as befits a bride. I give you my familiar in my stead, to slake your appetites while you await me."

A nekella catgirl, furred in shades of soft pink, leapt eagerly into the circle at her mistress' behest. She mewled and licked up his drool-coated shaft from stem to tip. Alexander smiled approvingly at the two women, and let the catgirl push him gently down to the grass. She yowled kittenishly, smirking at him with evident lust, and mounted him, letting his silver-lit, ebony-fleshed fucktool sink into her virgin slit.

"MMMRRROOOOWWWWWWW!" she screamed in ecstasy as his mighty cock stretched her plump, juicy lips wide. So much like Melody, the purrs of a nekella, and his mind blanked with need as he sank his great manhood fully into her dewy, fur-lined cleft. Alexander grunted like a wild beast as she rode his cock with frantic abandon, her furry pussy matting his red-orange crown of crotch curls with liquid love.

The incubus drifted, and Rebecca's catgirl familiar drifted with him, bouncing atop him as he thrust up into her horny cunt, their hips smacking into each other with lewd, wet passion. Her massive tits jiggled, and he seized them, squeezing and kneading them, fingers clenching in spastic pleasure about her soft titflesh. She mewled, and her hard pink nipples poked insistently into his ebon-skinned palms.

Drifting, they cummed at the same time, the nekella howling as she juiced, Alexander roaring as his jizz pumped into her fertile pussy. Her nails raked his chiseled abs, seeking purchase in the frenzy of her desire. Alexander kept pistoning her as he spunked, hips slamming into hers, his obese nuts slapping salaciously and wetly into her horny cunny.

The nekella's shriek subsided into magnificently exhausted moaning as she fell atop him, twitching with the sparkles of orgasm shivering through her. Alexander wrapped his arms about her, clutching her eager, horny body to him as he planted every last dollop of his seed inside her hungry womb. His head thrown back, he groaned with delicious pleasure as the nekella buried her face into his shoulder.

And then they drifted back into the summoning circle. Incubus and catgirl lay gasping, her sweat-matted fur rubbing softly and sensuously along his toned, sweat-glistened flesh. She purred and pressed sweet kittenish kisses to his skin, tasting his musky sweat. Alexander sighed with the warm afterglow of lusty passion, thought of Melody and Marie, and murmured appreciatively into her ear. My first, my last, my forever.

"Demon," Rebecca said, large lustful eyes upon the coupled lovers, "I have prepared myself." Time had passed for her; she had grown her lush scarlet locks down to her ankles, and braided a single tassel falling from her temple, in the manner of a bride. Alexander looked upon her, and he loved her, for a Man's passion also throbbed within his heart, and not only the lust of a demon pumping through his cock.

The faint scent of the sweet bridal spice she had anointed herself with wafted to his nostrils, and his eyes rolled back briefly as visions of Cinnamon glowed through his body. A thick jet of cum streamed out of his throbbing cock into the catgirl's thoroughly fucked pussy. My beloved, my soul.

He panted for a long moment as his climax passed, chest heaving, red-orange curls plastered to his brow. "The potency of a demon's seed shall remain in your belly," he told her as the nekella reluctantly rolled off him, her cunt dribbling juices and cum down her inner thigh, "siring daughters, one after the other. Now come, know your husband."

Rebecca stepped into the circle as a star-dappled sky shed soft light upon them. Alexander's ebony cock towered in a slightly curved rod towards the sky, gleaming. The nekella's pussy juice ran rivulets down the ridges and veins of his majestic manhood. The sorceress stood over it, meeting his eyes, and squatted, lowering herself to his cockmeat.

As her puffy, moist pussy touched his bulbous cockhead, she moaned, a great shuddering ripple of excited pleasure thrilling through her body. She grinded her slit back and forth on his knob, eagerly humping her shyly peeking clit against the sensitive, studded triangle where his cockhead met his flared crown. His precum bubbled up from his jizzslit and was eagerly slurped up by her dewy virgin cleft.

Alexander gasped, and with an obscene bellow, he spunked, spraying cum directly upon Rebecca's pussy, slathering her clit, cleft, and tummy. Her eyes flared wide as she felt the thick wet heat coat her flesh, and shuddered again in rapture. In the spastic throes of her ecstasy, as she felt him cum on her, she sank down upon his mighty dick. With a long shrill scream of pure euphoria, she creamed hard as he filled up the depths of her virgin cunny.

Her shaking body convulsed about his cumming cock, and the incubus howled in lewd passion as her pussy thrummed around him. She tossed her head back and forth, her locks flying. He seized her waist and yanked her up and down on his cock, smacking his balls up into her juicy slit with pounding thrusts.

Their yells broke off into strangled gasps of sinfully delicious ecstasy as his cockhead popped through her cervix, the flared ridge of his cockcrown catching on it and locking him into place inside his womb. His hot cocksauce pumped into her fertile belly, filling her with life and heat and pleasure.

Rebecca collapsed forward onto his chest, thrashing as she slathered his neck in hot wet kisses of drooling delirium. Her pussy spasmed around his cock as he dumped load after load into her hungry womb. Alexander clutched her to him, and in the shared throes of their climaxing, they rolled over, the Man atop the woman, planting his dick deep inside her lush folds.

"OOOOOGGHHHHNNGHHHHH!" Rebecca howled as more delight spiked up her spine, feeling the weight of his strong body bearing down on her. Already impregnated, her stiff-stemmed boobs strained into his muscular chest, scraping her leaking nipples needily into his torso as milk trickled forth.

Alexander tangled his long tongue with hers, and groaned in delight as he tasted the cinnamon ointment upon her lips. Cinnamon... His kiss of loving lust invited her into his mouth - an invitation which she eagerly accepted. Moaned whispers of passionate love were muffled by hot steamy kissing as the demon's dick lobbed its final fat pulses into the young sorceress.

Rebecca's head lolled, her eyes vacant, her hair spread about her head in a rich red fan. Alexander kissed her cheeks and lips and neck as cum dribbled from his locked knob into her filled, sloshing womb. "What-- What is your boon, my lord?" Rebecca managed to gasp in breathless pants.

For her three boons, three daughters, the demon's bride owed him one. Alexander smiled at her and bent to kiss her lips before kissing down her cheeks to her ear. With hot musky breath, he whispered, "You have already granted it. My seed shall remain within you, and you shall bear a fourth daughter, and her name shall be Rachel."

The first rays of dawn broke across the sky, and Alexander shimmered away, inhaling the scent of his beloved one final time. Rebecca's cunt leaked thick cum,and her milk-swollen tits heaved with the exertion of delight as one last ripple of ecstasy tore its way from the tip of her toes to the top of her head.

Maidens four mark flood tide
Demon siring brides on bride
Red haired dusk of a day long passed
Maidens four, first to last

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