tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 28

Passion Ch. 28


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Lily bore Troy more daughters, and his daughters bore him daughters. Saplings and shoots of grass sprouted from the fertile cum coating the once-bare rocks of the hellish depths, joining the fields of lilies growing in creamy seas. Falls of cum splashed from rocks high above into babbling brooks of jizz, and the succubi bathed in wanton pleasure.

His eternally erect dick, always glimmering silver, was worshipped, lavished with slobber and juice, with tongue and pussy, with kissing and sucking. Three of his daughters were milking their daddy now. Two of them hotdogged him, tucking as much of his massive rod between their ass cheeks as they could, while the third girl encompassed what the other two could not with her generous, milk-swollen tits.

And they fucked his cock with their ass cheeks and cleavage, moaning as they felt the pulsing ridges of his purpled, lust-bulged cockveins. The two hotdoggers pushed their buttocks back and up as high as they could, wrapping up as much of his godlike length as they could, and moaned in obscene delirium as their puffy wet slits grinded into his ridged pole.

The titfucking succubus bestowed licks upon his cockknob, drooling lavishly upon the humming metal studs of his dick as her milk trickled freely down her boobs and his shaft. With his arm, Troy clutched Lily to his side, dancing a passionate tango with her deliciously hot tongue, and a fourth daughter clung to his other side, pressing worshipful kisses to his broad shoulders and neck.

Troy was spunking, Lily crushed to his side in the throes of his passion, and her kisses were no less crushing as she mashed her succulent lips to his. "Daddddddy!" his daughters were moaning madly, an obscene chorus accompanying the warm rain of silver spunk from his pulsing geyser. They drew nourishment from his spunk; though a succubus could subsist on a girl's cream, it was on Man-cum that they truly thrived. The titfucker couldn't resist any longer, and bent her head towards his manhood; her face was instantly blasted with thick cock cream, and then her plump lips closed around his cockhead.

"UNGNGHHH!" Troy's roar was barely muffled by Lily's mouth as he filled his daughter's throat with sweet heat. He was cumming so forcefully even the talented succubus couldn't swallow it all. Her daddy's cum frothed out of her mouth around his veiny girth, spilling down his shaft as thick strings of gooey seed hung from her coated face.

His swollen cock was lurching its final lobs of cum into her throat, when he drifted...

Time became a dream, and the face of a girl with dark hair, save for a single white lock, seemed to pass before his vision. He reached out to her, but then he was gone, drifting again. Presently the world solidified once more. Troy inhaled a... presence. "Cinnamon?" he murmured.

Then the world snapped into focus. As so many times before, he was in a summoning circle. This time, however, he was not merely mystically anchored, but physically bound. His outstretched arms and legs marked four corners of the sigil-inscribed circle; where the glowing red lines crossed his wrists and ankles, there was he restrained by the mystical light.

No Cinnamon, but he was surrounded by young women, standing over him around the circle. Sorceresses they were, baring their lusciously nude bodies to him, ripely rounded tits stemmed by gloriously hard nipples, long flowing hair, sparkling eyes, and juicy, dripping pussies. Jewelry draped over their forms, as was the fashion of women in the City. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, armlets, and all other manner of finery enhanced but did not conceal their beauty.

A low sensual shudder rolled gently over him, and as his eyes hooded, he could almost - almost - imagine that one of them was Kat, standing happily over him in the finery of her jewelry.

He was in a palatial pavilion, under a white dome supported by carved marble pillars. The top of the dome was open to the night sky, the soft moonlight shedding squarely on his gleaming ebony flesh.

Lusty sighs and heaving breaths rushed from the girls' lungs as they gazed upon his impressive manhood. Their circle parted to admit a short woman to his vision. Her smooth skin was chocolate-toned, with her nipples, lips, and slit as freshly pink as his carnaleira's. Her hair fell in black satin locks to her thighs. Her nipples were pierced, and a length of golden chain hung from the piercings, one end on either nipple. Jeweled studs and small hoops pierced her ears, and an emerald brooch adorned her hair.

Most astonishing of all were the nine furred tails, as black as her hair, that fanned behind her. She was a kitsune, an ancient but youthful spirit powerful in the magicks of cum and cream. She licked her lips ostentatiously, not shy of her obvious desire for him. "Good, he is here. Now we prepare him for our lady."

Her voice, light and sweet, was nevertheless delivered in rich sultry tones, and precum bubbled up from his cockhead as a shuddering groan rippled its way through his body. "As you say, master enchantress," one of the sorceresses obeyed the kitsune, and knelt beside his face. Holding a golden pitcher, she tipped it over his mouth, and a waterfall of rich purple summerwine flowed into his throat.

The intoxicating wine smothered his senses in sex-soaked steam, the raw scent of juice and sweat surrounding him. He gargled a yell of delirious ecstasy as the summerwine poured down, his cock lurching and flinging fat gobs of hot, musky cum everywhere. The sorceresses gasped in delight as his creamy heat spattered onto their bared flesh. Fingers of his cum trickled around the lush curves of their tits, ran rivulets down into their belly buttons, and dipped fertile trails between the ridges of plump pussy lips.

The kitsune enchantress stepped into the circle and knelt between his legs, peering at his magnificently throbbing cum pump. A creamy burst of jizz blasted her square in the face, and she mewled lewdly, as thick strings of his cum dripped from her head. Her lithe fingers deftly traced around the 13 studs adorning his dick, wrenching another groan from him. "Lilith enchants her demons well," she said, and took a kittenish lick up his fat cum tube.

More spunk pulsed up his shaft, thicker and longer than before. Troy's tongue flicked out of his summerwine-splashed mouth and slithered up to stroke the pussy of the sorceress with the pitcher. "Ahhhnnghh!" she cried in pleasure, faltering. The pitcher lurched in her grasp, splashing summerwine everywhere.

Troy's tongue sank into her gorgeous dewy cleft, feasting on her sweet virginal taste as the kitsune milked him. The taste of summerwine and juice was on his lips, and he reveled in it.

"Bathe him," the kitsune ordered the other women between licking his cock. The sorceresses obeyed the master enchantress, creamy gloop pasted to their heated flesh as they brought forth more pitchers and began pouring them all over his body. Not summerwine this, but pussy juice, multiple scents of sweet liquid love all mingling everywhere upon his flesh in a lewd coating.

"With the cream of a hundred virgins do we anoint thee, O Man," the kitsune told him. Troy writhed helplessly in pleasure, his wrists and ankles bound as the juices poured along his flesh and pooled upon the floor beneath him. His hair was soaked through with sticky love, maiden-cum drooled down his shaft, and every inch of his body was bathed.

The sorceresses gathered around, massaging his flesh with hot, grasping hands, kneading the virgin juices into him. He thrashed, spewing long splurts of jizz from his rod, and deep growls of animalistic lust rumbled in his chest.

Then the women began rubbing his flesh with their luscious titmounds, wet eager tongues, and puffy, heated cunnies. The kitsune tucked the fat veiny girth of his throbbing shaft between her full rounded tits, kneading him with her succulent boob flesh. Her hard pink nipples stood out clearly against her skin of chocolate satin.

"When shall he be ready, mistress?" one of the sorceresses asked, licking up Troy's chest, tasting the maiden-cream even as she rubbed it in with her tongue.

The kitsune pressed a kiss to his studded cock. "I must know the potency of his seed. When he can quicken my womb, then shall he be ready... for my kind cannot bear young." She drew herself up over his spunking shaft, moaning as her inner thighs were coated in obscene heat, then lowered herself, her puffy lips stretching wide around his bloated cockhead, slurping him eagerly inside her femininity.

"Oh!" she gasped as his magnificent pole filled her most sensitive crevice. Her pink clit peeked out, hardened and wet, and she creamed nearly instantly, sinking fully down upon his cockmeat in the shuddering throes of her rapture. His cockknob popped between her cervix, spiraling the kitsune through yet another wild juicing. Her nine tails waggled wildly, beating the ground as her hands clenched in his chiseled abs.

Troy convulsed as she thrashed atop him. He could not take his eyes off her lovely form. Her boobs heaved and jiggled with every bounce of her supple body. Three of her tails wrapped around his legs while the others flapped frantically to and fro. Her eyes were hooded, her mouth parted, the tip of her tongue barely hanging out as her head lolled back and forth. "UNNNNNNNNNGGGGHNNNGGHHHHH!" His bellow vibrated the marble pillars, and his cock gushed his potent, delicious heat into her womb.

His seed quickened life within her, and overflowed, spilling out of her spastically clenching pussy around his shaft, mingling with her own sweet cream as it flowed down his balls onto the stone floor. With a final high-pitched scream, the kitsune exploded once more upon him, her pussy clenched hard around his fat sausage as her body hummed with delight. Kitsune juice poured out of her pussy, joining the anointments of virgin-cum upon his flesh.

Then the only sound in the room was harsh panting. Hers as she swayed weakly back and forth on his fuckrod, his as a last lob of cum hurled into her greedy pussy, and the other sorceresses' as they had kissed and fingered each other while watching. "The lust... of a Man-demon is... a mighty thing," the kitsune gasped out.

On unsteady legs she wriggled herself off his cock, and staggered, drunken with pleasure. Her juice and his cum trickled down her inner thighs from her lush fertilized cleft.

A soprano, soft and sultry, answered her. "The lust of Troy knows no limits." Troy's head snapped to the side as Lily walked gracefully into the pavilion. Her pale creamy skin glowed in the moonlight. She was in her human aspect, fey and beautiful. The sorceresses knelt to her, acknowledging the mistress of all enchantments, and the kitsune enchantress greeted her with a respectful nod, still swaying slightly.

"Lilith," said the kitsune, "I knew not the breadth of the gift you gave when you granted me knowledge of his name. But he... he has already quickened my womb!"

Troy murmured, "Lily..." The depths of tenderness in his voice filled the dark eyes of his consort, and she knelt beside him.

"This is the second time I have met you," she said softly. "The third time will be the first time you meet me." She drew her fingers to her wet, dripping cunt, and came away with juices hanging in a string from them. The exiled goddess pressed her hand to his lips, and he kissed it, tasting the rich flavor of her sweetness.

"He..." The kitsune's voice still slurred with lust-drunken pants. "He quickened my womb." Her hand lay upon her belly. "It should have taken... months... years..." Her expression was one of awe and adoration.

"Prepare him still more," Lily said softly, her eyes still locked on Troy's as he suckled her fingers. She bent, lowering her full succulent tit to him, and he took a hard pink nipple into his mouth, tugging on it lightly with his teeth as he sucked. Lily moaned, and her hands fisted in his long reddish curls, pulling his head to her boobs. "Milk him," she continued to the kitsune in gasps and groans, "for seven times seven days, and on the fiftieth, bring the high queen in unto him."

She withdrew her nipple, and scooted back along his torso. Her hand reached back to grasp ahold of his cockcrown, unable to encompass even half of his tremendous girth, and guided it to her juicy cunt. She moaned a lewd song as the cockhead rubbed along her sensitive slit, anointing her womanhood with his dewy pre. "For age upon age I have waited, Troy," she murmured to him in a voice thick with love and desire. "Now I begin the milking for these sorceresses."

Lily leaned her head down. "The kitsune calls this a gift to the high queen. But truthfully, this is my gift to you." She sank down upon his tool, and cried out in ecstasy as his massive pole split apart her pussy lips like a ripe fruit, impaling her horny cunt till his obese nutsacks pressed wetly into her ass cheeks.

Like the kitsune, she creamed instantly. Her juices sprayed from her pussy around his dick. Troy's back arched, thrusting up into her bucking body, and planted his cockknob inside her womb. His cock lurched, jizz surging up his length in lewd pulses to fountain within his lover's fertile twat. The metal studs climbing along his thick cum tube vibrated madly within her cunny, sending orgasm after orgasm crashing through Lily's body as he filled her up with creamy lust.

The sorceresses stood all around him, pouring jugs of virgin cream and summerwine upon him, and the heat of his flesh all but sizzled against their sweet coolness. The red sigils of the circle flared brightly around his ankles and wrists, and tingles of electric ecstasy ran up his limbs, spiked down his spine, and shot up his thrumming, studded cock in an incredibly fat glob of thick pulsing cocksauce.

The magic of sigils and summerwine and maiden-cream electrified every inch of him, and torrents of jizz blasted out of his cumslit. His mouth opened wide in a howl of obscene, utter abandon that shook the pavilion.

He wasn't aware of when it happened, but presently Lily was gone, returned to her hells, and the sorceresses rode him. They fucked themselves on his cock, suckled and licked upon it, and massaged it with ass cheeks and tits and soft silken hands. And all the while he did not, could not, stop cumming.

His cock studs thrummed audibly in a harmony of decadence with his bellows and the sorceresses' shrill womanly cries of euphoria. His dick throbbed with pulsing geysers of cum so thick his girth bulged further, and the impressive length of his dick stretched still farther. His cockflesh and ballsacks were a deep raging purple as his churning cum factories pumped out jet after jet after unending jet of hot fertile seed. Silver light flared blindingly bright as his tongue-traced dick runes glowed ever hotter.

The uninhibited lust of a Man-demon was fantastically strong, and all the girls around him became insatiably horny. Moans and screams were musical accompaniment to wet slaps of flesh against flesh as the sorceresses eagerly feasted on one other's pussies and frenched each other in a lewd frenzy of sex and sweat and juices. His passion called to nymphs in the forests all around, and they came from far and wide to lustily cavort around this Man. Maenads danced in a frenzied bacchanalia, lush vines of intoxicating maenad grapes sprouting where they trod.

And so the sorceresses, and nymphs and maenads, continually milked him for weeks, enticing spurt after spurt from their willing captive. Troy was cumming nonstop, unleashing a fantastic torrent of hot cockslop in fat, pulsing jets. Every sorceress in the pavilion was slathered in it, but when his dick wasn't ensconced in glucking throat or clenching pussy, his inexhaustible fountain geysered up to incredible heights in the silver light of his nearly blinding cock runes, creating a rainfall of spunk that sowed fertile soil with lush blossoms of all kinds and colors.

Sweat rolled down his skin, and the studs upon his cockmeat thrummed and pulsed frantically in an endless circle of creamy lust. Troy's mind was blanked with lust, and he knew nothing except the waves of ecstasy crashing through his body and the tingling force of his jizz shooting out of his cumslit.

The kitsune enchantress, her tummy swollen with all the daughters load after load of his lust had sired upon her womb, engulfed his rod with her throat, eagerly skewering herself upside down on his cum pump. Unsupported by anything except his titanic cock, she flopped around with every mighty, lurching throb of his spunking manhood. Her juices sprayed constantly from her puffy, pregnant pussy, and her lewd, lusty slobber slathered his dick in thick love.

Troy's sheer virility utterly dominated the kitsune's wildly orgasming, ecstatically writhing body as he jizzed into her eagerly swallowing throat. The weight of her heavy, milky tits and impregnated tummy rolled about, slinging her body this way and that on his huge log in a massage so intense that ecstasy crackled up every inch of his cock. The chocolate-skinned enchantress' throat was fantastically hot, tight, and wet - all the hotter for her heated breath panting up his length, all the tighter for her desperately horny glucking swallows, and all the wetter for her slurping drool.

And she purred, mewling in the manner of kitsune, and his dick was wrapped in warm, wet, silken humming as she fucked her throat on him. The sheer fire of the lust she stoked in him flashed through every nymph and maenad and sorceress around the circle, and they all thrashed, juicing hard with the euphoria of lust running hot through their veins.

Vines of grapes crawled up marble pillars and burst into showers of wine. Shoots sprouting out of the gardens beyond the pavilion shot up to saplings and then fully grown young trees, with their newly birthed dryads cartwheeling into delighted life. Winds gusted through the pavilion as the pleasure of sylphs peaked and sprinkled liquid lust upon the circle.

And still Troy jizzed, bursting jets of cum into the pregnant kitsune's stuffed throat...

Yet at last he did come to himself. Instead of the moon high overhead through the opening in the domed ceiling, the sun shed its rays upon him. The kitsune enchantress still flopped upon her perch, slumbering in the magnificent exhaustion of swallowing a demon's unhindered passion. Even in her sleep, her throat glucked and swallowed around his tool, slurping up the gloops of cum that drizzled still from his cumslit.

The nymphs were gone, and the ravished sorceresses were slowly recovering their senses, staggering to their feet as aftershocks of pleasure rippled through them. Every last one of them sported pregnancy-swollen bellies, for all had ridden the demon's incredible cock, multiple times, for seven times seven days.

They looked towards their sleeping mistress. Troy commanded in his rumbling baritone, "Bring your queen in unto me, as she commanded beforetime." He arched his back again, aching to bury himself deeper inside the chocolate kitsune's throat, even though he was already balls deep, her face mashed into his soaked, matted crotch curls.

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