tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 31

Passion Ch. 31


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Troy shimmered back into the hells of Lilith, groaning out sensuous pants. His eyes were still hooded, thinking of Cinnamon's luscious lips. Lily touched his muscular arm, and it was cool to the touch of his heated flesh. His eyes opened and fixed upon her, full with longing.

After a moment, Lily said quietly, "It's time, isn't it? The fourth maiden."

Troy crooked his grin at her. "Cinnamon. I will find her, as I will find my carnaleira." He took her hands in his and brought them to his lips. "As I found you." Lily quivered with pleasure as his full mouth pressed hot brands of passion upon her palms.

"But... I don't understand," Lily finally sighed, her pant heated with desire, her lips parted as the short goddess looked up at him, her dark eyes full and liquid. "The tide is not fully risen." All around them, the floods of jizz sloshed through the realm, filled with floating lilypads and lazily drifting succubi - but it had not yet come up to the highest banks of the pit.

Before Troy could reply, a brilliant light shone from above, drawing all eyes. A star of rainbows and gold descended to the spire of lily-covered earth now serving as an island in the middle of an ocean of spunk. The light resolved into a figure, and as it touched down to the ground before the Man, the figure resolved into a woman.

Her hair was the dawn, soft pastels of silken hair flowing around her and disappearing into the aura of a glowing sky. Her soft creamy flesh gleamed with faint light, highlighting her large round boobs, stemmed by hard pink nipples. She was as short as Lily, with hair just as long, and tits just as large, and a pussy just as smooth and wet.

Those luscious tits heaved as she stared at Troy, and her eyes flashed. "Troy," she demanded, the word laced with lust. Her voice was music with a faint choir of angels echoing behind it. "Only you could have made love to my angels. Have you chosen this harlot over me - ME?"

The Man-demon's massive tool was steadily rising, blood pumping through thick veins and precum dribbling along the shaft as he looked upon this vixen. And he knew her for whom she was. Goddess. The Goddess. Creator of forever, the Lady our Goddess, foremost of the seven goddesses.

"Auria," Lily greeted her. "Do you still not see?"

"Silence," the Goddess Auria said in a single staccato note. Her eyes bored into Troy's, searching. He went to her, and took her dainty hand in his, rolling his thumb along the back of her hand. She sighed lustily.

"I know not whereof you speak, Goddess," he said softly, "but I would share my love with you."

Her face lit up with happiness - literally. Light strobed about them, lighting the lilies and greenery and sloshing lakes of cum in bright rainbows. As one, the Goddess and the Man fell upon the carpet of lilies. Her shining fingers traced the finely sculpted muscles of his body and cupped his fat ballsacks as he groped her lush succulent breast and licked a pebbly-hard nipple with his long lascivious tongue.

Her back arched beneath him, and Troy snaked his arm under her to lift her up to his body. As his fat fucktool pressed into her lush dewy cleft, Auria gave a hoarse, melodious cry of delight and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist to pull herself up into him, coming completely off the ground, so that the lilies below barely tickled her flesh. A musical moan hummed in her throat as he feasted on her luscious tits with lewd, slobbering licks, leaving hot trails of drool along her sensuous, heaving boobs.

Deep into her dripping wet folds he pushed his piledriver as she writhed in his grasp, grinding lustily into his hot, sweaty body with sweet abandon. As his bloated, churning nutsacks squelched gently into her ass, she cried aloud with divine pleasure, and eagerly bucked her hips back and up into his, squeezing her legs rhythmically around his waist as she did so. Troy suckled vigorously upon her hard nipple as her head lolled back, hair spilling onto the lilied ground, and met her bucking hips with thrusting pounds as their pelvic bones met, again and again, with lewd wet smacks of love.

The Goddess' head tossed back and forth as it lolled, staccato screams panting rapturously out from her throat as she knew the love of the Man-demon. Their lewd, sweet frenzy filled the air with obscene squelching smacks and rising choirs of musical moans. With a mighty driving slam, Troy heaved his massive cock deep inside Auria's sopping pussy, and his cockhead popped through her cervix to pound directly into her divine womb.

Auria cried a crescendo of ecstasy, juicing hard as she felt the Man's fat cock right where it belonged - deep inside her nubile tummy. Her hot velvet walls clenched spastically on his rod, clutching desperately as she milked his manhood. Troy groaned hot breath onto Auria's sensitive titflesh, which prickled with goosebumps as she writhed in his arms. Her feminine cream was liquid light, gleaming from her pussy as she flowered her love from her slit all over Troy's rutting cock and dangling nuts.

He reamed her horny cunt over and over, drawing out her wild climax as her arms and legs squeezed tightly around his waist and shoulders, binding them together in a frenzied coupling of wild, obscenely sweet love. His enormous balls clenched, and he gasped into his suckling mouthful of Auria's succulent tit as thick creamy jets of his lust squirted directly into the Goddess' divine womb in hot, powerful blasts.

She shrieked a chorus of lusty abandon as she felt his hot creamy slop gush into her womb, painting her insides white with his thick love and siring daughter after daughter upon the Goddess. In a single terrific orgasmic spasm, her entire body locked up around him. Her pussy clamped down hard on his massive fucktool, trapping him possessively in her womb as her arms and legs clenched incredibly tightly around his own body.

Barely contained pleasure quivered along her limbs and flesh as Troy blasted his seed inside her fertile womb and her juices sprayed from her cleft. It seemed ages before at last his inexhaustible, churning balls were emptied inside her, and the last thick splurt of his load shot into her thoroughly impregnated womb. Auria fell limp beneath him, her entire body wrung out with golden pleasure as his massive cock twitched inside her cunt.

"Oh, Troy," she moaned his name in lusty, musical sighs, "Troy. Here is where you belong. With me." She stroked his cheek tenderly, possessively. "My Consort."

He pressed his lips to her hard, pink nipple again, and kissed her there, lavishing love onto her boob with his mouth, and the Goddess' back arched as sublime ecstasy washed through. He made out with her boob, loving upon her with lips and tongue as Auria writhed, and when he pulled back, she smiled at him.

But he answered her, "I love you, Goddess, as I love all girls. I do not belong to you alone."

Auria stiffened beneath him. "What? I have showered you with my blessings, again, and again you defy me?"

Troy grasped her delicate hand and pulled up to his mouth, kissing it as he looked into her eyes. "I do not defy you. I would love you." Auria's eyes flashed, discerning his meaning; but she was the supreme divinity, and his love would hers alone, or not at all.

"Farewell then," she said, her face betraying the longing she felt for him. "I pronounce my bitterest curse upon those whom you love most!" So saying, she shimmered into glowing misty light, and vanished, leaving Troy's cock to drip thick cum and juicy light upon the lilies.

But he thought of Kitty, of Kat, and smiled. Coming to his feet, Troy became aware that he was surrounded by succubal daughters as Lily drank him in with huge dark eyes. His cock twitched, the juice-traced runes glinting silver as he crooked his smile.

"Why would you not go with her?" Lily asked, the deep wells of her eyes pregnant with emotion and lust. "She is the supreme Goddess, creatrix of us all. What can I offer you that she can not?"

He trod the lilied ground softly to her and tenderly cupped her delicate chin with his broad fingers. "Your passion. You know me, as she does not." His lips brushed against her plump mouth, and Lily sighed sensuously, rubbing her plump, perky tits needily into his body.

"Goddess is blind to you," she murmured, her hot moist mouth barely pressed into his. "Despite her almighty power and all-knowing spirit, she knows you not, for you are from beyond forever. You are outside destiny, yet drawing it in your wake." Troy licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and cupped her softly rounded ass cheeks in his hands, holding her against him as she grasped his cock wickedly, relishing the strangled groan she wrenched from him as his precum lubed her hand.

"That is why I learned the arts of enchantment and lorecraft," Lily confided, "that I may know something of you, whereas Auria is reliant upon her omnipotence." Troy's thumbs pried apart her buttocks to reveal the delicate treasure between her legs, and slipped along her plump, wet crack, turning Lily's words to low, harsh moans of panted lust.

"Even without enchantment," he said, his voice hoarse with love, "you know my heart." Lily's quivering flesh couldn't take it anymore, crying out for pleasure, and she leapt up into his arms. He caught her, and as her legs and arms wrapped about him, her hot wet pussy opened like a flower around his massive rod.

Troy rammed his cock into her, the desperation of his lust matching hers as she bucked her petite body down on his cock with hard wet slaps, writhing in his arms. Lily's juices, and some of Auria's creamy light, flung from her stretched pussy lips in droplets as she bounced up and down in his arms. He clutched her closely to him, feeling her hard nipples leak milk against his muscular chest, and squeezed her ass as he pounded her tight horny cunt.

Lily was panting screams of wild abandon as she gave herself fully over to the pleasure overflowing within her. She bucked like a wild horse upon him, and gasped out an orgasmic cry as his pistoning cock popped through her cervix and anchored him within her womb. "OOOOOOONNNGGGHHHHNNNGGHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as ecstasy blanked her mind and shattered her senses. She creamed, and creamed hard, her juicing cunny spasming frenetically around him in incredibly tight pulses, wrapping his fucktool in her hot silken velvet wetness.

Troy's toes curled, and he threw his head back as his balls squelched into her sloppy pussy and he began squirting thick jets of fertile jizz deep inside her welcoming womb. Lily ran out of breath, and her yells of euphoria were soundless but for her bucking and gasping as she juiced over and over, feeling his hot seed fill her very core with his passion.

They weren't aware of it, as they convulsed together in shared intensity, but Lily's flesh glowed with light. Six gleaming, white-feathered wings grew from her pale shoulders, to the gasp of the gathered succubi, and a glimmering golden aurora settled on her hair like a halo. Her skin shimmered with light that was bright but not blinding, as natural as sunlight or starlight. Her shrill cries of love became almost melodious.

At the same time, Troy's demonic aspect flowed away. His horns disappeared, his eyes became chocolate-brown once more, and his flesh became its previous bronzed tone.

And still he cummed inside his lover, her tight passage milking him relentlessly for all the cum his inexhautible nuts could produce. Pouring his thick gunk inside her pussy, he reamed her endlessly, roaring his passion for the now-angelic Deville. He pumped so much spunk inside her that she couldn't hold it all, and cum poured out of her cleft around his massive pussy-stretching dick, flowing between the lilies on the ground into the jizz sea.

When at last he pumped his last squirt into her thoroughly impregnated, utterly ravished womb, she collapsed against him, gasping and sweating - and they became aware of her transformation. "Wh-what?" Lily panted. Her huge dark eyes widened. "I-- I'm beautiful again! The Morningstar Seraphelle I was, before being cast out of heaven!"

The light began to dim without Troy's cum sustaining her passion, and the wings shimmered into translucence, and finally her transformation was gone, as if it had never happened. Lily sagged into him, pressing kisses against his hard sweaty chest. "I was beautiful," she murmured.

He squeezed her ass fondly, eliciting a sigh of contentment from her as she looked up into his eyes. He had not changed back, as Lily had, but remained fully human, though his hair now was scarlet curls. "You are beautiful," he murmured, and kissed her deeply, fully, on the mouth, feasting on her luscious lips.

Lily moaned sensuously as she made out with the Man she loved, and squeezed her cunt around his member, still ensconced inside her, and grinned impishly at the groan she wrenched from him. "Look," she murmured, her sweet breath hot on his face, "the tide is full."

Indeed, all around them, the waves of jizz were sloshing against the rim of what had once been cliffs, staining the nine circles with the musk of Man-jizz. Their foreheads touching, she continued softly, "Your passion calls you."

"This is not goodbye," Troy promised, stroking her softly rounded buttock and caressing her in his carnal embrace. "We shall meet again." Lily mashed her lips against his in farewell, and Troy returned the kiss with love just as fierce as he faded away from hell like a dream, leaving behind his lovers and daughters in the lakes of spunk and fields of lilies.

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