tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 32

Passion Ch. 32


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


A fresh spring wind blew the sweet scent of feminine pleasure across the rolling hills and plains of the west. As Troy shimmered into the worlds above, his eyes hooded and his nostrils flared, drinking in the aroma of nymphs in heat.

He was in the midst of a circle of dryads, all of whom were locked in a daisy chain of carnal, licking love. His utterly massive cock twitched and throbbed, veins bulging as blood pumped through his firming, rising shaft, and the dryads scented his aroused musk as the silvery, juice-drawn sigils upon his cock glimmered. Little moaned cries erupted from the lesbian orgy as the wood nymphs' pleasure peaked, simply from the intoxication of his pheromones.

"Troy!" they called, and he joined them, losing himself in a hot, steamy tangle of bodies and tits and pussies and tongues. His hands squeezed lush boobs and tweaked hard pink nipples, or stuck fingers deep inside honeyed clefts; dryads worshipped his cock, lavishing it in hot drool, licking and kissing and sucking and taking turns deep throating him; and he made out with wet, sweet nymph cunts, frenching them as though they were mouths. His groans reverberated deeply through the clearing, cutting through the obscene chorus of dryad moans.

He became aware of a new mouth swallowing his huge cock down her throat, and turned his head from a hot dryad pussy to see a woman - not a dryad - fucking her tight wet throat on his manhood with lewd abandon. Her hair flew about in sweaty tangles of red-gold fire, and her pleasure-glazed eyes were lavender. Her luscious boobs were the size of her head, firm perky globes that jiggled with her lusty exertions; her left tit was nearly entirely covered by a bold red tattoo of a fully budded rose.

As her lips - stretched into thin pink lines around his enormous fuckrod - clamped around the base of his shaft, she looked into his eyes, imploring him to blow his load into her. She began milking him with her throat, glucking hard, and Troy's face screwed up into expressions of intense ecstasy. The dryads giggled to see the Man so overcome, and two bold nymphs sat on his face, making out with each other as he feasted on both sopping cunts.

Juices flowed freely down his chin as he grunted bestially, unleashing a torrent of jizz deep inside the new woman's throat. His pheromones at the peak of his pleasure sent spikes of ecstasy through all the dryads, and they juiced simultaneously, their trees budding with the heat of their rapture. His face was slathered in pussy juice as he spunked forcefully inside the lavender-eyed girl's throat, unending pulses of thick hot jizz bulging up his shaft to geyser within her thirstily swallowing fuckhole.

He felt the tingling of his cock that signaled his unending blasts, that had first been elicited with Siobhan's magic long ago. Jet after jet of his cum fired deep inside the girl's tight wet fucktunnel, and she moaned, her body vibrating around his fuckpole as she juiced from feeling him dump load after load inside her belly. He didn't know how long he jizzed inside her, but it felt like hours, his mind blanking with lust as he only became aware of the tight hot wet sleeve of her throat wrapped around his immense shaft.

Dazedly, he finally drifted back to coherent awareness, inhaling the fresh wet scent of dryad dew on his face as he looked down at the woman blowing him. Her eyes were just uncrossing as she came down from her pleasure, and her throat glucked around him, milking him for every last drop of his delicious cum. Slowly, salaciously, she pulled her throatcunt off him, slurping wetly upon his massive fuckpole the entire way.

She licked her lips. "Well met, Troy," she beamed at him. "I am Cyranre, seeress of the realms."

"Well indeed I am to have met you," he replied, sweat-slicked chest heaving with passion as his cock continued to twitch. He abruptly noticed - the mystical sigils traced upon his dick in Siobhan's juices were gone!

Cyranre followed his gaze, and smiled secretively. "You no longer need those runes, O Man... the power is awakened within you now. Your passion flowers, parting destiny before you like a wake." She drew herself up over him, her juicy cunt dripping hot dewy love onto his meaty fuckpole. "May I perform a telling upon you?"

She bit her lip cutely, desire boiling over in her eyes as her smooth twat quivered needily over his throbbing cock. Troy took her slim hand, and pressed it to his lips, meeting her eyes. "Will you know my love?" he returned, and she smiled.

His hands encircled her waist, caressing her smooth silky flesh as she lowered herself onto him. A low bestial moan of pleasure guttered from her throat as his enormous fucktool sank between her luscious, dripping folds. Troy's head lolled, his eyes rolling back at the intense pleasure of her tight wet virginity.

Cyranre's lavender eyes began to gleam as her pleasure heightened, and she squirmed atop his mammoth shaft as spikes of ecstasy shot through her. Troy groaned as he impaled her fully upon his giant dick, his obese nuts squelching into her succulent ass cheeks. "Oh!" she cried out, and her cunny anointed him liberally with her cream as she began writhing atop him.

With his grasp of her hips, he pulled her into his upward bucks, fucking her senseless with his piledriver. Her juicy tits jiggled and bounced enticingly, and the seeress' eyes glowed intensely bright with her rapture. Her hands raked his chest as her fingers scrabbled for purchase upon his chiseled muscles.

Joyously, the dryads danced around their coupling as flowers fairly exploded from the trees, showering upon them all. Blossoms stuck to their glistening sweaty skin as Man and woman fucked in a wild heat of passion. Over and over Troy pounded his majestic, veiny cockmeat into the girl's hot dripping twat, claiming the virginity she willingly offered him as his very own.

She shrieked his name as she juiced, exploding wet womanly love as her body locked up and her pussy spasmed about his pumping piston. Troy's breath hitched in his throat as his nuts clenched, and he unleashed his geyser inside her, jetting creamy squirts of thick hot seed deep within her womb, thoroughly impregnating her with his love.

Still he rutted her relentlessly, slamming his spurting cock home inside her with lewd, relentless smacks of flesh upon flesh in wanton abandon as they cummed together. Over and over he pumped her full, load upon load of his hot thick cocksauce bursting inside her pussy. The power and passion had indeed awakened with him now, and his obese, inexhaustible nutsacks churned and roiled as they filled and refilled with endless jizz, shooting inside the seeress' convulsing form.

Her scream of delirious ecstasy was broken up into punctuated gasps by the slapping heaves of their bodies, and finally she collapsed atop him, her stiff-stemmed jugs rubbing sensuously into his chiseled pecs. "Ohhh, Troy..." she murmured, half drunkenly, as he took lush handfuls of her buttocks, the last of his load finally dumping inside her newly pregnant pussy. She nibbled lovingly on his neck, moaning with liquid afterglow as he kissed the top of her head, filling his world with the scent of her hair.

Their bodies remained entwined, his cock twitching sporadically inside her pussy, before Cyranre lifted up her head to look into his eyes. "All I can see," the farsighted seeress whispered breathily, her lips barely brushing his, "is your passion. Love, life, laughter, lust, light, all coming from you, drawing all into your wake. Yours is a wondrous fate, unbent by Auria's will yet ensorcelling all forever."

She kissed him then, cupping his cheeks as he tenderly fondled her ass, their tongues entwining in a steamy, sensuous tango that left them both panting. "And all I see, lovely Cyranre," he answered, " is your love." His eyes twinkled, and with a throaty laugh, she rolled over, pulling him with her till he lay atop her.

Her eyes hooded, a groan catching in her throat as she felt his weight atop her, his sweat-slicked, muscular flesh heaving into hers. And he made love to her again, fucking her into a senseless, drooling mess of hot, wet feminine bliss.

In the afterglow of their lust, he pressed a gentle kiss to her brow, then kissed all over her face with flutteringly soft pecks: her nose, her eyes, her lips, her cheeks, her neck. She sighed happily, her glazed eyes searching vacantly around the clearing, and with a crooked smile, Troy withdrew, his cock plopping wetly free of her well impregnated cunt with a lewd squelch.

He drew in a sharp intake of breath. His monster cock was now covered from base to tip in a magnificent red and gold tattoo of a dragon! Wonderingly, he met the seeress' eyes as she slowly came back to coherence. She stretched languidly, smiling at him. "I choose not the mark, but only reveal what is there upon your heart."

Then she dropped her eyes to his cock, and her lovely lavender eyes widened. "The dragon dick!" she breathed. Her hands caressed his thick long cock, tracing the outlines of draconic color that matched the ridges and veins of his manmeat. His breath hitched in his throat at her gently lustful fondling as Cyranre continued, "The dragon dick heralds the end of days. When the dragon roars from the loins of Man... The prophecy. There are four signs, called forth from the revelation of the dragon dick."

Precum beaded into a thick marble on the tip of his engorged cockknob, and Cyranre flicked her tongue at it, mewling happily as she let his delicious pre pool on her tongue before swallowing. Between kittenish licks upon his cock, her eyes never leaving his, she recited the ancient prophecy.

The lost imperial regalia shall be found The dragon shall wake The sea shall be tamed Light with darkness shall embrace

"And then," the seeress said, suckling his tip briefly with a lewd wet slurp before pulling barely away, her voice breathing hotly on his cock, "comes the end of days itself. The cities of woman shall fall, the stars weep, and Ereshkigal give up her captives."

Troy's lids hooded over his fluttering eyes as Cyranre expertly teased, licked, and stroked his enormous slab of cockmeat. "But a new passion shall arise," she said, still pressing worshipful adoring kisses to his dragon dick, "beyond the end of days, of which it is only said that forever shall end on the edge of the world."

Then she engulfed his fat long shaft in her throat, slurping him up deep inside her mouthtwat, and conscious thought fled from him as she milked him lustily, a kitten begging for her delicious treat of cockmilk. He gave it to her, stuffing her throat full and deep, till his balls clenched, tightening against her chin, and burst forth thick squirting ropes of his jizz into her impregnated tummy.

A soft warm breeze blew blossoms into a dance about them, Man and woman, as he blew his load once again into Cyranre's tight hot wet thirsty throatcunt. "Troy," a new voice said with the same musical, watery ripple as a nereid's. His passion-glazed eyes focused enough to see the dryads parting to let into the grove a girl he'd never before met.

The winds came from her, attending her as breezes did a sylph and tossing blossoms about her lovely sensuous form, yet she had a nereid's voice. Her hair was a dryad's red-orange, the color of autumn leaves, and floating in her attendant gusts, it resembled cottony clouds painted by a brilliant sunrise. Her skin was as wet as a naiad, fresh water gleaming and dripping down her luscious nude body. Her breasts were large ripe pears, and her pussy was framed by soft autumn-colored down, dripping moisture.

A long shuddering groan of animal bliss reverberated through his muscular frame as Cyranre pulled her throat off his twitching throbbing member, gently glucking her throat around his meat the whole way, revealing his majestic tattooed cock to the new nymph. The seeress' eyes were fluttering dazedly as aftershocks of her pleasure jolted through her, simply from having the virile stud jizz down her thirsty horny throatpipe.

The new nymph's breath hitched musically in her throat as she beheld Troy's thick long slab of cockmeat, gleaming with cum and juice and saliva. "Behold the fruit of your loins," Cyranre said to him, looking towards the approaching nymph. "Gaia, the spirit of the earth, fathered by your seed on Goddess Herself."

"Daddy?" Gaia breathed, hearing the seeress' words. Her luscious boobs were heaving with evident lust and her lithe fingers reached daringly out to stroke the very cock that had sired her. Troy had been carried along dreamtides enough times to know that Cyranre's words were true, despite having only fucked the supreme Lady Goddess Auria once, well after the earth had come into being.

"Yes," he murmured huskily, as her huge eyes drank him in. His tall masculine form towered over her delicate nude body by a full foot and a half, yet he surrendered to her touch as her eternally wet hands pushed gently upon his muscular chest, settling her daddy down on the ground. His scepter towered as a rock hard pillar of tattooed cockmeat, up from where the thick bulging base nestled over his obese nuts, and Gaia knelt down over it, her naiad-moisture and fuckhoney alike dripping upon his swollen purple knob.

Her sylph-winds blew her hair enticingly about her moist face, and a deep shudder of anticipation passed through them both as her dewy, swollen cunt lips touched down upon his cockhead with a thrill of electric lust shared by daddy and daughter. He gripped her hips with his strong hands, wrenching a shivering spasm of delight from his own nymph daughter, pulling her horny willing form down upon his fuckpole.

Her fingers clenched in his chiseled six pac abs, her head tossing about euphorically as his cockknob breached her slit. Her hungry pussy gobbled him up, gorging itself on her own Daddy's thick slab of meat sinking deeper and deeper into her hot wet virgin twat. "Daddddddyyyy..." Her groan was a husky whisper guttering in her throat as her glazed eyes fluttered madly, feeling the very manhood that had made her stretching her tight fucktunnel wide. Her juices and nymph-moisture dribbled liberally down his fucktool, bathing his balls in her liquid love, until those fat nuts squelched into her pussy, the last of his massive shaft disappearing between her horny, puffy nether lips.

Troy's grip clenched on her hips as he bottomed out inside his daughter, and he writhed beneath her as Gaia fell atop him, pressing adoring kisses to his chest, neck, and shoulders while she rode him. She slurped and sucked noisily on her daddy's succulent muscular flesh as their dreamy lust accelerated into frantic desire, their hips smacking wetly, obscenely, into one another as the nymph spirit fucked her daddy.

Gaia cummed, and the guttural moans in her throat erupted into wanton shrieks of overwhelming ecstasy. Her cries were muffled by her frantic suckling of Troy's neck, but her ass lifted up and down in the air as she bucked her hips atop him, jilling herself on her daddy's dragon dick. He hissed in pleasure as her tight fucksleeve cunny milked him convulsively, and rammed his dick home into her juicing twat.

His fat, heavy, sweaty nuts clenched, and he roared his primal pleasure to the forest as he blew thick geysers of his hot potent cockslop deep inside his daughter's fertile pussy, filling her womb with her daddy's cum. Gaia's screams of delight grew shriller as she felt her daddy get off inside her tight, sopping wet heatsink, his thick throbbing piston reaming her horny fuckhole, and her eternally wet skin heaved along his sweaty flesh in ecstasy.

The earth erupted in blossoms and life about them as its spirit rejoiced in love and lust with her father. Shoots climbed out of the grass, becoming saplings and even larger; fruit bloomed and ripened in moments around them; and flowers sprouted in a rich carpet of rainbows around them as sylphs danced in the sky above them, convulsing in shared orgasm as they yelled their pleasure and sprinkled the coupled lovers with sylph juice.

"Daddy!" Gaia shrieked over and over at the top of her lungs, rippling screams of watery music. "Cum in meeeeeeeee!" She relentlessly slammed herself down on him, milking his huge cock for all it was worth as he shot forth load after load deep inside her tummy, thoroughly impregnating her and siring a daughter upon his daughter.

"Hnnnnnngghhhh," Troy groaned animalistically as her wet body gyrated atop his. In grunts of passion, he gasped out, "I love... you, Gaia..." His hands cradled her succulent sweet ass, holding her down firmly on his pulsing, throbbing, jizzing dick as she thrashed delightedly.

Day lengthened into dusk, and still Troy and his daughter, the nymph spirit of the earth itself, lay together, making love in a lewd frenzy of incestuous lust, kissing and moaning and fucking passionately. Gaia planted brands of love on her daddy's flesh, marking her desire upon him with suckled hickeys on his neck and chest as pleasure gurgled in his throat from the fruit of his loins - now bred with more fruit from his loins - worshipping his tanned muscular flesh.

The first star of twilight shone above them as Gaia came down from her latest high. Troy had pumped her full of his jizz, over and over, and she lathered him with soft, adoring, fluttering kisses, relishing his deep sighs of baritone bliss. His hands wandered over her back and legs and ass, and his cock continued to throb inside her luscious pussy.

"I shall bear you a daughter, Daddy," Gaia panted, heat and love in her soft, watery-musical voice. "She shall be the summer itself, and when she is of age, I shall call you so that you may breed her as you bred me."

Troy lifted her head from where she still sucked upon his neck, and looked into her eyes. Their orbs were dark and full with passion in the dimming twilight, and he gazed into hers for a long moment, saying nothing, before pulling her face down upon his for a hot steamy kiss.

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