tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 33

Passion Ch. 33


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


So Troy roamed the west, making love to girls in lusty, lewd couplings of frenzied fucking. Rumor grew of the Man with the prodigious cock between his legs, that deflowered delighted virgins and brought pleasure and vigor like no other lover.

In a wild vineyard where maenads danced, Troy frolicked with the lusty wine-nymphs of Ishtar. Pulling him into lewd dances with them, they laughed and screamed in delight as he fucked them and impregnated them and suckled upon the wine of their tits and pussies. He was fucking the face of a blissed-out maenad kneeling before him, rutting her horny, glucking throat with his massive piledriver, while another maenad rode his shoulders, her legs wrapped about his shoulders as she humped his face eagerly and he ate her out lustily. More maenads rubbed sensuously into his body, leaving slick trails of their fermented pussy juices along his sculpted, muscular flesh.

With a bestial grunt of passion, he spunked, unloading his balls deep inside the maenad's throat, and she cummed from feeling his delicious throbbing cock fling gobs of musky lust into her. The maenad riding his shoulders juiced onto his face, intoxicating him with the drunken scent of her pussy wine as she cried out in delirious ecstasy.

Giggled shrieks of glee erupted around them as maenads laughed and scampered off. Troy barely registered their leaving, so caught were he and his two maenad lovers in their shared love, and his massive throbbing fucktool kept rutting and jizzing that succulent hot nymph throat.

"By the Goddess!" a new woman's voice - not a maenad's - came to him as he emptied his nuts and the two maenads came down from their high. "It's true! A Man!"

"A prize for us indeed!" said another woman.

As the maenad swallowing his massive shlong pulled off his drool-slicked member, the new voices gasped again at his prodigious manhood, semiturgid and gleaming. As Troy set the maenad on his shoulders down, he felt mystic silver collars close around his neck, the base of his shaft, and the base of his nuts.

"He's ours!" the girls crowed, as Troy finally got a good look at the newcomers - now his apparent captors - staring at them with his juice-slicked face. These girls were abundantly clad in jewelry, fine gems and gold that did nothing to obscure their nude beauty, much like his carnaleira Kat's accoutrements in that respect. Two brunettes, a blonde, and a redhead surrounded him, wearing earrings and bracelets and anklets and all manner of other devices, and were regarding him with hungry, lust-filled eyes.

"Ladies," Troy crooked his smile at them, bothered not a whit by his mystic silver bindings. The four girls who had captured him shivered as pleasure rolled through them from his low baritone, guttering with passion for them. In their eyes, he could see their hearts melting, as they fell completely in love with him at first sight, his musk and grin and cock and passion utterly capturing them as surely as they had collared him.

He made love to them all, as they fucked themselves hard and liberally on his fucktool, juicing as he gobbed forth his cum into their lushly fertile wombs while they screamed aloud their overwhelming rapture to the land. Finally, the brunette was riding his cock, bucking atop him like he was a wild stallion, while the redhead rode his face, sliming his head with her delicious moisture; and the blonde and other brunette writhed in his arms upon his either side.

"Yes! Oh Goddess, yessssssssss!" His captresses' mingled cries of ecstasy were melodious to his ears, and he fondled the succulent tits of the blonde and brunette in his arms. As his huge shlong spat forth his last load into the other brunette, she sighed blissfully, a reverberating shudder going through her as she relaxed, collapsing into the redhead, who caught her and made out gently with her in the afterglow of passion. Troy pressed softly lewd kisses to that juicy pussy as he and his newest lovers slowly rode the surfs of their high back to calm.

"Mmmm, Troy," the blonde moaned into his ear. Her voice was sweet and sultry, and harmonized passionately with the moans of the two girls making out atop him. "I'm yours. But we must still obey our mistress and bring you into the city as our captive."

He spoke into the redhead's pussy, wresting a low guttural cry of pleasure as his slightly muffled baritone hummed against her puffy, soaking slit. "You know as well as I do, love, that the fuckslave collars bind only those willing to be so bound. I give my passion freely to all."

So the four girls bore him hence to the city at the center of the four realms, where the high queen ruled over the wood and the west, the sea and the mountain. Along the way, they fucked him many times, and their tummies began to bulge with the daughters he sired upon them, their tits swelling with milk.

The city was a lush paradise of marble-pillared pavilions, gardens, and pools. The girls here affected exotic jewelries that concealed none of their beauty - nipple chains, anklets, necklaces, armlets, and all manner of other device, flashing silver and gold and iridescent diamond color. Troy had been here twice before - first in the palace of the high queen Semiramis where he had been bound 50 days as an incubus, later when he had drifted along dreams to Cinnamon in her pavilion.

His heart thundered in his chest as the naked beauties openly ogled him, and his enormous twitching tattooed cock, while his four captors led him along the blossom-strewn paths. Would he find Cinnamon here? Or his twin carnaleira? He'd first fucked Kitty & Kat in the enchanted wood, then upon the sea - would he reunite with them at last here? Kat affected the jeweled accoutrements of the city after all.

Semiramis no longer ruled here; she had gone to Ereshkigal in the underworld, and her daughter - his daughter - Jezebel reigned in her stead. He remembered Lily's words to him in the palace, "This is my gift to you." Was his daughter, the high queen, the gift she referred to?

By the time they reached the slavemistress' pavilion, Troy's huge cock was hard and full, a swollen tower of meaty dragon-covered flesh. His breath came short as his dick throbbed, aching to fuck the beautiful girls of the city - who clearly returned his lusts, fingering themselves and groping their boobs openly. Some could not restrain the passionate need his presence awoke within them, and grabbed a partner, entwining their luscious bodies in steamy lesbian love.

His four captors presented him to their leader, the slavemistress. She reclined on colored silk pillows, with long lush hair the same dark shade of Lily's. Her lovely boobs were shaped as pears, and flushed with the heat of her desire as she beheld him. Her eyes were emerald green, flashing with lust as a sultry smirk tugged on her plump lips. She spread her legs invitingly, revealing the dark tuft of hair over her glistening cleft. Jewelry clad her succulent body.

"We have brought you a Man, O Nilorana," his blonde captress spoke, licking her lips. She squeezed Troy's rock hard cock, and he groaned, his toes curling. Nilorana - for such was the slavemistress' name - smiled.

"You have done well," the dark-haired beauty acknowledged his four captors. "Leave, and take your pleasure with the unsold fuckslaves." When they were alone, she grinned lustfully at him. "A Man! Such a fine prize is fit for no less than the high queen herself. But," she added, "it is my right and duty to try all fuckslaves."

Troy crooked his smile at her in reply, and strode over to her. Kneeling before her, he braced his knees upon the pillows against her thighs, hitching up her legs as his massive dick towered over her. Nilorana's gaze was held by his majestic manmeat, slick with the slime of his precum dripping down the shaft to his engorged nuts. "Take me," she commanded breathlessly, and Troy pushed his cockhead against her dewy pussy.

An electric thrill shivered through them both, their backs arching, and Nilorana thrust her hips up at him even as he bore downward. With the slurpy squelch of their joining, his huge cock pried her tight cunt lips apart, sinking within her hot tight fucktunnel. "Ooooohhhhhhh," the slavemistress's pleasure was hissed rapture, low and guttural, and his lust was a deep bestial groan harmonizing with hers.

He thrust forward, and Nilorana cried out in ecstasy his throbbing fucktool pounded deep inside her virgin twat, filling her with inch after inch after fat, veiny inch of delicious cockmeat. "YES!" she cried, her head tossing back and forth as he impaled her on his pole. She bucked her hips up against his with a loud wet smack, and his dragon dick sheathed itself to the hilt inside her sopping wet cunt.

Troy's breath caught at the intense pleasure of it, his entire piledriver wrapped tightly within moist, heated velvet, and then he began pistoning her, thrusting in and out and giving her the fucking of her life. Her legs wrapped around his waist of their own accord, and she clutched him to her, screaming aloud as he slammed his big cock into her horny pussy again and again.

His breaths of groaned ecstasy were hissed hotly into her ear as their writhing bodies heaved sweatily against each other, and as he seated himself ballsdeep inside her again, Nilorana creamed. Her obscene shriek of abandon hummed through her whole body against his as her juices stained his balls, slicking his passage as he fucked her brains out.

"Cum..... in.... MEEEEEE!" she begged in panted screams, thrashing beneath him, and as her pussy clutched and gobbled greedily on his fuckpole, Troy squirted thick ropes of his fertile cockslop deep inside her. Her cries of euphoric delight became silent gasping moans of overheated pleasure as the sensation of his thick long shlong spurting cum into her womb utterly stole her breath away.

Her heels drummed on his back as he relentlessly slammed his spurting fuckrod home, fucking her madly, his toes curling as endless ropes of his jizz shot into her greedy, fertile womb, thoroughly knocking her up. His cries were loud and deep as he triumphantly claimed her as his, to be his lover and a mother to more of his daughters. Nilorana was ecstatic, the knowledge also in the heated depths of her blankly climaxing mind, juicing nonstop as he blew load upon load into her tight virgin cunt.

When at last they were spent, he lay heavily on top of her, pressing gentle kisses to her face and ears. She sighed blissfully. "Alas that I am not the queen," she whispered teasingly into his ear between gasps as she struggled for breath, "for what a concubine you will be."

In reply, he bent his head lower, nibbling gently on her neck, and her breath caught with passion and desire - and then he fucked her all over again. It was hours later that Troy was led by the slavemistress - who was walking in an unsteady gait, still weak from pleasure as his cum and her juices rolled shamelessly down her inner thighs - to the palace of the high queen, at the center of the lustful city of women.

Pavilions and pillars lay open to the blue sky, and the floor was earth, carpeted by flowers and soft grasses. The giggling of nymphs could be heard, and occasionally one peeked out to see the magnificent Man - with his slimy, juicy trunk dangling enticingly between his legs - walking along.

Nilorana brought him to the odah of the palace, the lush garden where all of the high queen Jezebel's concubines were housed, and he was met by the magnificent sight of nude, jewelry-clad babes lounging upon blossoms and in pools, laughing and playing and kissing. His arrival was met with gasps of awe and titters of lust. The slavemistress smirked at him as his cock throbbed and rose into massive steely hardness once more, and said, "You must be prepared. And Jezebel loves all her new concubines to be scented with the love of her harem when she meets them."

And there Nilorana left him, with his fellow concubines - all of them gorgeously female but for him - who knew well what to do. Spilling warm oil into their hands, they lathered him up with their soft palms and questing fingers, covering his hot muscled flesh in the oil as they slinkily rubbed their bodies into his.

Troy groaned all the while, precum continuously marbling on the tip of his fat long cock before running in rivulets down the bulging purple veins of his shaft. A brunette smirked at him and rubbed some of the oil on her hands onto the lush succulent ass of a chocolate-skinned harem girl with hair the color of honey. The second girl tittered and rubbed her ass back into his cock, and both Troy and the dark-skinned babe groaned as hot throbbing flesh was oiled against luscious ass crack.

He hotdogged her, thrusting his magnficent fuckpole up and down between her dark, delicious buttocks, while she moaned like an animal, juices dripping down her inner thighs from her puffy cunt. He seized generous handfuls of her ass, bracing his grip upon her, and she moaned lewdly at his strong, lusty handling as they ground their bodies against each other.

Troy's breath hitched in his throat, and his hips pumped madly as he hotdogged her, while the haremette gasped hotly, clearly getting off from his handling and utterly drunken on his musk. Another haremette came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his chest beneath his armpits and grinding her wet snatch against his buttock from behind, moaning into his ear, while still another horny concubine pressed herself into the dark-skinned girl's front, rubbing their tits together and frenching her passionately.

With a low, bestial groan, Troy spunked, ropes of jizz racing up his monstrous shaft in thick bulging pulses to geyser out into his hotdogged lover's luscious hair. His cum fountain was tremendous, however, and thick hot dollops of viscous potent seed arced all over the odah, plopping wetly on heated womanflesh and wresting several hot gasps of desire and lust.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Oohhhhhhhhggggnnhhhhh!" His chocolate-toned lover screamed her climax into her kissing partner's mouth, her body trembling with the force of her cumming as she juiced, just from feeling the virile Man spunk all over her. Her legs trembled weakly with lust, and she nearly collapsed, the girl frenching her catching her and lowering them both to the ground where they writhed together in a wet lesbian tangle, covered in Troy's hot seed.

Another haremette lay before him, spreading her legs wide and revealing her hot juicy twat. She was gasping and panting, clearly needing him to fuck her now with his tremendous cock. He obliged her, bracing his knees against her lithe inner thighs and hitching her legs up as his fat swollen purple cockknob pushed into her soaking wet slit. She gasped, arching her head back, and then he rammed forward, sinking his huge shaft deep into her.

The girl shrieked aloud, thrashing with pleasure as he plunged his fucktool into her hot tight cunt, and then his chest pressed into her hard-nippled boobs as he kissed her moaning mouth. Her cries of rapture were swallowed by his tongue, and she suckled on it eagerly, humping her hips back up at him and fucking herself madly on his fuckrod, her fingers digging into his back as they made wild, sweet love...

It was a long time later that Troy was presented to the court of Jezebel the high queen, his daughter. His entire muscular frame gleamed, bronzed with oils, and his red curls were a darker shade than usual, wet with it. His utterly massive tool was also slick with girlslime and drool, hanging from bloated balls between his legs to below his knees, thick around as an arm.

His three silver collars - around his neck, cock base, and balls base, marking him as a fuckslave - had been replaced by ruby-encrusted golden collars, denoting him the high queen's property, and a royal concubine.

He met his daughter's eyes for the first time, lushly emerald orbs staring wideyed at him, pregnant with lust, as she licked her lips sensuously. Jezebel wore an ornate golden crown of diamonds in her long, vivid red locks - the same hue as Troy's was, albeit without the oil-wet darkening - and a golden chain hung between her hard puffy pink nipples, each pierced with a small gold ring. A pearldrop piercing hung from her belly button, and bracelets, anklets, and armlets adorned her nude form.

Her ripe, generous boobs heaved as she beheld him, and her muff was glistening wetly beneath the thick bushy strip of red hair over her slit. "The imperial regalia," she breathed. It was but a murmur, but her melodious voice carried through the large pavilion where her throne sat. Troy arched an eyebrow, but the court's murmurs registered the surprise and amazement of all the women present.

The high queen of all the realms stood off her throne and came to him on trembling legs, shaky with lust as juices dribbled down her inner thighs. "The crown jewels," she said, cupping his bloated sweaty nutsacks as she looked deeply into his eyes. "And the royal scepter," she continued, running her hand lightly up the underside of his huge fat long babymaker. Her eyes never left his, and his precum dribbling freely down the thick ridged veins of his shaft anointed her hand in his wet heat. "These... these relics anointed my mother Semiramis the first high queen over all the lands by the will of Auria our Goddess Herself."

Astonished murmurs broke out as the various women of the court recognized the first sign of the end of days, hanging between Troy's muscular legs in lusty masculine glory. Troy merely crooked his passionate smile at them, making their hearts flutter and knees weaken.

"Your Majesty," a breathless voice recovered enough to speak, and Troy - whose attention had been riveted instantly to the astonishingly lovely daughter whose concubine he now was - belatedly noticed the same kitsune enchantress who had summoned him as an incubus lord for Semiramis. "He - he is the one who sired you!" Her chocolate-skinned boobs and smooth, plump cunt heaved and quivered at the realization as she said it.

The other ladies in the court began openly fingering themselves and tweaking their nipples, eager to see their high queen fuck her own daddy. Jezebel's plump pink mouth opened in a lovely round 'O' of lusty astonishment, and she whispered, "Daddy?" Troy shuddered in pleasure at her voice addressing him so passionately, and his prodigious cock throbbed violently in her grip, flinging a hot thick glob of precum to plop wetly on her face.

"Your concubine and fuckslave, my daughter," he said huskily, his smile crooking. Jezebel smiled back, a mirror image of her sire's own lusty smirk, and pushed him down to the blossom-covered grass of the throne pavilion. She stood over his hips and knelt, straddling him as his obese cockhead throbbed lewdly into her plump, smooth, glistening womanhood.

He groaned as she murmured, "Mmmmmmmm," and he grasped her hips, wrenching a hot gasp of delight from her as she slowly lowered herself, her pussy lips stretching around his engorged member to slurp in her own father's massive cock. A shiver of pleasure seized his body in twitching lust as her tight moist cunt swallowed him up, falling upon his hips to sink her daddy's fucktool deep inside her virgin twat.

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