tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 35

Passion Ch. 35


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Those who have been following this story may or may not be pleased to know that there are only 10 chapters left in this tale, including this one. Originally, it was going to be longer, with more details and padding, but I have begun to lose steam on this saga, so I have condensed it to the important bits. Unfortunately that may mean some of the events seem rushed, instead of dwelling for a few chapters on one event, as has happened before. (For example, Troy's time as an incubus spanned multiple chapters.) I hope you will stick with me to the end, and that you continue to enjoy it, because get ready - a lot of dangling plot points are going to be finally addressed and wrapped up in these last ten chapters!

This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Troy dwelt in the high queen's palace, fucking her and her harem throughout the days, and making wild sweet passion to Cinnamon in the nights, as his princess grew great with pregnancy. One day, Jezebel sat enthroned upon him - sitting in his lap and riding his cock, nestling it sensually in her tight wet pussy as she leaned back against his chest - in the royal court, watching her other concubines dance.

"Mmmmmggnngngghh, Daddy," she panted as he groped her milky boobs, her eyes fixed on the slinky forms of her haremettes. He replied with a kiss upon her ear, prompting a low lusty giggle from her.

The dance was interrupted when a woman walked in, sauntering up to the high queen - it was Cyranre, the seeress! "Welcome to my court, prophetess," Jezebel hailed her, her greeting moaned out between parted lips.

Cyranre bit her lip, cute with lust, her tits jiggling as her breath began coming short, just from watching Troy's big fat dick snug within his royal daughter's twat. The seeress was pregnant, her belly swollen with Troy's daughters. "I come not for you O Queen, but for the Three who follow in your father's wake. Troy," she addressed him, "Dream, Desire, and Destiny dance around you... may I perform another telling, that we may all hear their song?"

Jezebel, curious to hear the oracle - not to mention always incredibly horny to see her daddy-concubine fuck other hot girls - plucked herself out of his lap, releasing his cock with a wet 'plop'. His massive turgid rod stood tall and proud, a solid slightly curved pillar of cockmeat slimy with his daughter's juices, and Cyranre lowered herself upon it, groaning aloud as he sank within her luscious dripping folds.

Troy clutched her to him, nuzzling his face in her overripe boobs as she gasped heatedly, and fondling her sweet ass. She rode him, slowly, sensuously, fucking herself with a wanton tenderness on his fat long cock, and his lips closed around her nipple, his goatee scraping erotically on her sensitive titflesh. Cyranre moaned sweetly, clutching his head to her boob, and bore down upon him till her delicous, wriggling body was impaled balls deep by his huge dragon dick.

Jezebel's mouth was parted, panting hotly as she watched her daddy-concubine fuck the seeress. Her other haremettes surrounded the high queen, sucking on her nipples and dragging hot wet tongues along her slit, spiraling her lusts into a frenzy as she watched.

Cyranre gyrated her hips atop Troy's cock, and he bucked his hips up into her, lewd squelching smacks resounding through the chamber. The pregnant oracle's juices slathered him, and as she cried out in pleasure, echoing voices resonated through the pavilion. In the heat of his passion as he suckled upon Cyranre's deliciously succulent tits, Troy recognized the voices as those of the wyrd girls Dream, Desire, and Destiny.

Ruler of your hearts Daddy of your daughters Crown him emperor over queendoms Pay homage to the dragon

The musical prophecy echoed commandingly across the entire city, and the women listened, fingering themselves and frenching their companions to the tune. A Man was to be crowned their emperor, over the high queen his daughter. The dragon was ascending, as surely as his majestic cock rose high into the air.

In the palace, Troy groaned bestially as his bloated nuts tightened, and he spurted thick hot creamy love deep inside Cyranre's willing womb. The seeress shrieked in orgasm as she felt his life-giving jizz geyser forcefully deep inside her thoroughly fucked pussy despite how thick and viscous his Man-cum was. Over and over he squirted the loads of his lust into her, and Cyranre's luscious body was wracked by intense euphoria crashing through her again and again.

All the while, his lips teased her nipples, and she finally collapsed limply atop him. He finally drained his balls dry inside her, and kissed her. Cyranre sighed blissfully, writhing as another aftershock ripped its way from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, and buried her head in his shoulder, suckling lightly on his neck.

It was then that Troy noticed all the other women in the throne pavilion kneeling. Their nipples were clearly, achingly hard as they had watched him couple with the beautiful oracle. Even his daughter Jezebel was kneeling, licking her lips as juice slithered down her inner thighs.

"Daddy," she said lustfully to the Man who was now her emperor. Troy set the pleasure-dazed Cyranre down and strode over to Jezebel, kneeling down to kiss her softly, lovingly, on the lips. Then he stood, and turned to see his daughter-princess Cinnamon, come in on the heels of the musical prophecy that had all the force of destiny behind it.

"Cinnamon, my beloved," Troy said in his deep, sensual baritone, striding over to her. The beautiful redhead, pregnant with her daddy's daughters, shivered in light waves of ecstasy as his voice rolled along her soft skin. He took her hand and brought it to his lips, kneeling before her. "Will you be my queen?" he asked. Though soft, his deep voice carried across the entire pavilion.

"Oh, Daddy!" Cinnamon murmured passionately. "Always!" Before she could pull him up to kiss him, Troy buried his face between her lush thighs, eating out his own daughter's pregnant pussy. She gasped, and lewd moans of a daughter's lust for her daddy echoed as he worshipped her sopping wet cunt...

The grand coronation took place shortly, one morning thereafter. Girls from all across the queendoms streamed into the city. Troy was taking his daughter, the princess Cinnamon, as his queen consort, and the queens of the lands, who formerly had been sworn to Jezebel, came to swear their lusts to his cock.

The goddesses sent their handmaidens to attend the ascension of the Man with the dragon dick to his rightful throne. Maenads sent by Ishtar flitted frenziedly about, enticing women into drunken revelries as grapes blossomed and burst spontaneously. Valkyries, who served Freya, soared across the sky in nude acrobatics, tossing blossoms everywhere. The white-furred nekella catgirls who served Isis added their purring to the sounds of the throng, allowing revelers to sample the aphrodisiac delights of their pussies. The angels of Goddess Auria, pregnant by the man who had once been a demon, and the succubi of Lilith - who were all pregnant by their daddy - attended, as well, and even solitary Ereshkigal sent her seductive sirens from the underworld.

"Ohhhhh yesssss, Daddddyyyyyy," Jezebel was shrieking, her loud lewd rapture clearly audible over the purrs, lust-drunken laughs, and siren songs of the attending woman. She was bouncing madly atop Troy's cock in full view of the City as he stood upon a carpet of red and purple blossoms.

Cyranre, pregnant seeress, hovered in the air behind him, licking her lips. An angel woman and a succubus, both heavily pregnant, floated on her either side, suspending her in mid-air as the seeress spoke. "As the high queen anoints you, Troy," she said, and her voice rang with the threefold power of Dream, Desire, and Destiny, "so do I crown thee Emperor over all our hearts and wombs." She placed a crown atop his crimson locks, in time with the deep primal growl of animal bliss that signaled his release into his own daughter.

As one, all the women in the plaza knelt, as Troy jetted spunk into Jezebel. Even the angels and succubi, Valkyries and pixies, flitting through the air, bobbed their heads to show their fealty and their passion for this wondrous, dragon-dicked man who stirred such love in their breasts and lusts in their loins.

Every eye was fixed on him, as he drained his obese nuts dry inside her, before pulling her pleasure-dazed form off his magnificent cock - now anointed liberally with her royal juices - and setting her down on unsteady legs. Even as they watched, his massive, inexhaustible balls began churning and bloating again.

Cinnamon, standing next to him, took her father's hand and smiled radiantly at him. Her belly was cutely poufed out with her pregnancy, and Cyranre placed a tiara of crystal and gold filigree upon her long red ringlets. "As our Emperor has claimed thee, imperial daughter, so do we recognize you as queen consort to him. Do you give yourself to him, freely and forever?"

"I do," Cinnamon said, her sweet voice as pregnant with love as she was with her daddy's daughters, "My heart and my body, for all eternity." Troy leaned down to kiss her, and she practically leapt into his arms, burrowing into his muscular chest as she ravished his mouth with her cinnamon-tanged tongue.

And there, upon a bed of blossoms, in the sight of all the City, Troy made sweet fervent love to his pregnant daughter-consort. Her back arched and she hissed her ecstasy as his large hand fondled her milk-swollen boob and his tremendous, tattooed cock plunged into her soaking wet pussy.

A chorus of lusty sighs and moans surrounded them as the revelers excitedly groped themselves and each other to the sight of their well hung emperor fucking his own daughter. Their bodies heaved into one another's over and over, their hips banging with frenzied delight as his fat heavy balls slapped into her ass.

Cinnamon cried out his name in shrill joy as she juiced, thrashing with delirious abandon as her very own daddy reamed her pregnant pussy with his massive piledriver. He melded his lips to hers as he began pumping his jizz deep inside her, flooding her already-impregnated womb with his potent seed. Her pleasure spiked once more, and she could not stop cumming as Troy ravished her over and over.

The sun was high in the sky when Troy dumped his last load inside his thoroughly fucked, totally blissed-out queen consort. His breathing ragged, he pulled out of her, gazing lovingly at his daughter, who lay limp as a ragdoll beneath him, smiling adoringly at him and stretching languidly in the throes of her afterglow.

"Goddess, Daddy," she murmured, "how I love you."

He replied with a deep kiss - prompting a delightfully lusty giggle as his goatee tickled her chin - before standing up to receive the 4 queens of the realms, who had come to swear their fealty to him, as they had sworn themselve to Jezebel and Semiramis before him. Oreadne, queen of the mountain upon the edge of the world; Ceridwen, queen of the west; Amphitrite, queen of the sea; and Tulip-of-spring, queen of the enchanted wood.

"Daddy," Amphitrite and Tulip-of-spring said fervently, lust as evident in their voices as it was in all four queens' faces. Amphitrite was his get on Deirdre when he had been a merman; and she was a vision of loveliness, with creamy skin and her mother's tiara upon her long dark locks - the same shade he'd possessed then - with pearlescent eyes and nipples that stood at rock-hard attention. Her tits were shaped like pears, but larger than cantaloupes, and a dark bush of sleek down crowned her moist slit.

Tulip-of-spring was his get on the fey queen who'd given him the summerwine that wildered him for a time. Her ringlets varied between purple and dark blue, the mingled shades of her mother and her daddy - the shade he'd had as a unicorn. Her eyes were silver, and her boobs the same ripe round oranges as Cinnamon and his carnaleira had. Her pussy was smooth, plump, and reddened.

Troy crooked his grin at them, licking his lips as he watched juices slither down their inner thighs, and thought of Cinnamon, whose hair was as red as his had been (and still was) when he'd sired her upon Semiramis, as an incubus.

The four queens knelt before him, and began to kiss his huge, hard cock. He groaned, his throat strangling with pleasure, and stroked those four lushly locked heads. Their kisses were feather-light at first, but slowly deepened to hot wet slurpy suckles upon the meaty shaft of his succulent, veiny cock.

One by one, they deep throated him, and one by one he blew his load into their tight, drooling throatcunts, claiming their loyalty, their love, and their lusts forever. Cum overflowed from their lips, tightly stretched around his bulbous mass, dribbling messily down their chins, and his fingers tangled in their hair as they moaned lewdly in obscene pleasure.

So began the emperor's reign, an orgy of passion like none ever before, as he fucked and cummed again and again in the throats and pussies of a thousand girls who loved him.

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