tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 38

Passion Ch. 38


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


"Let there be light."

A melodious voice, sounding like nothing less than a choir of angels, echoed through the vastness, and sudden, forever was there. Once, forever had never been; now it always had been. Goddess, named Auria, floated in the all-encompassing light and smiled. "It is good."

She stretched out Her hands and formed from the light five companions, lesser goddesses to be Her companions and Her lovers. First She formed Lilith, whose beauty was without compare, then She created Freya, Ishtar, Ereshkigal, and Isis.

They kissed Her, worshipping Her body, licking Her pussy, suckling Her boobs. Auria sighed with bliss. "It is good." There was evening, and there was morning, the first day.

She spoke again. "Let there be a heaven for us to dwell in, and in which to keep the light." Clouds of silver and gold appeared, and the light shone within, stretching its rays from heaven to all of forever.

Then another voice spoke. It was deep and baritone, brimming with lust and laughter and delight. "Let there be passion."

Auria looked, and saw something She had never before conceived of: not woman, but a Man. Troy floated, bathed in heaven's light, clearly gleaming with an inner glow of his own. His shoulder-length crimson curls writhed in unseen winds like fire, his muscles were bronzed and glorious, and his dragon-tattooed cock was thick, long, and hard.

This was Troy in his glory, for the dragon had wakened, as the seeress had foretold. The goddesses' pussies were soaked and dripping as they beheld him, and Auria came to him, and there, floating in the light, Man and Goddess made wild and tender love.

His massive cock hammered Her slick virgin cunt, thrusting hard and stretching Her tight wet warm walls apart as he brought Her pleasure unlike any She had ever conceived of before. His fat heavy balls slapped into Her cunt with each piledriving thrust as he pistoned Her again and again. Goddess shrieked Her pleasure, and it was as though a legion of angels was crying out at once in ecstasy.

She clutched him to Her, wrapping Her arms and legs about him and raking Her nails on his back. Her eyes rolled back in Her head, Her tongue hung out, and Her head lolled back. Her body trembled and quaked with horny euphoria as Troy slid his log into Her time after time. He buried his face into Her neck and shoulders as he relentlessly fucked her.

As he unloaded his balls into Her, Auria squirted, screaming as She cummed, and their mingled ambrosia frothed from Her pussy around his thrusting fucktool, falling from heaven, and in the void of forever, it birthed the world, Gaia. The passion of the Goddess, elicited from the Man in his awakened glory, created the lands and waters, and their daughter Gaia, the spirit of the earth, awakened.

As Time began, a new woman was birthed fully formed from the frothing sea foam, which was her own juice as she overflowed with the passion of all forever. Thus a seventh goddess, Aphrodite, came into existence, frolicking amidst the waves, brimming with all the passion forever could contain.

All around the fucking Goddess and Man, the other five goddesses (that Auria had created as Her consorts) were juicing as well, utterly overcome by the orgasmic passion of Troy, that overflowed in tangible light from him as he jizzed inside the Lady Goddess' luscious wet virginity. The ecstatic cries of 6 gorgeous, fertile women surrounded him, accompaniment to his deep harsh groans of animal bliss. And still he pumped his cock in and out of Her pussy, hard lewd wet smacks of flesh on flesh as he fucked Her for a timeless age.

When they finally calmed, gasping, clinging to each other's sweaty flesh, his massive log still anchored inside Her tight velvet vise, Auria breathed lustily, "It is VERY good."

And there was evening, and there was morning, the second day.

Troy gently sucked Her neck, eliciting purrs of bliss from the Goddess as he left a dark hickey, mark of his affection, upon Her glowing, unblemished skin. "Who are you?" She wondered, astonished, as Her five fellow goddesses surrounded them, brushing along Troy's masculine flesh curiously and lustily. She felt life stirring within her womb, seeded by his potent spunk.

"I am Man," he said, and his voice sent shivers of desire tingling through them anew. "I am Troy. I am from beyond You, beyond forever, and my passion is my own."

"I love you," Auria declared fervently, Her heart instantly given willingly to him, as his own heart was willingly given to all girls. "I declare you My Divine Consort. Your cock and your nuts, bearing your precious seed, I declare to be My treasures, symbols of My power and glory; they are My regalia, My scepter and crown jewels."

Troy smiled, and kissed Her, and made love to Her again. Afterwards, when She finally pulled Herself off his magnificent fuckstick, She noticed Her other five goddess-consorts gazing hungrily at the Man, and declared, "None other may fuck him whom is Mine. But I give you leave to suckle him, to pleasure both him and yourselves thereby."

He looked at them, and admiringly ogled their succulent beauty as they preened for him. He'd met them all before - albeit this was their first time meeting him - except for Freya and Isis. Freya had pale freckled skin - her boobs and her smooth pussy were freckled - and eyes of lapis lazuli, sapphires flecked with gold. Her freckled boobs were globes nearly as large as her head, and her hair was long waves of reddish gold falling to her softly rounded ass.

Isis was a nekomimi, a catgirl. Mostly human in form, she had red cat-ears and a wriggling red cat-tail, and cat's-eyes. Her hair was long red ringlets tossing to and fro, and her pussy was dusted with a light red fuzz around her plump, glistening lips.

They all came to him, and Lilith was first among them, stroking his huge hard cock with fascination and desire. She was gorgeous, with six great white-feathered wings rather than the demonic aspect she would one day have. Her eyes were innocent and lustful as she titfucked him, sandwiching his incredible cockmeat between her massive boobs, almost perfectly spherical and larger than her head.

She mewled happily at feeling his veiny bulging shlong throbbing and twitching against her soft hot skin, and he grunted blissfully as she licked on his engorged knob. He spunked all over her, slathering her face, hair, and boobs in his cocksauce, and she cried out in pleasure, cumming just from the sensation, her pussy juice dripping down her legs in unending rivulets.

"Lily," he said fondly to her, and she beamed at having been bestowed a pet name. The other four new goddesses licked his spunk off her, pussies quivering wetly just from his hot musky taste, and then they all gave him head. Over and over he stuffed their eager tight virgin throats with his thick long shlong, and over and over his cum pump blasted their bellies full of the jizz they now craved.

"It is good," Auria said, pleased, as She watched, groping Her own boob and fingering Her own clit. And there was evening, and there was morning, the third day.

Then Auria created the stars, to be jewels in the sky, and fashioned a crown out of them to be Lilith's halo, Her favorite. She created womankind upon the earth that Gaia had walked alone during the the second and third days.

Goddess looked upon the sky and the earth, and said, "It is good." And there was evening, and there was morning, the fourth day.

Next Auria bestowed gifts upon Troy and the goddesses. To Isis, catgirl goddess, She gave the nekomimi, the kitsune, and the nekella. To Ishtar, She gave the grapes and the vines. To Freya, She gave the domain of love, to encourage womankind to love and lust after each other in uninhibited pleasure. To Ereshkigal, She gave the twilight, both dawn and dusk, those hours when neither sun nor moon had command of the sky.

To Lilith, Her favorite, She gave the heavens; the glory of forever's light was hers - she was the Morningstar Seraphelle. To Aphrodite, the seventh goddess, the unforeseen goddess that She hadn't created but who had been born from the ocean, She gave the sea - the wild sea, with its wanton passion, belonged to the goddess in whom all of forever's passion dwelt.

And to Troy, Her Divine Consort even above Her favorite goddess Lilith, She gave the most precious gift of all: Herself. Her body was his to fuck, just as his was Hers. She gave birth to the angels, his daughters, and they populated heaven.

And Goddess said, "It is good." There was evening, and there was morning, the fifth day.

Then, looking upon all that She had created, Her five consorts (Lilith, Ishtar, Isis, Freya, and Ereshkigal) suckling upon Troy's majestic cock all the while, She said, "It is good that womankind should have a ruler, one of their own to lead them in My worship as they pleasure themselves with each other."

So Auria created the three fates to govern the forever she created and ruled: Dream, Desire, and Destiny. With their counsel, She chose five girls, and named them queens. The fifth, Semiramis, She named high queen over all the others, and raptured her to heaven, that she might be anointed. "Behold the imperial regalia," Goddess told the redheaded high queen, who looked upon the Man in lust and wonderment. "My Divine Consort shall anoint you. Kneel."

Semiramis knelt willingly, and Auria stroked Troy's massive boner, Her hot deft hands expertly jacking him and cupping his balls, until he could hold back no longer. With a ragged grunt of primal ecstasy, he spunked, blasting Semiramis with hot thick cockslop. The high queen was utterly blanketed in his seed, and juiced from the sensation of being covered by this Man's ambrosial jizz.

Thus was the high queen anointed, and Goddess said, "It is good." There was evening, and there was morning, the sixth day.

Upon the seventh day, Auria made love to Her six consorts - Lilith, Ishtar, Freya, Isis, Ereshkigal, and Troy. (Aphrodite was not Her consort, for the wild sea goddess had not been created for that purpose, instead having been spontaneously birthed from the joined passion of Man and Goddess.)

Then She descended to the sky below heaven, and the land below the sky, where She with Her omnipotence created the city for Semiramis to reign over the queendoms from. There was a great gathering, and a lesbian orgy ensued within the city, womankind paying homage to the Lady their Goddess, as five queens made love to Her divine flesh amidst the lewd wet moans of female pleasure.

Above, in heaven, Troy stood upon the edge of the silver and gold clouds, looking down upon the earth. The other five goddesses lolled, senseless with pleasure, having eagerly fucked their throats on his enormous dragon dick; after swallowing dozens of his jizz-loads and convulsing with countless orgasms, they were utterly blissed out.

So Troy stood alone upon the edge of heaven, looking from span to span of forever, and his eyes alit on the wild passionate sea. He had never laid eyes upon Aphrodite, but suddenly, his eyes flared white, and he experienced a vision of her.

Floating upon a bed of sea-foam was one of the most gorgeous babes he'd ever seen. Her boobs were as round as oranges and as large as her head, stemmed by hard pink nipples in pink areolae. Her flesh was fair, her hips narrow, her pussy smooth and glistening. Her eyes were as blue as could be, clouded with passion as she stroked her pink clit which peeked from her feminine folds, and her hair was golden ringlets that were longer than she was tall, blowing about in the wind and streaming in the water.

And she looked, and saw him too, and cried out in pleasure as she beheld the one whose passion was greater than her own, greater than all forever's. Then, the vision joined them, and they were fucking, his cock pistoning into her luscious virgin slickness, and Aphrodite cried out in ecstasy as he grunted raggedly. She cummed instantly, her cunt spasming about his rutting dick like a cocksleeve born to milk him, and kept cumming, convulsing beneath him in uncontained bliss as Troy hammered her.

And then he too cummed, and it seemed as though he were filling up her womb with his seed...

But it was only a vision. Far below, floating on the sea, Aphrodite squirted her juice as the waves thrashed with their goddess' pleasure. And high up in heaven, the five goddesses (whom Auria had created to be Her consorts) watched in wonderment as Troy's massive cock pulsed out immense geysers of jizz over and over again.

His jizz rained upon the land below. His seed impregnated the wind, who gave birth to the sylphs. It impregnated the trees, and sired the dryads. It impregnated the rivers and ponds and sea, siring naiads and nereids. It impregnated the flowers, siring the pixies.

When his spunk fountain finally ceased, and his vision ended, and he came back to himself, he saw the five goddesses watching him hungrily. Lily came to him and said, "Troy, I must have you. Fuck me, and breed me!"

The other four women tittered naughtily. "But Lilith," Freya objected half-heartedly, "Auria has forbade it."

"Auria is not here, but on earth below," Lily countered. "Troy is here." So saying, she hovered aloft on her six great wings, and lowered herself upon his huge hard fuckpole. She cried out, wings fluttering madly, as his immense knob touched upon her dripping wet honeypot and began forcing her plump reddened pussy lips apart.

He gripped her waist, eliciting an excited gasp of pleasure from her, and pulled her floating body gently down. As his huge shaft slicked between her folds, Lily threw her head back, crying out in delight as she felt Troy's dragon dick stuffing her tight hot wet virgin pussy! His thick girth stretched her cunt walls wide, and his incredible, bulging length filled her deeply, till her cute ass was sitting on his fat bloated balls.

Her body trembling with lewd bliss, she wrapped her arms around him and threw a brief smirk at the other goddesses before kissing Troy passionately. Her juices were already running down his obese nutsacks, and slowly they began fucking. She rose up and down upon his pole, she with her wings, he helping with his hands on her hips and his upward pelvic thrusts.

Troy's flesh began glowing as his pleasure heightened, and as Lily shrieked in orgasmic pleasure, "Yes, YES, oh Goddess YESSSSSSS!" intense euphoria spiked through the other four watching goddesses, and they all creamed as Lily's twat clutched and gobbled convulsively on his enormous cock. For such was the strength of his awakened passion.

He sucked on Lily's sweet delicious tongue as he hammered her juicing pussy, and then he exploded, his balls pumping hot thick seed deep into Lily's core, gushing into her womb, and impregnating her with the dozens of succubi that she would bear over the ages, until she met him again. Troy fucked all five goddesses into fucked-silly blissed-out puddles of feminine pleasure, breeding them all with his magnificent cock, hammering their soaked pussies again and again, his bronzed flesh gleaming with his inner light and their mingled sweat.

He fucked Lily most of all, and patches of lily flowers sprang up spontaneously from the silver and gold clouds of heaven in the midst of their fucking, a tangible sign of his passion for Lily. It was like this - with Lily bucking atop Troy and using him as her personal stallion, while the other goddesses were piled around them, kissing him, lying in his arms, sucking Lily's jangling boobs - that Auria found them.

The Goddess Most High was covered in sweat and juice from the worship that womankind had lavished upon her, and looked more beautiful than ever. Upon seeing this forbidden tryst, seeing Troy's balls tightening and releasing as he blew his load into Lily's juicing cunt, she flew into a rage.

"I have named you My consorts, but you have betrayed me!" She cried. She stretched out Her hand, and the universe obeyed Her gesture, plucking Lilith up off Troy, leaving his cock to spunk into the air, covering Lily's inner thighs with thick creamy jizz. "You, My favorite, first among My lesbian consorts, have taken what is not yours! I curse you, and banish you from my heaven!"

The other goddesses gasped as Lilith transformed before their eyes, turning into the first succubus, the form she had shown Troy when he had summoned her upon Siobhan's hillside (in his past, but the far future from this beginning of all things). Dream, Desire, and Destiny - the three fates, bound to Auria's command - appeared, lifting up Lilith and preparing to throw her from heaven.

But Lily smirked. "Troy belongs to all womankind. Even You may not claim him entirely for Yourself." Then the three fates hurled her down to hell. As she fell, the Man-jizz coating her splattered across the land, and the first lilies were seeded.

Auria turned and demanded of Her other four goddess consorts, "Pleasure Me! Atone for your sin." As they began to fondle Her, and fog the Lady Goddess' mind with bliss once again, She looked to see Troy, eager to fuck him and claim his cock for Herself once more... but he was gone.

So the world began. Auria forgave Freya, Isis, Ishtar, and Ereshkigal, for She couldn't deny how even more utterly beautiful they grew, as their bellies poufed out with Troy's daughters. But She missed the Man, missed his cock and his cum, and could not find him even with Her omniscience and Her omnipotence, for he was beyond forever, and fate parted in his wake.

Aphrodite wandered the length and breadth of forever, beginning her long search for the only one whose passion matched her own. Though the other goddesses took handmaidens, she did not, wandering the universe, and bringing the passion of forever to all women she passed.

In hell, Lilith gave birth to Troy's daughters, the first succubi, and became the first one to master the arts of enchantment, that she might know of Troy. With Ishtar's aid, she brewed summerwine, a wondrous elixir that gave them ambrosial sustenance as they waited for Troy's return... for return he would.

For that is the great secret of passion: the universe itself craves it, so eventually it must come.

And there was evening, and there was morning, the seventh day.

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