tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 39

Passion Ch. 39


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Troy appeared upon the beach. His bronzed musculature was gleaming with inner light, and flowers budded in the sand beneath his feet. His cock hung low and heavy between his legs, and he surveyed the three fates with love and lust, gazes which they returned with equal ardor.

"We have returned you here, O Man," Desire said.

"Carrying you again along the dream that is time," Dream added.

"We no longer serve Auria," Destiny averred.

"You have drawn us to you, and we pledge ourselves to you forevermore," they all said at once, a lovely chorus of blissful sighs. Their boobs heaved as they looked eagerly at him, and juices trickled from their cunts.

"If you would pledge yourselves to me, my fates," Troy said - his voice had the undercurrent of thunder now, resonant and powerful - "then kneel, and be anointed." Dream, Desire, and Destiny eagerly obeyed, getting down on their knees before him, as his cock rose, expanding and hardening to his incredible length and girth.

His passion had awakened in the underworld. With the energies of creation surrounding him, his passion had come into his full potential. Now, he claimed his destiny. Shivers tingled along his skin, and with a roar of bestial bliss - without even touching his manhood, merely giving his pulsing erection a mighty flex - he spunked.

Torrents of jizz geysered from his cock to blast the three fates on their heads and tits, coating them in his thick hot seed. Light flashed from his body till he could barely be seen as more than an outline of glowing gold and white. He kept cumming and cumming, and carpets of flowers unrolled from beneath his feet in every direction.

When the spontaneously sprouting flowers reached the ocean, they turned into water lilies. The sea frothed, its nereids and mermaids overcome by pleasure in his proximity. In the other direction, when the flowers reached the treeline, the trees practically exploded with budding flowers and instantly ripening fruit, and the joyous orgasmic cries of dryads echoed across the beach. The sky sprinkled the juices of sylphs writhing in lewd euphoria over them, and the winds gusted in delight.

The fates themselves were juicing hard, utterly overcome with ecstasy, from the nearness of Troy's orgasmic passion, and from his ambrosial seed blanketing them in unending gushing floods. The flesh of their heads, shoulders, and tits could no longer be seen, buried under the layers of ambrosial cockmilk.

Thunder croaked from a clear sky, and with a bright flash, Troy was revealed once more, his geyser ceased. He was changed, yet he was what he always had been. His flesh, always a burnished bronze, was now gleaming almost golden. His hair was now silky blonde curls, a wealth of gold falling upon his shoulders, and a strip of sunshine hair ran from his lower lip to his chin. His irises were pure blue now, and the apples of his eyes glittered gold. He had been tall and broad-shouldered before, but now he was still taller and broader.

His enormous dick was a curved pillar of cockmeat, the dragon tattooed upon its length seeming to writhe with its every pulse and twitch. Veins swelled out along the shaft upwards to meet a knob nearly the size of an apple, which drizzled cum and precum down along his length. Even curved, his incredible erection rose to his chest height, and was as thick around as a nymph's leg. His balls were swollen cantaloupes between his legs. With the slightest movement, his every breath, his musculature rippled along his flesh.

He had been a paragon of masculinity; now he was a veritable titan. A new deity had risen; the passion-god had come to forever, for Troy had ascended. A hush surrounded him, as nymphs and fates gazed worshipfully and lustily upon him. Who would be the first to know the passion-god's love? He raised his face to the sky, and called, "Come to me." His voice rumbled like gentle thunder, reverberating through the cosmos, and all forever knew that the passion-god had come.

A shooting star streamed from far beyond the skies down to earth, leaving a blazing trail of light behind her, and landing on the surface of the ocean out from the beach. The waves surfing around her, the goddess Aphrodite was revealed, nude and lovely, walking towards the new god. Troy stroke out along the water to meet her, his steps leaving more water-lilies in his wake.

"Passion-god," Aphrodite murmured as he approached. "I have spent ages searching for you, since that vision at the beginning of time... wandering beyond the stars..." Her large chest-globes heaved with desire, her pink nipples hard. Her smooth pussy leaked her wet lust.

Then Troy was there, pulling her into his arms, embracing her and touching his lips to hers. Aphrodite kissed him back with a fervent ardor, wrapping her arms around his head and shoulders. He was so much taller than her, that he had to lift her up by her waist and hold her to his broad muscular frame, and her hard tit-stems scraped sensually into his chiseled chest. She murmured into their kiss, and though it was muffled and incoherent, her desire was plain. Troy's raging-hard cock was throbbing between them, and he pulled his hips back, lifting her body up slightly, so that his bloated knob touched lightly at the steaming hot entrance to her virgin love canal.

The winds picked up around them as the goddess's breath hitched, her pussy anointing his obese cockhead with love, and then he sank his enormous cock into her. Their mouths broke apart as Aphrodite flung her head back in overwhelming pleasure, feeling her tight pink fucktunnel stretched wide by her new lover's huge manhood. Thunder bellowed from the sky, and sylphs sank a song of lust in harmony with it, as passion-god and passion goddess shared love and lust for the first time. In Aphrodite was incarnated all the passion of forever, and in Troy was all the passion from beyond forever; the only passion greater than Aphrodite's, making him her perfect match.

The sea writhed around them in shared rapture, and they rose slowly into the air, the gusts whipping around them as lightning flashed in fervent joy. Troy buried his face into Aphrodite's shoulder, suckling her neck and leaving the mark of his oral love there as more and more of his incredible length and girth sank between her succulent pussy lips, deep inside her luscious wet honeypot.

She shrieked in bliss as she was finally lowered completely on his titanic edifice, his giant balls squelching into her cute ass. Her long sunshine hair streamed in the winds, and she began bucking atop him, madly fucking herself on his fucktool. Her juices streamed from her pussy down his balls, and were flung everywhere as his nuts slapped into her ass again and again. The surf sprayed their conjoined forms as thunder and lightning harmonized with the singing of the sylph choir.

Through it all, the lewd squelching noises of giant cock rutting tight hot pussy, and the deep hoarse grunts of Troy, and the loud guttural moans of Aphrodite, rose above the music of storm and waves. Nereids and sylphs and mermaids cried out in bliss, overcome with orgasm just from their proximity to the coupling deities. The sea goddess shrieked his name as she creamed, her slick virgin fucktunnel clutching and spasming around his enormous cock as he hammered her relentlessly, stretching her wide and stuffing that climaxing twat over and over with his thick long meaty piston.

Aphrodite convulsed, thrashing in untrammeled ecstasy, her limbs flailing as Troy bounced her lovely body atop his hammering fucktool. Her horny slippery pussy milked him frenziedly, desperate for his seed, and he granted her her wish. With a loud bestial moan of uninhibited passion, he rammed his massive dick inside her to the hilt, his balls tightening as they slapped into her round ass. His giant shaft bulged even larger with the incredibly fat ropes of jizz that raced up his length to geyser out into her nubile womb.

Aphrodite's screams of rapture rose an octave, thunderous ecstasy crashing through her mind and body, shattering her senses with pleasure as she felt Troy's divine dragon dick lurching powerfully inside her pussy, gobbing thick fertile love within her. Her womb eagerly swallowed up every last drop of his cockmilk. Over and over he spunked inside her, his cock throbbing passionately in her twat, filling her up with cum as her cunt gushed her juices all over his balls.

The choir of thunder and waves and sylphs had crescendoed, and didn't calm till at last god and goddess did. Aphrodite was trembling with pleasure, her limbs exhausted with euphoria, and she clutched the passion god to her. His strong hands supported her sweet buttocks, and she moaned happily as she felt his cock continuing to twitch strongly within her thoroughly deflowered and impregnated pussy. Her hair, whipped about by the winds, blew about him, embracing him in soft wet tangles.

"Troy," she breathed his name, and raised her lips to his, kissing him tenderly. He felt the divinity that had left her. To match his eternal passion, all forever had spent all of its own passion through her in their coupling, and the mingled love and lust of the fucking deities had coalesced within her womb. "I am mortal now," she whispered huskily. "A fate I accept gladly for having known your passion. But you leave me a gift to remember you by... I am pregnant."

And he held her in his arms, and fucked her again in the waves, bringing her to shrieking climax again and again, her juicing pussy gobbling on his fuckpipe as he gushed jizz into her womb over and over. Finally, she was a blissed-out puddle of ecstasy, floating on the waves, and he kissed her brow. As the waves carried her sleeping, pregnant form away - for even without her divinity, the sea still called her its queen - nymphs descended upon the passion god to worship at the altar of his huge cock.

As a trio of nereid triplet sisters began giving him head, the sea delivered Aphrodite's gift to him: the palace she had constructed beneath the sea for him ages ago. It had rested on the ocean bed for eons, awaiting his ascension, and he had even visited it during his time as a merman. Now it rose from the waves beneath him, water falling from its pillars, a breathtaking open-air palace scented with brine and fluted with wind.

As Troy jizzed inside the first nereid sister's throat, making her quake with orgasm as she felt his hot seed pulse powerfully into her virgin throatcunt, he raised his arms to the sky, roaring his pleasure. The winds answered his call and carried his palace from the surface of the sea into the air. High above the ocean, streaming water all the way, the passion-god's palace flew, rising up above the mountain at the edge of the world, and landing upon its edge.

Here, looking out across all forever, Troy began his reign as eternal passion-god, receiving the lusty worship of maidens throughout the lands, and breeding each one with more girls who would grow up to love their divine daddy. Forever rejoiced, as all women in the heavens and below gladly took up the worship of the Man-God, whose immense cock filled them with love and life and ecstasy...


NOTE: This is not the end, not yet. I'm still planning four more chapters. Sorry for this chapter's brevity, I'm just trying to move things along. I hope you enjoyed it anyway =)

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