tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 40

Passion Ch. 40


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Troy's cock was a two-foot-long pillar of incredibly thick meat. It throbbed and pulsed obscenely, crawling with bulging veins. Little squirts of precum jetted out with each lurch. The saliva of his daughters coated every inch of his shaft, thick and dripping. In the lushly gardened plaza in front of the imperial palace in the city, the 9 daughters that Cinnamon had borne him - themselves now grown and pregnant with more daughters by their divine daddy - surrounded him, stroking and kissing him.

A daughter rode his back, arms wrapped his shoulders and sucking a hickey on his neck. His arms clutched two more daughters to himself. And kneeling before him, in view of all the women of the city, his beloved queen Cinnamon kissed and licked his swollen fucktool. She was heavily pregnant with still more daughters by her beloved daddy, and now that his cock had been prepared by her sister-daughters, she set to the task of making him jizz all over her.

Feeling the strength of his amazingly huge shaft as it twitched and jerked in response to her deft wet tongue sent surges of tingling pleasure shivering through her. Her large lactating tits heaved with desire as she opened her mouth wide and begun sucking her own daddy's massive cockknob into her tight wet hot greedy mouth.

She sucked and slurped noisily, her pussy quivering wetly as she heard the guttering groans in the passion-god's throat. Her saliva leaked from her tightly stretched lips to run down his already-coated shaft in thick rivulets. As Troy frenched one of Cinnamon's sister-daughters, his cock lurched, and fat pulses of spunk rocketed up his tremendous shaft to geyser directly into the back of Cinnamon's thirsty horny throat.

Her cry of delight was transformed into a gargling moan by the raunchy daddy-cum squirting down her throat, and she pulled her mouth off his enormous knob, letting herself be coated by the incredibly thick, gunky, hot, musky cockslop of her own father. Over and over he pumped powerful shots of baby batter into her face, blanketing her head and shoulders and tits in his inexhaustible load.

He groaned her name into her sister-daughter's mouth as he anointed her the empress of womankind in his name, and his high priestess. Cinnamon thrashed with ecstasy, overcome by the intoxicating presence of the passion-god, her very own sire, jizzing in joy upon her, and his cum on her skin sent shivers of ecstasy rippling through her as she juiced, her twat clutching on emptiness.

The crowds of horny women ululated their pleasure, the passion-god's orgasmic pheromones driving them into a lusty frenzy. The plaza dissolved into a lesbian orgy, the girls kissing pussy and nipple and mouth, as they all climaxed at once, just from being in Troy's presence as he spunked. His daughters by Cinnamon were juicing as well, their bodies trembling into his with the force of their ecstasy.

When his spunk geyser finally ceased, Cinnamon murmured worshipfully, "I love you, daddy," looking up at him with wide adoring eyes, her eyelashes dripping thick gooey cum. Troy smiled lovingly at her as he pulled away from kissing his new high priestess's sister-daughter.

"Behold, your new empress," he proclaimed, and with throats made hoarse by their climactic screams, all the women watching cheered. Then Troy made love to Cinnamon right there, fucking her soaking wet pregnant pussy, before fucking all his other pregnant daughters, and then proceeding to fuck all the girls in the plaza, knocking them all up with his phenomenally potent seed till they lay senselessly in utter bliss.

When he was done, and all the girls here were sleeping in exhausted ecstasy, the passion-god rose his arms. Sylphs answered his summons, and lifted him into the sky with their winds. He made love to the nymphs of the air, as they carried him back to his palace. It was open-air marble pavilions and lush gardens, atop the great mountain at the edge of the world. On one side, it looked over all forever - the lands below it, the stars above it - and on the other side, it sat on a cliff that dropped into a starry abyss: the very edge of the world. A small freshwater sea lay next to the palace on the mountain's crest, hemmed by a whitesand beach and running through the palace gardens as babbling brooks and fountains. This sea fell off both sides of the mountain as great waterfalls, into the sea of forever on the one side, and into the infinity of the stars on the other.

Nymphs laughed and played and fucked gaily here. Happiness and ecstasy reigned limitlessly, night and day, as the passion-god fucked these girls who loved him and bore him daughters, who also grew up to love and fuck and be bred by their divine daddy.

As Troy arrived back here from the city, and the sylphs who had carried him flew away giggling delightedly, with his cum sprinkling from their thoroughly impregnated juicy cunts, he was greeted by horny pregnant pixies with a rainbow of glowing wings. They all but pounced on him, kissing his sweaty muscular flush and and grinding on his shaft till they made him roar out his passion and spunk all over them.

Over and over he jetted jizz, covering all of their gloriously pregnant forms with his male elixir, till they lolled senselessly about in the air with euphoria. Smiling, Troy left them, and went to one of the pools of his palace, beneath a pavilion. The mermaid Ariel swam within it, her long blue tail slapping the water gaily. She swam up to the edge delightedly to greet her lover, her long blue hair heavy with dampness, and the puffy blue nipples stemming her giant sensitive tits were hard with her desire as they leaked milk. She was heavily pregnant with triplets by Troy, and her state only made her even hornier.

Troy waded into the pool, and sat back within it, as Ariel snuggled up to him and peppered his face with kisses. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?" she teased him.

He fondly squeezed her boob, prompting a low moan of pleasure from her as a squirt of milk arced out from her tit. "However long I've been gone," he crooked his smile at her.

"Mmm," she said, burying her face in his neck and sucking a hickey upon him. "I don't know either. I lost track of time while making sweet love with Tethys." Troy bellowed with laughter as Tethys - the first naiad he'd ever fucked - joined them in the water. She too was pregnant with more daughters by Troy, and snuggled up to his other side, kissing him passionately and feeding him her tongue.

Troy had reunited with many of his lovers, bringing them here to his palace on the edge of the world, his passion able to sustain their romances, no fates interfering. Tethys mewled into their kiss as the passion-god groped her tight cute ass, and murmured, "So which of us gets to fuck him first?"

"Me," Ariel declared, "because I never get tired of using these legs." The gift of the passion-god enabled her to transform into a landwalker, and she used this gift now, her tail turning into two legs with a soft glow of radiant light. She sat astride Troy, and mounted his massive cock, crying out in joy as his meaty shaft sank into her juicy wet folds. She put her gift to good use, bouncing eagerly atop him, bucking as she rode her personal stallion, till he dumped no less than a dozen loads inside her greedy horny twat.

This was the passion-god's existence, endless lovemaking with girls who all loved him, pumping their horny preggo cunts with his seed as they screamed their ecstasy. As night fell, and the stars twinkled above, he was making love with his handmaidens - girls from the lands of woman, all his daughters, each with a mystic tattoo of a red and gold dragon curling sinuously along the side of her body, her hips, and her boob, thus marked to show her devotion to her daddy, the god they all served and loved and lusted for.

As he planted his hips into a daughter-handmaiden a final time, his nuts clenched, and his huge cock bulged even fatter as he fired his hot seed into her pregnant womb. Her body writhed beneath him, convulsing with her climax as she felt her daddy's enormous dragon dick lurching within her and spewing cum into her soaked pregnant cunt. This was the third load he'd pumped inside her just now, and when he finished, he kissed her fondly, withdrawing as she murmured his name worshipfully.

Troy stood up, and walked from that pavilion to the very edge of the mountain, looking out upon forever. His cock stood tall and proud, gleaming with juices in the starlight, and he called a name, a deep baritone summons.


She appeared out of the shadows, her long black silk hair framing her pale nude body, with hard puffy pink nipples leaking milk atop her huge melon-sized boobs over her cutely pregnant tummy. Her pussy was moist and plumpened with desire. "Troy," she said, her voice thick with lust and devotion. She sounded unsurprised, for she had expected this summons.

He smiled at her, and held out his arms. She leapt into them, and kissed him passionately, wrapping her legs around his waist and lowering herself onto his gigantic cock. Her scream of passion reverberated into their kiss as he impaled her horny, tight, sopping wet pussy, and they made hot sweet love. Troy's hips bucked up into hers as he pummeled her pussy with hard deep fast thrusts, utterly dominating her with the phenomenal pleasure only his strength and virility and passion and cock could bring her. Her pussy slurped up his cock with lewd wet squelches of obscene joy, and Troy jizzed inside her even as Lily juiced wildly, convulsing in the throes of shared ecstasy.

When they had calmed, he set her down onto her lust-weakened legs. Dozens of lilies had spontaneously blossomed from the ground around them, and Lily smiled to see it. He smiled at her in return, that crooked smile that melted her heart, and bent to kiss her as he took her hand in his. He turned back to the edge of the mountain, looking across forever, and raised his face to the sky.


The supreme Goddess over forever answered his call, and a beam of light shone from the heavens, shining onto the be-lilied ground directly in front of Troy and Lily. Within it, Auria Herself appeared, resplendent in Her divine glory. She too was pregnant with the passion-god's daughters, her hard nipples lactating. Troy's huge, majestic cock throbbed at the sight of Her nude beauty. Auria bit Her plump lip cutely, glancing at Lily before gazing back at Troy, or more specifically, his wondrous cockmeat.

"Troy," She said, and Her voice was a soft choir, "I have been blind. Your passion opens My eyes... you are greater than I."

He met Her gaze, then looked significantly to his side, where Lily regarded the Goddess whose favorite she had once been. Auria came to her, and took her free hand in Her own, and murmured, "Lilith... I have done wrong by you. If you will forgive Me..."

In response, Lily leaned forward and kissed the Goddess, two pairs of plump moist lips meeting. Troy smiled.

The three made tender love together for hours. Auria rode Troy's face, juicing sweetly atop him as Lily sucked his giant cock and enticed his giant load into her throat. Goddess and succubus gave him a double titjob, massaging their huge luscious boobs around his engorged cockmeat, their hard nipples rubbing sensuously together as they frenched, all while Troy covered them in his load. He pummeled his hips into Auria's, who writhed beneath him in joy, as he ate out Lily's slick delicious cunt.

The sun rose to find Auria and Lily sleeping in his arms. Troy's passion had done what none else could - restored love and peace between heaven and hell.

Far away, in the city of woman, where Cinnamon reigned as high priestess and empress for her father the passion-god, the seeress Cyranre knelt between the lounging redhead's thighs, worshipping her pussy with passionate kisses, licks, and tonguing. Cinnamon's flesh was glistening with sweat, for Cyranre had already eaten her out to incredible orgasm twenty times in the last few hours.

Now, as the seeress dove her tongue into the empress's spicy sweet juicy cunt yet again, Cinnamon juiced - and had an epiphany. Her eyes glowed white, and she moaned out a new oracle.

The imperial regalia is found
The dragon's passion is awake
The sea goddess is tamed
Light and darkness now embrace.

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