tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 41

Passion Ch. 41


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words "cum/cummed/cumming" rather than "come/came/coming" is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.


Alexander stood upon the balcony in his palace on the edge of forever, looking out across creation. His bronzed muscular flesh was sweaty with lusty exertion, and his cock dangled almost to his shins, slimed in juices and dripping cum onto the grass with lewd plops. Pixies danced gleefully around him as night fell, and the moon rose.

A pixie named Cheer - with long blonde hair, boobs the size of her head, a swollen preggo tummy, and glowing pink wings - sat upon his shoulder, leaning contentedly into the side of his head, and together they watched the moon streak across the sky.

"Is the moon really a woman, Daddy?" she asked, her cheeps sounding in his ear.

He smiled fondly. "Yes. A star, chased for all time through the sky by another woman who wants her, but whom she does not want."

So together they continued watching, as sylphs played gentle music with their winds to the accompaniment of a softly vocalizing joint angel/succubus chorus. The chorus was punctuated with harmonious moans, for the angels and succubi pleasured each other as they sang, drifting lazily along the night winds, their wings flapping serenely.

The moon streaked close to the palace tonight, and then it started veering towards them. "Look, Daddy!" Cheer gasped, and she and the other pixies tittered excitedly as the glowing orb resolved itself into the figure of a glowing girl, running on air through the night.

The girl who was the moon alit upon the balcony in front of Alexander and his attending nymphs and daughters, and curtsied. She was lovely to look upon. Her skin was fair as Lily's was, and glowed with a soft radiance. Her hair was long black silk locks, strung with twinkling stars and falling past her softly rounded buttocks. Her boobs were globes perched proudly upon her slim chest, and she wore a transparent dress spun from moonbeams that did nothing to hide her pale pink nipples or moist bald pussy.

This was Selene, the moon. "Passion-god," she addressed him. "I have heard of your ascension. I seek sanctuary, from Hyperielle, the sun who pursues me."

He took her slim glowing hand and kissed it gallantly. "Granted," he said, and his deep baritone reverberated along her skin in pleasant tingles. "My palace is yours."

It was then that Selene noticed that he was naked, with a massive, delicious-looking - and hardening - cock. She gasped, and there was no small element of desire in her titter. The pixies giggled and cheeped, and Alexander smiled. "I am not Hyperielle, to pursue a girl who does not wish it. Be well here."

Selene smiled then, and her face glowed radiantly - but her eyes remained glued to his magnificent cock, and a hunger grew in her gaze as she followed some nymphs who were eager to show her around the beautiful gardened palace. Ariel, in her legged form, came up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her sensitive tits into his back, moaning at the contact. "How long before she comes after you, do you think?"

Cheer, still sitting on his shoulder, laughed gaily.

Later that night, Alexander lay upon the soft grass, back against a blossom-covered mound, as his handmaidens serviced him. One of these daughters, red-headed and tattooed, rode his cock wildly, bucking madly as she rode herself to orgasm after orgasm after nonstop incredible orgasm. His cock lurched and throbbed inside her tight luscious cunt, spewing gallons of ambrosial jizz into her thoroughly ravished and impregnated young womb. Two more daughter-handmaidens snuggled into his either side, kissing and worshipping his flesh, and he fondled their cute asses. His gaze was transfixed on the handmaiden who was fucking him, intoxicated by the sweaty ecstasy of her face, and the jiggling of her big glistening boobs.

His glazed eyes fell upon Selene as she entered the pavilion in which he lay fucking his daughters. "Selene?" he greeted her, his voice gruff with ecstasy as he pumped his jizz into his eager daughter-handmaiden's hot wet cunt.

The moon's eyes were locked on the passion-god's mighty cock, hilted balls-deep inside that juicing spasming pussy, with fat nuts tightening and releasing over and over. Then she spoke. "Your love is passionate...but so is your gentleness. You've have shown me your gentleness. Now... show me your love." She let her transparent dress of moonlight fall away, baring her charms completely to the Man with whom she had fallen in love and lust.

The daughter who was riding him sighed happily, and slumped to the side, letting Alexander's two feet of cockmeat plop free of her soaked, ravished pussy. She moaned lewdly, twitching with aftershocks, as her daddy released the two daughter-handmaidens upon his sides and stood up, his huge cock rock-hard at attention.

"My heart and cock are yours," he said, his baritone thrumming euphorically through Selene's soft fair flesh, and he took her in his arms. They kissed, gently at first, then harder, desire stirring within them as Selene slipped her tongue into his mouth to twist with his. She fell back gently onto the flowered grass, pulling Alexander with her, and moaned joyously to feel his sweaty muscular weight atop her slim radiant form.

His bloated knob breached her slick puffy folds, and her nether lips parted wetly, slurping him in eagerly. She cried out in shocked ecstasy, arching her back beneath him as she felt the incredible length and girth of the passion-god entering her tight virginity. Her cunt gushed her juices as Alexander pushed steadily in, and she sucked a hickey of devoted desire upon his muscular chest as their bodies slicked sweatily together.

"Selene..." Her name guttered in his throat as he stuffed her twat fuller and fuller of his enormous fucktool, and the sound thrilled her heart as thunderbolts of rapture shot through her. As his obese, churning nuts squelched gently into her ass, Selene stiffened with the intensity of the rapid orgasm that overtook her, convulsing her form wildly beneath him.

As she writhed in the throes of her virginal orgasm, Alexander pulled back and drove back in, fucking her climaxing body with a steady cadence. Selene's entire body rejoiced to feel the drive and power of his passion as he jackhammered her, his big balls slapping wetly into her flesh with each pound of his hips on hers. All around them, nymphs and pixies moaned drunkenly with lust, the very nearness of the passion-god in his coitus driving them into frenzies of intoxicating pleasure.

Over and over, orgasmic bliss crashed upon Selene's senses in tidal wives, until Alexander pummeled his dick fully inside her once more, and cummed. He pumped her full of his jizz, ropes of hot thick cockslop squirting forcefully into her womb and seeding her belly with heat and life.

When finally he had squirted his last, and Selene lay limply beneath him in her afterglow, she clutched him to her and squealed with delighted ecstasy, "Mmm, Alexander! Do that AGAIN!"

He grinned his crooked grin, and obeyed her desire, fucking her throughout the night. Their pleasure peaked over and over, and a puddle of his spunk and her fuckhoney formed in the flowered grass beneath their joined crotches.

Morning came, and with it, Hyperielle. The girl who was the sun streaked across the sky and saw the soft radiance of Selene shining from within the palace on the edge of eternity. Swooping through the gardens and pavilions, she was astonished to find Selene crying out in bliss as Alexander grunted and filled her with his umpteenth load of jizz.

"Selene...?" Hyperielle breathed. As Alexander and Selene came down from their latest high, they noticed the new arrival. Passion-god pulled out of moon goddess, and both stood up, Selene leaning onto Alexander for support, as her knees still wobbled from overwhelming euphoria.

Hyperielle was as gorgeous as Selene, but different. Her skin was a rosy tan, her hair long wavy locks of fiery red and gold. Her eyes were orbs of pure blazing gold, and a transparent dress of sunlight and fire did nothing to hide boobs that were as large as Selene's. The two sky goddesses could have been sisters, their appearances differing primarily in coloration.

As Hyperielle looked upon Alexander and his massive, slimy two-foot pillar of manmeat, she fell in love with the passion-god, her heart opened by his intoxicating presence. As Selene looked upon the girl who was the sun, she fell in love with Hyperielle as strongly as she had with Alexander, for his intoxicating presence had also awakened her own heart to love and passion.

Alexander smiled, for he already loved them both, and now they too knew his passion. No words were spoken, only mutual understanding, and Selene and Hyperielle embraced his massive cock between themselves, sandwiching his pillar between their full luscious tits as they kissed passionately, their soft plump mouths tasting each other for the first time, their hard nipples squirming lustily into one another.

The passion-god groaned as they titfucked him while making out, groping their lush round asses and stroking their backs. Hyperielle's virgin cunt quivered wetly as she felt his touch, and as his mighty cock lurched and throbbed into her soft flesh. Selene's pussy still leaked his jizz, and tingled with new pleasure at the same sensations of his massive dick.

Pixies cheeped and laughed and giggled gaily, as nymphs danced and angels and succubi sang. The Man's passion intoxicated them all, and as the two sky goddesses juiced, crying aloud into each other's mouths, Alexander spunked, geysering jizz directly into the joined faces of Selene and Hyperielle.

The two girls' pleasure skyrocketed into thunderous ecstasy as they felt his hot gunky cocksauce shooting onto them, blanketing their heads and tits with thick layers of his love. Alexander's cumshots were so large and forceful, that massive squirts shot up into the air around the two girls' heads as well, what didn't spew directly onto them.

All the pregnant girls surrounding them - nymphs, pixies, handmaidens, and more - juiced frenziedly as Alexander cummed, and his spunk rained down upon them. Where his cum didn't plop onto heated lusty female flesh, it fertilized the ground magically, and blossoms sprouted instantly there. Over and over the passion-god cummed, and over and over all the surrounding girls juiced, including Selene and Hyperielle as they frenched each other lustily, all while they juiced and were covered in jizz.

When his spunk geyser ceased, and the girls came down from their highs, Hyperielle - her face and hair gunked in thick layers of his jizz - gave Alexander a saucy look, and lightly pressed him down onto his back with a hand upon his chest. He gave her his crooked grin, sending tingles of pleasure through her virginal form, and she mounted his cock, letting him sink deeply inside her slick juicy pussy. She cried out, throwing her head back with the sheer exhilaration of feeling him stretch her wide, and rode him frenziedly, jilling off with his humongous cock.

Selene sat on Alexander's face, juicing on him as he ate her out, his tongue darting along her dewy folds and diving within her pussy. Both girls, in the throes of their pleasure, lost their balance, and clutched each other for support, smearing their faces and tits with his cum that blanketed them both.

Hyperielle cummed three times atop Alexander's cock before he grunted into Selene's hot wet paradise and began unloading inside the sun goddess's virgin twat. His cum fired potently into her womb, impregnating her with multiple daughters to grow up and love their daddy and bear his babes.

Together sun, moon, and passion-god made love all day, by turns tender and wild, always passionate. When night came, Selene kissed Alexander goodbye, for she had to run her course across the sky. Although Hyperielle no longer pursued her, it was given to the moon to light the evening sky, and so she did.

When Selene returned, Hyperielle traded places with her, rising off Alexander's cock and sailing joyously across the sky as Alexander's gigantic cock pistoned inside Selene's pregnant twat anew.

So sun and moon both loved and fucked Alexander. By day, Selene made love with Alexander and his daughters while Hyperielle soared through the sky, and by night Hyperielle knew his lust while Selene coursed radiantly through the stars. Every dawn and dusk, Selene and Hyperielle made love with each other, before one streaked out into the sky and the other joined the passion-god and his entourage.

Sun and moon both leaked cum from their pussies as they ran gleefully through the sky, and it sprinkled to the lands below, seeding new blossoms and saplings. Both lights shone more beautifully than before, for their bearers now knew the love and seed of the passion-god.

Far below the sky goddesses' flights, in the city of woman, where Cinnamon reigned as high priestess and empress for her father the passion-god, the seeress Cyranre knelt between the lounging redhead's thighs, worshipping her pussy with passionate kisses, licks, and tonguing. Cinnamon's flesh was glistening with sweat, for Cyranre had already eaten her out to incredible orgasm twenty times in the last few hours.

Now, as the seeress dove her tongue into the empress's spicy sweet juicy cunt yet again, Cinnamon juiced - and had an epiphany. Her eyes glowed white, and she moaned out a new oracle.

The imperial regalia is found

The dragon's passion is awake

The sea goddess is tamed

Moon and sun, heaven and hell, now embrace.

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