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Passionate Love


We were spending our one year anniversary at one of the resorts in Atlantic City. Our suite had one wall made completely of glass. Beyond that glass wall was the Atlantic Ocean, with the full moon resting atop of it. The balcony door was cracked so we could feel the slight ocean breeze and hear the steady crash of the waves. Everything about this view, this suit, this night.. was perfect.

To me, it felt almost like we were in a dream. We were standing together, his arm around my shoulders and my hands holding his, taking in the view and feeling the electric sparks of romance with every touch. I turned my body towards his and looked into his eyes. They were so beautiful. I lightly rested my hand on his cheek and smiled, and he leaned in for a kiss. It was gentle and passionate, yet urgent at the same time. That's when I broke away from his embrace and headed towards the bathroom. I turned around and flashed him a flirtatious smile that promised I would be right back.

In the bathroom I stripped and put on the new lingerie I had just bought for this occasion. It was black, lacy and see-through. It came with a matching thong.

After putting my ensemble on, I opened the bathroom door and found my husband was already shirtless and lighting some tealights that were all around our suite. He looked up at me and smiled at me, and I posed for him in the doorframe. Lingerie makes me feel so sexy.

He put the lighter down and walked towards me, never breaking eye contact. He put his arm around my midsection and pulled me closer to him, and kissed me again. Again the kiss was sweet and passionate, and I started rubbing his growing erection. When he felt my touch, his kiss became more urgent and demanding.

The touched sparked a fire in him and he put both of my arms around his neck and shoulders, lifted me up and put me down on the bed, him on top of me and never breaking our kiss. Our hands explored each others' bodies, him kissing me on the mouth, neck, chest and back to the mouth again. He pulled down my bra and began massaging my right breast and kissing my neck passionately. I pulled his head up from doing so so that we made eye contact, and I lifted my head and whispered in his ear, "Make love to me."

He looked in my eyes again before kissing me on the mouth and then quickly began kissing down my body until he reached my breasts. He took my nipples in his mouth and sucked gently while massaging the tips softly with his tongue. It was driving me wild.

As he kissed his way back up to my mouth, I reached for his boxers and began taking them off. He got the hint and stood up on his knees, and I pulled them down.

Before continuing I briefly paused to take in the sight of the most beautiful, glorious, perfect person I knew. I loved this man and I loved making love to him.

I then get on my knees too, and bend down and begin kissing his erection. Only little open-mouthed kisses at first, all over on the tip and the underside to tease a little before taking the whole thing in my mouth.

Slowly I fit the entire shaft in my mouth, using my tongue to massage the underside and working my lips passionately around it as I pump up and down at a steady pace. My hand is gripping his erection at the base and is also pumping up and down at the same pace as my mouth. I can hear his breaths come quicker and quicker as I work my mouth around him, and he let out a low, deep moan. I can feel him tensing up, the sensations sending him almost to orgasm.

Before it becomes too late I stop, and start kissing my way up his body, his chest, his neck, and at last his lips. He pushes me back down on the bed and starts touching me over the panties, rubbing in circles. He pushes my panties down and off and finally neither of us can take it anymore. He positioned himself between my legs that were spread wide open for him, and put his penis right at my entrance. We looked into each others' eyes for a split second before I gasped as he pushed in and entered me.

He kissed me as he slowly thrust in out of me. After a few minutes I pushed him to roll over, and suddenly I was on top. I began riding him slowly at first, and then gradually my pace quickened. He met my thrusts with his hips and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I let out a few moans.

"Oh, oh yes. Don't stop, don't stop! Make me cum.." And with that, all of my muscles tensed and waves of ecstasy and euphoria spread throughout my body and I collapsed, out of breath, onto his chest. I waited a few moments before moving my mouth up to meet his. When I did, he kissed me and rolled me back over so he was on top again.

He began thrusting very quickly. By now we were both covered in a sheen layer of sweat and both out of breath. He began moaning as he felt his impending orgasm build. Both of our senses intensified and I can feel another orgasm building within myself. Suddenly he let out a guttural sound as the sensations become too much and he explodes his ejaculate inside me. I tense as well and orgasm at the same time.

He collapses on top of me, both of us are out of breath. He then rolls onto his back and cradles me in his arms. We lay together as we come down off the high of the feeling of what we just shared.

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