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Pastor Sarah Ch. 03

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This is the continuing story of Pastor Sarah at her new church. She is in her third week at the new church and has uncovered some interesting sexual activities of the congregation that she is planning to use to her advantage and for her own sexual pleasure as she chooses.

Readers new to Pastor Sarah should read “Pastor Sarah - New Church or Hell parts 1 and 2 to become acquainted with the characters.

It is Saturday morning and Sarah has appointments with two of her trustees that she saw entering a strip joint last night. She left her name card under their windshields and they both called her this morning requesting a private meeting. It had taken her several years to realize that her father’s church was large and successful because he knew when and where to apply pressure. She was planning to turn this run down church into a successful and well maintained facility complete with a renovated parsonage.

While she had been in her office yesterday she had brought the financial records over to the parsonage. She opened the individual record of giving ledger while she was drinking her morning coffee, to review the giving patterns of the two men she was meeting with this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, whose picture she had seen celebrating the 25th anniversary of their interior decorating store, gave very little to the church. Based on the sales figures quoted in the article, and figuring a reasonable margin of profit, it appeared that they were giving less than 1 % to the church. He obviously was a trustee because of his influence in the community.

Frank’s father on the other hand, Frank Wilding, Sr. who had been a member of the church all his life, gave very generously as did Frank and Margaret.

As Margaret was taking her shower, she started to think about Frank’s father and his 60 foot Chris Craft yacht. She was looking forward to getting him out for a day on the boat that would make it unnecessary for him to frequent strip joints. She remembered her summer on Herman’s boat and Walter Wilding. had no idea what pressure she would be applying at 2:00 p.m. She ran her hand over her body and taking her size 38 tits in her hands, she looked forward to wrapping them around that head of salt and pepper hair.

She stepped out of the shower and standing nude in front of the full length, she said smiled knowing the power her 5’ 9” perfectly proportioned body with long blond hair could command. She needed to choose her clothing wisely today. She chose her power suit which gave a very professional appearance. She needed to layer it, since it would be used totally differently for the two meetings. Since the skirt to the suit hit right above the knees, she decided to skip the underpants. She wanted to be able to flash Walter. Next she put on her under wire bra which pushed her breast up with great cleavage. She had a mesh blouse that was very sheer and you could see her body and bra perfectly.

This show was not for Mr. Johnson, who was about 5’ 7” and not very attractive. The suit had a jacket that buttoned almost to the neck. Stepping into 3 “ heels, she looked as though she could be going to make a presentation to the board of IBM. The last touch was to put her hair up in a bun which gave her an even more serious look.

As she finished putting on her makeup, the doorbell rang. “Well Mr. Johnson, how nice to see you” she said as she extended her hand. “Won’t you come in and join me for a cup of coffee.” As she stood there shaking his hand, his surprise at her appearance and stature was obvious. He even looked shorter than 5”7” as he stared at her uplift breast.

“Yes, I would enjoy a cup of coffee” he finally managed to say.

Sarah led him into the parlor and invited him to sit down as she went into the kitchen returning with two cups of coffee. She carefully sat across from him being careful to pull her shirt down and turning her legs so that he could not look up her skirt.

“Since you are a trustee Bill. Oh I’m sorry, is it ok if I call you Bill?”

“Yes, yes I don’t mind if you call me Bill“, he stammered.

“Bill, I am glad we are able to meet this morning. As you know, I was sent here to turn this church around, by raising its image in the community and increasing the membership. Frankly the state of the property must have you quite concerned as a trustee.” She paused a minute to see if there was any reaction and then half heartedly nodded his head.

“Oh, I am sorry Bill, here I am doing all the talking and you requested this meeting, tell me what is on your mind?”

It took him a while to clear his throat and he finally said “About last night.”

“What about last night Bill?” Sarah was loving watching this little man squirm.

“My wife would kill me if she knew I was at a dance club with strippers. She thinks I go to a Lion’s club meeting on Friday night. I need you to promise me that you won’t tell her.”

Sarah decided not to say anything but to just sit and let him speak next.

He was getting more nervous in the silence and finally said, “Can this be our secret.”

Sarah really wanted to laugh, but said, “Let us talk about you as a role model in your capacity as a trustee of this church. I was reading the article about your 25th annual celebration and the sales figures were very impressive.”

“Yes,” he said, “We had our best sales year ever,” playing right into her hand. What was your margin of profit she asked. The number he quoted was right about what she expected, so she said, “With that kind of income, can you explain why you as a trustee give less than one percent of your income to your church?”

“Well, well“, he stammered, but Sarah stood up and cut him off before he could finish.

“My father, who has a very large successful church, has an understanding with all his trustees that they tithe a minimum of ten percent of their income and give generously to special projects” she said as she looked down at him.

“Oh, I couldn’t afford to give that much,” he said.

Sarah walked over and placed one of her legs between his and said “How much did you pay for a lap dance last night?”

“I didn’t have a lap dance.”

Sarah placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled his nose right into her crotch. Holding it there, she said “All of the private rooms are video taped for security reasons. Would you like me to take Mrs. Johnson to the club to review the tapes?”

“No,” he said in a muffled voice since her skirt was tight against his mouth.

“Follow me” she said as she started toward the door with him following behind like a beaten puppy dog. She walked out into the street and ordered him to look at the two buildings. Neither of the building had seen a paint brush in many years. “If you were tithing, there would be more than enough to paint both of these buildings, don’t you agree.” He nodded his head, but didn’t say anything.

“I want to see painters working on these building starting Monday and as long as your offering envelope has the appropriate amount in it each week, this conversation never happened and I have no idea where you were last night.”

Sarah turned and walked back into the parsonage closing the door behind her. Daddy would be proud!

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and when she opened it Samuel was standing there with his wife. “Can we talk to you,” Samuel asked.

“Certainly,” she said, “come in.”

Sampson introduced his wife, Candice to Sarah and said he was trying to convince her to come to church with him tomorrow, but she wasn’t sure that a dancer would be welcome in the church.

Sarah reached out and gave Candice a hug and invited them to sit down. “Tell me why you are a dancer Candice.”

“Because nobody in this town will hire me for what I am trained to do.” Candice replied. She went on to explain that she had a Masters in Business Administration, but no one would offer her a job because she was black.

Candice would be Sarah’s first cause in this town.

“Please come to church tomorrow and I promise you, I will not rest until we secure you a job in your field. In fact I think I know a company that needs your financial skills.”

Candice started to cry, and Sampson, thanked Sarah for giving his wife hope.

Handing Candice a tissue, Sarah said, “Dry your eyes and come help me make some sandwiches for lunch.” Candice was the happiest she had been since they had come to this town five years ago. They enjoyed a nice lunch and talked about college life and about their hometowns. They left just before Walter was due to arrive, with all of them looking forward to tomorrow. As they walked across the parking lot, she watched Samuel and Candice, and wondered if she knew of his special plumbing skills.

Sarah hurried into the bathroom to freshen up and dab a little perfume on all the right places. She had worked hard this morning and was ready to have fun with a little seduction. She unbuttoned the jacket of her suit and was walking out of the bathroom as the doorbell rang.

“Walter” she said in a sexy voice, “Did anyone ever tell you, you are more attractive than your son?”

This really caught Walter off guard, but you could tell he loved it. “Frank and Margaret are really taken with you” he said. “They couldn’t talk about anything else after you were at there home. They practically dragged us to church the following day.”

Without asking if he would like wine, she walked over and poured two glasses of wine and handing one to him she said, “Here’s to us getting to know each other.”

“I will drink to that” he said. This was not what Walter had been expecting after finding the business card under his windshield last night and getting a call just before he came from Bill Johnson, saying the bitch had really put the screws to him.

As Sarah lifted her glass, her jacket fell open giving Walter a view of the bra and cleavage through the sheer blouse. Since Sarah was so obvious about it, he didn’t even pretend to look away.

She invited him to have a seat on the sofa, but before she sat down, she removed her jacket and sat on the sofa with one leg up on the sofa exposing a great view of her thigh. Walter didn’t know where to look first.

“So Walter, how was the show last night?” she asked, throwing him completely off guard.

“Not bad” he said.

Placing her hand on his thigh, she said “So how was the lap dance?”

This was much more than he expected and he started to blush?

Moving her hand a little higher she said, “Well how was it?

Looking at her chest, he said, “She didn’t have a pair like that!”

Taking hold of the growing bulge in his pants, she said “Does Martha know where you were last night, or does she think you were at the lion’s club meeting?” she said as she squeezed his cock.

He started to laugh and said, “You are really good, do you know that?

“You don’t have any idea how good I am” she said as she let go of his cock and put her arm back causing her tits to stand out even more.

He started to move toward her but she put her hand out saying “Whoa big boy, this parsonage is like a fishbowl. However, your yacht would be a great place to get to know each other a little better. Tuesday is my day off and I really need to work on my whole body tan” she said as she reached up to undo her hair and let it fall down around her shoulders.

Frank was busy trying to figure out how he was going to get the yacht out for the day without Martha. He remembered hearing about a tour bus for women on Tuesday, going to an exclusive new shopping mall about 100 miles away. He could stop on the way home and buy her a ticket and give her plenty of spending money.

“I promise to make it worth your while” she said as she moved a little closer and took his hand and placed it on her thigh. “Go ahead and sample the merchandise” she invited.

He didn’t have to be asked twice as he moved his hand forward hoping to get far enough to feel her underpants. Surprise, no underpants, just a wet pussy ready to receive his talented finger. Sarah moaned with pleasure looking forward to Tuesday.

They were interrupted as they heard a car pull in the driveway. Sarah stood up and put her jacket on as Frank quickly took out a handkerchief to dry his fingers.

“Guess what Walter, your daughter-in-law must be looking for you she said as the doorbell rang.

“Hi Dad“, Margaret said as she walked into the parlor. “ What brings you to the church so early on a Saturday afternoon?”

Sarah decided to answer for him and said, “Oh, I am meeting with each of the Trustees individually to establish priorities for getting the church in shape. Mr. Johnson is going to be seeing to it that the outside of the buildings are painted and I was just talking with your father-in-law about heading up a team of volunteers to paint the rooms in the education room.” Of course this all came as news to Walter but he thought it was better than sharing their plans for Tuesday. “I was also trying to sweet talk him to letting me use his Yacht for a little entertaining occasionally when I have out of town guests.” This would cover the bases in case Margaret saw them on Tuesday.

Walter stood up and shook hands with Sarah, thanking her for her time and gave Margaret a kiss on the cheek as he was leaving.

After her father-in-law had left she Margaret asked Sarah what kind of club he held used to get her Walter to head up a team of volunteers.

Sarah took off her jacket and said “These and a glass of wine are all the club I need.!”

“You go girl, Margaret said. She knew he was a real tit man. More than once he had copped a feel of her tits . Although she had never done anything serious with her father-in-law, she had let him fondle her at times.

“Unless I was misreading the signals at your house, you sort of liked rubbing up against them yourself,” Sarah said as she walked over and stood in front of Margaret.

“You noticed, huh“, Margaret said as the two women made eye contact.

“When you offered to share anything you have, were you referring to the black toy in your bathroom or the one that’s attached to that muscular black body?” Sarah said, not breaking eye contact with Margaret.

Margaret suddenly realized that Sarah knew more about her than she had assumed.

Sarah invited Margaret into the den to view something on her computer. With Margaret sitting in front of the monitor and Sarah standing behind her, she reached around and started the slide show of Margaret and Sampson.

As Margaret sat watching picture after picture, Sarah reached around her and started massaging her breast. At the end of the slide show, Margaret stood up and the two women embraced each other and locked their lips together as their hands roamed over each other’s body.

I am ready to get out of this business suit, Sarah said as she led Margaret to her bedroom. The women spent the afternoon getting to know every inch of each other’s body. Sarah didn’t tell Margaret that Samuel would be in church tomorrow. She smiled as she thought about Margaret and Candice meeting for the first time.

Sarah had spent many hours during the week visiting businesses in town and Sunday morning’s attendance was proof that her invitations to attend worship had been fruitful. Many new people were in attendance including Sampson and Candice. All heads turned as Sampson and Candice walked down the aisle. He had traded his plumber’s overalls for a double breasted suit and wingtip shoes and Candice looked at though she had just stepped out of the fashion page of Ebony Magazine to attend the Business Woman of the Year dinner. The finely tailored silk suit must have come from Lord and Taylor’s or an equivalent fashion boutique.

Frank and Margaret and his parents, Walter and Martha were sitting in their normal third pew with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson in the fifth pew. Sampson and Candice sat in pew four between them. This should make a few people squirm, Sarah thought as she stood to begin the service.

During her welcome and announcement time, Sarah welcomed all the visitors giving special mention to Sampson. She shared how she had accidentally clogged her toilet this week and how quickly “Sampson the Plumber” had responded to fix the problem.

“So ladies,” when your handyman is not home and your pipes need attention, just call Sampson the Plumber” She made eye contact with Margaret and resisted the urge to wink.

As each visitor had entered the sanctuary, they were handed a packet of information on the church which included a visitor’s data sheet. She asked the visitors to attend a special visitors reception in Fellowship hall following the service and to have Jeremiah take their picture for the newsletter. She had set up a special photo area for Jeremiah to get individual or family photos.

Since there were so many visitors, she asked everyone to turn around and greet the people sitting around them. She paid special attention to the third through fifth row. She wondered if Candy had been the one to give either Walter or Bill a lap dance. As Margaret and Sampson shook hands, she wondered what was going through their minds.

Sarah’s little Peyton Place was coming together very nicely.

Jeremy’s mother, Susan, who was a single mom, stopped on the way out to thank Sarah for taking a special interest in Jeremy. Sarah invited Susan and Jeremy to have lunch with her. During lunch Susan shared how Jeremy was the oldest of four children and her husband who has the largest dealership in town would not pay any child support, because he had been able to make up phony charges that she was having an adulteress relationship, which was not true, but he had paid someone to lie on the witness stand. He claimed he wanted the kids and the judge gave him custody, however, he moved out leaving her the house and children to marry the mayor’s daughter who was slightly older than Jeremy. He refused to give her any money, so she was working two jobs to make ends meet. The judge was close friend with the mayor and refused to hear her appeal.

Sarah had just found her second cause. It would be fun bringing this bastard down!

Susan had to leave to go to work, but Sarah asked Jeremy to stay so that they could view the pictures he took of the visitors at church. Jeremy was quite a good photographer and every picture was perfectly framed. The picture of Sampson and Candice was superb.

Sarah showed Jeremy how to pick the best shot of each person, couple or family and file it on her computer with the information from their data sheet.

While you are working on that, I am going to change into something more comfortable. The den was right outside her bedroom with a full length mirror on the door which she left open at the right position for Jeremy to be able to watch her undress. She took off her shoes, stocking and her dress which left her standing their in her underpants and bra.

Jeremy lowered his zipper and started to Jack off as he watched her undo her bra and pants. She turned and walked toward the mirror giving Jeremy a great view of her tits. Suddenly Sarah opened the door, and walked into the room before Jeremy could put his cock back in his pants.

Here she was walking right toward him wearing nothing but underpants, and him with his dick in his hand. As he turned in the computer chair, Sarah placed one of her nipples in his mouth. He started to lick, then suck on her nippla. The nipple stiffened and stuck straight out. Not wanting to play favorites he took her other tit in her mouth and gave it equal treatment.

“Jeremy, your community service today is to fuck the pastor,” Sarah said as she knelt down and started to lick his cock. I have be in town three weeks and worrying about other people’s problems, so she took him into the bedroom and removed her pants. After Jeremy had seen her blonde cunt hair when she was sitting on the cellar steps, he had gone home and jerked off. He wasted no time getting undressed and rammed his cock into her pussy, which is what she needed. As soon as he came, she told him it to clean up what he had just deposited. He withdrew his cock and replaced it with his tongue. She suddenly start to buck against his face as she felt an orgasm building up, She asked him If His cock had rejuvenated and he simply moved up ramming her again. Youth was wonderful with that ability to quickly recover. The first orgasm was followed by a second and a third. Once he shot that first load, he had the staying power she was looking for.

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