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Pastor Sarah Ch. 05

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Walter hurries to drop the anchor as Pastor Sarah heads below leaving her bikini on deck. As he starts to lower the anchor, he is amazed at how Sarah knew the water was over 30 feet deep in this cove. He would find in the coming days and weeks that she knew many more things which would impact his future. Right now he wanted to get below to release the pressure building beneath his slacks. He sure was glad his wife was shopping and not on the boat today. Being a church trustee had never been quite this good.

Sarah was busy below, getting ready for Walter. When she had gone below to change, she had found some candles, which she now lit and had put a bottle of champagne on ice. She also found some romantic music for the stereo and had turned the covers back on the bed. Reclining in a sexy pose on the bed, she held the bottle of champagne waiting for Walter to come below.

“Oh Mate, could I bother you to open this for me with one hand holding the champagne and the other hand rubbing her pussy.”

“You sure can Captain” said Walter and after while we can open the champagne too.

Placing the champagne back on ice, Sarah stood up and walked across the room to meet Walter. As she approached him she reached out and took hold of the bulge in his pants and said “Would this be your opener?” she asked.

“One of them,” he said as he covered her mouth with his. She opened her mouth allowing his tongue to explore.

Pulling away for a moment, she said, “And I guess that would be the other one.”

“At your service Captain.” She enjoyed him calling her captain. After another embrace with their tongues getting to know each other, she began to unbutton his shirt.

She realized he was in really good shape as she ran her hand over his hairy chest. His hands were busy on her chest as she was undressing him. She removed his belt and let his shorts drop to the floor. She knelt before him before pulling down his jockey shorts.

Let’s get a look at this opener of your she said as she pulled his jockey shorts down. She was amazed that his cock was almost identical in size to Herman’s.

“Can I call it Herman?” she asked.

“Sure, but why Herman?” Walter said.

“Herman is the man who taught me to pilot a yacht, the identical length of yours and I taught him how to pilot a cock the identical length of yours.” “I think I could use a refresher course myself,” Walter said as Sarah stood and they began to dance to the music which Sarah had chosen. The music very conveniently came to the end of a number as they danced over to the bed.

They fell on the bed with lips locked together. Walter started his trip South as he kissed Sarah’s neck and kissed his way around one of her tits until he came to the nipple which he sucked in and then licking it with his tongue. Moving to the other side he repeated the process before kissing his way to the blonde hair. Very patiently and slowly he kissed his way around her pussy before the tongue finally entered his target. Once there, the pace picked up. As Walter sensed Sarah building toward and an orgasm he would slow it down and back out repeating the kisses around her pussy allowing her to hold back. He did this three times, always entering by very gently touching his tongue to her clit.

In the months to come, this would be a pattern that Walter would use not only on Sarah, but for some of Sarah’s friends. Sarah believed in sharing the good things in life and a man that knew how to gently bring a woman to arousal with each peak getting higher having rest stops on the climb was certainly a good thing. But back to the boat.

As Sarah felt the orgasm building the third time, just when she expected Walter to back off, he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and lifted them off of the bed allowing him to drive his tongue deeper than Sarah thought a man’s tongue could reach. When her orgasm started to pass, Walter didn’t back off but kept working his tongue until she could feel the second train starting to roll.

Just as the train was about to reach the station, he withdrew his tongue and his hands allowing her ass to fall back on the sheet and moved up to insert the main opener into her pit of passion. As he entered her, their lips met and she tasted her own juices. The train didn’t stop at the station. Sarah’s orgasm continued as Walter pumped with a pace and stamina usually experienced from younger lovers. She had to break away from his lips to scream with joy.

As her orgasm started to settle down, Walter slowed his pace to a gentle in and out as he regained his strength.

Sarah wrapped her legs around Walter pulling down with her heels to bring him deeper. Walter started with his cock, much as he did with his tongue, carefully controlling the pace. He would start to withdraw and Sarah would use her legs to pull him back in as they worked together. This continued for several minutes with Walter picking up the pace until he got back to the original pace he had used to complete her second orgasm.

Sarah started to scream as her third orgasm came roaring in as Walter rammed the final stroke deep in her pussy exploding with his load filling her pussy just as her orgasm hit its peak.

Sarah released her legs and they rolled on their side with his cock still inside her pussy. They hugged each other and kissed as his cock slowly returned to it limber state.

As Walter finally withdrew and rolled over on his back Sarah said, “Could you open the champagne now Mate?”

“At your service” Captain.

As Walter started to open the champagne, she thought about Jeremy’s mother Susan who had only known a rough abusive husband and thought what a difference a session with Walter could make for her opinion of the way a man can treat a woman. She also could not wait to share him with Samantha. Since Samantha would be spending time here working on putting the screws to Susan’s husband, a threesome was certainly in order.

She wondered if Rita was just fucking Frank or if maybe she met Walter somewhere?

“A penny for your thoughts Captain,” Walter said as he handed her a glass of champagne.

“Have I got plans for you!” responded Sarah.

“I’ll drink to that” said Walter, not realizing who his cock would be bringing joy to over the next few weeks and months.

“Didn’t you say something about wanting to work on your full body tan?” Walter asked as he picked up the bottle of champagne. “There isn’t much sun here below deck.”

Getting her sunscreen out of her bag, she picked up her champagne glass and followed Walter to the deck.

“A two person chaise lounge, how convenient,” said Sarah.

They took turns applying sunscreen and then stretched out beside each other

“What does Martha think you are doing today?”

“She thinks I am giving our new pastor a lesson on how to pilot a 60 foot yacht in case she ever wants to use it to entertain friends. Of course I didn’t know what a fast learner you would be.” They both laughed.

“She didn’t mind you being alone with another woman all day?”

“Martha is a very special woman who gives her husband a lot of room. She’ll be waiting for us at the dock when we get back around 5:00. Sarah was glad she had brought along a nice summer dress to change into before returning to shore.

“How did you and Martha meet?”

“Our fathers were partners in the largest wholesale furniture business in the country. We grew up together doing all the things children do. As little children we would play house and show each other how boys were different than girls. She had many boy friends and I had many girl friends, but we were always best friends. We chose to go to the same college, so our parents thought we would be more comfortable if we had a house of our own instead of living in dorms, so they bought us a house near campus.

“With one bedroom, I hope.” said Sarah

“Actually it had many bedrooms. Martha had her own bedroom and study and I had mine. The other rooms were used as guest rooms for family members or friends when they came to visit.”

“So how did you wind up getting married?

“A wakeup call.”

“What do you mean by a wakeup call?”

“One night she had brought her boyfriend home for the night and my girlfriend had been there for several days. This is the first guy that Martha really cared for in some special way. She was sure he was close to proposing to her.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night and realized my girlfriend was not beside in bed. I got up and went to look for her. I saw Martha standing in the hall crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she pointed to the guest room. Here was the man she loved fucking my girlfriend for all he was worth.”

“I led her back to my room and held her until she fell asleep. When we woke up the next morning, they were both gone and we never saw either of them again.”

As Walter looked over at Sarah he noticed tears in her eyes. Sarah looked at him and moved closer knowing he was a very special man.

“So what happened next?” she asked.

“We got up and went to class. That night we had dinner together, watched a movie and when it was time to go to bed, she asked if she could sleep in my bed that night. She moved over to my side of the bed and I was starting to tell her to forget him, when she covered my lips with her. One thing led to another and we made love that night for the first time.”

“We called our parents the next day and told them we were engaged. Later we learned that is what they were hoping for when they bought us the house.”

“That is the most beautiful love story I have ever heard.”

As they sipped their champagne, Sarah suddenly was envious of Martha and hoped that some day she might find a man who could fulfill her desires and love her as Walter obviously loves Martha.

The sun and sex had exhausted each of them, so they each fell asleep. After they had slept for a while, she felt Walter’s hand gently caressing her breast.

“You need to roll over or you are not going to get an even tan,” Walter said.”

Only half awake, she did as he advised and rolled over on her stomach. She suddenly realized he was straddling her and lifting her hips. The next thing she knew, he was entering her from behind.

“Are you sure it is my tan that you are worried about?”

“Would you prefer I didn’t block the sun?” he asked, starting to withdraw his cock from her pussy. She answered him by raising her ass up against him drawing him deep within her. Just as earlier when she would get close to an orgasm, he would slow down the pace until they could hit the peak together. After they had climaxed together they both stretched out on their stomachs exhausted.

There was a grill and eating area on deck, so they started with shrimp cocktail and then he grilled sword fish for the main course.

As they were eating dinner she looked at him and said “So who taught you how to read when a woman was going to have an orgasm.”

“Martha did,” he said. Somehow, that was not the answer she expected. She tried to envision her mother teaching her father about orgasms and laughed. Her mother probably didn’t even know what an orgasm was. Her parents were so straight, she sometimes wondered how she was conceived or if she was adopted.

Looking at him in amazement, she said, “You have to explain how that happened.”

He laughed saying what a lousy lover he was, like most men, only worrying about his own satisfaction.

“One night, Martha said, ‘Can we work on this thing together or did you forget I was here’”

Sarah laughed trying to visualize Martha putting Walter in his place.

Continuing to explain how Martha taught him, she would coach him to recognize signals her body was giving off and to slow down or speed up accordingly.

“I have been trying to get it right for 40 years,” he said with a little boy grin on his face.

“I think you got it Mate!”

If they were going to be back at the dock at 5:00, it meant they needed to take a shower and change. Fortunately the shower was big enough for both of them allowing them to enjoy each other’s bodies a little longer.

As Walter was drying Sarah’s back with a towel, she decided to check out what Margaret had told her. “Have you ever gone to bed with your attractive daughter-in-law.”

“No, but not because it hasn’t crossed my mind. I have massaged her ass a little when the opportunity presented itself. One day we were standing together in the back of an elevator, so I decided to get a little feel. She seemed surprised but I don’t think she was upset. On a couple of other occasions when we have been alone I have cupped her tits in my hands like this,” he said.

“One day, I happened to go down the hall just as she was coming out of the shower in a terrycloth robe.” We were both surprised to see each other, so just to be a little sexy she flashed me before going in to her bedroom. I wondered for a while if she wanted me to follow her since she didn’t close her door all the way, but I figured it was just wishful thinking and decided I better not push it.

“What would you say if I told you Margaret is open for more than you just copping a feel every now and then.”

“I would say you can tell her to flash me again and I won’t make the same mistake.”

“Consider it done Mate!”

They both got dressed for the return trip.

As Walter watched Sarah expertly pilot the yacht out of the cove and around the channel markers, he said “So how do you know where all the markers are and the water depths without the charts.”

“I memorize them.”

“How do you memorize them?”

“It was a technique Herman taught me in case you ever lose your charts. He wouldn’t let me leave the dock until I could assure him that I had memorized the markers, hazards, etc along our course for the day. Last night I downloaded our course from the web and picked a nice little cove where I could seduce you.”

“I think you succeeded Captain.” They both laughed as they enjoyed their return trip, knowing they would be spending more days doing what they each do best.

Sarah figured this was a good time to ask if she could use the yacht for the weekend to entertain Greg and Samantha and possibly Frank and Margaret if they were available. Walter told her she was welcome to use it anytime she liked and gave her the number for his service. If you contact them the day you before you plan to use it, they will shop and stock it with food, beverage or whatever you need.

Did I die and suddenly go to heaven? Sarah wondered.

Sarah offered to go below and clean the master suite and clean up the deck from their meal, however, Walter assured her that his cleaning service would attend to it.

Sure enough, as they pulled into the slip, not only Martha, but Frank, Margaret and their children were on hand to welcome them home. As Sarah expertly negotiated the tricky turn into the slip, Walter was on the bow ready to throw the rope to Frank Jr. and Susan.

“Well, your student seems to be a fast learner, said Martha.

“Well, I think after a few more trips, she will have enough confidence to take it out on her own.” Sarah wondered how he managed to say that with such a straight face. But if he thought she needed a few more trips, she was more than willing.

Everybody greeted each other with hugs all around and Sarah asked Margaret about her shopping trip.

“This was an expensive day for Walter.” she said with a grin.

Margaret asked if Sarah could join them for dinner and she gladly accepted, anxious to talk to Margaret and also wanted to find out if Frank was as talented as his father.

Margaret convinced Frank’s parents to take the kids to their house for dinner so that she and Frank could have a quiet meal with Sarah. They agreed and Margaret told Frank she would ride to their home with Sarah.

As soon as they were in the car, Margaret wanted to hear about the day.

“Do you remember the day you flashed your father-in-law as you were coming out of the shower?”

Surprised that Sarah knew about that, she said “Yes, I sure do remember that day.”

“Well the next time you do it, prepare to be fucked.”

“Really?” Margaret said.

“There is only one way you will know for sure,” said Sarah with a smile.

“Is he really good?” asked Margaret.

“He is better than good,” Sarah responded.

“Does Frank know about the romp you and I had the other day” asked Sarah.

“Yes and is he jealous. I swear every time we have sex anymore, your name comes up. You can expect him to make some moves tonight.”

“I might just surprise him” said Sarah as she planned how she was going to play Frank.

As they were driving to Frank and Margaret’s house Sarah called Candice to make certain Rita had called her. When Candice answered she was so excited she could hardly talk. She was scheduled to start work tomorrow morning. “

You won’t believe the package Mrs. Johnson offered me” she said detailing the exact demands Sarah had presented to Rita. “And that’s not all, she wants Sampson to completely renovate her master bathroom and might even have him do more work for her. In fact he is over there right now giving her an estimate.” Sarah thought estimate was a polite word for fucking.

“How can we ever thank you for all you have done for us?”

“No thanks are necessary, but I might need some additional expertise related to the activity of some of the individuals we discussed the other night.”

“Anything we can do for you, just call,” said Candice.

“Have a great day at work tomorrow” Sarah said as she hung up.

“Would I be out of line if I ask who that was?” asked Margaret.

“That was Sampson’s wife Candice who is starting as the comptroller, for Bill and Rita Johnson tomorrow morning.”

“No Shit! How did you pull that off?” exclaimed Margaret.

“I just asked nicely if they could use her in their business,” Sarah responded.

“Right!“ Margaret looked at Sarah wondering who else she was manipulating in town.

When they arrived at the house, they all changed into bathing suits.

“Now that is much better” said Frank when he saw the bikini Sarah was almost wearing with the top covering little more than the nipples and the bottom leaving nothing to the imagination. He was of course comparing it to the one piece bathing suit she had worn on her first trip to their house.

Sarah looked at Margaret and said “Let the games begin.” Margaret laughed knowing that her husband was about to meet his match.

Sarah and Margaret were on opposite sides of the pool and they saw Frank swimming underwater toward Sarah. Sarah gave Margaret the thumbs us and they both laughed. As Frank got to Sarah, he ran his hand up her leg and grabbed her pussy as he surfaced. Pulling her legs together Sarah trapped his hand.

“I am not your wife” said Sarah.

“I know” He said, “but I know you want me as much as I want you.” Margaret was too far away to hear their conversation.

“Will I have to get on my knees and say, Frank will you satisfy my needs”

Frank yanked his hand free and said “How do you”

But before he could finish, Margaret swung him against the side of the pool with her back to Margaret, reached inside his trunks getting a good grip on his cock and said “Let me give you some advice Frank, You can fuck the pastor, (maybe tonight if you get lucky) but always remember - don’t fuck with the pastor.

Sarah let go of his cock and swam to the end of the pool and got out. Frank couldn’t figure out what his wife was laughing about..

Standing at the edge of the pool, Sarah untied the straps of her bikini and tossed it aside.

“Hey Frank, if you can catch me in the water you can have me.”

“That should be easy enough” said Frank confidently.

“Can I play too” said Margaret.

“Sure” said Sarah, it should be an interesting competition. The first one to catch me gets me. Both of you come up and stand beside me.

They both got out of the pool and went up beside Sarah, taking her lead and removing their bathing suits.

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