tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 10

Pastor Sarah Ch. 10

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Pastor Sarah has just proclaimed that it is time for the class and the competition to begin.

Class will consist of Margaret and Samantha providing an introduction to Jack of what it is like to be in a threesome of which one is a lesbian who has not had sex with a man in six years and the other is a woman who swings both ways. This is to prepare Jack for a night with Pastor Sarah and his lesbian wife.

“I think we need an understanding for the evening of how we will relate to each other” said Pastor Sarah. “Two of our couples here this evening are married and nothing should happen this evening to change that status. The other important thing to remember is that no means NO! We have come here this evening to enjoy each other sexually on an even basis.

After our class and competition time, I suggest we meet back here to share what we have learned and to have a night cap together. After that Jack and I will be in the Captain’s state-room.

Frank suggested that he and Margaret take the third state-room since they were most familiar with how to get around the boat and it is the only room without its own access to the deck. His real motive was that he wanted Samantha to be able to find the deck for their date. She had a desire to be fucked under the full moon and he wanted to fulfill that desire.

“So, what is the competition?” Greg asked, knowing he would probably not get a straight answer.

“Yeah, and what is the prize?” Frank asked.

“The only way you will find out the answer to those questions is to show up in the captain’s state-room in ten minutes. I will see you there,” she said as she departed. Looking over her shoulder she said, “May the best controlled man win.” Frank and Greg just looked at each other in bewilderment.

Samantha walked over to her husband, gave him a big kiss and said “Enjoy yourself and may the best man win.” Then turning to Frank, she said “Save some strength for our date.” Kissing Frank briefly on the lips, she turned to Jack and said “Are you ready for the ride of your life?

You guessed it!…….He said “Lead the way as he followed her below.

“So, you have a date tonight, huh? Are you sure you can handle pastor Sarah and Samantha in the same night,? Margaret gave Frank a big kiss and then said, I hope this contest doesn’t have anything to do with your swimming ability. Turning to Greg, she said, “You can be my seat-mate in a bus any day. Sarah was right on when she said Frank and I would like you and Samantha. Save a little of this for later while your wife and my husband are enjoying the moonlight. There are some things we just couldn’t do in a bus seat.” She reached between his legs and massaged his cock.

“So, what do you think Sarah has in mind?” Frank asked Greg.

Laughing, Greg said “In all the years I’ve known Sarah, I have never had a clue what was on her mind. But I don’t think we want to keep her waiting.

Margaret and Samantha were both wearing shorts and blouses. Jack was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Jack and Margaret sat on the bed and Samantha was sitting in a chair to observe the first portion of the lesson.

“Has Brenda ever watched you make love to another woman?” Margaret asked as she ran her hand up under Jack’s shorts.

“No, Jack responded and I have never made love to another woman in our home. Brenda has chosen all my partners and I have gone to their house or met them at a motel. When I get home she wants to know all the details.”

“Does Brenda have sex with any of the women she has chosen for you.?”

“Not to the best of my knowledge. I was blown away when she came up with the idea for a threesome.”

“Well, she chose a great woman for the experience, Samantha said. Then she told them about the night that she had called Greg to pick up a bottle of wine. “When he walked in the house and saw Sarah and I, in the nude, holding out our wine glasses, he damned near dropped the wine. Sarah is a master at pleasing both sexes and equally enjoys both sexes.”

“Amen to that” said Margaret.

Without further talking, Margaret and Jack’s lips met and their hands started exploring each other’s bodies and then their hands started removing clothing. Jack’s kisses went from Margaret’s lips to her neck and to her breasts.

Jack took his time with each breast, kissing the area around the nipple then putting his hand under the breast pushing the nipple up and surrounding it with his lips. When both nipples were hard, he slowly moved down her torso, kissing as he went. When he reached her well trimmed bush, he kissed around the perimeter, and then began to lick her slit with long slow strokes.

Margaret is wondering why any woman wouldn’t like this treatment as she runs her hands through his hair, encouraging him to put his tongue inside her. Lifting his head, he spreads her legs and used his fingers to spread the lips of her pussy. Holding the lips apart he gently licked her clit until she started to move under his tongue. As he could sense her becoming aroused, he grabs the cheeks of her ass and pulled her ass up while she pulled his head down. He probed as deep as he could with his tongue.

Samantha had her fingers inside her pants, wishing she had chosen the other role.

Just as he was sure that Margaret was at about her peak, he moved up on her body and his cock went places his tongue could not reach.

When Jack could hold it no longer, he exploded inside Margaret and they both collapsed on the bed.

They looked over at Samantha who had pushed her shorts and underpants down and was fingering herself to an orgasm.

“You guys put on quite a show,” Samantha said. “Ok Jack, your turn to sit in the chair and watch what your wife does with other women.”

As Frank and Greg approached the captains quarters, they could here music playing and smell the aroma of scented candles. When they stepped into the room, they were greeted by Sarah in a sexy negligee with nothing under it except for Sarah’s incredible body.

Since Greg was first she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately allowing him to explore with his hands over her back and ass.

When she broke her kiss, she pointed to a dressing screen and told him he would find a toga to put on in place of his clothes.

Reaching to inside his shorts, she took his balls in her hand and whispering in a sexy voice, said “Tell me what you want to do with me Frank.”

“I really want to fuck you.”

Sarah threw her arms around him and kissed him with a passion he had not experienced from her when he had fucked her while Margaret took the children to his parents.

Stepping back she said, “That is part of the prize - if you the successful challenger.”

As Greg stepped from behind the screen in his toga, Frank went to change his clothes.

Sarah sat on the bed and invited Greg to sit in one of the Chairs facing the side of the bed. When Frank came from behind the screen in his toga, he sat in the other chair.

Sarah described her experience with Walter in this very bed. She explained how he could read the stages of woman’s orgasm so closely, that he could simply change what he was doing and hold her orgasm off.

“Tonight’s contest will be to see which of you has that talent. Frank may have an unfair advantage, because Margaret has probably already started to teach him the skill. Walter was taught the skill by his wife, Martha.

Frank started to cough. He was still having problems picturing his mother having sex.

“You will each have two chances to bring me to the edge of a climax (using only your mouth ) and backing off in time to stop it. The one with the most successes will then have his choice of positions for a wild session of sex, while the other one watches. Any questions before we begin?”

“Does the loser get to do any more than watch?” Frank asked.

“Sure, you are welcome to jerk off,” Sarah said with a smile. “But this body will be enjoyed only by the winner. Reaching to the night stand, she picked a coin and said “call it.”

Greg spoke first saying, “heads.”

“It is tails.” Lying back on the be and opening her negligee, Sarah said, “Let’s see if it runs in the genes.”

Frank started slow, concentrating on the area around her pussy and working from the outside in. As he started to probe her slit, he paused to give some special attention to her clit and then started exploring with a variety of motions of her tongue. Sarah decided to see if she could bluff an orgasm, so she started making sounds and moving beneath his tongue and he backed away smiling, figuring he had one point.

“Sorry Frank, that was a total fake on my part. You know some women have faked every orgasm their husband or lover ever thought they had created.”

Rejected, Frank took his seat to watch Greg who didn’t spend much time on preliminaries, but figured she was already near the edge, so he started with deep quick strokes in and out. Sarah tried to bluff as she had with Frank, but it didn’t work. He just kept stroking until he felt her body tense. He recognized that from their seminary days. He withdrew his tongue and gently bit her thigh.

“One point for Greg,” Sarah announced.

“How about if we take a break and have a drink,” Sarah suggested. She needed to let her body come back to normal. Greg had almost pushed it too far. Margaret and Samantha gave Jack quite a show. Beginning with kissing and grinding their bodies together, they explored each other’s cavities with their fingers and their tongues. Margaret got on her knees while Samantha strapped on a rubber cock and entered her pussy from the rear.

Since Jack had only seen this type of sex on porno flicks and in magazines, he was fascinated and excited watching them. He couldn’t wait to see Sarah and Brenda locked in embraces and exploring one another’s cavities and sucking each other’s tits.

Margaret asked Jack to get the black dildo lying on the nightstand. “We could use an assistant for the next step.

After they had completed their drinks, Jack and Greg were set for the second round.

“Remember, Frank, if you don’t succeed this time, Greg will win by default.” Frank had paid close attention as Greg had won the first round, paying attention to Sarah’s body and the way her body tightened from her temples to the end of her toes. As he began, he kept one hand on her breast and one on her leg.

This time Sarah decided not to fake, but to let nature take its course. Frank backed off just in time.

“Tied score,” Sarah said to Greg “Can you take the pressure.”

This time, Greg took a much different and slower approach. Sarah was amazed, but something about the slow gentle approach set her off and her pussy was flowing before Greg could get his mouth away. Knowing he had lost that round, he decided to suck in her juices.

“Well boys, it looks like we go into overtime.

Margaret explained that while she was lying on the bed, Samantha would position her pussy over Margaret’s face. Jack’s role was to lubricate the dildo and work it in and out of Samantha’s ass. Jack had been rock hard, watching them to this point and now his balls ached with the buildup of pressure.

“I want your cock in place of the dildo, Samantha” said almost pleading. Jack was glad to oblige. Margaret repositioned herself so that Samantha could put her face in her pussy leaving Margaret on her knees. Jack saw his opportunity and switched holes. Margaret slid off the bed and watched the two of them as Samantha grabbed the sheets to hold on. Jack was driving like a man possessed and Samantha was having one orgasm after another. Finally, Jack plunged one final time as the load in his balls exploded into Samantha.

It was Frank’s turn and they went into round three without a break. Unfortunately for Frank, he didn’t know that Sarah often had one orgasm right after another, so when he started probing deep to begin with, he too was greeted with the honey from heaven.

Greg seeing what was happening knew he had to get Sarah’s body slowed down, so he started by placing kisses around her pussy without entering her. He listened for her breathing pattern to level out and her body to relax. Then he expertly started to bring her back up. He read it perfectly and withdrew at the perfect time.

As Jack and Samantha were lying on the bed, both exhausted from the force with which Jack had fucked her, Margaret asked “Do you wish you could do that with Brenda?”

“You bet I do. This is the way it used to be with Brenda.” But I don’t think Brenda would go along with it.”

“Brenda and Sarah developed this script together, but you are not supposed to know that. So when they ask you to assist them, you will appear as the one taking the initiative.

While Margaret and Jack were talking, Samantha had taken Jack’s limp member into her mouth and was bringing it back to life. As Margaret straddled Jack’s face, she said, “Let us show you some more positions. As he started to drive his tongue into Margaret’s cunt his cock regained it full size and Samantha was ready to ride it. They just kept switching places until they were all exhausted.

“I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to thank you women,” Jack said as they put on robes to go up on the deck.

“Just take care of Brenda,” Margaret replied.

“I agree,” said Samantha, “and just for the record, we all got a lot out of this session.”

When they arrived on the deck, they found Frank fixing a midnight snack for the group.

“How did it go?” Jack asked.

“Well, since I am the only one up here, you can imagine it went better for Greg than it did for me.”

Margaret was tempted to kid him about losing, but thought better of it.

A few minutes later Sarah and Greg appeared on deck.

Everyone was impressed with the midnight snack Frank has prepared and said so. They spent some time talking about their lesson and contest, but didn’t go into a lot of details. The women would have their own time together to discuss it and men aren’t too big on the discussion part.

Each couple retired to their state-rooms for the evening. Of course, Frank and Samantha will be back on the deck at 1:00 to enjoy the moonlight. When Frank left to go on deck, Greg came Martha’s room.

Jack thanked Sarah for inviting him on the weekend and told her how much he was looking forward to the night with her and Brenda. Since they were both exhausted, the cuddled together and fell asleep.

Frank took some blankets on deck to put down on the damp chaise lounge and for them to cover up with. They snuggled together under the blankets and gazed at the moon. Samantha, repeated what she had said earlier, “I have always wanted to make love under a full moon.” Frank rose to the occasion.

“So, what couldn’t we do in a bus asked Greg?”

“Does the number 69 give you a clue?”

A few minutes after Greg returned to his room, Frank and Samantha kissed a final time under the moonlight and returned to their own rooms.

Within a few minutes, everyone was asleep.

No one on the yacht saw sunrise on Saturday morning.

Early Saturday morning Sampson arrived at Martha’s house to determine her plumbing needs. Walter had left to go to the golf course at 6:45. Martha was in a housecoat befitting a woman of her age, and everything seemed quite normal.

When Sampson arrived she took him through the house detailing a variety of needs. Leaking spigots, replacement of all the toilets in the house with more efficient units, new showerheads, etc. They then went to the guest house where she had set up coffee and pastries.

She asked him to write up the items and give her an estimate of his timetable for the work.

When he had finished itemizing the items and developing the estimate, she said, “Before we can develop the timetable for the work, there is one additional consideration.”

“What is that?” he asked, taking a sip of coffee..

“You need to schedule your work days for days when Walter is not home.”

“I can do that, Sampson said, does it bother him to have workmen around?

“No, the reason is so you can fuck me before you begin work,” Martha said very matter of fact.

Sampson was glad he did not have a mouth full of coffee then, or he would have spit it across the room. She had caught him speechless. Most of his customers who wanted to be fucked went through a role of seducing him. No one had ever just come right out and said “I want you to fuck me.”

“Can you work your schedule around that requirement?” Martha asked.

“I sure can Mrs. Wilding.”

“Is it true that black men like their sex rough?”

“Yes it is.”

“Well, you need to decide if you can do it my way. I do not like it rough. I do not do oral or anal sex. I am too old to fool with that stuff. I only want sex one way. Lying on my back with the man doing the work. You are welcome to pump at whatever speed you like and you will only come once per session. Do you understand my terms?”

“Yes, I understand completely and I always do what the customer wants.”

“Then write out what I just said on the contract.”

He looked at her in disbelief.

Laughing, she said, “that was a joke.” They both laughed.

“Oh by the way, you will be paid double your hourly plumbing rate while we are in bed. So it would be to your financial welfare to hold off as long as possible.”

“When would you like to begin?” Sampson asked.

“Mr. Wilding is playing golf right now,” Martha responded. She stood up, started unbuttoning her housecoat and walked to the bedroom. Sampson followed. When she reached the bed, she finished undressing, pulled backed the covers and laid down on her back Taking some Vaseline, she lubricated her vagina, so that foreplay would be unnecessary.

Sampson undressed and positioned his body above hers. She guided his cock until he made entry. This was certainly a new experience for him, so he took it easy, putting in two inches at a time and backing out about an inch. He kept this up until he had reached full penetration. When he withdrew about half of his cock, it was like someone woke Martha. She slammed up against his body. From that point she matched him stroke for stroke. So much for the man doing all the work. Sampson couldn’t believe just how good she was at sex, considering her age. When he had dumped his load, she asked him to move, so that she could go to the bathroom to clean herself.

“Do you want me to begin any of the work today?” Sampson asked.

“That is up to you. Credit yourself for one hour at double-time and I will contact you when I know Walter’s schedule. Turning she left the guest house and returned to her kitchen. The reason she had taken Sampson to the guest house was because that is where Walter had fucked their daughter-in-law. Although they thought they had pulled it off, they had not fooled Martha.

It was almost noon when people started to surface on the yacht. They had a great brunch with the men doing the cooking. After lunch, they sat in lounge chairs and enjoyed the Sun.

“I am ready for a swim,” Sarah announced walking to the railing, removing her clothes and diving nude into the clear water. The others followed Sarah’s lead and soon they were frolicking in the water making up games.

When they came back on board, Sarah led Frank to a chaise, and said “I owe you one.”

Samantha turned to Jack and asked “Shall we?”

Margaret turned to Greg and said, “Well it looked like you are stuck with me again.”

Leading her to a chaise, he motioned for her to lie down. “Have you heard me complaining?“ Greg asked as he buried his face in her pussy.

Gradually the couples moved below to shower and get dressed for the return trip.

When they had secured the yacht, there were kisses and hugs all around.

When Jack arrived home, Brenda said, “Well, tell me all about it.”

“Nope, Jack said, “I am sworn to secrecy until after our threesome with Pastor Sarah.”

Frank and Margaret talked about how compatible everyone was and how much they enjoyed the overnight.

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