tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 12

Pastor Sarah Ch. 12

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Note: As the story of Pastor Sarah continues, it becomes more important to have read the series. I do not attempt to rewrite how people entered the story. Several new characters enter during chapter 12.

When Pastor Sarah awoke at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning, she realized that her bedmates were already up. As she walked into the kitchen, Samantha poured her a cup of coffee.

“What are you two doing up so early?” Sarah asked Angie and Samantha.

“We are planning next weekend in Atlantic City.” Angie responded.

“Why Atlantic City, do you have a sudden urge to gamble?

Samantha realized, they had not told Sarah about Brian giving them the condo in Atlantic City as a thank you gift for getting him out of the screwing he was receiving from the women in Detroit, Palm Beach and Atlantic City.

“Wow! From the pictures that seems like a great condo.” Sarah said.

Angie said, “Of all the property he owns, it is the nicest. Penthouse level, three bedrooms, great balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.”

“I know where you can get a plumber and his brothers to help you with any plumbing problems.” Sarah said. “Speaking of the brothers, I want to see what you filmed of me last night and I want to see that show that Samantha put on with Sampson.”

They took their coffee into the dining room, booted up the laptop and started to watch the slide show.

The first slides were of Adam with his head buried in Sarah’s pussy and then the shots as he plunged his cock into her.

“How did you get the camera in my room?” Sarah asked.

“While you were talking to Susan, we got the champagne ready and planted the camera.” Samantha responded. “Let’s watch that again with the sound effects.” As Sarah heard her sounds of passion from the night before, she couldn’t wait to get a chance with each of the other brothers.

Turning the tables, Sarah said, “Now let’s watch Sampson showing Samantha just what a black man can do with the proper equipment. She never had her pipes cleaned out like that! she said as she watched Sampson split that white ass with his massive cock.” Samantha squirmed in her chair just thinking about it.

“Sorry, we didn’t get you and Joshua captured on film.” Sarah said to Angie. “But these pictures of you with Greg in the shower are something else.” Greg had lifted her off of her feet and had her nailed to the corner of the shower. With the water running over them, he continued to pound his cock into her as she had multiple orgasms which obviously increased in their passion from the sounds that were recorded.

“Why don’t I send this file to Greg on email?” Angie said. “I always like to send thank you notes to people who do something nice for me, and boy was that nice.”

Sarah and Samantha agreed that Greg would enjoy the email as a way to start his day.

“I wish we had a camera to watch him jerking off as he watches it.” Samantha said with an evil grin.

“Do you want me to include the one of you and Sampson?” Angie asked.


They all laughed reflecting on the great weekend.

“Well, as much as I hate to leave such horny company, my job demands that I get back to Washington today.” Angie said. “I will me you at the condo Friday night.” Angie said to Samantha. After a round of kisses, Angie took her bag and headed for her car.

When Walter and Martha showed up to pick up Samantha, Sarah invited them in for a cup of coffee. As they were having their coffee, Barbara Wheeler showed up for her first day of work as the church secretary. Sarah introduced her to Walter and Martha, watching to see if Walter flinched any when he recognized where he had seen her before. He was cool and if he recognized her, it didn’t show.

Samantha came down with her day bag containing a bathing suit and change of clothes and they departed for her private trip on the yacht.

When Barbara left the worship service on Sunday, Sarah noticed that she had gone to the nursery to retrieve her son.

“How old is your son?” Sarah asked.

“Jason just had his second birthday last Monday. He is the joy of my life and the main reason I want a respectable job. I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you for this opportunity. Candice is so happy in the job you found for her.”

“I think everybody deserves to have a job that they are trained for and capable of doing.”

“I notice you are not wearing a wedding ring. Is Jason’s father involved in his life?”

Barbara said, “Sadly, Jason’s father won’t even admit he is Jason’s father.”

“Tell me about that,”

“Just before graduation from business school, the son of the President of the school, was my accounting instructor. He asked me to stay after class one day. After he told me how impressed he was with my class work, he suggested we have dinner together so he could advise me on finding a good job after graduation.”

“I had heard some rumors about him having affairs with some of the students, but he seemed so sincere, I agreed to have dinner with him. We had a very nice dinner and he talked about how young black women were finding jobs in companies to meet affirmative action goals. He told me that he was personal friends with the CEOs of several major companies and that he would give me a very good reference. He kept ordering me drinks to celebrate. I was under twenty-one, but since he was such good friends with the restaurant, they never carded me.”

“When we got ready to leave, he guided me down a hall to the motel which was attached to the restaurant and the next thing I knew, he took a key from his pocket and opened the door to one of the rooms. When I hesitated, he yanked me into the room. He ordered me to take off my clothes, and when I refused, he threw me on the bed and yanked off my pantyhose from under my skirt. He then opened his pants and was on top of me.”

He said, “You didn’t think you could get a job without some favors did you and he raped me. When he was finished he said, “Make yourself presentable, so we can get out of here. When he dropped me off at the dorm, he told me that if I said anything about this to anyone, I would not graduate.”

Starting to cry she said “My parents had sacrificed everything for me to get my degree. I couldn’t let them down, so I kept my mouth shut. The day of graduation, I found out I was pregnant. I tried to contact him but he would not even return my calls or allow me to meet with him.”

“You have come to the right person. Tomorrow, I want you to tell Samantha everything you have just told me. When she gets through with “little rich boy,” he will wish he had never fucked a student, but I can assure you, he will pay dearly.”

“Do you really think she can help me?”

“Trust me!”

“Who is taking care of Jason, while you work?”

“A neighbor agreed to watch him this week, but I need to find a good day care program.”

Sarah had just found her third cause and was really going to enjoy putting this bastard’s nuts in the vice.

“Are you ready to get to work”

“Yes, I am.” Barbara responded.

When they arrived in Sarah’s office, she picked up the church flyer. “This thing is so unappealing,” Sarah said, “See what you can do to make it more attractive. You can use my computer and desk until we get you set up in the church office. I have some telephone calls to make, which I can do from the phone in the kitchen.”

Sarah called Brenda to set up a time for their threesome on Tuesday night.

“Why don’t you come for dinner around six,” Brenda suggested. “By the way, I don’t know what you women did to Jack on that yacht, but he hasn’t stopped smiling since he got home. He refuses to tell me anything about it, saying you would show me.”

“Trust me! We are in for a night of sex! Samantha and Margaret have him primed to perform, as he has never performed before.”

“I can’t wait!” Brenda said, “See you tomorrow night.”

“Can I bring anything for dinner?” Sarah offered.

“Just your beautiful body.”

Sarah’s next call was to Jack’s cell phone. He didn’t answer so she just left a message telling him to eat plenty of high energy food between now and tomorrow night.

She called Susan and learned that she and the younger children were going to visit her ex-sister-in-law tomorrow afternoon. She had called her when she got home Sunday night and they were sending the Lear Jet to pick them up. They were invited to stay as long as they like. She said Jeremy wanted to stay home, so he could get his community service completed.

“The only thing that bothers me,” Susan said, “is that I will miss his 20th birthday.”

“He is really doing a great job with things here at the church,” Sarah said. “Don’t worry about him while you are gone. Tell him he is welcome to stop by the parsonage for anything he needs. Maybe I can think of something special for his birthday.” Sarah knew exactly what he needed and she would see that he got it.

“Thank you for everything,” Susan said.

Barbara came in with a revised brochure that was beautiful. She had expanded it to legal size paper, so that it had an extra tab that could be mailed to the church or given to the ushers for any special needs anyone might have. If Sarah had any doubts about this young woman’s ability, they had been erased in less than thirty minutes.

The door bell rang and Sarah excused herself to go and answer the door. Looking through the window, she saw that it was Bill and Rita Johnson, who were here to make arrangements for Barbara’s office.

“Thank you for coming so promptly,” Sarah said as she invited them into the kitchen where Barbara had been showing her the new brochure. Sarah showed the brochure to Bill and Rita and said how lucky the church was to find a trained person to provide professionalism to the church office.

Rita looked at the brochure and said “This is better than what I paid a graphic’s specialist to design. I would like you to look at our promotional material.”

“I would be pleased to do that” Barbara responded.

“We have two major pieces of business this morning.” Sarah said. “One is to determine what equipment Barbara needs along with the necessary renovations to her office and the other is to work out a compensation package for Barbara. Rita, could you and Barbara work out the details for her office, while Bill and I put together a compensation plan?

“I think we can handle that,“ Rita said, and while we’ll at it the pastor’s office need to be renovated also. Come on Barbara, let’s go see if we can make the place presentable.”

As they were walking to the church, Rita said, “I know how Pastor Sarah hammers out compensation plans. I think you will be well cared for.”

“I just want enough to provide for myself and my son.” Barbara replied.

“Why don’t we go in the den, where it is more comfortable.” Sarah said to Bill.

Bill was more than glad to get out of the kitchen. The last time they were alone in the kitchen, Sarah had squeezed his balls so tight, he had trouble walking to the car.

Inviting him to sit on the sofa, Sarah kicked off her shoes and curled up beside him. He had no idea what to expect.

Placing her hand on his leg, Sarah said, “We got off to a rough start, but I really want us to be friends.” As she moved her hand a little higher, she said “I need your help convincing Robert Lang and Donald Buckley to provide Barbara with an equitable salary package. Can you help me do that?” she asked as her hand reached his crotch.

“What do you have in mind?” Bill asked.

Sarah was sure whether he meant regarding her hand in his crotch or the salary package.

“I think a fair wage would be $20 an hour for 30 hours a week with medical dental and two weeks vacation and retirement program. We would review her work at 90 and 180 days with possible increases at that time. We should also provide child care and since Mrs. Buckley runs a daycare program in the next block, I am sure she would give the church a reasonable rate.

“That sounds like a lot of money for a secretary.” Bill said.

Sarah unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Straddling Bill on the sofa, she placed her tits right in his face.

“I am a lot better than any lap dance you ever paid for at the strip club. Sarah said as she placed a nipple in Bill’s mouth. “Go ahead and sample the merchandise.”

Bill was a little tentative at first, but with a little encouragement, he was licking and sucking on the nicest tit, he had ever had in his mouth.

After a few minutes, Sarah said, “I better get dressed. I wouldn’t want Rita and my new secretary to catch us this way.”

“Let me put it to you in the form of tit for tat. If you get this package cleared with the rest of the trustees, you and I will spend a night at a condo in Atlantic City and I will fuck your brains out. Do we have a deal.?” Sarah had noticed his hard on while she was squirming in his lap as he was sucking on her tits.

“I will take care of it.” Bill said as he watched Sarah re-hook her bra.

“Great! Why don’t you use the phone in my office, while I go and check on the progress at the church.” As she started to walk to the door, she turned striking a sexy pose and said, “If you get it wrapped up today, come by at four-thirty for a blow job as down payment.” She walked across the driveway to the church laughing about the expression on Bill’s face.

When she got to the church, Rita and Barbara were in her office taking down old curtains.

“This place is a disgrace,” Rita said, but we should be able to get it in shape within a week or ten days. Would you like to know what we have in mind.”

“Sure,” Sarah responded.

They went over Barbara’s area first and then Sarah’s office. Donald Buckley is going to crap when he hears what I expect for furniture. Barbara has the knowledge to link the computers in these two offices and your computer in the parsonage into a network. We will have a color laser printer to serve the network as well as a printer for your computer in the parsonage. The copier will need to staple and collate. The floors in this area are great hardwood, so we will have them refinished and get oriental rugs which will look great with the Queen Anne furniture.”

“So, do you approve of all these recommendations?” Sarah asked Barbara.

“This is more than my wildest dreams.” Barbara said. “Candice told me what a great designer Mrs. Johnson is, and now I know what she was talking about.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Barbara and please call me Rita.”

“Ok Rita,” Barbara said with a smile.

“Let’s go see how Bill is making out with the other trustees.” Sarah said.

As they walked into Sarah’s office in the parsonage, Bill was just hanging up the phone with a smile on his face. “Everything is set,” he announced proudly.

“As a trustee, why don’t you share the information with Barbara.” Sarah suggested.

“Barbara, we wish to make the following offer for your employment. The salary will be $20 an hour for a 30 hour work week, Monday thru Friday. Any additional night meetings or time in excess of 30 hours will be at time and a half. You will have medical and dental for you and your son as well as a retirement package. We will also provide short and long disability and a life insurance policy. The church will provide day care for your son. You will receive two weeks of paid vacation, which will increase to four weeks by the end of the fifth year. Pastor Sarah will review your work at the end of 90 and 180 days with the possibility of merit raises at that time. Annual raises are based on the cost of living. I hope this offer is acceptable to you.”

“I think I better sit down,” Barbara said. “I never dreamed a church could afford to pay its staff that well.”

Rita said “You have never seen a church, pastured by Sarah.” Rita was amazed at Bill’s enthusiasm.

“Did I miss anything?” Bill asked Sarah.

“No, I think you even covered some things I had missed.”

As Bill and Rita were leaving, Sarah asked Bill, “Can you stop back at 4:30 to go over those other trustee issues?”

“I’ll be here.” Bill responded enthusiastically. “Oh, by the way, Mrs. Buckley has an opening and would like to meet Barbara.”

“What are the other issues?” Rita asked Bill as they walked to the car.

“Oh, just some questions about outside groups that use the church.” Bill answered, proud of himself that he could come up with an answer. He never thought he would be getting a blow job from Pastor Sarah and a night with her fucking his brains out. This had sure been a good day so far.

When Walter and Martha and Samantha arrived at the dock, Walter started the motors to check out the system and Martha went below carrying a bag. When she returned, Walter asked her what she had taken below.

“Just some supplies that I remembered we needed in the bathroom.” Martha responded.

Walter thought this was a little odd, since she was hardly ever on the yacht and the service did a great job of keeping everything supplied. Hope it wasn’t a bomb, he thought jokingly.

When the ropes were all untied, Walter started easing the vessel out of the slip. He really wished he could figure out how Sarah could finesse that craft out of the slip in one slick motion. As always it took him three maneuvers to get under way.

Martha waved to them and started home for some serious plumbing.

As soon as she was out of sight, Samantha unbuttoned her blouse to the waist. Since she was not wearing a bra, Walter had a great view as the wind blew the blouse open on both sides.

“You know that could be dangerous,” Walter said “while we are still within the harbor.”

“I don’t care who might see my tits.” Samantha said as she sat back in the chair for him to enjoy the view.

“That’s not what worries me.” Walter said. “I am afraid I might run into another boat with a distraction like that to draw my attention from what I am supposed to be doing.”

“I’m sorry.” Samantha said as she started to re-button her blouse.

“Let’s take the chance.” Walter said. Samantha unbuttoned the blouse again and pulled it out of her skirt, letting it blow in the breeze.

Walter set course for the closest cove.

When Martha arrived home, Sampson had just finished unloading the supplies he needed for the day. When she stepped in the front door, he was just coming down the hall to return to the truck to get his tools.

Martha stopped him and pulled his lips to hers. During a couple minutes of passionate kissing, Sampson decided to see how he would make out if he grabbed her ass with his big hands. She pulled her body tight against hers.

“I might need a little extra attention today.” Martha said.

“Whatever you like“, Sampson said. “I will be glad to provide.”

As Martha headed for the stairway, Sampson asked, “Aren’t we using the guest house today?”

“You are fucking me in his bed today.”

Sampson followed her up the steps. As she climbed the steps she started removing clothes, leaving them on the steps. By the time she was at the top landing she was nude.

“I have always wanted to do that.” she said.

Sampson had the feeling he was meeting a different Mrs. Wilding today.

Martha sat on the bed and said she wanted to enjoy watching Sampson undress. Today she really noticed the muscles in his body. When he was totally undressed, she invited him to lie down on the bed. She ran her hand over his whole body feeling the muscles. He just laid there watching her explore his body.

“There is not an ounce of fat anywhere.” Martha said. “How do you keep in such good shape?”

“Plumbing is a strenuous job. Plus I workout with weights and jog.”

When she got to his cock, she put both hands around it and said “I haven’t done this for a long time, so I may not be very good at it.” She took the head of his cock in her mouth. Closing her lips around it, she started a sucking action that felt like he had stuck his cock in a vacuum cleaner hose.

“Wow, I never felt anyone who could suck with that much force. Where did you learn to do that.”

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