tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 13

Pastor Sarah Ch. 13

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Pastor Sarah was sitting having her morning coffee when she heard Jack’s truck pull in her driveway.

“Well Jack, this is a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect to see you till tonight.” Sarah said as she invited Jack in for a cup of coffee. “I hope you are not here to tell me that Brenda has changed her mind about our threesome tonight.”

“Bill Johnson is sending a crew today to work on the offices at the church. Movers are coming to pack everything in boxes, and then removing all the furniture, carpets and drapery. My men will be in shortly to begin scraping and painting. I can’t believe how excited Bill is about his project.”

Sarah thought, “If he knew Bill was getting a night with me in Atlantic City, he might understand the motivation.” However, she simply said, “Bill is a very devoted trustee of the church.

As Samantha came down the steps, she was surprised to hear voices coming from the kitchen. She had slept in the guest room, since she came in very late after her night with Walter and Martha. Sarah was already asleep and she was exhausted.

“Good morning Jack, did you stop by for a refresher course?” Samantha asked.

“Sorry, I am here to work today.” Jack responded.

Rubbing her hand over her breast, she said “But Jack, you know what they say about all work and no play.”

“Hands off.” Sarah said, “Jack needs to conserve his strength for tonight because Brenda and I have big plans for all his energy.”

As soon as Margaret dropped off the children at day camp she headed for the parsonage to get the details of Samantha’s Day with Walter.

When she walked in the kitchen, she said, “Good morning Jack, did you stop by for a refresher course?”

“Is there an echo in this room?” Jack asked. All the women started to laugh.

Before they had time to explain, the trucks for his crew and the moving crew arrived, so he headed to the church to supervise the operation.

“So, tell me all about your day with Walter.” Margaret said to Samantha.

“You mean my day with Walter and my evening with Walter and Martha!”

Looking at Sarah, Margaret asked “Am I ready to hear this? I haven’t gotten over what I saw yesterday and Frank refuses to believe it.

“I have no idea what Samantha did yesterday or last night, since I was in bed when she got home.” Sarah responded.

“What did you see yesterday? Samantha asked Margaret.

“Martha and Sampson were fucking like teenagers!” Margaret responded.

“Yeah, I know, we compared notes last night and agreed that Sampson certainly brought out our wild sides.” Samantha said.

“So, back to your evening with Walter and Martha. What happened?” Margaret wanted to know.

Samantha told them about the camera in the stateroom and how they tricked Martha into thinking nothing happened until they watched the video of Samantha and Walter. She explained that as they watched the video she introduced Martha to being caressed by a woman while Walter kept her pussy occupied with his tongue. She went on to say that when they switched places, Martha really went crazy with the different feel of a woman bringing her pussy to a full orgasm while she was sucking off Walter.

“After Walter went to bed around ten o’clock, Martha wanted to know more about how women could satisfy each other. I left her very exhausted around two a.m.”

Shaking her head, Margaret said, “You have to come to our house tonight to explain all of this to Frank. He will never believe this.”

“I am suppose to be having ‘Dinner and More’ with Sampson and Candice tonight.” Samantha said.

“I will call Candice and invite them to join us. The children have an overnight at day camp, so we will have a great evening.”

“Sounds good to me.” Samantha said.

Barbara took Jason to daycare and was amazed that he didn’t object to her leaving at all. In fact he was so involved, she had trouble getting a kiss from him before he left. She thanked Mrs. Buckley for making Jason feel so comfortable and told her she would come on her lunch hour to discuss the brochure.

Barbara was surprised to see all the trucks and buses that were in the church parking lot when she arrived. As she came into the kitchen, Sarah introduced her to Margaret and Samantha. Sarah asked Samantha to go with Barbara, so she could tell her about the situation with Jason’s father.

Margaret called Candice to invite her and Sampson to dinner.

“I have had a business meeting come up for this evening, Candice said, but I am sure Sampson would jump at the opportunity. Why don’t you give him a call.”

“Ok. But I am sorry you will not be with us.”

“If I get out of my meeting and Sampson isn’t home yet, I will come on over.”


When Margaret called Sampson, he was more than willing. He had been upset when Candice told him she had a business meeting. Margaret asked him if he could pick Samantha up at the parsonage, since Greg had driven their car home.

“It will be my pleasure.” Sampson responded.

Barbara told Samantha the story of how she had been raped by the son of the Business School she attended resulting in her pregnancy.

Barbara picked up the telephone and called Angie and asked her to get the lowdown on Jason’s father. After giving her the short version of what had transpired she gave Angie his name and the name of the business school. While they were talking, Angie keyed his name into the national data bank and said “Wow! He has cost his father a lot of money. All cases had been settled for big amounts of money. They were all for sex with female students, but none involved a child.”

Barbara asked Angie, “Are you ready for the ‘Sperm for Research’ again?”

I will leave for Atlantic City a day early if I can get an appointment with him.” Angie responded. “Ask Barbara for the name of the motel?”

After giving her the information, Samantha said, “I will see you in Atlantic City.”

“What is the ‘Sperm for Research’ project?” Barbara asked.

Laughing, Samantha said, “Angie will pose as a scientist doing research on analysis of the nations most brilliant teachers and how their influence impacts the future of our country. She will make him believe that he has been recommended and she needs a sample of his sperm for the good of future generations.”

“Does she ever fail to get the sample?”

“She hasn’t failed yet.”

“Once we compare it with a blood sample from Jason, his financial future will be secure. We could go after cash for you, but that would be difficult to prove, because he has witnesses that saw you willingly walk down the hall to his room. But, a healthy monthly support check as well as an trust fund will guarantee not only a college education, but private school if you choose not to send him to public school.

Barbara started to cry with joy just as Sarah walked in the room.

“Let me guess, you gave her some idea of what you could get out of Jason’s father.” Sarah said.

“Angie is on the case. We cannot fail. By next week, we will have an out of court settlement ready from Jason’s grandfather. If he decides to take us to court, he will probably lose the business school because we will convince all previous women who accepted settlement to join in a class action suit.”

Barbara sat there in disbelief.

“Was Jason upset about you leaving him at a new school.?” Sarah asked.

“Are you kidding? He forgot I was his mother in about one minute.”

Barbara told Sarah and Samantha about stopping at Ruth Ward’s house last night and how Rita has hired her over the telephone. She also told them about the fact that she was on the verge of eviction and that her husband was eight months in arrears on child support.

Her ex-husband wouldn’t happen to be Dr. Sam Ward, would it?” Samantha asked.

I am not sure, but one night at the strip joint, I remember her saying her ex was a doctor.”

“Is she a natural blonde about Sarah’s height and build?” Samantha asked.

“Exactly. You obviously know them?”

“They wouldn’t know me. I was a few years behind them in school. Sam was voted doctor of the year at our home town hospital last year. He kept Ruth pregnant about three years in a row while he slept with half of the women in town according to my father. Dad was upset with him being Doctor of the year. I don’t think my father would let him operate on him if he was dying. He knows Ruth’s parents, who hated the way Sam treated their daughter.”

“Call her up and let me get some basic information. We should be able to have money in her account by this afternoon.” Samantha said.

Barbara got up and walked around behind Samantha as though she was looking for something.

“Did you lose something?” Samantha asked.

Laughing, Sarah said “She is looking for your wings.”

“Good luck on that score.” Samantha said, “But thanks for the compliment.”

When Barbara called Ruth, and told her she had a lawyer who wanted to handle her case, Ruth responded, “I have already spent more money on lawyers than I can afford.”

I don’t think Samantha is worried about a fee, since her dad knows your dad.

Hitting the speaker phone, Samantha said, “Hi Ruth, you probably don’t remember me. I am George Wilkins’ daughter.”

“You were a few years behind Sam and me, correct?” Ruth said.

“That’s right. I am an attorney now and my specialty is ‘Deadbeat Dads’. In your case, I can have money in your account this afternoon. I just need to know the monthly child support amount, months in arrears and your checking account number for wire transfer.”

“He is suppose to pay, $800 for each of the three children. He has not sent me anything for the last eight months. When I got laid off, I called him and asked him for money and he just laughed. He told me to go peddle my ass, if I could find anybody who was interested.” Fumbling through her purse, she found a check and gave Samantha the number.”

“He will be singing a different song by nightfall.” Samantha assured her. “I will get back to you as soon as I make another call.”

“Yes, Judge Whorten please.” Samantha said in response to the operator at the court house.

“Hi Dad Whorten” Samantha said.

Since she was using the speaker phone, Barbara and Sarah heard the judge say “Samantha! When are you coming home to see your folks. You know we miss you around here. We haven’t forgiven Greg yet for taking a church so far away. You know we could use him right here.”

“Speaking of mom and dad, have you seen them lately?” Samantha asked.

“Don’t talk to me about your father. We played a round of golf yesterday and for a change, I led by a stroke or two the whole game. Then he pulled a new driver out of his bag on the 18th hole and went over the water for a hole in one.”

“You must be kidding! Daddy can’t hit a ball hard enough to clear that water and if he could, how would you stop the ball on that narrow green?”

“I found out later, he spent hours the day before with the club pro and that new club, practicing that shot. Some how he got the distance to go over the hole and spin back. Best damn shot I have ever seen at the club. But, I know you didn’t call me to talk about golf. What son-of-a-bitch is not paying his child support now?”

“Sam Ward has not paid Ruth in eight months.” Samantha responded. Here’s Ruth’s account number.” Samantha said, reading off the number. “He is supposed to pay $2400 a month.”

“Give Ruth my cell phone number and tell her to check her balance and call me at 3:00 this afternoon.” I’ll pull his driver’s license when I get off the phone and if he hasn’t cleared the debt by three o’clock, I’ll pull his medical license in the morning. I don’t want to inconvenience patients today. Tomorrow is his day in surgery, so he’ll get it paid today.”

“I love you.” Samantha said.

“I love you too, little girl, and you get yourself home for a visit real soon.”

“I will.”

Sarah and Barbara were both looking at Samantha in disbelief.

“Sam Ward was on his way to his office when a police cruiser pulled him over.”

“The officer walked to the window and said “License and registration please.”

“What’s the matter Mike? Was I a couple of miles over the speed limit.?”

“Drivers license and registration!”

As Mike walked back to his cruiser he was really enjoying this. Since his own divorce, he had heard that his ex-wife was one of women sleeping with Sam Ward. He called a tow truck to come remove the car from the highway.

Walking back to the window, Officer Mike told Sam to exit the car.

“What is going on?” Sam demanded to know.

As Officer Mike saw the tow truck appearing, he informed Sam he was driving on a revoked license and that he would need to have someone pick him up.

“Who revoked my license?”

“Direct order from Judge Whorten, I am just carrying out his orders.”

As the tow truck pulled away with Sam’s car, he asked if Mike would give him a ride to his office.

“That would be against regulations.” Officer Mike said. “Why don’t you call my ex-wife? Maybe she will give you a blow-job on the way.”

As Officer Mike drove away, he really loved the sight of Dr. Sam Ward standing on the side of the road, talking on his cell phone.

Sam had called his nurse to pick him up and when she arrived he told her to take him to the courthouse.

“You have an office full of patients waiting for you already.” the nurse said.

“I don’t care. Take me to the courthouse.”

As he came storming up to the judges chambers, the judge’s administrative assistant said, “Judge Whorten is expecting you, you may go right in.”

“What is the idea of this? Sam demanded.

“Have a seat Sam. When I signed the order that you would pay $2400 a month as child support, did you think it was optional?”

“I have had a lot of other expenses recently.”

“Yes, I saw one of those expenses throwing herself all over you at the club yesterday.” the judge responded. “Unless there is $38,400 in Ruth’s account by three o’clock today, you medical license will be revoked at midnight tonight.”

“I don’t owe her that much.”

“When you exceed six month with no payment, the amount in arrears doubles. Check your divorce decree if you doubt my word. Also, I have run some numbers on your income based on what it was at the time of the divorce and feel it appropriate to raise the monthly support figure to $3,600 a month.”

“You can’t do that!” Sam said.

“Ok, it is $4,800 a month and that was a very expensive statement you just made. I would advise you to leave now and don’t forget the three o’clock deadline.”

Mumbling under his breath, Sam turned to walk away.

As he reached the door, Judge Whorten said, “Oh, by the way Dr. Ward, congratulations on being named Dr. of the year. The increase in your practice makes it possible for you to support your children in a better life style.”

Sam didn’t even look at the administrative assistant as he stormed out of the office.

The administrative assistant walked into the judge’s office and said, “The good doctor seems upset?”

Laughing, the judge said, “Someday, people will learn that it is not smart to tell a judge what he or she can or cannot do.”

By the time Dr. Sam Ward walked into his office, the patients were sitting on the steps outside because there were no seats in the waiting room.

“Get my accountant on the phone.” Dr. Ward said to his secretary.

“What about the patients?” the secretary asked.

“They can either wait or reschedule.” responded the angry doctor.

“When he told the accountant how much money he needed, the accountant said the only way to get $38,400 today was to draw money out of his IRA.

“Do whatever you have to do to get the money transferred before three o’clock.” Sam said to his accountant.

“I will get it done. I will talk to the bank and see if they will float you a ninety day line of credit. Your receivables will support that if you cut back on some of your spending.” the accountant said.

“Just get it done. Oh, by the way, the child support will increase to $4800 next month.”

“Ouch! Your personal draw is going to be pretty small for a few months.”

“Don’t remind me.” Sam said as he motioned for his secretary to start moving the patients to the exam room..” He quickly called his lunch date (Officer Mike’s wife) and told her he would not be able to make lunch, that he had too many patients to see.

Sarah called Jeremy and asked him to come over and take a picture of the new church secretary for the newspaper.

Jeremy said, “I would rather take pictures of you.”

“Don’t be too sure of that.” Sarah said. “Wait till you see Barbara.”

When Jeremy entered the office, he couldn’t believe Barbara’s beauty. When Sarah introduced them, she could see a spark of interest on both sides.

Jeremy must have taken 40 - 50 pictures of her from every angle. Sitting in the chair, sitting on the edge of the desk, looking out the window, reclining on the sofa, etc.

Finally Sarah said, “They only need one picture for the newspaper.”

“I got that a long time ago,” Jeremy said. “Can I use your laptop to edit these pictures?”

“Sure, just be careful what files you open.” Sarah said. She really needed to put some passwords on some of the files.

Jeremy disappeared into the den with the camera and the laptop for over 4 hours.

After the photo shoot, Sarah took Barbara to the church office to meet the painting crew. All the furniture was gone and the boxes had been stored in the nursery. The whole crew was busy with the prep work. They were glad to take a break to meet Barbara.

“We’ll be finished here by tomorrow.” Jack told Sarah and Barbara. “I understand Donald Buckley has the furniture ready to deliver.”

“I wonder if he has the computers available to deliver. If he does, I could be setting up the server in the parsonage and then move it over here.” Barbara said. “Could I ask Jeremy to help me install the wiring for the network?”

“I am sure he would enjoy that duty.” Sarah said. Since it was lunch time, Barbara walked down to talk to Mrs. Buckley about her brochure.

Sarah found Samantha in the den, watching what Jeremy was doing with the pictures.

“You didn’t tell me you had a professional production specialist on your staff.” Samantha said. “Wait till you see what he has done with these pictures.” “How would you like to go for a ride? You can take me over to see Ruth at Rita’s place.

When they walked in the design area, they found Ruth working on one of Rita’s many projects. Samantha introduced Sarah to Ruth.

“Here is Judge Whorten’s cell phone number. He wants you to check the balance in your account and call him at three o’clock.”

“You are giving me Judge Whorten’s cell phone number? Do you know how he made out.?”

“Do you bank on-line?” Samantha asked Ruth

“Yes.” Ruth said.

“Sign on the internet and check your balance.” Samantha said.

“I hope there was more than the last time I checked.”

“Oh my God, there is $38,400 in my account that wasn’t there last night. He only owed me $19,200.”

“Judge Whorten writes all his child support decrees that if the non-custodial parent falls more than six months in arrears, the amount doubles.”

“How much do I owe you for this?” Ruth asked Samantha.

“I never accept a fee for collecting back support payments, especially when it is just a phone call to Judge Whorten. He almost beat my father at Golf yesterday, but daddy got a hole in one on the eighteenth.”

Samantha went on to say, “Judge Whorten was raised by a single mother who worked in a factory. His father abandoned them when he ran off with another woman. He has a real problem with fathers that get behind in their support payments.”

When Ruth called Judge Whorten, sure enough, he was on the golf course.

Ruth said, “How can I ever thank you Judge?”

“No thanks necessary. By the way, how are those beautiful children of yours.?”

“Oh they are doing fine. It has been tough with no money, but they are doing ok.”

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