tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 15

Pastor Sarah Ch. 15

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Pastor Sarah and Barbara talked about what life was going to be like now that she wouldn’t have to worry about money to be able to provide for Jason.

They had been watching the TV coverage and laughing about how frustrated the reporters were when they couldn’t find out why Jonathan Anderson, Jr. was handcuffed to the bed. Either no one at the hotel knew or would say anything that had happened. He had met a woman in the restaurant for dinner, but no one knew if she was in his room. They were trying to figure out the significance of the fact that religious programming was playing on the TV in his room.

The reporters had followed him to the campus, but campus security had not allowed them into the administration building.

Barbara had printed out the reports from the two bank accounts to show her parents, so that they would no longer have financial worries for her welfare.

When Samantha arrived in Atlantic City, she and Angie called Barbara who hit the speaker phone so that Pastor Sarah could be part of the conversation. Right before they called, they had faxed a copy of the forms to Barbara.

“Did we do ok honey, Angie asked Barbara.”

“OK? You guys are the best. How did you get him to sign all those forms and agree to all the terms?”

“I let him play with my tits while I made up things that each form said. He was so preoccupied that he just signed everything without reading anything.”

“So how did you get him in handcuffs? Sarah wanted to know.

“I told him it was a regulation for my safety, even though I have a black belt.”

“Wow! You have a black belt.” Barbara said.

Samantha, who was on the extension, said, “She dates a guy who wears a black belt to hold up his pants.”

“Actually, the handcuffs was the easiest part. He sort of thought that made it a little kinky. Said he uses handcuffs himself sometimes.”

“His father was really a nice guy.” Samantha said. “And boy was Jonathan’s wife pissed off. I was already in his office and had showed him the papers before the wife appeared. She told Mr. Anderson, Sr. what a bastard his son was and that she found him handcuffed to a motel bed. She also said, she flushed the handcuff key down the toilet. As far as she was concerned he could rot in that bed.”

Samantha went on to say, “Barbara, Mr. Anderson Sr. asked me to tell you how very sorry he was for the way his son had treated you and said to assure you that the money will be in the bank on time every month. He walked me to the back door to avoid the reporters and asked if I thought you would allow him to visit sometime to see his grandson.”

“He called Jason his grandson?” Barbara said as she started to cry. “I would love to have him visit.”

“On another topic,” Sarah said, “How is the penthouse?”

“Wait till you see this place!” Angie said. “This is as nice as any condo in Atlantic City. It is right on the beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. Nice restaurants within the block and about five blocks from the Casinos. We are having the locks changed as a precaution. We will send you a set of keys.”

“I have to go. Barbara said, “My folks just pulled in the driveway. I love you guys and will never be able to repay what you have done for me.”

“Your account is paid in full.” Samantha said. “Angie does this stuff for fun. It is the tough stuff she gets paid for. I rather enjoy it myself.

After she left, Sarah said, “We need to get together. I want to hear all the details of how this came down.

“You mean like, “I can tell you that of the 986 colleges and universities, a larger percentage of women picked you than any of the other teachers and professors.”

“You really said that, and he believed it.” Sarah said.

“Hook line and sinker baby.”

“Good work you guys. I have to go meet my company.”

Sarah looked out in time to see Barbara run to her dad who picked off the ground as he hugged her. When he put her down she hugged her mother and they were all almost in tears.

“Mom and Dad, I want you to meet the greatest boss in the whole world. This is Pastor Sarah.” and turning to Sarah, she said, “Pastor Sarah, meet the greatest mother and father in the world.” They greeted each other and all said how much they had heard about each other.

“Where is this fancy new office, you were so excited about?” her father asked.

“We will go see that in a minute, but come inside, I have something else to show you.”

When they walked into the office in the parsonage, Sarah said, “I will leave you folks alone.”

“No, please don’t go.” said Barbara. “Without you and your angels, this could have never happened.”

“Angels?” Barbara’s mother asked.

“Yes” Barbara said, “Real angels named Samantha and Angie. They proved that Jonathan Anderson Sr. is Jason’s father and he will have to pay child support until Jason is 21, plus provide for his education.”

“Anderson?” said Barbara’s father. “That is the name of the guy they found in handcuffs in a motel room. Is that man the father of Jason?”

Sarah and Barbara started laughing and Sarah said “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Barbara picked up the printout and said “He has to pay $2,000 a month child support and $3,000 a month to an endowment for his education. I will be able to send him to the best private schools.” She showed them the bank statements and the signed documents.

“How did the angels do this?” her father asked.

“I am not sure you want to know daddy. And I am sure I would not be able to describe it to you.”

“Was it legal?” her mother asked.

“Let me say, it was more legal than the way this man raped your daughter.” Sarah responded. Her parents both cringed when they heard the words “raped your daughter.”

“We are so happy for you.” said her father.

“Speaking of my grandson,” her mother said, “Where is Jason?”

“He is in daycare. As soon as I show you my office, we can walk to the daycare to get him.” Sarah excused herself as Barbara took her parents to see her office.

They could not believe the beautiful furniture, carpets and artwork in the office.

“I have never seen a church with offices this nice, said her father.”

“You have never seen a pastor like Pastor Sarah either.” said Barbara.

She showed them the sanctuary and as they were walking down the hall, they met Walter and Martha who were getting things ready for the volunteer painters that would be there tomorrow. They were putting the paint, drop cloths, tape, brushes and rollers in each of the rooms and hallways, as well as making room assignments for the painters.

Barbara’s mother asked, “How many volunteers are you expecting?”

“I can hardly believe it,” Walter said, “seventy-five people volunteered plus a professional painting crew of 10 men have volunteered to paint the sanctuary. With a few drop-ins, we could have 100 people working here tomorrow.”

“What are you going to feed them?” Barbara’s mother asked.

“We will probably just get a batch of pizza brought in.”

“You will do no such thing!” Barbara’s mother said, “These angels are going to dine on Louisiana Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo and homemade bread. After we pick up Jason, dad and I will go get the fixings.”

“Bring me the receipt.” Walter said, “we will reimburse you.”

Barbara’s father said. “This is our gift for everything this church has done for our daughter.”

As they walked to the daycare, Barbara told her parents she was in love and that they would meet Jeremy and his parents at dinner tonight.

Looking at her father, her mother said “This sounds serious.”

Barbara had a folder with the paste-ups of the brochures for Mrs. Buckley’s approval.

“What a beautiful facility Barbara’s mother said to Mrs. Buckley. Now I know why Barbara was so excited on the phone, the night she toured your facility. Which room is Jason in?”

“Come with me.” Mrs. Buckley said leading them to a stairway. We have a mezzanine area that allows us to look down into each classroom without the children seeing us. It allows us to monitor what is happening and also a way to evaluate our staff.”

“There he is.” Barbara’s father said. Jason was sitting with a little blonde haired girl at a table and they were coloring. Other children in the room were playing with blocks, and other toys.

“This is so great, her mother said.”

While her mother and father were watching Jason and the other children, Sarah handed the folder to Mrs. Buckley.

“Already!” Mrs. Buckley said. “The last person took over a month.” Mrs. Buckley could not believe how beautiful the brochure was and how nicely the pictures had come out of each of the staff. “I will review this with the staff tonight, but I am sure, I could hand it back to you now and say go to press. Jeremy is a wonderful photographer. Have you met Barbara’s friend Jeremy? Mrs. Buckley asked her parents.

“They are meeting him tonight.” Barbara responded for them.

“When they went into Jason’s room, he came running over and said “Where is Jeremy?”

“This may be more serious than we thought.” her mother said.

“Come here to Grandpa.” her father said and Jason ran to him and hugged him around the neck when he picked him up.

When Barbara took Jason up to his room, leaving her parents in the den with Sarah, her father said, “We want to thank you for giving our daughter the chance to get out of that strip joint.”

Sarah didn’t say anything right away and just as she started to say, “How did…”

Her mother said, “Barbara doesn’t know that we know. We have a friend who stopped to visit her at her apartment just as she was pulling out to go to work. They thought they were following her to the restaurant. They sat all the way in the back until she came on stage and got up and left. They didn’t want to tell us, but thought we should know. The day she called and told us about this job, we decided she never needed to know that we know.”

“Now I know why Barbara says you are such special parents. She has told me of the sacrifices you have made for her education. I want you to know, she is the most mature and talented 22 year old person I have ever met.” Picking up the church brochure and handing it to them, she said, “She redesigned this in twenty minutes.” She handed them one of the old brochures to compare. “She already has four jobs for business people who have seen this brochure.”

Barbara’s mother went to the church kitchen to checkout the pots and pans and spices. On the way to the store, she said, “Those volunteers better get a lot done tomorrow morning because after lunch, they are going to be too full to move. As Jeremy drove to his father’s office, he noticed a lot of activity at each of the sales lots. When he went into his father’s office, he had to wait to see his father because of a sales meeting. When the meeting was over, his father’s secretary told him to go in.

“Hi dad. What’s all the activity at the lots?”

“Hi Jeremy. Customers have been coming to all the lots at a steady stream every since I put the billboard back up with your mother’s picture. They say they remember what it used to be like to buy a car here. That plus the no-hassle policy for pricing, has made the business take off. I just had a meeting authorizing the managers to order more cars and to see if they can get cars here from other dealerships. We are expecting the largest weekend of business we have ever had. But, enough about business. How are you?”

“I am great. I would like you to come to dinner tonight to meet Barbara and her family. Mom and the kids will be there too.”

“I don’t think your mother would like to have dinner with me.” His dad said.

“I have already talked with her and she said it was ok with her if it was ok with you.”

“Then I will be there.” said his dad. “What time should I be there?”

“About six o’clock should be fine.” Jeremy said. “I am headed to the airport to pick up mom.”

Susan was glad to see Jeremy waiting as she came into the airport from the terminal. Jeremy’s siblings all had stories they wanted to tell him. Susan said how much she liked his aunt and uncle and his cousins who they had never met. They all want to meet you.

“So what is the big surprise you have for me? Susan asked.

“Just watch out the window and you will see.” Jeremy said as he drove toward his father’s two mile long row of car dealerships. When Susan saw the billboard with her driving the convertible, she couldn’t believe it. In the picture, she was twelve years younger.

Jeremy told her what his father had said about business. He also told her what his father had said about devoting the rest of his life seeking her forgiveness and how he hoped to take her on a date. Susan was flattered by all this, but cautious because of what he had put her through over the last ten years.

“I can’t wait to have you meet Barbara and her parents.” Jeremy said as he carried his mom’s luggage into the house.

Barbara’s parents had just gotten back from the store when Jeremy arrived at the parsonage. They watched as Jason ran to Jeremy and how Jeremy scooped him up and the hugged each other.

Barbara introduced Jeremy to her parents. They told him all the good things they had been hearing about him, especially the praise of Mrs. Buckley. He asked them if they would like to see his photography of Barbara.

They went into the dining room where the projector was set up with the laptop. They couldn’t believe what a beautiful video he had made with the pictures of Barbara set to the music of “Pretty Woman.”

Barbara’s mother who was a beautiful 42 year old woman winked at Jeremy and said “Maybe you could take some pictures of me. I always wanted to be a model.”

“I would love to take pictures of you.” Jeremy said. “Now I know why Barbara is so beautiful.” He thought what it would be like to do nude shots of Barbara’s mother.

Jeremy and Barbara went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for their families while Barbara’s mother went to the church to start baking bread and cooking the chickens for the Gumbo.

Barbara’s dad decided he wanted to watch the video of Barbara again, so he went to the laptop and selected what he thought was the video, but instead it was the picture of Pastor Sarah with Sampson’s brother Adam. As he was watching it, he didn’t see Pastor Sarah walk in the room.

“Do you like what you see?” Sarah asked Barbara’s father. She had been attracted to him the moment she saw him. He was a large man, around 6’2” and probably 200 lbs. Very attractive with hair that was just starting to gray.

“I am sorry.” he said. “I was looking for the pictures of Barbara and picked this by mistake.”

Noticing the tent his hard on was making in his pants, Sarah repeated her question. “Well do you like what you see.” At this point she was standing beside him.

“I like it very much.” he said.

“Everyone else is busy. After I go upstairs, go tell Barbara you are going up to take a nap, and come to my room. I always like to make my guests feel welcome.”

When Walter walked into Sarah’s bedroom, she was lying on the bed nude. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.

“This will need to be quick.” Sarah said, as she stood up and started to help him get undressed. When he was naked, she put her hand around his cock and said “Let’s give this fellow some relief.”

Lying side by side on the bed, she continued to massage his cock as he kissed and sucked on her tits and explored her pussy with his hand. Pausing at her clit and gently rubbing it before exploring further was driving Sarah crazy.

As he probed her pussy with his fingers, she said “This is what I want in there as she squeezed his cock.

Rising to the occasion, he hovered over her as she guided his cock to her pussy. His cock was at least as large as Adam’s and maybe a little larger. Grabbing his ass and lifting against him caused him to enter her with one hard plunge. He was definitely larger than Adam.

“Fuck me hard!” Sarah said.

“Like this?” he said as he would pull back and plunge again.

“Yes, oh Yes” Sarah said as they got into a passionate rhythm bringing them both to a hard climax.

As they were lying on the bed, he said, “Now I really do need that nap.”

Sarah kissed him and said “Sleep well.” After he went to his room, Sarah took a shower and got ready for the evening.

Candice and Sampson had invited her for dinner and a swim. It was a warm evening and an evening swim was going to feel good.

Barbara’s father went to the guest room after taking a shower and stretched out on the bed. It had been a while since he had fucked a woman with the energy Sarah had. He was hoping they would find some more time to be alone before they had to return.

As Barbara’s mother was working in the church kitchen, she thought about what a handsome man her daughter has chosen. She wondered if it would shock him if she said she would like to be photographed either in a sheer negligee or even in the nude. She hadn’t posed nude for anybody in over twenty years. When she had been dating her husband, he asked a friend to take some pictures of her for him to send back home to his parents. The friend had come over and taken pictures of her and of them together outside her parents home. When her husband had gone inside to get some lemonade, he had said he would like to take pictures of her at the beach and they made a secret date.

She had worn a bikini bathing suit under the clothes that she was wearing when she told her parents she was going shopping. He had given her directions to a secluded beach.

When she arrived, he was already there with his camera, tripod, blanket and a cooler of beer. She had only had beer once. He offered her a beer and she took it, even though she didn’t like the taste. When they finished the beer, he asked her to take off all her clothes except the bathing suit and to pose in different positions on the blanket, leaning against some of the huge rocks, sitting on one of the rocks gazing out over the water, etc.

Then they relaxed a while and had another beer. She thought he was finished taking pictures when he asked her if he could take a couple pictures of her without the bikini top. The beer was beginning to have an effect and she said “Sure“. He took several pictures of her on the blanket, some of which were with her making an effort to cover her tits with her hands or her or arms.

Then he asked her to sit on the blanket leaning back with her hand on the blanket and looking right up at him. She remember how firm her tits had been at that point and they also were pointing directly at him. He had a smaller hand held camera for close-ups and he was actually straddling her when he asked her to lie flat. As he took close-ups of her face he was grinding his cock against her pussy through the bathing suits. The beers and his cock were really having an effect.

He moved back to get some shots of her tits and as he did, he reached down and removed the bottom of her bikini. He continued to take shots, now of her whole body. He put the camera back in the bag and removed his own swim trunks.

She started to object, but she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. His hands were all over her body and as they kissed, she had guided his cock to her pussy. He had been so excited, he didn’t last long. A week later he asked her to come to his darkroom to see the pictures he had developed. She had no intention of letting him fuck her again, but as they looked at the pictures, they both got excited.

They had gone into his bedroom and this time they took their time with plenty of foreplay and he was much more controlled. They fucked twice that afternoon and she did not see him again for ten years.

Ten years later, she was at the supermarket and she actually ran into his cart as she came around an aisle. They were both surprised to see each other. He lived in another city and was home visiting his mother. She asked him what he had done with the pictures. He said they were stored away in the corner of the darkroom in his mothers house.

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