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Pastor Sarah Ch. 16

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Walter and Martha Wilding drove to Barbara and Jeremy’s new home to pick up Barbara’s parents, George and Hilda. Hilda insisted they come in for some coffee and a pecan loaf she had just taken out of the oven an hour earlier.

Walter and Martha knew the house well because they had been good friends with the contractor and his wife. Jeremy had already left, because Pastor Sarah wanted to discuss the photographs she needed of the hotel and resort for the brochure.

Jeremy had arrived earlier than expected, just as Sarah was getting out of the shower. Since he had a key to the parsonage he let himself in. Sarah heard him come in and said, “I will be right down.”

As Jeremy started climbing the steps, he said, “I have a better idea!”

Quickly wrapping a towel around her nude body, she said, “Jeremy, remember you are engaged to be married in two weeks.”

“Then consider it a pre-marital counseling session with my pastor.” Jeremy said as he removed the towel from her body.

“It will have to be quick.” Sarah said, “Barbara will be here in thirty minutes.”

Jeremy was undressing as he followed her into the bedroom. Without any foreplay, they began fucking in the missionary position. He pounded her with more force than she realized he was capable of and she did her best to keep up. Within a few minutes they exploded together with unbelievable force.

When she had regained her breath, she said, “It appears to me that you may require some ongoing post-marital counseling.”

Barbara was just leaving to drop Jason off at daycare.

As they were having coffee, Barbara’s mother said, “I never would have believed our daughter could have a home that is this nice. And did you see that car!”

Walter said “Brian Sharkey is one of the most successful businesspersons in the city. I am glad to see him and Susan getting back together. I hope things work out for them this time.”

Martha asked what type of work George and Hilda did in Louisiana.

“George is a general contractor, building new homes and I have a hair salon with a staff of six people.” Hilda replied.

Walter said, “Don’t let Pastor Sarah know that or you will be building low income homes and running a cosmetology school for disadvantaged women.”

“That might not be all bad.” George replied. “We would love to watch Jason grow up and Hilda has already had some attractive offers for her salon.”

“This is the most exciting church we have ever been involved in.” Hilda added.

“You wouldn’t have thought that three months ago.” Martha said “The property was so run down and we were lucky to have twenty-five people in attendance on a Sunday morning. We haven’t had Sunday School classes in five years and no choir for eight or nine years. I don’t know what led Pastor Sarah to us, but she has set this place on fire. People I meet on the street, that go to other churches, are wanting to know what happened all of a sudden. Some are coming to check it out and staying. Rumor has it that some of the other ministers got together to figure out a strategy to keep their members. I think Sarah has intimidated them. Not one pastor in town has made an effort to contact her or welcome her.”

Hilda got her beach bag with a change of clothes and her new bathing suit. They headed for the dock for Hilda’s private yacht trip. Martha had to assure her that there was adequate food on the yacht, that she didn’t have to pack a picnic for Walter and herself.

As they arrived at the dock and Hilda saw which boat was Walter’s she thought moving here might have other advantages. Several of the other Yacht owners came over to talk with Walter about their outing for tomorrow night’s fun raiser for Pastor Sarah’s home for abused women and children. Walter introduced them to Hilda and George.

As they started to board the yacht, Walter turned to the group and said, “Don’t forget your checkbooks tomorrow night.”

Hilda noticed more than one of the Yacht owners checking her out. She was wearing shorts and a blouse with a bra that lifted her more than adequate breast.

“So how much do you think you can raise tomorrow night?” George asked Walter.

“At least a million.” Walter replied.

“Wow!” George said. “Does Pastor Sarah know you are talking about that much money?”

“No, and don’t say anything to her. I want that to be a surprise. Each of them could give a million or more if they really get sold on the project. Only two of them have yachts as small as this one. Pointing out who owned which yacht, George realized that Walter had some very wealthy friends.”

Martha started her routine of untying the ropes as Hilda and Walter went on board.

“I will see you at four o’clock” Martha called out as she and George walked to the car.

Taking a camera from her bag, Hilda said, “I want to take a picture of some of these yachts as we pass them leaving the harbor.”

A couple of the men she had met were standing on the stern of their yachts waving as they went by. The man who had been most obvious owned a yacht that looked to be almost twice the size of Walter’s. She took his picture waving capturing the name of the yacht “Pearl” in the picture. He was also the youngest, looking to be under forty. She decided she was going to get a private trip on that yacht at some point.

“Is Pearl his wife’s name?” Hilda asked Walter.

“No, His wife’s name is Gloria, Pearl is his wife’s grandmother’s name. His grandfather owned a company that made colognes, perfumes, shaving supplies, beauty shop and barber shop products, etc. His wife Pearl experimented with making some products for women from herbs. They named them the Pearl line of women’s fragrances.”

“I have seen that line in the exclusive stores” Hilda said. “Some of the perfumes are extremely expensive.”

“It didn’t catch on right away. About the time Gloria’s father took over the business, was when the world found out about the benefits of herbs. Pearl’s husband died at about sixty and Pearl spent the rest of her life traveling the world in search of exotic herbs for her perfumes. One of the herbs only grows on some remote island in the South Pacific and she found some way to have the exclusive rights to the herb. The perfume from that herb is the highest priced item in the line.”

Gloria has a brother who went in search of himself and to the best of anyone’s knowledge he is still looking. When her father retired, Gloria became the CEO of the company which is now a conglomerate reaching around the globe with interest in all types of companies.

“Rodney, the man you just took a picture of, is a financial broker with one customer. The one customer is his wife. He manages her income from the business. The yacht you saw has an office on it, so he can conduct business from anywhere he might be. Come cold weather, he will head for the Bahamas.”

“Does she go with him?”

“She works about eighty hours a week and never takes a vacation. It is hard to believe that she will be with him tomorrow night for our fundraiser.”

Looking at his watch, Walter said, I need to call the caterer for tomorrow night.

Hilda said, “How would you like a genuine Louisiana caterer? “

“Are you offering to share some more of your culinary expertise,?” Walter asked.

“I would love to. Let me call Barbara and see if she would help me serve. It would give George some time to get to know Jeremy and Jason.”

Picking up the phone she called the church office and told Barbara her idea. Barbara loved the idea and said Candice was in her office. After checking with Candice she said Candice would like to help also.

“Well, all we have to do now is set the menu.” Hilda said. “How many people are we serving?”

“Seven couples, counting Martha and myself, Pastor Sarah, you, Barbara and Candice. So in total we will be eighteen people.”

“I need to go below and check out the galley.” Hilda said as she disappeared. When she returned, she said, “Everything I will need to cook with is there and I see there are plenty of dishes for serving. That is also quite a well stocked bar. Are those steaks in the refrigerator for our lunch.?”

“I hope you like filet from the grill, I should have checked.”

“Honey, you can cook filet mignon for me anytime you like. Its getting a little warm up here, I think I will go slip into my bathing suit.”

When she reappeared, Walter said “Wow!”

Rita called Sampson to ask him to meet Ruth (who was designing the kitchens and the bathrooms for the mansion) at the site to determine what plumbing needed to be updated.

Rita said “I was also wondering if you can have my Jacuzzi operational by tomorrow night. Candice just came in and said she was going to be working on a fundraiser tomorrow night for Pastor Sarah, and Bill is out of town at a trade-show. I thought we might christen the Jacuzzi.”

“It will be done.” Sampson assured her. “I was planning to finish it today, but if you want me to meet Ruth, that might take most of the day.”

“How are you doing on finding more people to work with you on the renovations?” Rita asked.”

“I put an ad in the paper this morning for two licensed plumbers and two apprentice plumbers and a laborer. I ordered two more trucks, so we can run three crews.

Rita closed the conversation by saying, “I am really looking forward to sharing the Jacuzzi with you.”

When Sampson arrived at the Mansion, he found all of Rita’s staff working on the West wing renovations. Ruth took him on a tour of the bathrooms and kitchen in the West wing.”

As Ruth was showing him around, Victoria joined them and said “Hi Sampson,” She was totally professional and no one would have every guessed that a couple of days ago they had spent two hours in passionate sex together.

“One of the problems, Victoria said is that we have no water pressure. The only place there is decent water pressure is in the East Wing Kitchen.”

“My guess is that the pipes are rusting on the inside restricting the flow of water. Sampson said, “New copper pipes will solve that problem.”

He and Ruth agreed that nothing in any of the bathrooms was salvageable. It would be much better to replace the claw feet tubs and pedestal sinks with quality reproductions. Victoria wanted to forgo style for comfort in the master bath. She wanted a Jacuzzi and also an oversized stall shower. When he went to the basement, he confirmed his belief related to the cause of no water pressure. The pipe running to the East wing kitchen had been replaced. Probably to get adequate water pressure to a commercial style dishwasher.

He needed to start at the water feed coming into the building and replace every pipe in the mansion. Since this was only one of several jobs already contracted, and Rita has more prospects waiting to see her, he probably needed several more plumbers and helpers.

Ruth and Sampson went looking for William to determine if he could put the pipe layout into a cad drawing. The good new is that his device that photographs and measures also detects pipe and electrical wiring, allowing an overlay for each wall. This will minimize the amount of demolition required to replace existing pipes and update the wiring. For the electrical it will diagram existing as well as defining placement of outlet to meet current code.

The kitchen, like the bathrooms would require a total replacement. They would begin by gutting the entire room giving Ruth freedom to design a modern, functional kitchen. The kitchen in this wing would be a residential kitchen, while the kitchen in the West wing would be a commercial kitchen, since that is where all the entertaining takes place.

Ruth returned to her work area in the East Wing, and Sampson began compiling the list of materials he would need for the project. Ruth would take care of ordering all the fixtures. Before leaving, he went to check with Victoria to see if she needed anything else before he left. She had changed from the blouse and skirt she was wearing earlier to short shorts and a halter top.

“I am glad you stopped by before you left.” Victoria said. “I have a problem in the North wing that I would like you to take care of.” Following her to the North wing, he watched her ass protruding from her shorts.

Entering a bedroom, and closing the door. She said, “I have never been fucked in this room.”

Kneeling in front of her and pulling her shorts off, he said “I can take care of that problem.” Grabbing her ass and pulling her forward he buried his tongue deep in her pussy.

Just as Victoria was about to come, the door opened and Rita stepped in the room

Sampson looked toward her but Victoria grabbed his head and pulled it back to her pussy saying “Don’t stop now.”

“Are you ready for the deep-throat lesson you requested?” Rita asked Victoria as she began undressing.

“Yes, she said panting as the pressure was building within her.” When she came, Sampson covered her pussy with his open mouth and sucked in the juices.

Martha walked over the Victoria, removed her halter top and fondled Victoria’s tits as Victoria fondled her. Sampson stood up and removed his clothes.

Rita had Sampson sit on the edge of the bed and she knelt in front of him sucking on the head of his cock.

Then she turned to Victoria and said, “Anyone can do that.. The trick is to do this.” With a couple of well timed swallows his balls were slapping against her chin.

“That is what I want to learn to do.” Victoria said.

“It is all in swallowing and overcoming the gag reflex.” Rita said. “It is like learning to swallow a huge pill. It is all in the timing.

“Watch my throat and how I swallow.“ She took as much of his cock as her mouth would hold and then she swallowed shoving about half of his cock down her throat and then she backed off.

“Watch again.” This time she did the same thing, only instead of backing off, she swallowed again and took in the rest of his cock.

Backing off again she said, “With most men you only have to swallow once, but with this thing,” she said, holding it with both hands, “it is two or even three swallows while you are learning”

Standing up, she said “Your turn.”

Victoria knelt in front of Sampson and took what she could in her mouth. She swallowed then pushed her mouth forward and gagged. Gagging, she backed away.

“You waited too long to move forward. You have to move forward as you swallow.”

Victoria tried again and this time about half of Sampson’s cock was in her mouth. Amazed she opened her mouth and backed off saying “Wow!” Sampson and Rita laughed and applauded the new student.

“Ok, this time when you get that far, swallow pushing further into your throat. Don’t try to go too far. Then swallow a third time.”

Doing exactly as instructed, on the third swallow, Victoria felt Sampson’s balls hit her chin.

“Ok, now just keep swallowing.” Rita told Victoria.

The swallowing action was really a great feeling and Sampson was coming to a climax quickly. To help the process along Rita reached in and started massaging his balls. Suddenly he shot a load of cum down Victoria’s throat and she just kept swallowing. Two more loads followed and she didn’t lose a drop. When his cock finally relaxed, she slowly removed her mouth. Sampson reached down and picked Victoria up and laid her on the bed.

Rita laid down beside her, kissing her and tasting Sampson’s cum as she probed Victoria’s mouth with her tongue.

“What a good teacher you are.” Victoria said to Rita as she rubs her hands over Rita’s breasts.

Sampson was busy kissing and sucking on Victoria’s tits as he moved his hand to her pussy which was sucking wet. As he probed her pussy with his finger, Rita was busy bringing his cock back to life with her hands. When Sampson’s cock was firm again, Rita laid on her back and brought Victoria’s mouth to her pussy while Sampson entered Victoria’s pussy from the rear.

Victoria had brought Rita to a climax long before Sampson was finished, so Rita moved out from under Victoria’s face to watch Sampson fuck and fuck and fuck Victoria. She lost count of the orgasm’s Victoria had before Sampson finally shot his load deep into her pussy.

Rubbing her pussy, Rita looked at Sampson, and said “Tomorrow afternoon your cock is going to be right here. She stuck a finger up her pussy and then put her finger in Sampson’s mouth for a sample.

Sampson looked at Victoria and asked, “How many more rooms are in the mansion that you have never been fucked in?

Smiling, Victoria said “A lot.”

Barbara and Pastor Sarah were enjoying working in their renovated offices. A solid stream of people were coming by to see the new area.

Barbara buzzed Pastor Sarah and said there was a man who wanted to respond to the ad for a choir director.

Wendell Jones introduced himself and handed Pastor Sarah his resume. As she glanced at the resume, she realized he was currently the senior choir director for the largest church in town. The church also had a folk choir director and a children’s choir director.

Her first obvious question was “Why do you want to leave your current church?”

“I have already resigned he said. The senior pastor will not give any freedom in selection of music and will not allow modern or contemporary music to be used. Handing her two CDs he said, “These are the recordings from our Christmas and Easter performances.

Pastor Sarah put one in a CD and it sounded like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

“You realize this church has not had a choir in five years and before that it was led by a volunteer director. You will be starting from scratch to build a choir.”

“Well, not exactly from scratch.” Wendell said, “Between fifteen and twenty members of my current choir have committed to come with me if I get this job. Many of them have already been to one of your church services and they are all excited about what is happening here.”

“How soon could you start?” Sarah asked.

“The existing choir and I could start this weekend with just a brief run through with your organist one night this week. If you could get the word to your congregation that a choir is starting, we could do a more extensive rehearsal on Friday evening with members of your congregation coming for to join the choir. My people tell me your choir loft can easily hold fifty people.

Picking up the phone and calling her organist, Sarah asked, “Can you play for a choir rehearsal Friday evening?” She wanted to know if she had to direct them and when Sarah told her she had hired Wendell Jones, she almost fainted on the other end of the phone. Her excitement convinced Sarah she was making the correct decision.

Sarah buzzed Barbara and said “Don’t seal the mailing about the picnic yet.

Looking at his resume, and expected salary, she smiled when she thought how much this would panic certain trustees, however, she had already established that she did the hiring of her staff.

Standing up and extending her hand, she said “Welcome aboard Wendell.” Stop and tell Barbara what you would like the invitation for choir members to say. I will also have her put together an employee packet for you.

Wendell had no more than left the office when Barbara buzzed her and said “The pastor of Wendell’s old church is on the phone.”

“Hello Rev. Black, how are you today?”

Without answering her question, he said, “I am just calling you to say that if Wendell Jones comes to apply for your opening for a choir director that he is very difficult to work with.”

Sarah responded, “That is very interesting, because he said the same thing about you. It is nice of you to call, I was wondering when you and the other pastors in town were going to welcome me to your clergy group. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“No, I…”

“Good day Sam.” With that she slammed the phone in his ear.

Walking into Barbara’s office, she said “I love it when a plan comes together! Would you put together a quarter page ad announcing the addition of Wendell Jones as choir director to be on the religion page of Saturday’s paper?

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