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Pastor Sarah Ch. 18

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Pastor Sarah's Final Chapter

When we left off in Chapter 17, Pastor Sarah had been picked up in a limousine by Dennis Sweeney to discuss some last minute arrangements for the picnic to raise funds for the home for abused women and children.

Pastor Sarah had conducted a double wedding for the car dealer, who had forced the females in his agencies to satisfy his every sexual need. After changing his ways, his ex-wife was ready to give marriage another try.

Her son and Pastor Sarah’s black office manager were the other couple. Pastor Sarah had lifted Barbara up from the life of a stripper and had blackmailed her son’s father with the help of Angie (FBI agent) and her friend Samantha who was married to the man Pastor Sarah had fucked during her time at Seminary.

Brian’s whole sales staff was at the wedding and reception.

They arrived at Dennis’ personal Lear Jet to find the chef preparing pheasant under glass. As they walked to the back of the plane, Dennis asked Pastor Sarah if she had ever had sex during takeoff.

As she followed him to the back compartment of the plane with a queen size bed, she determined he wasn’t kidding.

“Well?” he said “Have you ever had sex during takeoff?”

“Don’t we have to be belted in during takeoff?” she asked.

“We will be.” he responded.

Dennis began removing his clothes as Pastor Sarah watched in amazement. This man never failed to surprise her. Wearing nothing but his shorts, he started to undress Pastor Sarah. He took his time enjoying the sight of each part of her body as it was uncovered. Turning her around, he unsnapped her bra. After removing it, he reached both hands around to cup a tit in each hand. She pressed back against him feeling his hard on pressing firmly against her ass. Letting his hands drop to her waist, he gently removed the last piece of clothing from her body. After pulling the covers back, he lifted her onto the bed. Dropping his own shorts, he joined her and their lips met in a passionate embrace.

Pastor Sarah noticed that the plane was moving along the runway to its takeoff point. Dennis broke away from their kiss to pull the covers up and to flip a switch. As soon as he flipped the switch, a bar with three straps came across their bodies. The switch was also the signal to the pilots that he was ready for takeoff.

Dennis positioned Pastor Sarah on top of him inserting just the head of his cock into her pussy. Although she tried to take in more of his cock he held her up on his chest and with her best efforts, he would not insert more than a couple of inches.

The jet engines roared as the pilots did the preflight check. As soon as the preflight was complete the belts tightened. Pastor Sarah wondered how he accomplished that since both of his hands had a firm grip on the cheeks of her ass. She would learn later that this was controlled by the pilots, so that whenever Dennis was asleep, they could loosen or tighten the belts for turbulence or landings allowing more comfort for regular flight.

The top belt tightened over her back mashing her tits into his chest. The second belt was across her ass and the third belt across the calves of her legs. As the plane started to roll, she saw a mischievous smile on Dennis’ face. The powerful jet suddenly shot skyward. Dennis had his heels firmly planted against the footboard of the bed.

“Wow” she shouted as the thrust pushed her body down impaling her on his cock. The plane continued to climb to several thousand feet. The plane leveled off just as they climaxed together. They felt the tension of the belts relax and Pastor Sarah rolled over beside Dennis with a feeling of real contentment.

Dennis pressed a button and the strapped recoiled completely.

“Are you ready for dinner?” Dennis asked as he headed for the bathroom to get cleaned up. When they had both taken their turn in the bathroom, they got dressed and returned to the other compartment for dinner.

As they sat sipping wine, the chef appeared with the pheasant under glass. As they ate they discussed the details for tomorrow’s big fund raising event.

A light came on advising them to tighten their seatbelts and a few minutes later, they were on the ground. The pilots were identical twin women. Dennis received a call on his cell phone giving Pastor Sarah a chance to talk with the pilots. She learned that his wife Victoria had never been on the plane and that they had been taking turns in the bed as Dennis practiced for tonight with Pastor Sarah. When the limousine arrived back at the parsonage, Dennis walked her to the door and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Samantha and Angie were waiting in the living room to hear all the details of Pastor Sarah’s evening. They each wanted to know if they could get a ride in the plane. Since it was late, they each went to separate beds to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

The second limousine of the evening arrived to pick up Jeremy and Barbara. Her parents and Jason went them to the airport. Jason was excited about riding in the limo. Barbara’s parents would be keeping Jason, while Barbara and Jeremy were on their honeymoon. When they arrived at the airport, Jason wanted something from McDonalds at the other end of the terminal, so Barbara and her father took him to get his dinner.

Hilda and Jeremy found a dark corner in a cocktail lounge and ordered drinks. When the waitress arrived she smiled as she noticed Hilda with her hand massaging Jeremy’s cock through his pants.

Leaning over the table to give Jeremy a full view of her tits in a see through bra, she said “Let me know if you need any help.”

“I don’t need any help,” Hilda said as she unzipped Jeremy’s slacks and pulled his cock out and started stroking it under the table.

The waitress got paged for another table, and said “Have Fun” as she walked away smiling. Hilda worked quickly and used a napkin to catch the cum just as they saw the others returning. They left a nice tip for the waitress and as they walked out Jeremy handed the waitress his business card with his private cell phone number on the back. When the waitress picked up the napkin, she couldn’t believe the amount of cum.

“I should have asked him when his flight was returning,” thought the cocktail waitress. Her nipples hardened just thinking about the older black woman jerking him off at the table in an airport. She was planning to do more than just jerk him off.

Jeremy and Barbara said their good byes and boarded the plane headed for San Francisco where they would spend a night before flying on to Hawaii. Since it was the red eye flight, the plane was only about 1/3 full and they were the only ones in first class. The flight crew knew it was there wedding day, so they brought them champagne before the plane lifted off. Once the plane was airborne the flight attendants brought them shrimp cocktail followed by a filet mignon and unlimited wine. The flight attendants in first class were a Chinese woman named Ming and an Australian named Scott. They kept kidding Barbara and Jeremy about being newly-weds, each in their own accent.

After their meal, the lights were turned down. Most of the people in coach were already sound asleep. Ming brought them pillows and a blanket and giggled as she told them to enjoy themselves. Scott had disappeared to another part of the plane, but Ming stayed in the first class session. Jeremy and Barbara wasted no time removing clothes under the blanket and were truly connected as one. In the dim light of the cabin, Ming could see their bodies moving and could hear their moans as they brought each other to a joint climax. Ming had unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse and had one hand under her bra and the other hand slid down her skirt and inside her pants.

Barbara called Ming and asked her for some more pillows. Without remembering her blouse was opened, Ming opened the overhead cabinet above them to get two more pillows. Both Barbara and Jeremy saw the open blouse and both were enjoying the show, just as the plane hit turbulence. Ming who was standing on her toes to reach the overhead compartment lost her balance and fell into Jeremy’s lap which immediately caused his cock to begin to renew itself. As Barbara reached out to break Ming’s fall, her hand went inside Ming’s blouse and came to rest on Ming’s bra.

Ming started to apologize and tried to get up just as the plane hit more turbulence.

Holding her tightly on his lap, Jeremy said “You better stay right here until we get out of this turbulence.”

The erection pressing against her ass was producing turbulence in Ming. This coupled with the fact that Barbara was now massaging her tit through the bra was setting her on fire. She turned to say something to Barbara and Barbara covered her lips with her own and they began the war of tongues as Barbara pushed Ming’s bra up and felt the hard nipples and a very firm tit. Ming knew she should resist, and that she could lose her job, but this young black woman had a gentleness about her that Ming had never experienced. It was like they had been lovers for a long time.

Jeremy was busy getting the blanket out of the way, and pulling Ming’s skirt up and her pantyhose down. Within seconds he had his cock buried deep within her pussy and she was responding with some great pussy action to respond to his thrust.

They were so involved they didn’t even notice Scott walk up the aisle. “Say Mate, you sure have your hands full with these two hot women.”

Barbara broke away from her kiss with Ming and pulled Scott toward her by his belt. With one quick action, she pulled down his zipper and released his growing cock from his shorts. He didn’t resist as she pulled him closer and he was soon getting the blow job of his life. Just as he shot his load down Barbara’s mouth, the pilot announced for the attendants to prepare the passengers for landing in San Francisco.

They quickly straightened their clothes and went about their cabin duties. Barbara and Jeremy got dressed and then began to talk about what had just happened. They decided to see if Scott and Ming could join them for the night in their suite in San Francisco. Unfortunately they were both deadheading on a flight back East, but they exchanged numbers for future activities since they lived within 20 miles of Barbara and Jeremy.

Jeremy and Barbara were picked up by the hotel limousine and taken to their bridal suite where they collapsed and slept until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Back at the church, the third limousine arrived for Brian and Susan. Susan couldn’t wait for the limousine to pull away from the church before she was unbuckling Brian’s pants and freeing his cock. The guests who were standing outside the limousine couldn’t see through the tinted windows as the driver pulled away from the curb. She pulled her dress off over her head, literally ripped her own underpants off and impaled herself on Brian’s cock.

The driver adjusted his headset to hear what was going on in the back. Three cameras were catching all the action and multiple microphones were catching the audio. The driver has a very lucrative foreign trade business. As soon as he drops his passengers off at their location, he takes the video and audio tapes to an editor who cuts and splices to get the best camera shots. A series of interpreters translate the audio into the languages of the ten hottest markets for pornography videos. None of the videos are produced for the English speaking market. Within a week, the videos are on sale in foreign countries. This had the makings of one of his best ever productions.

Brian suddenly realized he had no idea how much passion was locked up inside this woman he had been married to for many years the first time around and had been sharing a bed with for the last few months. He was literally getting the fucking of his life. He also was more than ready after rubbing up against the bodies of his female employees on the dance floor who all told him how much they missed having sex with him.

Susan had orgasm after orgasm and met Brian thrust for thrust. She couldn’t believe how he felt longer and thicker than he ever had in all the times they had made love.

Trying to stifle her excitement because of the driver, she gave up and let out a series of verbal expressions of what was happening in her body. The driver almost drove off the road trying to get a look in the rear view mirror.

They both fell back against the seat in exhaustion and started to laugh as they saw the expression on each other’s face. As they came together in a passionate kiss, he unhooked her bra and moved his mouth to her nipple. Running his tongue around her nipple started the excitement all over in Susan’s body.

Brian turned and was kneeling on the floor in front of Susan, so she threw her legs over his shoulders and pulled his head into her bush which was covered with his and her juices. He immediately dove deeper, sucking the juices from her and licking her clit which caused to cry out again repeating his name over and over. How could they have been crazy enough to walk away from each other. This time they would both know they could excite each other as well having many sex partners to keep them excited for each other. If dancing and talk of sex could get them to this fever pitch, she couldn’t imagine what would happen when she had another cock in the afternoon and Brian at night. His sales staff would be working extra hard and she planned to reward each salesperson of the month whether it was a man or a woman.

Once he had sucked the juices from her, he turned her over with her knees on the carpeted floor of the limo and with her bending over the seat, he entered her from the rear driving even deeper into her pussy.

“Oh fuck me” was what she kept saying over and over. The driver would find out later that one of the cameras which was mounted under the side seat captured a great close-up from the side showing the whole entry and fucking while other camera were catching the expression on their faces.

The driver drove as slow as he could and not miss their plane taking them to Florida for a cruise. He gave them five minutes notice as he was approaching the airport.

Brian called the airport and changed their schedule to take a flight an hour later.

Brian opened the window and handed the driver a hundred dollar tip and told him to keep driving. As the driver thanked him and closed the window, he saw Susan taking Brian’s cock into her mouth.

Since the driver knew they wouldn’t know if the limo was moving or stopped, he drove to a remote spot and got out to relieve himself. As he got out of the car, a police cruiser pulled up and a female officer got out and walked over to the limo.

“Hi Joe,” she said, “I saw you turn off the road and thought I better follow and make sure your were ok.”

“Come listen to this,” Joe said as he led her to the front seat. After giving her the headset to listen, he lowered his zipper and pulled his cock out. With the headset still attached she took his cock into her mouth and gave him the relief he needed.

“We are going to make a fortune from this video,” she said to her husband.

Thank you for reading the adventures of Pastor Sarah. The people you have met along the way may return for individual stories. Who was your favorite character in the stories?

Your feedback is appreciated.

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