tagErotic HorrorPastor Tom and the Succubus Ch. 02

Pastor Tom and the Succubus Ch. 02



A middle-aged minister unexpectedly conjures up a succubus while tinkering with a spell in an old book.

Not exactly your typical demon story.



Tom watched Raven as she slumbered at his side and studied the flawless smooth skin of her radiant face and the deep luxury of her dark locks. She had slipped off quietly as she snuggled against his warmth, deeply satisfied with the morning lovemaking. He mused at how a demon from hell could appear so sweetly innocent and come armed with such good intent.

She was a charming and completely disarming creature that only wanted to be loved. She exhibited such childlike philosophies such as her statement that "love will never harm you." Surely she must know, he mused, that love indeed can devastate the foolish heart unawares.

That would not happen to him, he would never again attach himself so tightly to anything. But he couldn't help admiring her beauty and outrageous sense of humor; she was truly beautiful in every conceivable way.

She stirred beside him her slight form repositioned its place in the bed and Tom could not help but softly kiss her cheek. Her eyelids fluttered like the wings of some lazy butterfly and her soft orchids of green fully appeared. She caught sight of her lover and smiled; the gentle curves of her cupid shaped lips lifting at the ends.

"Hello bully, thought I was gone didn't you? But I wasn't, I was only laying in wait to catch you!"

"Bully ... laying in wait on me ... have you gone completely daft on me demon girl?" Tom asked with a slight chuckle.

"If I have its all your doing my dear master!" she teased emphatically.

"And why would I be a bully then?" Tom inquired.

"What? Have you forgot throwing me all over the bed that way and then all but raping me in the most brutal fashion ... gee I wonder why master darling," teasing again.

"You do know about women's lib. Don't you, you deceptive little tart?" he countered.

"Libbons snibbons you're still a brutal brash my lovely master."

"Oh, of course, your forceful restraint and antagonistic torture of me had no bearing on my behavior at all ... is that it tart," he spat back at her.

"Mmm ... not sure, could care even less than that," she teased with a smile.

Tom, reaching down slapped the cheek of her ass playfully to see how she would respond.

Raven suddenly rolled over and straddled Tom's body with her own and with surprising speed and deftness placed her lips on his. That was the end of the argument that almost was.

"I'm so grateful that you called me master, I love being here with you," she whispered.

"Thank you Raven I'm glad you came ... I didn't realize how much I missed feminine human companionship."

She kissed him again and wiggled her slender butt, in effect giving Tom a little mini lap dance after the kiss.

"Oh slave gurl, we have a morning custom here, we call it coffee ... a rather harsh brackish concoction we imbibe that helps us rise and greet the morn.

"Oh really master ... well, where is yours," Raven knew full well what he was hinting at but strung him along for humors sake.

"Ummm ... never mind Raven," he decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Raven reluctantly rose from her master's side and headed for the galley, leaving Tom to entertain himself for a short time.

In what seemed a very short span of time in walked Angelina Jolie steaming mug of hot "C" in hand, "Your custom my Lord," she announced sweetly.

"My dear you look stunning by morning light," Tom told her with a wide smile.

"I thought this might please you my Lord," very pleased with herself. "I picked it up from your dreams last night master."

"I don't remember dreaming at all," Tom told her.

"You did my love!"

That last phrase made Tom winch a little inside, as he had no desire to head down Romance Avenue with a demon no matter how much he enjoyed her company.

Look when I'm done I need to head up to the church and prepare a sermon for Sunday. You're more than welcome to come along but you never know who might pop in; so you must promise me to behave ... ok.

"Yes Master darling I promise to be good," she agreed, with a slight twinkle in her eye.

It was the timing of the twinkle that made Tom slightly anxious.

After his Joe was gone they headed for the door to leave, but Raven paused before exiting, and placed her arms around Tom's neck and kissed him. It spawned the customary response from Tom, as he squeezed the cheeks of her well-defined derriere and kissed her back.

Raven probed his mouth with her wicked sweet tongue unveiling the long deep history of his loneliness and sorrow. For all his manliness he was open, and defenseless, and not even aware of his own vulnerability. But she would protect him, for as long as he allowed her to remain, she would keep him safe.

"What good deed have I done to deserve that?" he asked her.

"You don't realize it yet master ... but you are well taken with me."

"Nonsense Raven ... its time to go now," he told her. She smiled at his response as though she might hold some secret against his intent to dismiss.

The two-block walk to the old stone church was a leisurely non-event and the morning was bright and cool. Raven followed her master into his study located immediately on the right as you entered the gold leafed glass entrance to the sanctuary.

Tom booted up the rickety old computer he used there and fished the notebook out of his top desk drawer. His sermon would be on the importance of the precious metals used in temple payment in the Old Testament. One of the older members had ask if he wouldn't do something on it some Sunday and he had promised that he would.

Tom had no sooner gotten well into his sermon than he heard the knock on the door and that dreadful young voice he ever longed to avoid.

"Knock-knock ... are you in there Pastor Tom," Trish's voice made his stomach tighten and all his hair stand up simultaneously.

"Yes Trish ... I'm here slaving away as usual and how are you young lady," Tom ask her, not really caring abut the answer.

"I'm fine Thomas ... I just wanted to let you know I'd be going about the building to clean up, it's my month you know.

"No I didn't know Trish, but thanks for making me aware of your presence and not scaring the pa-jeez out of me," he replied.

Trish turned and headed back into the sanctuary with Raven in tow, not a good sign, not a good sign at all, Tom thought. But it was ok he reconsidered; Trish would never know she was there.

Barely back into the sermon she burst into the office crashing his concentration and shattering his train of thought.

Christ Raven, I'll never finish at this rate! What is it dear demon so important to you at this moment," Tom chided.

"I don't like her ... I don't like her at all, please master let me rip her heart out and end her pitiful existence her among the living," she ranted.

"My God woman, have you gone over the edge, she's never done anything to you; why would you feel that way!"

"She wants your seed master ... she wants all of it, and she isn't the kind of person that would share you," Raven replied, venom dripping from her words as she spoke.

Tom was beside himself and urged all the self-control he could muster just to keep from bursting out in hysterical laughter. He managed to suppress the chuckle but couldn't stop the smile.

"Well ummm ... no one gets my seed but you Raven dear, there, feel better now!"

She stood across the room smiling at his answer her confidence completely restored.

"Yes master ... you really do like me don't you my Lord?"

Before Tom could even formulate a reply in the room came Trish, Tom just knew it was going to be bad ... very bad.

"Hello dear Tom," Trish began, as Raven pulled her hand from under her skirt and blew across her fingertip. The cast of Patricia's face changed instantly, her eyes went sensual and her hip slipped out at her side. Tom knew this was going to be bad ... very bad!

But the demon Raven's attack backfired in a minor way, as it inadvertently influenced Tom's behavioral demeanor as well. He was suddenly horny as hell and hot for Trish ... as well as slightly agitated at her constant interruption of his work, life, and libido.

"What exactly does a girl need to do to catch your attention Pastor darling, shall I throw myself at you like some cheap sleazy whore? Expose my treasures before your halo crowned eyes dear Tom?"

Taken back, and somewhat frustrated by her sudden brash attitude, Tom could no longer control himself and decided to have it with the busty blonde bomber. "Trish I should bend you over that desk and swat your lovely ass for your constant interference in my day to day activities!"

Trish looked deeply into the stern gray eyes of the man she so admired and without commentary bent over the front of his desk. Reaching behind her, the beautiful Trish Logan slowly raised her skirt exposing her bright, festive lace panties, to the hungry eyes of the man she desired.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones ... but force will only charm me," she giggled, as she lewdly displayed her perfectly formed ass to this man she had wanted to fuck now for so long.

Not missing the challenge Tom stepped up directly behind Trish and gave one plump, well-rounded cheek, a light slap.

"Oh yes Tom ... give me more lover," Trish mewled, as she swayed her lovely ass from side to side.

Tom continued one rapid, soft blow, after the other as Trish began moving her hand toward the top of her panties slipping it inside to embrace the urgent warmth of her own sexual arousal.

"What exactly are you doing young woman!" Tom's voice loud and angry.

"I'm masturbating for you Tom," Trish whined.

"You do nothing without my permission Patricia, your ass, pussy, tits, and life now belong to me. If you wish to use my pussy you must have my permission ... do you understand this Patricia?"

Tom slapped her ass once more and then reaching around jerking Trish's hand out of her panties. With frightened eyes Patricia observed Tom raise her hand to his face and then gently tongue the tips of her wet fingers.

"You smell like a slut in heat Patricia, and I like it!" Tom told her.

Trish smiled at her tormentor and then leaned forward pressing her lips to his. There was a pleasant explosion of sensation behind her eyes as Tom's mouth took control of her lips.

Patricia went warm inside with the probing of her pastor's able tongue, her cuntal lips raged and her nipples virtually exploded in expansion. As his hand traveled to her mound she was thrilled with its passage over her skin, her spirit leaping inside her with overwhelming joy at his touch.

When his fingers passed over her she went weak and surrendered everything to him. She became his as his hands raised a swirling inferno of passionate flame in the flesh of her body and began the torment of her soul that would ultimately lead her to the bliss she needed.

"I always suspected you were an easy slut Patricia one that would easily self consume under the power of her own vivid imagination and need."

"Yes sir," she whispered softly against his ear.

"I will use everything you have Patricia whenever, wherever I please!" he growled.

"Please ... yes sir," she replied, whispering again.

Tom's hands had an unquenchable thirst for the luxuriating skin of the fair Patricia's body. He undid the fasteners of her garb and disrobed her with haste.

As Tom undressed his prey Raven walked around the desk and took her place in Tom's chair at the other side of the desk. Leaning back with a wide smile on her face looking very much as if she were enjoying this unfolding episode of sexual debauchery and high drama.

Tom's hands ran slowly from the warm taut skin of her nipples to the damp soft wetness of her vulva, making Trish moan with each agonizing inch of their journey.

"I need a whore today Trish ... one willing to do anything for me, are you a whore Patricia?" Tom asked the heated young blonde.

"Yes sir ... I'm your whore Thomas!" she answered weakly.

Tom slapped Patricia's ass again with some force making the handsome Trish Logan gasp as the flesh of her cheek went crimson with the heat of his abuse.

"You were playing with yourself when I stopped you, but I want to watch you finger that delectable gaping love hole, right now Patricia," Tom told her.

"Yes sir," she replied as her hand found the dampness of her need. She began slowly, her eyes holding his, as her beautiful slender fingers probed the wet creases of her hot cunt. Trish moaned and shivered, as her fingers slowly romanced her clit, her eyes going half shut as the lust did the sweetest things to her mind.

"Does it please you my love, to watch me practice self abuse this way?" she whispered very softly.

"Yes my whore, I've longed for this, from long in the past Trish," he admitted.

Tom stood behind the young blonde as she manipulated her sex for him, his lips caressing the top of her shoulder. His teeth, and hot tongue, teasing her desperation, as his hands roamed wildly over the velvet smooth skin of her warm body.

Patricia moaned as her fingers slid easily through the slick wet fluids of her cunt, she could feel Tom's strong hands gliding over the flare of her exposed hips. His lips on her shoulder and neck and the inadvertent nibbling of her skin was driving her to the extreme edge of her limits.

His hands found and squeezed her breasts, making her shiver and when he brutally twisted her nipple her legs went weak ... but not from the pain.

"Will you fuck my pussy like a wild beast sir ... and make me beg in earnest for my ending Thomas?" Trish taunted him.

"Yes my beautiful slut, in do time," he answered.

Raven was wet between her legs from watching the two of them go at it, and her hand strayed ever so slowly toward her pussy and gave a little squeeze there that made her feel good. She slipped her hand under her panties to play with the slippery flesh beneath, and was taken aside with the pleasure of it.

Raven stood as her hand withdrew from her panties and moved her fingers to the opening of Patricia's mouth. Trish parted her lips and Raven slid one very wet finger in her mouth. Trish sucked it completely clean as her eyes held constant communication with Raven's. An allegiance was formed in the silence of that moment; it was a commitment of sisters to their mutual fulfillment.

Leaning forward Raven kissed the cheek-flushed face of the young blonde, as her hands slowly caressed the smooth skin of her perfect breasts. Patricia's body shivered, as the demon's tongue caressed the length of her own and her skillful fingers teased her large pink nipples.

Patricia moaned into Raven's mouth as she felt Tom's oversized member begin to stretch her passage, as he took possession of his pussy. She felt him slap and thrust and do so again, the sensation of his cock blissful to her need.

"Yes baby, fuck me madly," Trish whimpered on the break.

Raven laid down on top of the old ornate desk, length ways, and spread her legs in front of the impassioned blonde. Trish held her eyes for a moment, knowing already what was expected of her and more than willing to attend Raven's need.

With a sweetly sinister smile she lowered her face between the long graceful legs of the beautiful demon. With the first touch of her tongue Raven arched and sighed heavily, as her fingers stroked the long golden locks of her lover's head.

"Patricia, your tongue is a dark angel of love and it has me dear," Raven cooed.

Trish paused raising her head to catch Raven's eyes and smiled at her without a word, and then once again drove her tongue deeply into Raven's quivering, wet pussy.

Tom had finally managed to stretch Patricia's tight opening enough to genuinely enjoy fucking her. She was so hot that her fluids were trickling down the inside of one thigh and the scent of the woman was a thing of pure beauty.

Tom knew as he watched Patricia's long pink tongue lapping at Raven's wet folds that he couldn't withstand this visual assault for very long. Raven herself was hot enough to fry eggs on, and her hands were all over Patricia's breasts.

Tom knew from her scent that Raven was very near culmination; the air was thick with the scent of musk and sweet vanilla. He knew too from watching Trish go at it, that it wouldn't be long before she exploded around his pumping cock; the woman's passage was like a milking mouth.

Caught up momentarily in the sight, sound, and smell of the affair Tom began to lightly correct the beautiful cheeks of Patricia's milk white ass as he fucked her.

Then he felt her legs tremble under her and her head dropped to the desk as her passage began to convulse around the thickness of his cock. Patricia stiffened and then screamed as she bucked backward in wild fashion against Tom's driving cock.

"Do it baby ... ravish me harshly Thomas dear!" she pleaded.

Tom jammed one wet finger deep in Patricia's ass and the blonde screamed again as she sprayed a very large amount of warm beautifully scented fluid against Tom's balls and thighs. The warm spicy scent was intoxicating and filled the whole office, and Tom was quite taken with it.

A tidal wave of hot electric pleasure flooded Patricia's mind as her cunt exploded in the orgasm of a lifetime. She was lifted high above self as the fires of intense pleasure licked at the flesh of her body and soul. Her consciousness bowed before the undeniable power of her sexual release blocking all else, save the sensation of a long hard cock, as it continued to pound her body through the remaining echoes of her fading sexual convulsions.

Then it hit him hard, as he felt Patricia's deadly talons rake his tight balls, he felt the burning thrust way down in his sack. The slow agonizing journey of his seed along the underside of his thrusting cock as it swelled inside her passage. He growled deeply as his body exploded in ecstasy spitting its creative fluid deep into young Patricia's uterus. He pumped frantically as she begged him not to stop, his entire expression of being ... found in a single prolonged moment of mingled joy and agony.

He held her hips after he emptied the last of himself inside the beautiful creature and gently stroked the warm skin of her back. She was still shaking when he leaned over and kissed her bare shoulder.

For Tom, it was much like the stillness after the raging storm of summer where peace ruled the day. He looked upon the creature that had gratified his need and she was more beautiful in that moment than he had ever noticed before.

"I love you Tom!" she breathed softly.

"And I ... love you as well Angel," his voice sincere as he spoke.

Tom noticed as he ran his hands over the smooth skin of her shoulders that Raven was watching him with a smile that was nearly angelic in nature and he paused to ponder the meaning of it. Tom stood Patricia up in front of him and kissed her, not a passionate undertaking but a sweet and gentle ending to their recent physical bond.

"You're very capable Tom," she whispered low.

"Thank you Trish, you're a little more than adequate yourself my dear," he replied.

Trish dropped to her knees and took Tom's rapidly deflating organ in her mouth and began a slow warm and deliberate massage. As he stood enjoying her manipulations Raven approached him and as she leaned from the side, he turned his face toward her and she kissed him full.

Tom's hand found its way to Raven's buttocks were he gave a firm squeeze as he engaged the swift activity of her wicked member. She was ravenous with it and it occurred to Tom that she hadn't yet spent. All that frustrated sexual energy was still rolling around inside her body and head.

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