When Bobby, closely followed by his father, first entered the house, I believe that I was the only one cognizant of that fact. Kristine was having her mouth filled with the cum from Will’s knob, as she had continued her slobbering of it and Robert was presently shooting his manly essence into the beautiful Nicole, who was also climaxing.

Jackie was slumped over my beautiful bottom after shooting his semen straight up my behind. I was somewhat intrigued to see what the reaction of Bobby and Jackie’s paterfamilias might be, but I was never really worried. The best of men are still at heart nothing but ‘dirty dogs,’ but I don’t hold that against them – because I’m a bitch in heat. Mwahaha!

The first indication to the other occupants of the living room that something might be slightly amiss in the area of privacy was when Bobby began to laugh after seeing the tableau of sexual preoccupation that lay before him.

Naturally the first two people who reacted were the females. Kristine and Nicole appeared completely panic-stricken and looked as if they didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. Since I was still on my hands and knees facing them, I was able to assuage their fears by broadly winking at them. They both visibly relaxed after that.

I disengaged myself from Jackie’s prick, which had remained crammed up my rectum and stood up. I swear I heard a pop, as it left my asshole. I figured Bobby and Jackie came by their early sexual proclivities naturally, because their father looked pretty good for an old man.

He had the same rugged good looks, although they were now slightly blurred by time. He appeared to have Bobby’s handsomeness and Jackie’s large upper body. He obviously worked out several times as week, as he looked very hot – at least to me! After all, he was only in his early thirties.

The older man gazed upon my fulsome breasts with their fully erected nipples and plump dripping pussy and he looked my stark naked body up and down. He stood in front of me and apparently liked what he saw, because he smiled widely as he spoke, “Well, little Bubblegom, it looks as if you’re all grown up. How are you, Sara?”

It appeared he remembered me. “I’m doing great,” I declared, “as you can see, Mr. Foster.” I stepped closer, pushing my totally bare body forward and almost touching his.

He laughed the identical laugh as his sons and responded, “Please call me Chad. Being called Mr. Fuller by one as beautiful as you makes me feel old.”

Hehe, had a way with words, didn’t he? “Okay, Chad,” I agreed.

“Who are all your friends, Bobby?” his father inquired.

Actually, as it turned out, Bobby only knew Will and Robert, so I had to introduce Kristine and Nicole to him. Despite their total nudity, my friends’ early proper training caused them to have to gain their feet and approach Chad and shake his hand. I almost burst out laughing at the total incongruity of the two stark naked teenage girls being formally introduced to my friends’ father.

I was still standing close enough to Chad to notice that he was beginning to experience an erection and I had to see it! He was wearing a pair of lime-green slacks with a white sports shirt. I remember from my childhood that he was a highly successful architect. I began to softly rub the outside of his crotch. The man looked down at me and smiled. I was in! He hadn’t pulled away and protested.

Barely glancing at Kristine and Nicole from the corner of my eye, I managed to catch their attention and I nodded slightly. They apparently understood my unspoken signal, as they immediately moved in on the older man and began to undress him.

I’ll say this for them; for someone who was almost completely sexually innocent until a short while ago, Kristine and Nicole were quick studies. Nicole unbuttoned his sports shirt completely and then removed it from him revealing his substantial upper body. I was right, by God! He was beautiful. He must have continued working out for years since he was Bobby’s age. His arms alone were almost as big as my waist. I couldn’t wait to get a good look at his prick.

While this was happening, I stood up on my tiptoes and pulled Chad’s head down to mine and began to kiss him slipping my tongue into his mouth as soon as possible. Kristine used the opportunity to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his slacks and then slipped them and his underwear down to the floor and then off his body.

Not being able to wait any longer, I slipped down to my knees and directly confronted his erection. It was huge! It was as big as Charles’ and that’s really saying something. I began to wrap my sensuous lips around it taking as much of it into my mouth as possible.

The older man immediately began to moan in sexual ecstasy and move his hips in time with my mouth. I reached under his prick and cupped his balls, rubbing them gently while continuing to lovingly suckle his large cock all the way down to the base.

Meanwhile I noticed that Bobby had stripped all his clothes off himself and he and the still nude Jackie had stepped up beside Nicole. Bobby was kissing her fervently and rubbing her nipples, while Jackie had knelt and was currently eating out her pussy single-mindedly. Nicole appeared to be in another world somewhere, as her eyes were completely glazed.

I removed my mouth from Chad’s pulsating prick and, stepping up on my tiptoes again, I whispered in his ear. He glanced at Kristine and then back at me and nodded in the affirmative.

As Kristine had been just standing there completely overwhelmed watching the sexual action being performed on Nicole, Chad had no difficulty pulling my beautiful friend to him. You see, I had suddenly realized that Kristine was still a virgin technically, since all she had done was give head to Will.

I thought the nicest way for Kristine to be introduced to her first real love making with a male would be with an older man, who would be gentle and thankful rather than with some who was a bumbling kid in comparison.

I knew I had been correct in this assumption when I saw Chad sweep her up in his strong arms and just hold her tightly for a matter of minutes, while whispering something to her. God, it looked so romantic to me. I could visibly see Kristine relax considerably in his arms and then suddenly she laughed and I realized all would go well for her.

The older man picked my friend completely up off her feet and then softly set her on her back on the rug. He knelt in front of her and gazed down at her beautiful, nubile young body with gratitude in his eyes.

Kristine spread her legs wide and held her arms up to encourage him to begin. She was very brave, my friend was. Chad inserted that veritable hog of a cock of his into Kristine’s virginally tight cunt and I could see from the expression on his face he hadn’t experienced anything that felt as good as that for awhile. As soon as he began to thrust into the young virgin, I dropped to my knees beside Kristine. I wanted some of this action too!

I began to quickly kiss her softly all over her face finally ending with her lips. Kristine was bravely meeting the older man’s thrusting by attempting to raise her butt off the living room rug in time with him. Suddenly I could tell from the expression present on her gorgeous features that Chad had penetrated her virginal hymen, but my gutsy friend made no sound of complaint. I was so proud of her. She was a true sexual warrior.

As I kissed Kristine while slipping my tongue into her mouth, I reached down and began to play with my clitoris. As the action between Chad and my friend intensified, so did mine with myself.

Soon my labia was dripping and I felt the wave of cum building up in me. Feeling the presence of someone close to me, I glanced up and observed Will and Robert standing there beating off. As I watched them stroke themselves quicker and quicker, that was enough to carry me over the edge and my orgasm began to wash from me.

God! The whole thing was so hot! Nicole was cumming into Jackie’s mouth, while she was stroking Bobby’s prick, which started to spray cum on her.

Kristine cried out as her first climax from a man was wrenched from her young body and Chad threw his head back in sexual delirium, as he pumped his hot cum into my best friend, while Will and Robert culminated their masturbation by shooting their semen all over me and Kristine.

And then the front door opened and Mrs. Foster walked in. We really should have remembered to lock the door. Mwahaha!

The End

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