tagSci-Fi & FantasyPath of the Necromancer Ch. 03

Path of the Necromancer Ch. 03


Ian blinked his eyes open and stretched as he awoke late on the afternoon of the day he'd been captured. He frowned as he heard Ember shouting from the living room of his apartment. 'Their' apartment, he corrected himself with a smile. Getting up and slipping on a pair of sweats, he made his way out of the bedroom. He chuckled at the sight that met him and leaned against the doorjamb with his arms crossed.

Ember was standing in the middle of the living room with a controller in her hands yelling into her headset, "OWNED bitches! Your head was like splat. What's that? I can't hear your whining over the ass whooping you're getting..." He smiled as he saw her enjoying the shooting game they'd gotten for the console she'd forced him to buy during their little shopping spree the day before.

"Fuck these noobs," another voice said. "Oh shit, watch me knife this sniper in the back." Ian wasn't surprised to see the revenant sitting on the couch holding the other controller. What did surprise him was Grim's voice coming from beneath the hood. When had he learned to do that? Just then, a knock on the door sounded and he moved to answer it.

Opening the front door, he was surprised to see Val, red-faced and giddy with excitement. Her face flushed an even deeper shade of red as she caught sight of his shirtless, lightly toned body. Then whatever had her so energized must have overwhelmed her because, before he could ask what she was doing here and how she'd managed to arrive, she shouted delightedly, "We've got new sponsors!" and chucked something at him as she dashed past.

Ian gave an amused snort and looked down at what she had tossed his way. His mouth dried up as he saw the engraved bull on the back of the car key. "Damn..." he muttered. "I'm going to have to ward the shit out of this one before I decide to risk parking it anywhere near the Industrial District."

Val shivered in remembrance. "The drive over was pretty awesome," she commented. "Some dude actually came by the warehouse to drop it off and there were a bunch of papers we had to sign before taking it. He said something about it being one-of-a-kind and there was a lot of legal shit involved I couldn't follow." Ian hummed in response.

As he was about to close the door, he recognized a spirit he was becoming quite familiar with waving to get his attention and pointing down the hallway. Her ghostly presence was the same one that had warned him back in his hometown that the Inquisition goons were coming. She was by far the most coherent and agreeable spirit he'd ever met and she'd taken to staying close to him. He sometimes wondered if she wasn't just an echo or shadow of something left behind, but a soul that had chosen to remain.

Val glanced curiously his way as he continued to hold the door open. Finally, Ian called out in a loud voice, "You might as well come in. I'm not going to stand here forever..." Tentatively, a hooded figure moved from behind the corner of the hallway and walked towards him. He noted with a raised eyebrow that she carried a pretty impressive gear bag over her shoulder

As she came into view, Val exclaimed, "It's you!" Ember glanced over and gave a neutral grunt before going back to her game. Grim on the other hand wanted to see who their cute visitor was and left the revenant to float over and get a better look. Her dirty blonde hair came out of her hood in spiky locks to cover her face and she pulled the sweatshirt she was wearing around her tighter in response to their scrutiny.

"How'd you know I was there?" she asked Ian with a wary expression, ignoring Val's outburst.

Ian chuckled. "It's hard to hide from the dead," he remarked furtively. He allowed the spirit of the young girl to appear beside her, making her jump in fright.

"Y- you- you're a..." she sputtered nonsensically.

Ian frowned and looked towards the others. "I thought she was at the clearing," he asked, confused."

"She left before you lost it and raised an army of spirits," Ember commented without taking her eyes off the screen.

"Way to keep a low profile, slick," Grim laughed.

Ian made a face before figuring there was nothing for it now. Turning back to the newcomer and observing her closely, he said, "Let me guess, you're the Church-sanctioned assassin Ember told me about."

Her eyes blazed as she retorted, "The Church has nothing to do with that!"

Ember glanced over, surprised at the Demon Slayer's changed outlook. Val suddenly exclaimed, "You bitch! You followed me here, didn't you?"

Dani looked a little abashed at that and muttered self-righteously, "I had questions that needed answering. When I found out the warlock- necromancer..." she corrected with a shudder, "wasn't at the complex and then saw you leaving, I decided to follow you." A small smile slid passed her mask. "You were pretty hard to lose. Where'd you learn to drive?"

Val, incensed, made to rush her, but was stopped by a look from Ian. He sighed heavily and turned towards Dani with a sour gaze. As the girl squirmed under his attention, he finally said, "The problem is there's a tracking spell on you that almost certainly stopped transmitting when you came through my wards."

The girl's eyes widened and she sputtered out, "T- that's not possible. How? Who?"

Grim scoffed and said, "Who do you think, sunshine? Your esteemed order isn't about to just let you walk off after all they've invested so much into you."

She shook her head furiously. "N- no way! There are no mages in the Church. There are priests that can heal and crusaders that receive other boons, but no one that can cast actual spells. There's just no..." Her breathing picked up and she heard Ember give a humorless snort. 'No,' she silently denied. The revelation hit her like a thunderbolt and she slowly sunk down onto a chair as her legs gave out. The 9th Order, sworn enemy of mages, actually used them to keep track of her. 'Those hypocritical sons of bitches,' she roared into the depths of her consciousness.

She bowed her head and rested it in her hands as tears threatened to break out for what felt like the hundredth time since the night before. Everything she'd given over to the Order... All she'd done for them... So many lies and so many sins to atone for. Val saw the distressed girl, plagued by her own demons, and felt a tinge of sympathy. Dani's head shot up as she felt a slight tingle.

"There," Ian responded to her curious look. "The tracking spell is removed. I doubt they can actually trace the exact route you took, but it would've looked suspicious if it stopped and then started transmitting again. At least this way it's conceivable that they might think you've died." She looked up at him astonished, wondering how he could have done it so quickly and why he would chose to help someone who, by all accounts, had nearly gotten him killed.

He shrugged at her curious, conflicted expression and left her alone to her thoughts, dropping down on the couch next to Ember. From what he'd gathered from his lover's account and what he saw in the girl, he imagined she was at a crossroads in life (not too unlike how he'd felt quite recently), wondering what to do next. She didn't 'appear' to be a threat, so he figured her sticking around to do some soul searching wouldn't hurt anyone.

Scraps, now himself, got up and walked over to the window to read. Val dropped into his vacant spot and began describing the events of last night since they'd parted from her perspective. This included a dramatic telling of Ember valiantly ferrying children wrapped in her wings past walls of flame that had even the coldhearted succubus with ice in her veins blushing like a schoolgirl on her prom night.

Apparently there was quite the buzz in Central surrounding the feats they'd performed, particularly since everyone had considered their group weak and on borrowed time. There was a flood of new sponsors that, coupled with their cut of the payment from the jobs, would easily pay for a new, larger shelter to be built. Forrester and Bobby were also talking about new housing arrangements and weapons shipments.

She cleared her throat. "Anyway, I didn't just come for a social call. There is a meeting in Central tonight that will include most of the main powers in Seattle. The factions that will be represented include all the gangs and the Were clan, as well as the Church and Inquisition in advising positions, with the crafting guilds observing. It's important that all the gangs are represented equally so the established etiquette is that two people are sent for each group: the leader and their chosen champion."

"Until you came along," she continued, "we didn't have a proper champion and had to pretty much fold on all issues that were raised. Otherwise, another gang could've challenged us openly and we would have been taken over outright following a defeat."

Ian interrupted, "I thought the whole point of me being over here was to keep a low profile. Won't people pay attention if I suddenly show up out of the blue to a major gathering like this?"

She smiled at him. "After last night, people have already noticed you." She paused. "You made... quite an impression. I think the only thing we can do now is run with it. The Were haven't made it known that you're a necromancer, but if- when it comes out, we'll just have to bear the heat. You are our champion and Forrester will likely use that fact mercilessly to his advantage when voting on issues. Most will probably back off because you are an unknown, but there's a strong chance you'll be... tested."

Ian shrugged, having no problem with anything she'd said so far. Her eyes widened. "Y- you'll actually fight for us?" she whispered.

Ian smiled. "I've already fought for you," he reminded her. "This is just taking out the trash..." Val let loose a giddy squeal of delight that even managed to shock Dani from her ruminations and threw her arms around him in a viscous hug. She pulled back abruptly and shot Ember a guilty look. The demoness watched her hungrily with gleaming red eyes and licked her lips causing Val to blush furiously and look away.

"I think we have time for an early meal before we leave. How would you girls like if I fixed so-" he started to say before Ember placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned to see her raise an eyebrow imperiously. "You're forgetting something," she remarked. His mouth fell open as he took in their company and small, devious grin formed on her face. She leaned forward and rasped, "Oh, you didn't think I'd let a few unexpected visitors stop me from receiving my daily dose of pleasure, did you?"

He tried to sputter out a reply when Val stuttered nervously, "Th- that's okay. I can put together dinner while you... t- take care of her." Ian stared at her incredulously before turning his gaze to Dani.

She seemed flustered that they'd even consider her and she muttered logically, "Well, she 'is' a sex demon. It's only natural, I suppose. I'll, uh, help with the food." Ember dragged a dazed Ian into the master bedroom amidst Grim's raucous laughter.

She shoved Ian backwards atop the bed, not even bothering to close the door, and grabbed hold of the cuffs of his leggings. With one swift swish of fabric, Ian was suddenly naked and staring up at his lust-filled partner with wide eyes. "Holy shi-" he tried to say as Ember mounted his hips and began grinding her sex into his crotch, smashing her lips against his in a scorching kiss that seemed to suck the air out of his lungs. "Wh- what's gotten into you?" he panted around her mouth desperately.

She moaned as she felt his hard cock spring up between her dampening thighs. With a practiced twitch of her hips she plunged down his meaty length and gasped. "I forgot to mention that just as I give off pheromones and make others horny, when some else's juices start flowing it acts like an aphrodisiac to me," she explained breathlessly. She giggled and leaned down, biting his neck and marking her conquest. "That little chica is sizzling hot. She's been practically bubbling in heat ever since she saw you. I can smell her yummy nectar from here..."

He groaned helplessly as she bucked her hips, causing her spines to rub down the length of his prick, taking him on a ride of bliss and ecstasy. She took his hands in hers and cupped her tits, cooing in delight. He smiled and took over, squeezing and rubbing his thumbs along her succulent nipples that were standing at attention. As he glided his hands along her smooth curves, she purred appreciatively and her eyes glowed red as he stoked her fires.

* * * * *

It was extremely hard for Val to concentrate on cooking over Ember's loud cries of pleasure. Grim grumbled something about gags being cheap and Scraps turned up the volume on the TV show they were watching. The open door certainly wasn't helping things either and she constantly found herself sneaking glances towards the nimble couple. The flashes of skin and sinful shadows she caught put her imagination into overdrive as she fleshed out full scenes in her head.

She heard a low chuckle from behind her and turned to see Dani staring at her with amusement as she fixed a salad. "Enjoying the show?" the Demon Slayer asked with an impish grin.

Val blushed furiously and looked away. "What's it to you? Have you had so much sex that something like that doesn't at least attract your attention when it's bared in front of you so brazenly?"

Dani smiled as the girl tried to cover her embarrassment. "Oh no, I'm most definitely inexperienced, but I grew up in a militaristic enclave that put the strictest nunnery to shame. What's your excuse?"

As Val floundered to come up with a good response, they heard Ember shoot off like a rocket. She screamed as an especially powerful explosion rocked through her. The both of them flushed scarlet as Grim muttered, "For fucksake..."

Soon after, they heard Ember laugh melodiously before picking Ian up and tossing him into the bathroom. She yelled after him, "Start the shower for me, babe!" His muffled cursing was cut off as the door slammed shut. Val shook her head disbelievingly and began draining water from the spaghetti she was preparing. When she looked up again, she squeaked in surprise to see a nude, raven-haired goddess striding towards her with an evil gleam in her eye.

"Hey!" she shouted as Ember wrapped her arms around her and picked her up bodily, carrying her to the bedroom. "What do you think you're doing?" She saw they were heading towards the master bath and she panicked, squirming in the demon's solid grasp. "No!" she protested as Ember opened the door. "Stop. I can't! I'm a vi-" The door slammed shut again, leaving her alone with Ian. She unsuccessfully tried to turn the knob before collapsing to her knees as her heart began to beat a staccato against her chest.

Ian turned his head from under the shower spray to see what all the commotion was about and said, "Oh, it's you." He stepped from the bath, moving to open the door with his power and stop Ember's games. "Sorry about that. She can get a little carried away sometimes." Val was on her knees, blocking the door, and he crouched down, brushing aside the hair that fell over her eyes as she bowed her head. "Hey, are you okay? That was too far. I'll talk to h-"

Her lips suddenly touched his and he froze as she gave him a lingering kiss. She pulled away and blushed furiously. "Sorry," she mumbled. "I've just wanted to do that for awhile... I'll be going now." He stared at her as she tried to stand in the enclosed space without using his naked body to support her. Then he smiled as he remembered Ember's words and pulled her towards him for a kiss of his own.

Her body jerked in surprise before melting against him. The heat of his lips seemed to travel through her body down to her toes, filling her with electric tingles. Her breath became ragged and she wove her fingers through his hair as he shifted and began kissing the crook of her neck, running his hands along her body.

Val shivered at the sensations he was inducing and pulled away, feverishly shedding her clothes. Ian stepped back and drank in her naked flesh as it was revealed. She paused as she got down to her bra and panties and realized just how fast things were moving. Then she noticed his prick hardening in appreciation and she felt a surge of satisfaction. She whipped off her last vestiges of clothing, moving a hand to conceal her sex nervously.

Ian's mouth watered as he witnessed the considerable bounce in her chest as her two glorious mounds were released from their confinement. He smiled at her encouragingly and extended a hand out to her, palm upwards. His approval shined like a lighthouse in the fog she was trying to navigate.

Suddenly, all her worries and uneasiness washed away. He made her feel like she could compete with a succubus; that she was precious and beautiful and should be proud of her body. She boldly raised the hand she'd used to cover herself and grasped his fingers, allowing him to pull her into the running shower.

The shiver that ran through her body as the droplets hit her was intensified a hundredfold when his mouth fell to her chest and took in a nipple, tenderly sucking on the supple morsel and circling it with his tongue. Her hand reached for his pulsing cock and grasped it tentatively, exploring the feel of it. He moaned blissfully as her fingers reached his tip and a grin spread across her face as she found his weak spot. He retaliated by dropping a hand to cup her neatly trimmed pussy, circling her love button with his thumb.

Her hips began to move involuntarily, following his hand, and he grinned around a puffy nipple. She panted, rocking her hips as her legs squeezed together. It wasn't long before she began to shake and he clamped his thumb down atop her tiny nub. She twitched violently in response and he had to support her as she rode her release. All throughout the explosion that followed, she continued to jerk him frantically, wanting to reciprocate. He didn't hold back and chose to cum at relatively the same time.

Val was wearing a dreamy, glazed expression as she watched in fascination the ropes of thick white liquid coating her stomach. She smiled, head in the clouds, and murmured, "It feels way better when someone else does it." He laughed at the adorable smile plastered on her face and kissed her heatedly.

He moved her into the spray and she frowned up at him. "You didn't, um, 'enter' me... Is that because Em-"

"Later," Ian reassured her. "I want to do it right. I just didn't want to, uh..."

Now it was her turn to smile as she watched him blush. "It's okay," she said, giving a contented sigh as he wrapped his arms around her. "My hymen broke a long time ago." She giggled. "You didn't have to be so gentle."

He growled as he cupped an ass cheek harshly, "I'll have to rectify that next time." She wiggled her tanned, plump ass eagerly at the prospect. Then he warned, "You ought to prepare yourself for Ember though. She'll almost certainly want a taste of what you have to offer and she isn't picky in how she gets it."

Val froze as she considered the prospect of having sex with another woman. She tried to feel repulsed by the idea, but every time she imagined Ember striding towards her naked, she felt a wave of lust swat down any other emotion that tried to come to the forefront. She looked up at Ian and realized she wouldn't have even experienced this much if the demoness hadn't acted. She rested her head against his broad chest and murmured, "Maybe it'll be her who has to watch out for me..."

* * * * *

Once Ember had been satisfied that she would soon have another mouth to train, she exited the bedroom with a look of triumph, clapping her hands together at a job well done. "Am I the best fucking matchmaker ever, or what?" she announced.

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