tagLoving WivesPath to Husband Swapping Ch. 02

Path to Husband Swapping Ch. 02


This is Chapter 2 of our story the start of us couple swapping. In chapter 1 Stacy and I had decided to have a little fun with our husbands who had been flirting with the other's spouse.


The next week Stacy and I talked a few times. Turns out that she and Tom were just as horny as we were that night from the grinding on the dance floor with each other's spouses. Tom's cock couldn't wait till he took their babysitter home, so Stacy blew him in their car. She told me that they hadn't had car sex since before they were married.

At home, Stacy was waiting for Tom to fuck her before they could ever get upstairs to their bedroom. She told me they had their best sex since before their baby was born. Stacy said she really enjoyed flirting with Sam and would like to do it again. I brought up the idea that maybe we should try making out with each other's husbands. It would be like we were back in high school. Stacy said she wasn't sure if she was ready for that but maybe.

The next weekend rolled around and both Sam and I were very excited to go out again with Tom and Stacy. It really seemed like we were on a date. The guys were giving Stacy and me plenty to drink as usual. We danced and touched each other. Both guys were hard most of the night. On the first slow song, Tom asked me to dance. Sam grabbed Stacy and pulled her to the dance floor also. Tom's hips ground his dick into me right away as he kissed my ear, whispering how sexy I looked.

I wanted to see how excited I could get him with a little dirty talk. I said, "Your hard cock grinding into my belly feels great. My pussy is soaking wet feeling your hard cock rub me! Too bad its on the outside." I pulled back and looked in right in the eye, and he grabbed and pulled me in close and moaned in my ear.

I looked over at Sam and Stacy and it looked like Stacy's hand was rubbing Sam's cock over his pants. The look on Sam's face told me that she was. We danced, rubbed and flirted but no one crossed the line to the next step.

Our night came to its end, and as we walked to our cars Stacy whispered in my ear that maybe next weekend we could try a little "making out" like I had suggested.

On the drive home I told Sam what Stacy said and I asked him what they were doing to convince her to try more.

Sam laughed and said while he and Stacy were dancing, he kissed and sucked on her ear; it drove her crazy.

I asked Sam if Stacy had grabbed his dick.

He said, "Oh yeah, she was running her hand up and down my thigh, rubbing my cock. You don't mind do you?"

"No but I want that hard thing in me when we get home."

We had to wait two weeks before our next encounter. Our plan was to go out for dinner and drinks, then go back to our place to "make out" with each other's man. Stacy said she was a little nervous about it and wanted me to agree that we would just do kissing and maybe a little rubbing. I told her that would be ok but I hoped the boys would be able to stop at just kissing.

We met up as planned; I was wearing some tight pants to showed off my ass and a silky blouse to give a view of what little cleavage I have. Stacy had on a short skirt and a low cut blouse that really showed off her tits. We had a nice dinner and some drinks but everyone was anxious to head back to our house.

Stacy and I went into the Kitchen after we arrived to mix some margaritas. While in the kitchen, I asked Stacy if she is ready to go through with this. She seemed a little nervous but said she was.

She reminded me that it would only be kissing. Stacy said that she wanted to have a couple of margaritas first; she said she needed a little more liquid courage but was feeling the excitement between her legs.

After the first margaritas are downed; Stacy and I got refills. In the kitchen, I asked her if she is ready.

She took a big gulp of a margarita and said "Sure."

I dimmed the lights we come back into the living room. I sat down next to Tom on the couch and Stacy sat next to Sam on the loveseat. Tom nervously reached over for me and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips touched and we kissed but not real passionate. I'm a little disappointed but I decide to try a little harder. We started to kiss again and this time I let my tongue do some exploring. I met his tongue and his hands started to explore also. Things had definitely heated up.

Tom's hands were rubbing my body, I could tell he was not sure how far to go. I tuned my body a little so his hands could get at my tits. He hesitantly felt my left breast. I gave him a moan to let him know that it was okay and felt good. Tom took my sign and rubbed harder on my tits playing with my hard nipples through my silky blouse and bra. We were making out like high school kids.

I glanced over and saw Stacy and Sam hotly kissing with Sam rubbing Stacy's big tits. My focus shifted back to Stacy's husband. Tom was kissing my ear and how great my tits felt in his hands. My left hand was on his right thigh. My hand inched up Tom's thigh to his crotch. I was a little nervous because Stacy said only kissing, but I could see that Sam was all over Stacy's tits so I proceeded higher up his thigh. I slid my hand up over his cock and lightly bushed it. Tom shifted a little to give me better access. He clearly wanted me to rub his dick. Tom whispered in my ear that he loves what I'm doing and please don't stop. I squeezed and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. We had been at this for about 20 minutes by now.

I heard some noise and then a moan from Sam across the room. Before I can look, Tom whispers that Stacy had Sam's dick out. I whipped my head around and I could see though the dim lights that Sam's pants were undone and Stacy had his cock in her hands stroking it. At first I'm mad, "But she said just kissing," I whispered to Tom. Then I decided what the hell, I kissed Tom and reached down to his pants. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I slid my hand in and felt his hard cock.

Tom groaned in my ear, "Keep going." I pulled his cock out, it felt different than hubby's not as big but very nice. This was the first cock I had my hands on since Sam and I started dating. It was so exciting my pussy was juicy wet. I started stroking his cock as his breathing got heaver and faster.

Tom had one hand rubbing my tits and the other slipped to my thigh. He slipped his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy over my pants. The only thing I can think of is "Damn, I wish I was wearing a skirt." It felt so good to have him rub me, even over my pants, while I stroked his cock. I really wanted him to slip his hand in my pants.

I looked down at his cock and was thinking that I wanted to taste it. Tom could tell I was thinking of sucking him and was gently trying to guide my head down to his dick.

Abruptly I held Stacy say, "Tom, I think we need to go to get the babysitter home on time."

"Oh, shit your right." Tom said

I put Tom's cock back in his pants and zip him up. After we have one more kiss, we said goodnight and they were out the door. As we watched them drive off, Sam pulled my clothes off.

He pulled my panties off and found that they were soaked. "A little excited are we?"

I told him to shut up and get that big cock in me. Sam lay me on the floor and slammed his cock into me. We were both so excited that we both came after a few minutes of hard pounding.

I asked Sam if he enjoyed rubbing Stacy's tits and having her rub his cock. By the huge load he had just shot into my pussy I knew the answer.

Sam replied that "Oh yes I did, did you enjoy my buddies cock in your hand?"

"Yes I did, but what happened to just kissing though?" I asked Sam.

Sam just smiled and said he wasn't sure, "Stacy seemed to get very excited when I reached under her skirt."

"You dog." I tell him. "Was she wet?" I asked him

"As wet as you were, once my fingers hit her pussy her she groaned 'Oh God!' into my ear and grabbed my dick."

"Did she cum?"

"I think she was about to and that startled her, that's why I think they suddenly had to go home."

We talked for a while longer as Sam's cum dripped out of my pussy. He asked me if I thought we should take the next step.

I told him that I was ready if he was but it seems that Stacy got a little scared.

I kissed him and said if it gives us great sex like this we'd be crazy not to.

The day after our make out secession where the guy's cocks were pulled out to play, I got a call from Stacy. Before I could say anything she asked me if I was upset with her.

I told her of course not, but I asked, "What happened to just kissing?"

She told me what Sam had already had: that they were making out hot and heavy. Sam started rubbing her pussy. She couldn't believe how great it felt to have another man touching her pussy. Sam had two fingers in her pussy when her hand fell on to his hard cock. She said that she started squeezing it and then wanted to feel his dick in her hand.

We chatted for a while about the naughty excitement of playing with a hard cock that wasn't our husbands without the fear of it being cheating. I asked Stacy if she wanted to go farther. It seemed to hit her out of the blue.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, go farther. I hope you don't mind but I was about take Tom's dick into my mouth when you guys had to leave. Were you wanting to do more than just rub Sam's cock with your hand?"

It was as if she hadn't even considered the idea. "Well, would you be ok if kissed Sam's dick?"

"No, would you mind if I gave your Tom a blow job?"

"I guess not, but that's all I want to do for now. Do you mind if we do it in separate rooms? I not sure I'm ready to see Tom's dick in another woman's mouth or him seeing me sucking another cock."

"Okay, so we will give the guys blowjobs but stop there for now and we will do it in separate rooms." I added the for now knowing I really wanted to do more.

I told Sam that Stacy wants to give him a blow job.

"Can we go now?" Sam asked.

"Down boy! You will have to wait for next weekend. But it's just a blow job, nothing else."

"Oh, like it was just kissing." He said in a hopeful voice.

"Don't push it. You know how shy Stacy is. You might scare her off."

"You mean so shy she pulled my cock out and stroked it?"

"Okay, your right. But don't push her."

Stacy and I made the plans for the next weekend. We will go out to dinner and have some drinks. I suggested we go back to their place so we don't have the babysitter problem again. Stacy liked that idea and we were all set.

The week went by slowly, I haven't been so anxious in a long time. Every time I thought playing with another man I got wet panties.

Saturday finally arrived. Sam and I nervously got ready for our evening. Sam gave me a hard time when he saw that I was wearing a skirt. He asked if I was preparing for something?

I gave him a wink, "I just want to be prepared for anything this time."

I was a little worried how it would be when we met up Tom and Stacy with after we had crossed a line last weekend. But it was no different than before. We all kissed and hugged and chatted like before. I was very relieved.

We had a nice dinner and at the end they guys went to the bathroom together, which I thought was very strange. (Only girls do that, right.) When they came back Tom slid in next to me and Sam got in the booth with Stacy. We ordered more drinks and talked about a lot things other than sex. I felt Tom's hand and my thigh creeping toward my pussy. I was pleased I'd worn a skirt. I spread my legs to give him access and his finger hit the spot. I looked at hubby, trying to tell him what was happening, but given his positioning, I was sure he was doing the same to Stacy.

I down my drink looking at Stacy and said, "Well is it time to go back to your place?"

"Yes," Stacy's voice trembled anxiously, confirming that Sam had his hand in her lap like Tom had his in mine.

We walked to the car at a brisk pace. On the way to Tom and Stacy's, I asked Sam if he was fingering Stacy.

Sam looked at me with a smile and said, "I'm sure my fingers smell the same way as Tom's." I reached over and pulled his hand up to my nose.

"Mmm, Stacy smells good." I told him

We got to their house and Tom introduced us to the babysitter. Tom was going to take her home, just around the corner. Stacy made us drinks as we settle in till Tom returned. We were all very quiet as Stacy made the drinks. Stacy pulled me aside and reminded me that she wanted to "do it" in separate rooms as she wasn't sure she could "do it" if we were all in the same room.

Tom returned and Stacy brought him a drink. She looked over at Sam and asked him to help check on their baby. I don't need a signal horn to know that we'd started.

After they walk upstairs, Tom reached for me and plants a big kiss on my lips. We kissed and swayed as if there was music we were dancing to. His lips moved down to my neck as his hands slide to my tits. Tom fumbled with the buttons of my blouse. I moved his hands back and took over. I performed a modified striptease for him revealing my bra and asked, "Do you want it," indicating to my bra.

He nodded his head yes as I told him to come get it. Tom reached around and removed my bra. Tom just stared for a moment then reached up with both hands to grab my tits. He moved his head down to lick and kiss my hard nipples. We moved to the couch and I lay back. Tom was still all over my tits sucking them. I unbuttoned his shirt and pull it off of him, exposing his chest. There was only has a hint of hair unlike hubby who has a hairy chest.

I moved on top of Tom and kissed my way down his neck to his chest to his nipples. I spent a little time kissing and rubbing his chest, but my real target was lower. I journeyed down his body and stopped at his belly button. I stuck my tongue in it, fucking his belly button for a moment; sliding my tongue in and out, then moved lower. I kissed his crotch over his pants; I could feel the heat of his hard cock under his pants. I pulled up and looked Tom in the eye.

He mouthed, "Don't stop."

I slowly undid his belt and pulled it through the loops. I ran my fingernails over the outline of his dick, still trapped in his pants. Tom pushed his hips up to meet my hand. The button on his pants came open easily along with his zipper. Tom raised his hips and I pulled his pants and his underwear off in one quick tug.

Tom's dick was free and waved in the air. It was my turn to stare, but only for a moment. I bent down and kissed the knob of his cock. Tom let out a moan and laid back to enjoy what was about to happen. I slowly stroked his cock and blew warm air up and down the length of his shaft.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to taste Tom's dick. I wet my lips and slowly took his cock in my mouth. His dick is a little smaller that Sam's but just as fat. I sucked and sucked till I had about his whole cock into my mouth. Tom's moans told me he is really enjoying it. I nibbled the head of his cock a little which caused Tom to squirm. He had his hands on my head and was pumping his hips in unison with my sucking. He was close to cumming.

"If I don't pull off soon, you'll get a mouth full."

I appreciated him being considerate but I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I stroked him hard with my hand while keeping my lips tight around his cock head. Tom spewed hard, but I kept all of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and looked over at a very satisfied man lying on the couch.

Tom moved to my ear and told me that I had just given him a great blow job. "I really want to put my dick in your pussy." He reached down and rubbed my pussy under my skirt.

I just looked at him and told him that his wife made the rule "just a blow job." As I said that he slid my wet panties aside and fingered my swollen pussy. Tom looked me in the eye and said "we've gone this far" as his fingers slid in and out of my pussy.

I moaned in his ear, "No...not yet." I stroked his cock.

We heard some noise upstairs and turned to see Sam and Stacy walking down the stairs with a very satisfied look on their faces. Sam asked if we are done.

Tom says with my hand on his rising cock, "we are for tonight."

I looked over at Stacy, giving her a wink, "You can take it from here." I went over and gave Sam a kiss and told our friends good night.

When we got back to the car as we were driving away I ask Sam, "So did she go through with it?"

He smiled, "Oh yeah."

"Okay, out with tell me. I want the details."

Sam's Story

We went upstairs and checked on the baby who was fast asleep. Stacy pulled me into their bedroom and we started kissing. My hands quickly went for her tits. I pulled her shirt off and went straight to unclasp her bra. I kissed and rubbed my face into her big tits. I pulled my shirt off and her hands started exploring my chest. We fell onto the bed and I slid my under hand her skirt to rub her pussy. I slipped my hand under her panties to find a very wet pussy.

Stacy groaned as I slid two fingers into her pussy. I slipped her panties off and threw them to the floor. Stacy's hands grabbed for my pants, I helped her pull my pants off. She grabbed my hard cock and stated stroking it. I gently guided him head down to my waiting dick. She gave it a quick kiss and then started sucking on. As she sucked, I played with her big tits. Stacy then pulled her mouth off my cock and moved up so my dick was fucking her tits.

Stacy would switch up between sucking me and titty fucking me. I told her I was close to cumming, so she took my cock up to her mouth. I shot a big load that came squirting out the side of her mouth and ran down her chin.

She swallowed what she had in her mouth and I used a Kleenex to wipe up the rest.

I crawled up next to her and began to rub her pussy again under her skirt. Knowing that she had told my wife "just a blowjob" I asked her, with my fingers in her pussy, "Are we done?"

She grabbed my hand and held it in her pussy and said, "Yes, I think we are, for tonight." Stacy held my hand in her pussy for a while as I continued to finger her.

I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she paused and said just a few moments more. Stacy then moaned getting up to get dressed.

When we returned home from our play date with Stacy and Tom where the guys got their dicks sucked. I needed relief so I led Sam upstairs. We quickly took our cloths off. I laid back on the bed spreading my legs, inviting Sam to get to work. I told him that it was my turn now.

Sam got between my legs and put his tongue to work. It didn't take him long before I was grabbing his head and pushing my hips into his face cumming hard. As I caught my breath, I reached over stroked Sam's Cock. He was hard and ready for more.

I got on my hands and knees and looked back at Sam. "Mount up!" I said to him. Sam loves fucking me doggie and I wanted him in me right at that moment. Sam slid in behind me and shoved his cock in my pussy. He reached around grabbing my tits as he fucked me. Sam shot his load in me and we collapsed on the bed.

As we lay on the bed in the afterglow of great sex, I asked Sam if he wanted to take it to the next level with Stacy and Tom.

Sam just looked at me and said, "you mean us eat you girls this time?"

"Well actually I was meaning that we would fuck our friends. Come on you can't tell me that you didn't try and get Stacy to let you put your cock in her, Tom sure tried with me."

He laughed and said I was right. Sam asked me what we should do from here. He asked if he should he talk with Tom.

I told him that wasn't necessary; we both knew Tom was ready to fuck, it was Stacy I needed to talk to. I told him that I would talk with Stacy and see what she ready to take that next step.

I waited till Monday to call Stacy. I asked her if she enjoyed Saturday night. She said that she had a really fun time and that she and Tom had a great time after we went home. I told her we did the same and loved it all. I asked Stacy did she want to take the next step.

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