tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPatience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue


Jen couldn't keep her hands off of her friend any longer as the two approached an apartment door with the numbers 329 painted on it in black paint. She wrapped her arms around Terri's waist and desperately kissed and sucked her neck as Terri fumbled with her keys, trying to find the one that would open her apartment door.

"Fuck..." Terri gasped softly after feeling the sensation of her friend's soft lips against her neck. Her heart was racing faster than it ever had before. Jen's lips loudly smacked as she relentlessly continued her kisses, no doubt leaving Terri's neck covered in her red lipstick she was wearing that night. Terri's hands couldn't stop shaking and she dropped her keys to the floor.

"Dammit... hold on a minute..." she whispered breathlessly. She removed Jen's arms from her waist and bent over to grab her keys. Jen couldn't help but look at Terri's perfect ass as she bent over, not that she would've tried to stop herself anyways. She bit her lip, imagining what the woman's bottom looked like underneath the jeans that accentuated it so well. Terri stood up again and quickly shoved the correct key into the lock and turned it to the left, unlocking the door at long last. Terri turned to her friend as she opened the door. Jen was already wrapped around her waist again as their lips firmly pressed together while the door swung open.

The two practically fell to the floor entering the apartment. Jen swiftly parted the first time lesbian lip's with her tongue. All of the anticipation and excitement of being with her friend she had been so madly in love with for years was all coming out without any semblance of a second thought. Terri reached behind her, searching for the door knob so she could shut the door but her hand swiped into the empty air. She took a few steps back to try to find the door but it was difficult with her high school friend clinging so tightly to her. A soft moan escaped from Terri's mouth as their tongues wrestled back in forth in their mouths. Her knees felt so weak, like her legs were going to give out at any second. She broke the kiss to Jen's dismay and turned around to find the door.

"Let me close the door first..." her voice trailed off.

"I don't care who sees us" Jen said, catching her breath from their long kiss. Terri gripped the door handle and turned to her friend without closing the door and smiled.

"Impatient much?" she asked. Jen's heart fluttered in her chest seeing her friend's smile, the smile that could effortlessly fix any bad mood she ever had.

"Sorry..." she apologized sheepishly. Terri smiled still and turned to close the door. She locked the door and turned to face Jen. Her heart was pounding impossibly hard against her chest as she stared at her friend. Jen had smeared her lipstick around her mouth from all the kissing and she was breathing heavily. They stood a few feet apart in the dark apartment, the only thing illuminating the room were the outside light posts shining through the blinds. Fat lines of light ran across Terri's body, one in particular seemed to frame her lips in particular which caught Jen's attention.

"Well?" they spoke, snapping Jen out of her thoughts of admiration of her friend's body. Jen looked at Terri's eyes and a sudden twang of nervousness. Had she come on too strong?

"Yeah?" she asked back. There was a small pause as Terri flattened her back against the door and smiled.

"Take me" she said.

Jen looked at her and all nervousness and hesitation she was feeling melted away in an instant. She made her way to Terri in just two swift steps and pressed herself against her friend. She stopped centimeters from Terri's lips just to take it all in.

This is really happening she thought. And without any more hesitation, their lips met. The feeling of their soft lips and warm breath was almost too much for either of them to bear. Terri flattened herself further against the door, allowing Jen to press her body against her more. Her arms wrapped around Jen's neck to hold her closer. Jen was holding her friend's hips close to hers as they loudly and sloppily made out. As much as she enjoyed their passionate embrace, Jen's impatience got the better of her and she crept her right hand towards Terri's crotch.

Terri's heart began to flutter as she realized what her new lover was doing. For a moment, she felt like things were going too fast, that she needed to tell Jen to slow down. As she was about to break their kiss, Jen's hand found her sensitive area, that she had only just now realized was soaking through her jeans. The feeling of her vagina being touched caused her hips to recoil softly from the suddenness. Jen broke their kiss and looked into her eyes.

"Is this ok?" she asked, a little too late.

Fuck it Terri thought after a quick moment silent consideration.

"Don't stop..." she whispered softly to Jen. With that confirmation, Jen began to rub the wet area between her legs. Their heads rested on each other's foreheads as she pushed her hips forward into Jen's touch. She never thought having her vagina rubbed with her pants still on could feel so impossibly good.

Terri's breath began to quicken as Jen moved her hand back and forth, her fingers becoming wet from rubbing the patch so much. A stifled moan escaped Terri's lips as she looked into Jen's eyes. The moan nearly drove Jen wild.

"Holy shit, I need to get you out of these clothes" Jen said quickly. The statement surprised Terri as the hand left from between her legs and grabbed her hand, pulling her to her bed nearby. Terri's knees were so weak she thought she was going to fall before she made it to the bed. Jen released her hand to take off her own jacket and threw it to the floor. She looked at Terri who was looking at her with the same smile she was giving her before.

"Sorry, I know I'm rushing again" Jen apologized. Terri looked at her and decided to tease her friend. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

"I have an idea" she said slyly. Jen raised her eyebrow. "Let's test your patience, I'm curious to see how much patience you really have. I'll undress right here and you can't touch me OR yourself one bit until I'm done. If you do, you have to leave" Terri said with a wicked smile. Jen stared at her with disbelief.

"Are you joking?" she asked.

"Not at all" Terri responded, knowing full well that whatever happened, there was no way Jen was leaving without a night of ravaging sex. Teasing her notoriously impatient friend just made it all the more thrilling for her. Jen had a look of worry on her face and after a slight pause, she nodded.

"Fine, I can be patient" Jen said, causing Terri's smile to grow even wider.

"We'll see..." her voice trailed off as she began to remove the leather jacket she had been wearing inch by inch. Underneath her jacket was a thin, long sleeved blue shirt that conformed to each of her body's curves. As the sleeves of the jacket reached her wrists, Terri carefully removed the sleeves from each arm one by one, moving as if she was made of the world's most breakable glass.

Jen was finally catching on to the game she was playing as she folded her arms and continued to stare silently at her new lover. As frustrating as she was being, Jen couldn't deny how the slow undressing was accentuating every part of her body. The leather jacket finally fell to the floor and Terri decided to remove her shoes next, removing the clothing that would show as little skin as possible first. Her smile grew more as she got the brilliant idea of slowly untying the laces first instead of just kicking them off like she usually did. She tugged at the first lace at a snail's pace until it finally became undone. Terri looked up at Jen to see what her face looked like. Needless to say, she looked unpleased, offended almost, at the unbearably slow pace she was disrobing. Terri giggled at the sight of her friend and Jen scoffed slightly.

"You're just being rude at this point" Jen said with a smile she couldn't help but crack.

"No, I'm testing your patience. You're doing good so far though" Terri responded as she finally removed the first shoe from her foot, revealing plain green socks. Jen reached for her shirt as Terri quickly grabbed her hand.

"Ah ah, no touching yourself, remember?" she said. Jen's mouth gaped and she sighed as she continued to watch her friend untie her shoelaces, something she never thought she would find sexy. It wasn't the act she found sexy though, more so the merciless teasing she was receiving. The second shoe fell to the floor as Terri brought her left leg up to rest on her other one, and began to remove her green socks, centimeter by centimeter.

"You realize I'm going to be relentless on you now for teasing me so much, right?" Jen asked. The first sock fell to the floor, resting on one of the shoes. Her toenails were painted black.

"I'd be disappointed if you weren't, honestly" Terri responded. Jen swallowed as the second sock fell. As close as she was to Terri, she had never seen her naked before, the most disrobed she had seen her was with a towel wrapped around her body, and now that Terri had begun to remove the shirt she was wearing, an unbearable excitement began to grow from the pits of her stomach. Terri was removing the shirt even slower than she had removed her jacket, revealing her smooth skin at an agonizing pace.

Seeing the love of her life sexually strip made Jen realize how wet she had gotten between her legs. Much like Terri, she had soaked through her pants, and it was killing her not to touch herself. She had never felt more sexually frustrated in her entire life, and Terri's shirt was only halfway off. After what seemed like half an hour, the shirt finally came off, leaving only a white bra covering Terri's breasts. Jen swallowed as Terri reached down for her belt, not breaking her eye contact with Jen.

Terri pulled the belt from around her waist and dangled it in the air before dropping it. She stretched her legs out straight and crossed her right foot in front of the left, as if she were posing for a photo shoot. She gently and carefully unbuttoned her jeans and moved the zipper down, making sure each tooth made a sound as the tab went down one by one. After the zipper reached its base, she dropped her legs and reached to the sides of her pants and stuck her thumbs in, making sure they were in-between the pants and panties. The visual was more arousing than anything Jen had ever imagined.

Terri slowly slid the pants down her legs, revealing her pink panties before trailing down to her ankles. She used her feet to slide the pants to the floor and then sat still. Jen was staring intently at the perfect body sitting on the bed in front of her. Her eyes trailed up and down, admiring every inch of the perfectly smooth skin.

"Jen?" Terri's voice interrupted her thoughts and she looked up at Terri's face.

"Are you enjoying this?" Terri asked. Jen nodded speechlessly, like someone who had never seen another woman in their underwear before.

"I'm glad you are, but remember..." Terri leaned back and spread her legs wide open, revealing her still clothed crotch to Jen, "you still can't touch until I'm done"

Jen's jaw hung wide as Terri slowly slide her hand into her pink panties, which were drenched in the center. Terri's head fell back as she began to masturbate in front of Jen, who wanted nothing more to shove her head between her thighs.

"Ohhh Jen..." Terri moaned aloud as she began to rub her fingers in a circle in her panties. A wild fire of lust relentlessly burned in Jen's body. A fresh wave of wetness hit her crotch as she was forced to watch the perfect woman masturbate just two feet in front of her. Her primal lust made her feel like she was going insane and the sweet moans and gasps from Terri was only fuel to her inner fire. Her hands were shaking with anticipation and she was reaching the end of her already extended patience.

As much as Terri was enjoying torturing her partner, she knew that Jen couldn't last much longer, and she was reaching the end of her rope too. She needed Jen and she needed her now.

"Jen?" she asked. Jen looked up silently.

"Come and get me."

With that, everything Jen had been trying so desperately to hold back came loose, like a bursting dam. She practically pounced onto Terri and began kissing her with everything she had. The two women moaned and groped at each other's bodies, Jen was particularly enjoying the warmth and softness of Terri's exposed skin. She groped at Terri's breast and decided the bra needed to come off. She broke their kiss and reached under her lover's body, staring her in the eyes as she unhooked her bra and removed, exposing her breasts to her. Terri's face blushed red as Jen admired them, rubbing them in her hands. With a breathless sigh, Jen dropped down and began to lick and nibble her nipples, making sloppy kissing sounds, which were accompanied by Terri's gasps and moans. Jen sat up and looked her in the eye.

"I fucking love when you moan" she told her. Terri grinned wide.

"There's a way to make me moan more you know" she said softly. Jen smiled at her lover and dropped down again to continue her assault of kisses, however instead of keeping her focus on her nipples, she began to slide down her body, giving her attempt to kiss every inch of skin on her naval as she moved down. The farther she went, the stronger the smell of Terri's vagina became, a smell that Jen immediately fell in love with.

When she finally reached her destination, her head felt like it was swimming from the overwhelming events that were taking place. She swallowed hard and without any sense of foreplay, reached under Terri's bottom and removed the wet panties, revealing Terri's vagina to her. Terri slightly closed her legs as a natural reaction to being so lewdly exposed, but Jen placed her hands on her knees and pushed them apart even wider than they were. Terri's faced glowed red as Jen simply stared at her crotch.

"Here I was thinking you'd dive right in" Terri teased.

"I can't help but admire the work of art that is you" Jen responded, "You are perfect." Terri blushed even harder and watched as Jen leaned her head in close to her soaked pussy. She felt her warm breath and shudder from the sensation she had never felt before. Their eyes met and Jen released her built up lust into a powerful lick from the bottom to top of her pussy.

Terri's entire body shuddered from the feeling of Jen's hot tongue licking her and she let out a sharp gasp, followed by an ecstasy filled moan.

"Oh, Jen..." she moaned as Jen continued to lick from bottom to top. Terri reached her hands down into Jen's hair and looked at her in awe as she eagerly licked her vagina. Jen stopped and focused her efforts solely on the clitoris, which was too much for Terri to handle.

"Oh my fucking god" she exclaimed as her head fell back onto the bed. Jen's tongue was like machine, darting from side to side on her clit, not letting up for even a fraction of a second. Terri knew her friend had experience with this, but she had no idea how amazing she could make her feel. The entire world was melting away and all that mattered was Jen.

Jen stared and Terri's gaping mouth, watching her reactions carefully, gauging to see what she did or didn't like. Her legs had begun to shake and drop from their propped position. Jen grabbed them and placed them on her shoulders so she could feel every shiver she caused. Terri's grip in her hair tightened with every second. The room's silence was broken by the increasingly loud moans from Terri.

"Oh yes Jen! Don't stop!" she exclaimed. Jen's tongue continued to lick and swipe on her clitoris, not letting up for a second. Terri's back began to slowly arch as her moans began to reach a fever pitch on the verge of screams, but in that moment, neither of them cared if anyone heard the sounds of their lovemaking. Terri's toes curled as she felt her climax fast approaching.

"I'm gonna cum!" she shouted. Jen only quickened her tongues pace which caused Terri to grit her teeth from pleasure.

"Oh-!" her moan was cut short as her climax hit her entire body like a wall making her entire body convulse and shake uncontrollably. Her hips bucked up and down, but Jen continued to lick, allowing Terri to ride her orgasm out as long as possible. Loud gasps and moans sounded one by one and began to slow as the climax came to its close as quickly as it started. After a few moments, Terri's hips dropped flat and Jen finally lifted her head up from her crotch. She watched as an overjoyed smile spread across her friend's face, the same one that caused her to fall so madly in love with her.

Jen stood and walked to the long side of the bed and laid next to Terri, who wrapped her hands around the one that had caused her powerful orgasm moments ago.

"Thank you, Jen. That was incredible" Terri said, nestling up against her. Jen kissed her forehead gently as the two crawled under the bed covers to sleep.

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