tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPatio Party Striptease

Patio Party Striptease


A few months ago my wife Laura and I were invited to a house party at my buddy, Barry's place. That wasn't new; we usually partied at their house a handful of times a year. As we walked in, fashionably late, of course, there was the usual list of suspects. I went to high school with Barry, and even many years later there were still a bunch of us that hung out and partied together. We had all grown up and built lives for ourselves, but we still found time for the old crew. Over the years we had a few adventures with these people, but nothing overtly sexual. A few of us would hot tub in the nude together occasionally; we had all kissed the other's wives at New Years, etc. There was nothing serious to it, just good fun. As such, the flirting and banter between the men and women was a constant at these events.

Barry was a 'head' in high school and still smoked pot regularly. I was late trying it and as such never really did it that much, and hardly at all anymore except at Barry's parties. Laura, who I had met in college, had never tried pot until she met me, and after a bad experience with some particularly strong "Maui Powee" she never touched it at all these days. When the first joint was passed to me I took a hit without much thought and passed it along. When it came around to Laura I was surprised to see her take a quick puff. I watched her throughout the evening and every time a joint came around she took another, and after the first couple she actually inhaled fairly deeply. I wasn't worried about her though, this stuff was a lot mellower than the stuff that had got her all paranoid a couple of years ago. She seemed really relaxed and looked like she was having a great time.

Around 11:00 or so I walked outside with a fresh Caesar, vodka and spiced Clamato, in case you are wondering. Even before I passed through the patio doors I could hear Barry's wife, Deb, getting into a mild argument with my friend, Dave, over off the corner of the patio. Dave was our resident trouble maker. He just loved to get into people's heads, and tonight it seemed Deb was his chosen target. Unfortunately for Deb, she was completely out-gunned in this fight. At 5'5" and a stunning blonde Deb was a walking wet dream. She worked part time as an aerobics instructor so she was really fit for a 35 year old mother of two, and the breast implants she had after her second child didn't hurt her look either. But, for all her physical attributes, Deb was the proverbial dumb blonde. She wasn't making any head way at all with Dave, but just then I heard my wife Laura chime in to rescue her. This I had to see. Laura and Dave have a love/hate relationship that goes all the way back to college. Over the years they have gone toe-to-toe a couple of times over all sorts off issues, and from the sound of their raised voices tonight was going to be yet another round.

It took me a moment or two to figure out what they were arguing about, but before too long it seemed the issue was strippers. Dave was taking the affirmative side, naturally, while the girls were taking the negative position.

"It's cheating!" I heard my wife say.

It is not!" Dave replied. "It is just harmless fun!"

"Harmless?" raged Laura. "What part of coercing young women into taking off their clothes for money is harmless?"

"We don't coerce them! They do it because they want to!"

"For the money!!" Laura pointed out.

"For the money" Dave admitted.

"So they're prostitutes?" demanded Laura.

"They are not!" responded Dave.

"Well they have sex for money! It sure sounds like prostitution to me!" quipped Laura.

"It's not sex. They just dance!"

"Oh I see", said Laura. "So they just dance, do they? They don't rub their breasts in your face or grind their asses into your crotch?"

Dave just stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to say.

Laura had a smug look on her face because she knew she had made her point, and just to rub it in she added, "Paying girls for sexual favours, even small sexual favours is prostitution, and prostitution sounds like cheating to me!"

A small round of cheers rose at that, and not just from the girls, either. A couple of husbands high-fived Laura, likely for no other reason than she had put Dave in his place which happened more infrequently than most of us would have liked.

Still, not one to let anyone else have the last word Dave announced a little too loudly, "Well we wouldn't even need to do go see strippers if you girls entertained us once in a while. Men are visual. We need stimulation!"

There was quite a bit of laughter at that, but one of the other guys, Scott, chimed in on Dave's side, "Yeah. A little strip tease now and then would do wonders for my sex drive!" We couldn't help it, but we all looked at his wife, Cheryl, a cute little brunette who was now blushing from head to toe. While I would not have minded seeing her naked, Cheryl was seemingly the last girl in the group who would do something like that.

Laura turned on Scott and said, "Well it is too bad you aren't married to me because you would have the best sex life ever then!!"

"What do you mean?" asked Scott.

"I mean I strip for Tim all the time! It's fun!" She didn't do it ALL the time, but I had experienced a few very sensual dances from Laura in the past on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc. And I can tell you they were way more exciting than anything I had experienced in a strip club.

"You do?" asked Cheryl. "I could never..."

"Sure you could. It's easy. I bet all the girls here have done it at one time or another. Right, Deb?"

Deb didn't say a thing, but the smile on Barry's face told us all we needed to know. Then he dropped the bomb that changed the whole evening.

"Yeah, Deb loves to strip for me, but what she really wants to do is strip before a group of people, or rather, men."

For a few seconds there was stunned silence and now it was Deb's turn to blush. She punched her husband on the arm. "Barry! That's a secret just for us."

"Well it is no secret now" announced Dave. "C'mon! Give us a show!"

Most of us ignored Dave right then as there were a few questions and side discussions going on. The story came out that Deb had been very embarrassed by her body after the birth of their second child. Her already small breasts had simply collapsed into flaps of skin after she quit nursing and that was why she had got the breast implants. However, no matter how much Barry told her she looked beautiful now her old body image remained and she still had doubts anyone but her husband would find her attractive. Every man there told over and over her how attractive they thought she was and how exciting it would be for them to see her strip; Dave most loudly of all. This went on a few minutes and then the moment seemed to be over until after a few seconds of contemplation Deb turned to Barry.

"Would it be okay?" she asked him.

"What? Strip? Do you really want to?" he asked in return with his eyebrows raised slightly.

She nodded shyly, and added, "But I don't think I could if I was the only one who did. I would be too embarrassed in front of the other girls."

"It's okay, Barry said. "Just forget I said anything about it. None of the other girls are going to strip with you."

My heart leapt into my throat when Laura piped up. "I'll do it! I'll strip, too! In fact, we all will. Won't we girls?"

There were a few murmured agreements, some grumbling from a couple of guys who obviously wanted no part of their wives doing a striptease in front of us, but to the surprise of everyone Cheryl stepped up and said she wanted to do it, too. I think Cheryl may have been the most surprised of all except for her husband Scott who was open mouthed in his disbelief.

Before anyone had a chance to change their minds Dave quickly became the ring master and got everything arranged. In spite of being a bit of an ass about things at times he is also smart enough to know when to shut up. He was actually very considerate of the girls as he helped them pick some music to dance to and I assume from the fact he went inside with them that he helped pick out their costumes, too. The whole time Dave busied himself getting everything ready I still didn't quite believe it was going to happen, and I was stunned silent when I realized my wife Laura was going to be the first to perform.

We hadn't had a chance to discuss this but it would have made no difference to me one way or the other. I always told Laura her body was her own and she could do with it what she chose just as long as she was always honest with me. To date the only things she has ever done was a little nude hot tubbing, a week of topless sun bathing in the tropics, and a handful of beads she earned the old fashioned way in New Orleans last year. Most of the guys and girls there had seen her naked before, although never with this kind of electricity in the air.

Dave made a big deal about announcing Laura through the Karaoke microphone and with a smattering of applause and a couple of wolf whistles. Laura made her way to center stage, or in this case, patio. Lit now by only a few paper patio lanterns the effect was not dissimilar to what you might have experienced in an actual strip club. The music started and Laura began to sway with it.

Her first song was 'Lady in Red' which was fitting given the red satin night gown she had borrowed from Deb. Low cut in the front and cut high along the thigh the gown gave us all tantalizing hints of what was underneath. Her lithe body looked amazing as she moved. For the couple of minutes Laura didn't do much but sway and slide her arms up over her head seductively. But from the rapt attention of everyone there she could have been the most skilled striptease artist in the world. Not a word was said. As the song progressed Laura made a point of lifting her gown showing more and more leg, and glimpses of her ass and panty clad pussy, also red. In the final few moments of the song, with my heart in my throat, I watched as Laura undid the ties at her throat and let the gown fall to the floor. She looked stunning standing there in a skimpy red bikini she must also have borrowed and we all gasped as one when she turned around and we saw the bottoms were a thong. Even after two kids I thought Laura had an ass to die for, and tonight I could not believe how sexy she looked. I have to admit I was proud.

"Lady in Red" wound down and there was a few moments of awkward silence as Dave fumbled with CDs, but shortly Laura's second song began. Rod Stewart's 'Hot Legs' Where Laura was sultry in the first song she literally prowled the stage during the second. Almost angrily she tore off her bikini top and threw it into the crowd to cheers. As she strutted back and forth in beat to the music I saw her in a way I had never seen before. When she danced for me it was always sensual and intimate. This was Laura exhilarating in the feeling of displaying herself to others. She literally jutted her breasts in front of her as she danced. Towards the end she was still wearing the G-string bottoms and I thought she would stop there. But then Dave chanted "Take it off! Take it off!" She turned to look at him with a bit of a glare and I knew it was over when he mouthed the word "Chicken!" That was it! Laura spun around, put her thumbs into the waist band of her bottoms, and bending over slipped them all the way down and over her ankles. We had a great view of her ass and quick glimpse of her pussy as she did so, but in the light where she was standing you really couldn't see much. Just then the song ended and Laura turned to face us, arms triumphantly upraised, legs slightly spread. Everyone cheered and Laura looked radiant with a slight sheen of sweat. It was a sight I knew I would never forget. I could not wait to get her home. But that wasn't going to happen just yet.

Almost immediately it seemed Dave was announcing Deb. Like Laura she began with more modest clothes on, in this case a long flowing pink peignoir with a feathered collar, and she danced slowly and seductively at first as well. To be honest I don't remember much of her routine early on because my head was still swimming with the thoughts of what my wife had just done. But, when she dropped the gown and we saw that all she was wearing underneath it was a belly chain she had my attention back big time. I have never been fond of fake breasts, but Deb's doctor had done an amazing job. Rather than the typical bullet breast you see these days Deb's had just the right amount of sag, and if not for the fact they didn't sway much you might not have guessed they weren't real. Being an aerobics instructor Deb was extremely flexible and her dance ended with her doing a full split, made all the more erotic when she turned to face us and her pussy opened up for all to see. I doubt there was guy there that would have volunteered to walk anywhere in that moment if their cocks were as hard as mine.

Deb gathered her things and was met by her husband, Barry, who immediately told her how beautiful she looked, and those thoughts were echoed loudly by us all. Deb was obviously very pleased by our reactions as she headed off to get dressed again.

By this time Laura had settled in next to me wearing her T-shirt and blue jeans once again. I hugged her, kissed her neck, and told her how proud of her I was. She just smiled and whispered, "Wait until I get you home!!"

Just then Dave began proclaiming that Cheryl was up next. I glanced over at Scott and where had watched the other two girls with enthusiasm her looked a little sick as his wife Cheryl began her routine to Billy Idol's 'Eyes Without a Face'. She began a little nervously and sensing that the girls began to cheer her on. As she gained confidence not only did her dancing improve but there was an air of sexuality that came over her I had never even suspected was there. As the tempo of the song picked up half way through she untied the short blue satin gown she was wearing and let it drop to the floor behind her. Almost like a go-go dancer she began to gyrate in the white string bikini she had on underneath and before long she was swinging the top over her head. She was mesmerizing. I had always known Cheryl was a 'sleeper' but I had no idea she was as sexy as this, and on top of it all her body was flawless. Amazing C-cup breasts, perky nipples, just enough muscle tone in her arms, legs, and abdomen to define them without them appearing muscular, and all that wrapped up in a perfect head-to-toe tan. Stealing a glance over at her husband he seemed to be more entranced by what was happening on stage than anyone. As her first song ended Cheryl untied her bottoms and let them fall to the floor. For a few moments she just stood there in the nude breathing hard as Dave scrambled to get another CD playing. Shy, quiet, little Cheryl was literally smoldering on stage. Her eyes seemed to focus beyond us as though she were in her own sensual world. The heave of her chest as she breathed did nothing but make her more beautiful. Then the second song started.

Unlike the other two girls, Cheryl's second song was a slow one. As the first strains of Toni Braxton's 'You're Makin' me High' drifted over us she closed her eyes and let the music take her. No one moved as we watched this woman slowly make love to herself. As one of her hands slid down and over one breast and then down her arm, her other hand was squeezing her other breast. Her fingers were pulling gently on her nipple. Like a cat stretching she raised her hands over her head and slowly lowered herself to her knees sitting back on her haunches. Leaning way back until hair touched the floor only her hands which were now grasping the inside of her thighs kept her from falling backwards. She pulled herself back up, but with her head still tilted backward she brought her hands up to squeeze her breasts upwards together pinching her nipples as she did so. All the while it was hard not to watch between her legs. Her swollen clit was clearly visible through the wisps of hair she had down there. She leaned back again, this time arching her back into a bridge with only her head holding her up. Both of her hands glided slowly down over her body and covered her mound. Subtley, she started to bounce just a little with the bump and grind of the music. Deeper and deeper her fingers probed until she had two fingers up inside of her. We could not see a thing because of her hands, but the sight of this woman touching herself left nothing to the imagination.

Suddenly she arched her back even more and I could see her pelvis clamp down on her hand. She let out small whimpers as her orgasm rushed over her, and when it was done she collapsed with the release she felt. While the music played onward she moved not a muscle. Not one of us moved. If everyone else was like me they could not have moved anyway. I was still in rapt awe of what I had just watched.

Laura was the first to recover her senses. She picked up Cheryl's gown and knelt at her side stroking her hair and whispering to her. Cheryl opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times before smiling shyly at Laura. Laura pulled her back to her knees, helped Cheryl on with her gown, then pulled her up and helped her back into the house with Scott following closely behind.

I have no idea whether any of the other girls had intended to strip that night or not, but it was apparent very quickly that tonight's show was over. Why would anyone want to follow an act like we had just seen? The party quickly began to break up and after some awkward good-byes we all made our way to our cars.

On the drive home Laura was strangely quiet.

"Are you okay" I asked

She just smiled and said, "Yes. I'm fine. I am just thinking about what happened. It was quite a night wasn't it?"

"Yes it was" I agreed. "Quite a night!"

"Could you believe what Cheryl did?"

"No, I would never have imagined, but I am glad I was there to see it."

"Me, too!" Laura responded. "She was so hot I wanted to be on stage with her. I have never wanted a woman that way before, but tonight... Oh yeah!"

"Wow" I thought to myself. "You're serious?" I asked. "You wanted to make love to another woman? Do you think you could actually do it?"

She smiled at me for a moment knowing how much this conversation was turning me on. "After what I saw tonight, that is a definite... maybe!"

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Did that once

A couple we knew fairly well came by, we had a barbeque. The other wife usually dressed in halter tops and shorts, so my own wife dressed similar.
We got to teasing them, they teased us, one thing ledmore...

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