tagInterracial LovePatricia - My First White Wife

Patricia - My First White Wife


Note: I hope to share many stories in the months ahead with the Literotica readers. Like the following, they will be true to life accounts of my encounters and/or relationships with various married, white women. I am a black man in my early thirties. Patricia was the first white wife that I ever had the pleasure of being with. I will never forget one moment of our day together. I hope you enjoy, because we certainly did.

The first time I saw Patricia (Trish) Neighbors she was perspiring, and out of breath. She had been exercising just before I showed up at her door that day to install her direct TV satellite dish. But she was the real dish, standing there dabbing her forehead and neck with her towel. Strands of her long blonde hair had pulled loose from her ponytail during the workout, and now they clung beautifully to the moist skin of her neck. Her warm green eyes and genuine smile were so disarming that I immediately felt at ease in her presence.

"Well, good morning young man! Right on time. Thank you, I appreciate that. I have sort of a busy afternoon and didn't need to be hanging around here for too long." I really liked hearing her call me young man. Having just turned twenty-one I was still adjusting to being referred to as a man. But I liked the sound of it, especially from a beautiful older woman. She was in her mid to late thirties, I guessed.

Smiling at me, she paused just momentarily, and then continued. "Where do you want to start? Is there anything you need from me?"

"Uh, well yes Ma'am. I need to see the televisions you want connected. Three of them, I believe?"

"Uh-huh, yep that's right. The first one is right through here in the great room," she said, leading me through a doorway and into a big, warm living area.

"This big screen right over here," she continued, as she crossed the room towards the 50-inch Sony on the far wall. As she moved towards the set, I couldn't help but notice her beautiful female shape. This was one beautiful white woman. Her bluish-gray Nike top showed the lovely curve of her back, narrowing down to a very impressive waistline. Although it revealed only the slightest bit of cleavage, it's close fit and thin fabric left no doubt as to the sizable breasts it concealed. Her thin white sweat pants were stretched tightly across one of the shapeliest asses that I'd seen in my twenty-one years. Although her hips appeared to be just a bit wide for the rest of her frame (probably from giving birth, I concluded), she was a picture of incredible sexuality. Even the small, faint, outline of perspiration on her backside, extending up and down from her waistline, was very arousing. And when I realized that I could easily trace the line of her panties, I felt the familiar pang that hits a man somewhere between his stomach and his cock.

"OK, that's no problem," I told her, returning to business. "I can come right through this wall with my cable if that works for you. Next?"

"Sure, right this way."

She led me down a hall, all the while I'm watching her beautiful ass move seductively from side to side. She turned into the master bedroom at the end of the hall, and pointed across the room to where an even larger unit sat on wall shelves. Underneath was a communication desk complete with PC, stereo, and a huge selection of CDs and dvds.

"What about this one?" she asked, turning to me. I crossed the room to inspect a little closer. When I turned back to her she was moving in my direction, and a little too quickly I thought. She seemed to be a little anxious about something all of a sudden.

"Well Mrs. Neighbors, I can come right through the back of this wall behind the TV if you want, that way there won't be any cable showing. How does that sound?"

By now she had closed the distance between us. Her eyes were darting back and forth from me to the desk below the TV.

"Yeah, I like the sound of that," she said as she looked toward the desk and tossed her towel in that direction. My eyes naturally followed the towel. I thought for sure that I caught a glimpse of a dvd cover with a blonde woman on her knees sucking the cock of a naked black man, just before the towel hit the desk and obscured the dvd.

Looking totally shocked I'm sure, I turned back to her as she quickly looked away. But I saw just the slightest trace of a smile, as she headed back toward the bedroom door.

"If you'll follow me I'll show you the last one. It's out in the garage where my husband spends a good bit of his time," she said with a smile that was giving way to what had just taken place, and the fact that I was standing there frozen in my tracts over what I'd just seen. Looking back now, the look on my face was surely priceless.

I suddenly realized there was another reason for her smile as I watched her eyes move down the front of my body. It was evident that the dvd and Mrs. Patricia Neighbors were both having a noticeable affect on my twenty-one year old dick. It was also becoming increasingly evident that Mrs. Patricia Neighbors was enjoying it.

As she led me to the garage, I was treated to an un-obscured view of her bouncing butt once again. Along the way, she smiled knowingly back at me a couple of times. By the time we reached the garage, I had a full-blown hard-on, which in my case is not all that easy to conceal. I have been blessed with length and girth in that department. Not bragging, it's just the way it is. I'm near ten inches when hard, and as big around as a Red Bull can.

She must have been able to tell something of my size, as she watched me moving about nervously trying to conceal my erection with movements and my clipboard. She continued to smile at me, but there was a hint of interest and curiosity that slowly betrayed her smile.

Finally she said, "Well, if you have everything you need young man," pausing briefly while smiling, she continued, "I'm going to jump in the shower while you get started. Just work on this one here and the one in the great room while I get cleaned up. OK?"

"Sure thing Mrs. Neighbors, I'll get right to work," I told her, a bit relieved.

"Oh now that seems awfully formal at this point, don't ya think?" she said with a warm smile while moving toward me. "Let's make it Trish, OK? Surely we can manage that." That last little bit she muttered just above a whisper, up close to my ear, as she gave my right arm a playful squeeze. Then she was gone, and I just stood there with my raging hard-on.

After a few minutes I was able to regain my composure, and I got to work. Once I had hung the dish, I moved back to the garage and completed my wiring in there. When I returned to the living area I could her Trish moving about in her bedroom. Soft jazz was playing throughout the house.

I struggled a little with the TV in the great room but managed through it. I was about to finish up when I heard her coming down the hall, humming softly to the music. She looked my way and slowed just a bit as she passed the doorway. I could tell that she had not yet gotten dressed, and instead was still wearing some type of bedroom attire. Then I could hear her moving around in the kitchen, and talking on the phone.

When I finished with the great room, I gathered my stuff and went to the kitchen door. I was standing there watching her talk on the phone for several seconds before she noticed me. She was obviously talking and laughing with a friend. I had long enough to look at her closely. My God, she was so beautiful. She was wearing some sort of flowing, off white, silken things. Her hair was only partially dry, but was still full and gorgeous, spilling past shoulder length. She moved toward the bay window and I could once again she her sexy shape as the sunlight shown behind her.

I cleared my throat to catch her attention. She looked up surprised, but then immediately smiled at me.

"Hold on Claire, give me just a minute," she told her friend. "Yes sir. What can I do for you?"

"Yes Ma'am, just wanting to make sure it was OK to start on the set in your bedroom."

She stood there smiling at me, and took a quick glance in the direction of my cock. Looking back up she said very directly, "Absolutely."

As I headed down the hall I heard her say to her friend, "So anyway, I'll take a rain check on this afternoon. I think I'll just hang out here instead."

I went straight to work on the TV and it wasn't long before I heard her enter the room. She went straight in the bathroom and I could hear her moving about in there, still humming to the music. When she re-entered the bedroom I was up on a stepladder completing the wiring. She was still in her gown and bed things. She made her way over to the desk and started looking around for something.

"About to finish up?" she asked suddenly, smiling up at me.

"Well as a matter of fact, yes Ma'am. Just a few loose ends, that's all."

She started moving things around on the desk below, obviously looking for something.

"Damn, I just can't seem to find that note. I know it's here somewhere," she said with mock disgust.

She was still moving things around as I started back down the ladder. Just then I saw her move the towel to the side a bit, exposing over half of the dvd that I'd seen earlier. I also noticed her looking my way out of the corner of her eye. Then she deliberately moved the towel completely out of the way. As I reached the floor I looked closely at the dvd and felt my cock begin to grow again.

"Can I help?" I offered trying to maintain my composure.

"Well, maybe if you could look behind the printer and monitor. It's just a small hand-written note. I'll look down here while you check up there," she instructed as she dropped to her knees and started looking under the desk. I was acting like I was looking for the note, but I couldn't take my eyes off of that dvd, or her. From this vantagepoint I had an excellent view of her smooth white breasts. Her neckline was low and as she bent and moved around I caught a glimpse of her rose-colored nipples. They were protruding, clearly aroused. I was getting really hard.

I looked back at the dvd and marveled at the sight of a beautiful white woman sucking on a black man's cock. His cock was big, and wet with her saliva. It was the first time I'd actually seen this. I had heard friends talking about white women, but had never been with one. I'd never even seen pictures. That picture on the dvd, the contrast of black and white skin was unbelievably erotic. I was rock hard now. As hard as I had ever been. My cock had created a tremendous tent in my jeans, and I didn't know what to do about it. Obviously, this woman named Trish was interested in me, but I was so young. This gorgeous white wife, I thought to myself, amazed. This lady, somebody's mother is lusting after me, just as I am her. It was all so different and strange. And terribly exciting! You could have hung a bucket on my cock right then.

Just then Trish raised up. Still on her knees, she was eyeball to eyeball with my cock, about a foot away. She looked at the tent in my pants. Then she looked at the dvd, then at me. I stood there frozen, my cock straining to break free of my jeans. Her left hand reached for her right nipple. She looked me straight in the eye as she reached for my cock with her right hand. She traced it's outlined, then began to rub it more forcefully from end to end. Her eyes were transfixed on my cock. She released her nipple and worked my belt buckle loose and began to unzip my jeans. As she pulled down on the sides of my jeans, she took my boxers with them. When the full size of my cock came into view she moaned softly and looked back up into my eyes. She had moved closer now, though still on her knees. Even though my dick was rock hard, it's weight caused it to still hang downward in front of her. I noticed that it was the full length of her face, as she stroked it lightly.

She looked up at me and asked, "What's your name son?"

"John," was all I could manage.

"I'm going to suck your cock now John. Is that OK?"

I nodded.

"I'm going to make you cum, John. I want you to cum in my mouth. Think you can do that for me, dear boy?" I nodded again.

She continued to stroke the base of my cock as she opened her mouth wide and took it's head inside. She ran her tongue on it's underside and then along the pee slit. She opened wider and took about another inch inside of her mouth. My cock is coal black and when she would pull back I could see that her saliva made it shine. That was so incredibly erotic. I couldn't help myself and began to move my hips back and forth. She managed to take another inch, but that was all she could do. She had both of her hands, side by side, stroking the remainder of my cock. Then she pulled her mouth off of it long enough to let some of her saliva drool nastily farther up the shaft in order to lubricate it more.

She looked up at me and whispered lustfully, "Your cock is big, baby. It's so big."

Then she moved her mouth back over the head, and sat up more straight. This had the effect of leveling and lengthening her throat some. She closed her eyes and pushed forward hard. I could feel the head of my cock now starting to move down her throat just a bit. She managed to get about half of my length inside her mouth before she pulled back gagging and coughing, leaving a trail of saliva from my cock to her mouth. As it snapped and fell on her tits and the floor, she returned to sucking my cock. She looked up at me through watering eyes and once again used both hands to jack me off. It was so erotic watching her suck my cock in such a completely uninhibited way. Soon I could feel the inevitable eruption building in my balls. She must have sensed it somehow because she reached and started massaging my nut sack, while continuing to stroke and suck. As my semen started to push its way up from my balls she pulled her mouth off of my cock, but not quite all the way.

"Gibit ta me baby," she garbled, looking up at me with pleading eyes. She was clutching and pulling on both of my ass cheeks now, and her saliva was all over my cock, and her face. She closed her eyes and started sucking with more force as I felt her mouth tighten around my dick. I was moaning uncontrollably as my cum worked its way up the shaft, and her eyes flew open wide when it started to empty into her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, but her eyes flashed a sign of surrender as the gooey white jism started spilling out over her lips, and running down both sides of her chin. Although she kept sucking and swallowing, a girlish grin crept over her lips as it became evident there was just too much sperm to swallow. Finally, she pulled my glistening black cock from her mouth and held it tight to her cheek, letting the last couple of blasts land across her nose and forehead.

My knees were weak, and I began to fall back slowly onto the soft carpet. I was still in shock a little bit from the entire scene, but nothing surprised me more than when she removed her gown and panties and climbed on top of me without delay. With my sperm still coating her face, she reached down between her legs and grabbed my still hard cock. She started rubbing its head along her slit. Her soft pussy was so wet that it had spilled out and coated the inside of her legs and most of her ass. She slipped the head inside and closed her eyes while drawing in a deep breath. She exhaled a long slow moan as she slid half of my length inside. She started moving up and down seductively on my cock.

"Hold still John while I get your wonderful cock inside of me. Just lay there sweet baby and I'll fuck you slow and long." She was moving slowly and deliberately, up and down over the top half of my cock.

"Feel that?" she whispered, as the warmth of her orgasm ran down the lower half of my cock and onto my balls.

"How about that?" she asked again. This time I could feel new depths of her pussy as she groaned and forced another inch inside.

She watched my face intently as she continued to move her wonderful pussy up and down my cock. I kept thinking how lucky I was that this was happening. I had never been so excited, and I could already feel another orgasm start to build in me.

"What are you thinking, John?" she prodded, as her eyes scanned over my face as if she were trying to read my mind.

"You're so beautiful. Thank you so much," was all I could think to say.

But it must have been what she wanted to hear, because she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing the side of her face against mine. I could feel her hot breath at my ear.

"You sweet man," she whispered with a noticeable hunger in her voice. "I'm going to fuck you so good you won't know what to do."

The next thing I knew I was moaning from somewhere deep inside, as I felt Trish tighten her pussy and shove down hard on my cock, forcing another 2 inches inside. She rose up off of me with her hands now on my chest. She started riding my cock faster and faster, her thrashing hips coaxing more and more of it inside. It wasn't long before she was slamming the entire length of the shaft repeatedly up inside of her womb. When she gripped my shoulders hard and started to shake with orgasm, I drove my cock up into her as hard as I could, releasing my own seed to mix with her juices.

I thought surely that was the end of it. I couldn't have been more wrong, because suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck again.

"Follow me baby," she moaned in my ear, as I felt her start to roll to one side, pulling me over on top of her. "Follow me baby. Follow me, and fuck me," she coached.

I started rolling my hips into her, slowly building a rhythm. Her legs were spread wide, and as my pace quickened she brought her legs up higher and higher towards her head. The higher they went, the deeper I penetrated. Soon both of her legs were pressed between us, her feet on either side of my head. The force of my thrusts had forced her ass up off the floor and I slammed into her again and again with all my strength. She was wailing and groaning uncontrollably. She was actually grunting whenever my cock bottomed out. When I emptied my third nut inside of her, she literally clawed at my back.

Totally spent, I rolled off of her and onto my back. Trish lowered her mouth to my cock and began licking and sucking me clean. I could not believe the giving nature of this woman. She was incredible. We fell asleep right there on the floor in each other's arms. We awoke about an hour later, and made love two more times that afternoon before I left. Once in the shower, and then again, I took her from behind as she stood bent over at the waist, while holding tight to her bedpost.

This was the only day that I was lucky enough to spend with Trish. But she taught me so many things that day. The most important being the almost unlimited capacity a white wife has for giving when she is totally enthralled in her passion. It's just not the same with single women, white or black. There is something unique about a married white woman. I have seen it over and over again in these years since that first time with the beautiful Patricia Neighbors.

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