tagGroup SexPatricia's Sexual Adventures Ch. 08

Patricia's Sexual Adventures Ch. 08


AUTHORS NOTE: As with some of my stories, this submission is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. However, I have deliberately omitted detailed descriptions, references to the age of each character in the story so that you can use your imagination to insert the respective persons, ages and physical attributes of your choice.

Everyone remembers their first sexual experience with a guy growing up. My first time with a guy was when I was fairly young. Although he was my cousin, I really don't consider that to have been incest. Isn't that with your immediate family? Any ways, I want to tell you about my first sexual experience with another girl.

When I was in school growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, I had several close friends many of them were girlfriends. From those girlfriends I had an inner circle of what you would call my really close friends.

They didn't have gangs back then we were just a click. Sherrie, Karen, Cathy and I were inseparable. Wherever I went, we usually went together. Especially to parties. We all hung out at the park and the river together.

The Allegheny river ran behind my house and we would go down to the river at night to drink, get high and listen to music while we gabbed about stuff. The hardest drug we ever did was pot, but the good thing about pot is that it brings out your real feelings.

I'm not sure when it was that I first knew that I had sexual feelings toward other women. I think it was when I had several of my girlfriends sleeping over and we were all doing each others hair.

When we were getting ready for bed, we thought nothing of taking our close off in front of one another. We would usually comment on our development and then joke about it.

I have Auburn hair and I had what I considered an average body, not fat and not skinny. I had perky little breast.

Sherrie had long blond hair and long legs to match. She had slightly larger breast then me. She was the boy killer of our group. She was a Farrah Faucet look alike right down to the hair and smile.

Karen had brown hair and she was as skinny as a bean pole. I wonder now if she was anorexic. She had very small breast.

Cathy had hair like mine and a body like mine. Cathy (who was our source of laughter) was the early bloomer when it came to breast. Her breasts were huge. People would call us sisters and the only way they could tell us apart was by her breast. It was at one of these sleep overs that I first recall having what can be best described as butterflies in my stomach and a tingling sensation in my pussy.

We were all getting ready for bed when one of us, I can't remember who started a pillow fight which promptly turned into a wrestling match.

We were in different stages of being undressed. I had only a pair of cotton panties on with no bra and Sherrie had a pair of black lace panties and a black camisole. Karen was in her panties, bra and a T-shirt. Cathy had just taken off her bra and panties and was bare ass naked.

I remember because she had just hit me with a pillow and just as I was about to hit her back she grabbed me around my waist and pulled me toward her. My face landed in her beautiful full breast and I felt her soft skin on my face. She smelled intoxicating.

We struggled till we fell to the ground. As we rolled around on the floor, our wrestling turned into a tickle fight. She was grabbing my breast and I was pinching her nipples to stop her. It was then that she rolled on top of me and straddled my body to hold my arms above my head so she had a clear shot at my arm pits. Her ass was on my breast as she pinned my upper body down with her knees.

As she tickled my arm pits, I began to squirm with laughter. As I squirmed, Cathy's body began to move forward moving her pussy closer to my face. I was staring straight at my best friends pussy trying not to be to noticeable and at the same time not make her stop and move off of me. Like her breast, she had already developed a nice patch of pubic hair around her pussy. Her lips were slightly open as she squirmed on my chest.

As she leaned forward to control my hands, I could feel her pussy lips spread open on my skin. There was a moist feeling on my skin as her pussy slid back and forth on me.

Just then I heard the room get quite as Sherrie and Karen both started making comments like "hey you two do you want us to leave you to lovers alone" and "wow we didn't know you were lezbos." Cathy stopped tickling me to notice how close her pussy was to my face.

Before she got off she gave me a look that I will never forget. She had a devilish smile and look in her eye like she knew exactly what she was doing. I got up and pushed her like I was making a point that I was upset with her. We all laughed as Cathy said "they know about us now Patty."

We all finished getting ready for bed and as Cathy was pulling her T-shirt over her head she once again gave me that same look. I buttoned my sleep shirt and we all climbed into bed.

We didn't go to sleep for hours as we gabbed about our friends and guys. As a ritual we all described our dream guys and when it came to Cathy, she once again made us all bust out laughing when she described "me" as her dream lover.

We fell asleep that night, but as I laid there on the floor next to my friends I couldn't get the image of Cathy's beautiful pussy out of my head.

After that sleep over I felt a strange feeling inside that I wasn't sure how to deal with. Whenever we all got together, I couldn't help but think and look at Cathy in a new way. Cathy didn't help things by suggesting to everyone that we were sweet on each other.

This teasing continued into later that year. If it wasn't for that summer when I went camping with my cousins where I had my first sexual experience. I might have thought I was a lesbian and everyone would have thought this as well. But after that experience and my telling my girlfriends about it (I told them I met a guy there, I didn't think they would understand it was actually my cousins, but I really didn't lie about the sex).

They all knew that I was straight. I even proved it by having sex with guys at parties. I even fucked and sucked off a guy in front of everyone. Sure it was a dare, but at least it stopped the rumors and besides he was cute guy.

Cathy still did her best by trying to confuse everyone by calling me her lover and kissing me at parties so everyone still thought I liked girls as well, which turned out to be cool. Everyone thought I was a cool and a wild sexually open girl who liked both sexes. (That's called being Bi now).

We still had sleep overs, but instead of doing each others hair we would read playgirl magazines and we would steal our father's Penthouse magazines and read the forum stories out loud. We would check out the pictures and imitate the women's poses.

Cathy would sometimes act like the guy with a sock in her panties or a banana in her hand holding it to her pussy. She would act out the sex in the magazines with me being the girl. I would gladly play along by rubbing her sock cock in her panties or stroking her banana. I would even swallow the banana.

Let me tell you I got more experience and training sucking on peeled bananas' then you can imagine. I think that's why guys tell me that I have a velvet touch. You try and not leave marks on the banana and for sure not bite it. I always blew my friends away by taking the most down in banana sucking contests. But I knew something was going on inside of me when I caught myself fantasizing about Cathy fucking me with a banana and other objects.

We would get ready for bed and talk about certain guys at school and who we would fuck and under what conditions.

Now out of my friends, I knew that Sherrie and Karen have had confirmed sex. I heard from guys and on at least one occasion Sherrie confirmed one of the sexual encounters by telling us all in great detail how it went.

With Karen I just by accident walked in on her and a guy at a party while I was in search of my own room. Karen was on top of one of the Basketball players riding him like he was a wild horse. She later told me that she had let him fuck her in the ass and it almost killed her. She added that it was the best sex ever.

Now Cathy was a different story. She would hint to the fact that she had fucked a guy at a party and that she had also been fucked by 2 guys in a bar, but none of us had proof of this.

I on the other hand there was no doubt as to my sexuality. After seeing me with guys at parties, they totally believed what happened at camp.

After that summer when I returned from the family camping trip, they would have me tell the story almost at every sleep over. They especially loved what we did in the bathroom and the fact that we could have been caught.

Cathy and I still continued to put on a show for Sherrie and Karen, but they figured it was all an act. I enjoyed doing it because it felt exciting and I loved the feeling it gave inside me. At times it left me breathless.

Cathy gave me the impression that she was very serious about it to me, but would laugh it off in front of everyone.

One night while at Sherrie's house we were all alone in her house and we were smoking some really good pot and watching one of her fathers porno movies when a scene came up with 2 girls trying on clothes in a store, when they both started having sex in the changing room.

Sherrie and Karen said that it was sick. Cathy looked over at me to see my reaction.

I was mesmerized by how these 2 women appeared to be melting into one another. I watched as the one girl licked the other girls pussy like it was covered in honey. Then the scene changed to them being at home and one girl strapped on a dildo and fucked the other girl until she collapsed in a loud orgasm.

I looked over to Cathy and gave her a smile. Cathy in her typical joking way came over to me and imitated fucking me from behind.

Everyone was laughing as Cathy started talking dirty to me saying "oh yah baby your pussy feels so good." I played along with her as I turned over and told her to lick my pussy.

Cathy without missing a beat spread my legs exposing my panties and she put her head down between my legs. She started moving her head as if she was licking my pussy. I yelled out saying "oh yah baby lick me good."

Just then Karen pushed Cathy's head down forcing Cathy's mouth to hit my pussy. I suddenly felt an electric shock run through my body. I then felt very embarrassed because I realized that my pussy was wet, so wet that I had a wet spot on my cotton panties. I thought for sure that Cathy had felt it.

As Karen continued to hold Cathy's head down on my pussy, I by instinct locked my legs together trapping her head in place. Then I was totally caught by surprise when I felt Cathy's tongue press against my pussy through my panties. I gave out a sigh and realized that I wasn't alone.

I released Cathy's head and I jumped up and sat on the couch. Cathy laid there on the floor and smiled at me.

Cathy then asked us all if we were even a little bit curious about what it would feel like. Sherrie quickly said not even, but Karen hesitated and said that she had, but would never do anything about it.

Sherrie interrupted her and asked if it was with one of us. Karen quickly said no, that she had thought of it once during a gym class, but it was only a thought. I told Cathy that if I was loaded enough I probably would try anything. With that Cathy rolled another joint and lit it up. As usual everyone started laughing, but Cathy was serious.

That night I knew that I had to experience what it would be like to be with another women and I knew that Cathy would help me cross over.

Cathy caught me alone and told me that she was sorry if she scared me. She didn't want to make me mad and not want to be around her. I told her that it was ok and that it was interesting. She told me that she thought that I was wanting her to do it because my pussy was wet.

I turned so red I didn't know what to say. Before I could say a thing, Cathy leaned over and kissed me deeply moving her tongue in and out of my mouth as if it were my pussy. I didn't pull away. I knew that I wanted her and I wrapped my arms around her letting her know that she wasn't scaring me now.

As we played with each others tongue I felt Cathy moving her hand near my pussy. I moved my hips away from her so she had a clear path to my pussy. She reached into my panties and I felt her finger touch my pussy lips.

I was now soaking wet. I know that she could feel my moist lips and I shuttered as her finger dipped into my hot well.

I pressed my hips forward pushing her finger into me deeper. I lowered my hand down to her ass and I reached into her panties. I began to squeeze the soft skin of her firm ass.

Just as Cathy began to finger me to my first climax with another girl, we heard Sherrie calling out for us.

We quickly separated just as Sherrie opened the bathroom door. She looked at us with a puzzled look on her face.

We were both out of breath and we were stuttering trying to say something to cover up what we were really doing. Cathy told her that I was telling her about a guy she met at the last party and she was just about to tell me about his trying to get in her pants when she walked in.

Sherrie must have bought it because she told me to start over so she could hear. I had to make up a story, but it wasn't that hard. I just told her what I had just did, but changed Cathy to a guy's name. Sherrie even seemed disappointed with the part of someone interrupting us.

As I told the story I almost lost it when Cathy, who was standing behind Sherrie, put the finger that had been in my pussy into her mouth and closed her eyes in ecstacy.

Later Cathy and I laughed so hard about the fact that we had almost got busted.

It wasn't until a month later that I was finally able to finish where Cathy and I left off. We all went to a party of a guy whose parents had gone away for the weekend.

Everyone was there and we were all feeling pretty good. Then one of the girls who had been on the cheer leading squad (Tammy Owen) called Cathy a lesbian. This girl had been after us forever since Sherrie fucked her ex- boyfriend.

After she made this comment, several of the guys started chanting cat fight. That's all it took, Cathy isn't a fighter she gets even in other ways. She knew what would really piss this bitch off and that was taking the attention away from her.

Cathy knew what all guys really wanted to see. 2 chicks getting it on. Cathy and I looked at each other and I knew exactly what we she had in mind.

She walked over to me and in front of miss goody 2 shoes Tammy, Cathy started french kissing me.

The next thing I heard was the guys in the room going crazy shouting and cheering us on. I thought that was all we were going to do in front of everyone, but one of the guys dared Cathy to lick my pussy.

Now if you knew Cathy and me, we rarely back down from a dare. I looked into Cathy's eyes and I knew that there was no turning back now.

With that, Cathy got on her knees in front of me and lifted up my skirt. I hardly ever wore underwear and this was one of those times. All of the guys were going nuts looking at Cathy poised in front of my exposed pussy.

Then we heard even the girls cheering Cathy on. I knew there was no turning back now. I grabbed the back of Cathy's head and forced her face toward my pussy.

Cathy started licking around my pussy lips and with every other lick she would plunge her tongue into my pussy. Her tongue darted in and out of me like a snake. She grabbed my hips and moved me down to the floor.

As I landed on the floor, I suddenly felt someone lifting my head up and someone else placing a pillow under my head. I wasn't sure who it was because I had my eyes closed, but I thought how cool that was.

I could hear the whole room still going crazy with comments like "I can't believe this, were watching 2 girls getting it on" and other great comments on how good Cathy was at eating pussy. I even heard one girl telling one of the guys to take notes. That got a bunch of laughs.

Cathy began bathing my pussy as she placed a finger inside my soaking wet pussy. When she did this I totally lost it. I began to breathe heavily and rock back and forth on her mouth and finger.

Then it happened, Cathy hit a spot in my pussy with her finger that caused me to see a flash of colors in my head. She could tell from my reaction that I was totally loving it. As she continued to finger me I suddenly felt as if I was going to pass out. I felt as if I was going to explode and before I could say anything I suddenly felt a rush of fluid gushing out of me and onto Cathy's mouth and hand.

I wasn't sure if anyone else saw it and I felt totally embarrassed. I knew that it wasn't pee, but did Cathy know that. I looked down at her and she looked into my eyes and raised her head up and I could see her face was glistening wet.

She licked her lips and went back to licking my pussy. She must have known that it was something else other than pee because she later told me that she loved it.

She told me that she felt so good knowing that she had made me cum like that. (I later would find out that the spot she had hit was my G-spot and that it can cause women to ejaculate like men. My husband can do it to me on a regular bases. He loves it).

After she did this to me I opened my eyes I was amazed at the looks on every ones face. They had a look of amazement on their faces. It wasn't a look of disgust, but rather they were getting a live sex show or what it must be like to be in one of those adult movies.

I had to wonder by the look on some of the girls faces if they weren't wishing that they could be down there with us. I pulled Cathy's face off of my drenched pussy and I brought her face up to mine and I kissed her mouth deeply. Then I rolled her over and pulled her dress up. She had on a pair of lace underwear which I began to yank off.

I heard one of the guys (Daniel Boyce, who was a self-proclaimed ladies man) yell at me to slow down. I took his suggestion and I pulled her panties off seductively. Then I threw them to Daniel who turned beet red.

I began kissing Cathy's stomach down to her belly button. I licked her belly button as if it were her pussy.

I continued to kiss down her body to her dark bush. It wasn't as trimmed as mine and it tickled my nose as I brushed my face threw it. I swept over her pussy and moved down her legs and began licking and kissing her inner thighs.

As I worked my way up to her beautiful pussy, I suddenly realized that I was imitating the girls that we had seen on the adult movie at Sherrie's house. I laughed to myself because everyone there must have thought we were pros at this.

By the sounds that Cathy and the crowd were making I knew that what I was doing must be looking pretty hot.

As I reached Cathy's pussy, I wanted everyone to be able to see my tongue work on her pussy. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and I flicked the tip of it around her swollen lips. I brushed her pussy hair back around her lips as I began to lap up the juices that were gathering around her pussy lips.

I took my middle finger and I gently parted her pussy lips and slowly slid my finger into her. It totally got me hot when I heard her moan as my finger passed through her lips. I began to finger her as I continued to bathe her pussy. I took turns interchanging my finger for my tongue until I couldn't hold out any longer. I berried my head into her pussy and began fucking her with my tongue.

I gave out a moan of my own when I was treated by a flood of Cathy's thick and tangy cum onto my lips. It was a totally different texture than what gushed out of me. Mine was more of a clear fluid. This was thick milk.

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