tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 01

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 01


My wife Ann and I have been married for more than twelve years. We married at a young age, but we were both ready to be together. Our love has been very deep and up until a few months ago, I thought that things were great between us.

After I got out of college, I found a job for a year and then moved onto a better one. After ten years with the firm I work for now, I have moved up into the upper management and financially doing far better than ever before. I have earned every penny of it too.

Over the first three years we had two kids. A boy and a girl, both the apples of my eye. Ann had been staying at home until about eight years ago. She decided to go back to school and get her degree.

I supported her in her dreams and after five long hard years of going to school year ‘round she got her MBA and then went out and found a job. Since my job had been taking care of us so well, we decided to put her salary into an investment account and live on mine.

Her job was interesting to her and even though our sex life suffered a bit we were still deeply in love with each other. We rarely had arguments, usually just little tiffs over stupid things that in the long run didn't matter. All in all we had what I thought was a great marriage.

Then, about a year ago Ann got promoted to a position that would require her to travel quite a bit. Since it was a step upwards and she was in favor with upper management, I swallowed my pride and said little to discourage her taking the new promotion.

I was worried that we wouldn't see each other much at all now, but I wanted her to succeed in her job so I supported her as she had supported me for so long. At first her travels stayed within the business week, less than two days and she would be home on the weekends without fail.

Our sex life suffered more with this travel as I had thought it would, but I was mostly upset that she was losing time with our kids that could not be recovered. We had talked about it and at one time she was almost to the point of quitting and just staying at home again to be with them.

We live in a nice home in the suburbs and the only time we had to go into the city was to go to the airport so she could catch her flights. Not a long drive, but long enough that she didn't want to leave her car at the long term parking area. I would drop her off at the airport, usually early so I wouldn't be late for work, then she would wait for her plane.

I had noticed that our sex had lost some of its intensity over the last few years. It troubled me, and I think Ann too. Some of the passion we had early on was gone and it seemed a bit mechanical. I tried to spice things up, small thing's like having romantic dinner ready for her when she got home, taking the kids to either of our parents and leaving them for the night while we went out. It seemed to help quite a bit but then after a while that stopped too. Mostly due to our jobs and the hectic schedules we had.

Our sex life continued to dwindle and soon we rarely had sex more than once a month. When we did, it was like Ann was just doing it to please me rather than enjoying it with me. It hurt me to think that she was so bored in our marriage that she would act this way.

I brought it up one night and she blew up. I was shocked at how angry she got at me. It was like a whole different person had materialized in front of me and I was stunned at her rage. I slept on the couch that night (for the first time ever) and in the morning I got the kids and took them to the sitter without talking to her at all.

All that day at work I fretted about her anger toward me and wondered what had brought it all on. I am afraid that her anger and our fight came to work with me and I was less than nice to several co-workers. I felt bad after that long day and didn't know what I could do to make it up to my co-workers. They hadn't deserved to be treated like I had because of my personal problems.

When I got home, it was to an empty house. I ran over and got the kids wondering why Ann hadn't done it. Usually I would drop them off and she would pick them up. Today she hadn't even called to let me know the she wasn't going to be able to.

After ranting to myself as I drove to get the kids I then got worried. Why hadn't Ann been able to get the kids anyway? Why no calls to me, or even a message left with my assistant? What was going on with my wife?

After feeding the kids and playing with them for a while I put them to bed. No Ann. I waited up until midnight, but to no avail. I went to bed quite troubled and upset. I was pissed off and also afraid that she may have been hurt and I didn't know about it.

The next morning, after getting the kids ready and talking them into eating their breakfasts, I saw the answering machine light blinking. As the kids stood by, I heard Ann's voice telling me that something had come up and she had to go to Chicago on an emergency.

I looked at our kids and wondered what had been such an emergency that she hadn't been able to call me at work or on my cell phone yesterday? I bundled the kids off to the sitter and went into work. As I sat in my office I found myself wondering if our marriage was about to breakup. I didn't have a good feeling at that moment.

Later that morning I got a call from her. She was all apologetic and sounded like she had been crying. I listened to her and my heart was pounding. I felt that there was something she wasn't telling me, but I was too afraid to ask her for fear she would go off on me like the other night.

She asked me if I could get the kids from the sitters as she wouldn't be home until late tonight. Ann was acting strange as she talked to me too. It was like she had rehearsed what she was going to say to me. Stiff and disjointed not smooth like she was just talking or having a normal conversation.

After her call I was more worried than ever before. It suddenly occurred to me that my marriage may already be lost, that I was too late to prevent us from breaking up. I felt a chill course through me as that thought hit me hard. Had I lost Ann? Was it too late for us? Most important, why, why was she acting the way she was?

All I knew was that I loved my wife with my whole being. She had my soul and heart. I couldn't imagine a life without her. What about our kids? Would they become those kids who saw one parent this week and the other on the weekend? I was scared now. I felt like I was losing my life.

That night as I drove the kids home, I noticed that I had a message on my cell phone. How I had missed it I didn't know, but I had. It was from Ann. She wanted me to take the kids to her parent's house for the night and she would explain when she got home.

My thoughts were mixed as I drove the kids to my mother-in-law's. Getting there she greeted me as she usually did, with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She held me by my shoulders. She pushed me back to look deep into my eyes.

"Is there a problem between you and Ann, Patrick? Something I can help you with? She called earlier and didn't sound very happy at all."

"I don't know mom. (I had been calling her mom since being married to Ann years ago.) Ann has been acting strange the last few months. I don't know what's going on with her. I will say that I am worried about her and as a matter of fact, our marriage too."

"Why don't you just leave the kids here overnight? It's Friday and the weekend. They can stay here until Sunday night. Might give you and Ann time enough to work this all out?"

"Thanks mom. I appreciate that. I think that is a good idea. I wish I knew what was going on though. All I know is her job has seemingly taken over her life, almost totally away from us."

I went home with a heavy heart. If her mom could see something was wrong then Ann must have told her more than she had told me, or at least something she hadn't told me yet. I got home and was just sitting down with a drink when Ann came in.

She stood in front of me tears running down her face. I sat there, not knowing what to do. I finally stood up and held out my arms to her, hoping that was the right thing to do. I was unsure since the person in front of me was almost a total stranger to me now.

She fell into my arms and sobbed on my shoulder, her whole body shaking as she cried. I stood there holding her, fearing the worst and not knowing what to do in this situation at all. We had never had a fight like the other night, and that hadn't been a fight more than it had been an attack.

She finally got her crying under control and stepped back.

"I'm so sorry Patrick. I have behaved badly toward you and you did nothing to deserve it. I...I...We...oh God...I'm so sorry. I love you too much to have done this to you. Can you ever forgive me?"

I was a bit shocked. Her crying with her words had thrown me off and I didn't know what to say. Her arms were around me and she had spoken with her head away from me as it lay on my shoulder. I finally stumbled out a response to her pained question.

"Ann, I love you. I love you so much that I don't know what I would do without you. I just don't understand what has been going on with you lately. I forgive you, but you need to level with me and tell me what is going on in your life that you haven't been telling me about."

With my words her crying began again. This time she broke from me and then faced away. Her back shook as she silently wept. I was very concerned now. Something was very wrong with her and I had no clue as to what it was.

She turned back to me and got herself back under control. With a bit of effort she calmed down and then she began to tell me her problem. In some ways I felt that she was not telling me exactly the full story, that she was dressing it up by leaving out much more than I wanted or needed to know.

"My job has been getting harder and harder to handle. There are other companies competing for contracts that we need. Contracts that we desperately need. I have been stressed far more than ever before. I guess that I let my job take precedence with my life over you and the kid's Patrick. Instead of talking to my boss, getting more help, or handling it some other way, I took it out on you, and in many ways, the kids too."

"Ann, you could quit. We don't need the money and you could find another job if you wanted. I am worried that we are headed for a divorce here. I love you too much, and the kids...what will it take to fix all of this? Ann, I don't want to lose you. Surely your job isn't that important."

"I'm sorry Patrick. They need me at work since several contracts are in process yet. I couldn't quit on them at this time, it would mean several hundred jobs if we don't get those contracts. I couldn't have those people on my mind like that It's been hell lately at work. I think the worst is over though and if it doesn't get better soon I will quit. I'm tired and think that maybe a vacation is in order. Just you and I. ."

"Ok. You want to take a vacation, just you and I or all of us together? We can do that. It may help you relax, and I know that we could use the time together right now. When do you want to take it?"

"I should have the contracts by next week. I may have to be gone for the whole week though...maybe into the weekend. I ‘m not sure. Sam, my boss said that if I got these contracts I could have a few weeks off. Could you get vacation for the week after next? Can you do it that fast?"

"I might be able to. I'll try. Are you going to be all right Ann? I am worried about you. You've been acting so strange lately. I don't want to lose you for any reason...and your health is a concern with me too."

"I'll be ok Patrick. Knowing that you and I will be together on vacation soon will help me. I need the time off. I guess I didn't realize how stressed I had been getting."

Hugging me, we kissed. The next thing I knew, Ann was acting like a tigress on the hunt. She stripped off my clothes right there in the living room and went to her knees. Her hot lips and tongue were soon all over my cock as she gave me the best oral sex I had ever had.

She was acting so hot and sexy I couldn't help myself and before I could even warn her, I shot my load into her mouth. My next surprise was that she didn't pull away and glare at me like she had in the past. She had been mad at me for cumming in her mouth since she didn't like the taste of cum. This time, she just held me deep in her mouth and let me fill her up. Then, she pulled away and swallowed my load, returning to lick and suck me clean again.

I was stunned and so turned on by this that my erection never went away. She kept sucking me and had me close again after about a half hour. She stood up and stripped in front of me, her still hot body showing her muscle tone. Her cantaloupe sized breasts with hard little nipples swaying slightly as she moved to step out of her dress that puddled on the floor.

Taking my hand she led me to our bedroom and pushed me onto our bed. Then she went between my legs and began to suck me yet some more. I was still stunned by her actions. She had never acted like this before. I had never shot in her mouth like I had, and watch her as she swallowed it like honey before either.

Her mouth was hot and wet as she worked more and more of my cock into her, soon I felt her lips on the base of my cock. She had just taken all of me in her mouth. This was new. Before a few inches was the most I could have hoped for, now she had just swallowed my whole cock.

She moved up to straddle me before I came again and as she lowered her pussy over my throbbing cock she looked into my eyes.

"I love you Patrick. I love you with my whole heart, and soul."

Then she just began to fuck me like never before. Her actions were those of a woman in heat and in desperate need. I sat there as she bounced on my shaft, kissing me all over wherever she could as she fucked me hard and fast.

Just as I began to cum she orgasmed hard. Her orgasm caused me to shoot off into her pussy. Afterward, holding each other, I asked her about her oral ‘gift' to me.

"Um, not to look sound dumb or anything...but you let me cum in your mouth and you swallowed it. Why? In the past..."

"In the past Patrick, I hadn't because I didn't know certain things. A friend at work convinced me about some things that I hadn't known before and she also told me that you would love some certain acts. Since we haven't exactly been having the best sex lately, I figured that I needed to do something. After all, you have tried different things for me, trying to get me interested again so it was only fair. Actually, I kind of like the taste of your cum. You don't think I am a slut or anything do you?"

"No, I don't. It just...surprised me quite a bit. Having never cum in you mouth and you liking it before. That, and your taking my all the way like you did. How did you learn to do that?"

Blushing red Ann looked away for a bit. Then, after a few seconds she shyly turned back to me. I could see that whatever she was about to tell me embarrassed her or caused her to have a difficult time in telling me.

"Banana. She showed me with banana's. I feel so slutty. She had me practice with banana's. I can take a big banana all the way into my throat now, and not leave a mark on it. Just my saliva. Joan is a good teacher. She told me a lot and I can't wait to show you. You aren't mad at me, are you? I mean, my acting this way...its not the way most wives act you know. Do you think I'm a slut now?"

"No, if anything you are even more sexy than ever before Ann. I owe your friend a lot for this change in you. Are you ok with this? You know that I wouldn't want you to do anything you didn't want to. I love you just the same. You know that don't you?"

"I want to do this for you. For us really. I want to be your sexy wanton woman Patrick. I really do."

"Well then, come on over here sexy thing you...I have something for ya."

I had another erection and as I pulled the sheet away from me Ann giggled and slipped up to straddle me. Her breasts were in my face as she began to rub her whole body over mine. Soon I was being treated to another world-class blowjob. This time, as Ann took me into her throat, I pulled on her legs and got her pussy over my face.

As she took me in deep, I began to lick and suck on her pussy. Even though I had just cum in her a bit ago, I was so turned on I just had to taste and suck her pussy. Her reaction was unexpected. She began to grind her pussy down on my face hard as she sucked me.

Before, when I had gone down on her, she would be reluctant, until I got her real worked up, then she would hold my head as I licked her to orgasm. She had never let me maneuver her to straddle my face and let me lick her like this.

I was in heaven as I ate her out and she sucked me. Pretty soon I could feel her tensing up in a prelude to orgasm. I began to suck on her clit gently as she really began to work my cock over. Just as I started to cum, she buried her face in my crotch and swallowed my whole load down her throat.

My mind was overblown by this and I laid there shooting down my wife's throat, as her pussy rubbed around my nose and face. After I came and got my mind back I began to concentrate on her.

My tongue was all over and soon I could feel Ann building up. I slipped two fingers into her hot pussy and began to stroke them in and out of her. I was licking around where my fingers entered her and without much thought about it, I began to lick her little tight rosebud. This caused her to shudder and shake and the more I licked her asshole the more she shook.

As she began to orgasm I slipped my tongue into her ass as deeply as I could. The taste was not bad, while not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed her reactions to what I was doing. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping my fingers as she came about as hard as I had ever seen her cum before.

It took Ann quite a while to come down from her orgasm. I had just given her the best one I ever had. It was easy to for me to see. Her body shook and shuddered for quite a bit afterward as I held her on me. Her face was by my cock yet and her hot breath stirred me back to life.

As my cock began to grow hard again, Ann slipped off of me and staying on all fours she begged me to fuck her hard. I knelt behind her and slipped my hard shaft into her clasping pussy. Her moans became louder as I began to stroke in and out.

Suddenly she stopped me with a hand on my hip.

"Patrick...fuck my...fuck me...my...put your cock in my ass...I want to feel you in my ass Patrick."

I was stunned. We had never tried anal sex before and here was my wife of all these years now almost begging me to fuck her there. I was unsure as to how to proceed. I didn't want to hurt her, but I did want to try this.

Ann took my concern out of my hands by grabbing my cock and placing it at the entrance of her tight little hole. She then began to press back against me, forcing my cock to enter her. I just knelt there unbelievingly watching as my cock was swallowed up by her hot tightness.

After quite a few small moves, I was soon buried in my wife's asshole. A first for me and I was sure, for her. I held still, as did she until she relaxed quite a bit. I reached around to grasp her breasts as she began to work back and forth.

After a bit I had to put my hands on her hips for balance. Ann was thrusting back and forth on my hard shaft fucking me harder than ever. Her ass swallowed me fully on each thrust and the tightness soon had me building up into an orgasm. I felt her hand underneath, brushing my balls as I shot into her ass.

Her fingers worked her clit as I came and she quickly followed in orgasm. After I came, I tried to stay upright, not wanting to fall on her, but it was hard for me to stay that way, so I pulled out and rolled to my back, relishing our first anal sex ever. I fell asleep thinking how wonderful this had been.

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