tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 04

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 04


Joan was talking fast as we left the office building headed for the hotel. I had just spent the whole day naked in front of men, several that I had never met before. My whole life was spinning out of control, and now Joan, my best friend, was telling me things that I would never have believed, except for what had happened already.

“Ann, there are some things about me that you don’t know. I have not been totally forthright with you this whole time, but I felt that it was in your best interests if I didn’t tell you all before now.”

“Tell me what Joan? What is going on anyway? Why were you here instead of back at the office? Do you know my clients? What is going on?”

“You are very beautiful you know Ann. Many men notice you and your body. I have been a bit jealous from time to time too. When I first met your clients, I mentioned your looks, even gave them a picture of you. Then they learned about your husband Patrick. That is when they really got interested in you.”

“What does Patrick have to do with this? What have you done Joan?”

“Calm down Ann. Calm down. What do you know about Patrick, Ann? His past, his family, his family’s history?”

“Enough to know that I love him with my whole being. That he is my lover and my best friend. His parents love each other too. His dad owns a few businesses and...what does Patrick and his family have to do with anything Joan? These clients of mine are from Jamaica, they couldn’t possibly know anything about Patrick.”

“You may be surprised Ann. Patrick’s grandfather used to be an important man in Jamaica. He had connections all over the island, and from what I gather, he had access to and knew of secrets that white men usually never know.”

“What would that have to do with Patrick? He has never mentioned anything about his grandfather to me.”

“Patrick probably doesn’t know about his grandfather’s history. What I do know is that they want Patrick and more importantly, his seed for some kind of ritual. What it is I am not certain, but I can assure you, after your vacation in Jamaica, you two will be well taken care of. Very well taken care of.”

I laughed. This was so absurd. It was 2003, not 1703. Why on earth would anyone in Jamaica want my husbands sperm? I was thinking that Joan had set me up in some kind of practical joke. A joke that had gone too far too. If Patrick ever found out that I had stripped and let other men touch me as the Jamaicans had, he would probably either leave me or go hunting.

I began to get real angry at Joan now too. I could see that she had something to do with what was going on with me and Patrick and I was not liking it at all. I could see Joan was getting nervous too. My feelings must have been showing quite plainly.

“Look Ann, Patrick is in Jamaica at the ranch, as you know. They have already...um...well he has supplied some seed for them already.”

“WHAT? What are you saying Joan? Patrick cheated on me? Has he? Joan, tell me the truth...has Patrick been with another woman?”

“Yes. Several other women. They tell me he resisted mightily, but in the end, they got what they wanted. He wasn’t hurt, matter of fact his experience was pleasurable I am told.”

“Oh, pleasurable was it? My husband cheats on me and his experience was pleasurable. How nice for him.”

My chilled voice even cut through my hearing. I was so angry that Patrick had cheated on me with more than one woman and he had only been away from me for a week. Hot tears were running down my face as we walked into my room. I was devastated.

Joan was still with me and why I hadn’t been hitting her or something I do not know. This had all been such a shock and my whole day had been too far out for me to have come to grips with everything that had happened.

Joan sat me down and called room service for a bottle of wine and something to eat. She just took over while I fell apart. I let her take over too. Even though I was angry with her for not letting me know anything of what she had known, I still considered her a friend. I guess I was hoping that she would be able to tell me all of what had been going on with us, and my clients all this time.

As I sat on one of the beds in the hotel room, Joan began to tell me all she knew. Her story was too fantastic not to be true. I was stunned at what the real reason for Patrick and I to be invited to the ranch was, and knew that no matter what, we were stuck for the duration now. All of this was my fault too. If I had only quit when I first had my doubts so long ago.

“All I know Ann, and I am sorry that I didn’t warn you this was coming earlier. It’s too late now since Patrick is in Jamaica already. The best you can do is go there and be with him as much as possible now.”

“And then what? What am I supposed to do after this Joan?”

“First of all you need to know that Patrick didn’t want to do anything with the women in Jamaica. He did resist and they had to actually tie him up. Afterwards...after that first time he must have been resigned to his situation. He still resisted them, but most of the fight was out of him. That is when the first ritual seed blessing was done.”

“Oh please. Don’t you mean the first sexual fling for Patrick?”

“Don’t be hard on him Ann. Look, that first night he was there they waited until he was asleep, then they started on him. When he woke up they were already prepared to tie him up. He began to resist and they tied him up tight. Then they tested him to see...well...that he was still virile.”

“They fucked him don’t you mean? Wait...they? How many and did they all have him that first night?”

“Three that night, more the next time. That first night was just to make sure he was his grandfathers grandson. Even I don’t know the reasons for this or their wanting Patrick. I do know that the Jamaican’s had been searching for him or his father for a long time.”

“Are you saying that once they had an idea that Patrick lived where he did they were just finding out things in order to trick him into going to Jamaica?”

“Well, that’s kind of a harsh way to put it...but yes. They had been searching, then they located him. After that they found out you worked for Sam and then they began to figure out a way to get next to you, to get next to Patrick. I know that you have every reason to be...”

“MAD as hell? You bet I do. They schemed this all to get my husband to go to Jamaica for some stupid ritualistic bullshit and I helped them maneuver him right into their hands. Ohhhh...God...I led Patrick right to where they wanted him to go and didn’t have a clue. He will hate me Joan. Hate me!”

“Now, Ann, you are getting a little bit ahead of things. He won’t hate you if you play your cards right. Of course the Jamaican’s will be watching you and your every move from now on and especially in Jamaica at the ranch. If you’ll let me, I want to try to help you.”

“Haven’t you helped me enough already Joan? Setting us up for this...this...”

“I have helped you Ann. How about the things I taught you...you know...the things to do for Patrick? I did that as a friend wanting to help. I didn’t get anything out of it at all. When the Jamaican’s first contacted me about Patrick and you...you had already gotten the contract. They would have gotten Patrick and you there with or without my help. I knew that you may need some help when this got sticky and I am here for you now.”

“I’m supposed to believe this? How can I trust you at all Joan? You lied to me once already and now I’m just supposed to roll over and pretend that you have been straight forward with me all this time. I don’t think so.”

“Well, the way I see it Ann, you don’t have much of a choice. I will help you if you let me. I want to help you because you are my friend. Whether you believe it or not.”

I was stuck, that I could see. I needed Joan and her ‘help’ at least until I could figure out what to do to get Patrick and myself out of this mess. I was at my wits ends knowing what I had done today with those men, and the guilt from the day I had gotten that contract...with they guys in the office. Now my husband was in Jamaica for some ritualistic thing and for all I knew in terrible danger as well.

“Ok. Ok. I need your help and you seem to know more than you’re letting on to me at the moment. If you want to help you have to tell me everything. I need to know how to get Patrick out of this mess.”

What Joan next told me scared and yet fascinated me totally. It was history that I had never heard before. History about my husbands family that probably even Patrick’s father didn’t know. Joan told me about his grandfather and how he had been some kind of Shaman. Practicing ancient magical arts that were taught to him by his grandfather.

The teaching had stopped with Patrick’s grandfather. Why I was not sure. Patrick’s grandfather had been a very powerful and even dangerous person in his time. Part of the reason that he had moved to America when he did was due to a fear of others trying to harm his family to learn his secrets.

It seemed that a small sect had kept practicing his grandfather’s old ways waiting for that day when they could begin again to build into a power that once was. I had trouble understanding a white man in Jamaica having this kind of power, this kind of knowledge, but Joan assured me that Patrick’s grandfather had lived and believed his ‘religion’ devoutly.

After a long night of lots of tears and learning things about my husband’s family that I was sure even he did not know, I found myself looking forward to seeing Patrick again. I knew that he had been taken by other women. I could see that it was not his fault, although I had twinges of jealously and even a bit of fear that he would have found someone else who was better than me in sexual ways.

Some of what Joan told me led to believe that they wanted Patrick to continue some bloodline that was connected through his grandfather. They also wanted to keep Patrick there and have him be the next high priest. I knew that Patrick would never go for that. At least I hoped that he wouldn’t. After all, we had lives and children back home. Children that needed their parents. BOTH of their parents.

Joan talked me though many doubts and gave me lots of advice on how to act when I first saw Patrick again. I took her at her word, although I had some reservations. What she was saying to me sounded good and even sounded like she was being a true friend. But, she had been less than truthful with me before.

I was also worried about the Jamaican’s too. I could remember their talking about ‘having’ me in Jamaica when I was with my husband. I didn’t know what to expect with that. I was concerned since I wanted to remain faithful to my husband now more than ever.

Getting off the plane in Jamaica, the limo ride, and the walk through the ranch was another surrealistic trip for me. The exotic beauty of the island, the people walking and carrying things as they were made me think I had stepped into another world. I had, I just didn’t know it yet.

Seeing Patrick on the bed, naked, I felt so many emotions course through my body that I almost turned and ran. He looked at me as he woke up and I could see the guilt cross his face. He started to get up then realizing that Joan was standing there looking at his nakedness, he covered up with the sheet.

I smiled as best I could, faced with some evidence of his having been unfaithful with me, knowing the whole time it wasn’t like he had any other choice in the matter. Still, it hurt. That look on his face was one that would probably never leave my mind. Pained, guilt, shame, and...something else...some little spark of something I had seen before.

When it hit me I almost lost it and began to cry. I was able to hold my tears back and keep that damned smile on my face though. I had realized that one little spark was his love for me. He had that look of love that had never gone away. I was so happy that I may have not lost him to another woman, I was overcome with emotion.

“I can explain Ann. I was asleep and...”

“No. Don’t. Patrick, I know about what you have done and you had no choice. I can see that you still love me and that you feel bad about everything. I am hurt, but I also know that it isn’t your fault.”

“Hurt? But I was told that you knew. That you ordered a special treatment for me. What’s going on here Ann? Joan? What in the hell is going on here?”

“I didn’t know Patrick. I do now, but yesterday I had no idea what was happening to you here. It will be all right. We need to talk, just you and I. There is a lot you need to know. A fantastic story that you will not believe. A true story nonetheless.”

I jumped into the bed with my husband and hugged him close to me. I showered him with kisses and then, as Joan looked on, my horniness of the last days took over and I began to strip off my clothes.

Patrick was just at a loss for words as I stripped. Joan stood there and didn’t leave the room. I could tell she wanted to see more of my husband, and at that moment, I didn’t care one bit who watched us. I had something I needed to prove to myself right away. I had to know if my husband still wanted me. If I were still his number one lover and best friend.

“Ann, what are you doing? Joan is right there. So is Sanya. Slow down and lets talk first.”

“No, I have to know something right now Patrick, and I don’t care if the whole world watches. I need you. I want you.”

I had stripped off the last of my clothes just as I finished up telling Patrick what I wanted. Naked, I slipped onto the bed and taking his cock in my hands I began to suck and lick on him aggressively. He winced a bit as I moved my lips down over his length. Looking into his eyes I saw that there was some kind of pain lurking in them.

I slowed down and started over, gently licking and lightly touching. Suddenly it dawned on me that he was sore from the sex he had been having. Just how much sex he had with the women here I didn’t know, but I could guess that it must have been quite a bit.

I pulled away, and to my surprise Patrick begged me to continue. The look in his eyes was one of need, but a need that those other women hadn’t been able to deliver. I could see his love for me, in that one look. His heart still belonged to me, well, so far anyway. I planned to keep it that way too.

I went back to licking his cock and soon his hardness was throbbing in my mouth. As soon as I knew he was close, I began to work his cock farther and farther into me. I felt my throat muscles try to block out the intruder, that hot hard shaft, but I relaxed myself and soon I felt my lips caressing his balls as his hard shaft massaged my throat.

I opened my eyes to see Patrick staring at me with undisguised lust and love at the same time. His hands were on my head, guiding me as I began to literally fuck his shaft with my mouth and throat. He pulled on my shoulder, but I shook my head and stayed where I was. I wanted him to shoot into my throat first thing.

He groaned loudly as he got closer and closer to orgasm. I redoubled my efforts and pretty soon, with his shaft throbbing and jumping around, he began to shoot into my mouth. I buried my head on his crotch, his whole cock down my throat, barely able to contain my gag reflex as I felt his scalding hot cum spray my throat.

After he came he relaxed back. I moved up to lay on top of his prone body, my nakedness tightly adhered to his. He put his arms around me and held me closely, out hearts beating out a rythym together. My lips on his.

After a bit, he began to move me off of his body and he slipped up to move over me. Glancing around I saw six more black women plus Sanya and Joan, still watching us. Patrick kissed me all over my face and as I held his eyes on mine, he began to kiss his way down my body. Soon I could feel his hot breath on my shaved and very wet pussy. His fingers slipping through those lips, caressing me as his mouth and tongue got closer and closer.

The other women began to crowd in closer until Patrick pulled his head up and motioned them away.

“Back. This time is for my wife and my wife alone. Back off now.”

Sanya made a little move with her head and the other women moved back. I was not sure what they had planned on doing, just that Patrick, my Patrick, had made them move back. I softly took his head in my hands and sitting up slightly, I kissed him throughly and suggestively. He took my shoulders in his hands and laid me back down.

His mouth moved back over my body as he once again worked his way down to my steaming pussy. Soon I was in nirvana as he expertly licked and sucked me. At one point he took my legs in his hands and forced them up and back, until my knees were touching my breasts. Then I felt his tongue caressing my lower pussy, with light caresses down to my asshole. Those feather light licks were driving me crazy with lust and need.

He kept it up until I was almost ready to orgasm, then he would back off, letting me down a bit, before starting to work on me some more. After about six or seven close calls like that, he started to finger wherever his tongue wasn’t at the time. One finger in my tight little asshole, one in my pussy, then back to my asshole. He kept it up trading with his tongue until I began to orgasm with no stopping. Patrick dove his tongue in tightly to my pussy, his tongue tugging on my clit, then his lips sucking on it like it was a little cock.

That coupled with his fingering of my ass put me over and had me cumming hard. I grabbed his head and pulled so hard I was afraid that I had suffocated him as soon as my senses came back. He was breathing ok although I don’t know how. He kept licking me and tonguing me as I came back to the real world.

Pretty soon he had me working up again. He built me up, closer and closer until I was about to cum again only this time he pulled away and moved up my body, his hot hard shaft rubbing on my leg as he did.

I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. My tender pussy lips caressing it and begging for it to enter. I moved a bit trying to get his cock to shove inside me but he held off. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. I tried to move my head up to kiss him but he held off, just looking into my eyes.

I began to beg for him to fuck me.

“Patrick...please. I need you. Please...f...fuck...FUCK ME.”

“What? What do you want me to do Ann?”

“Fuck me Patrick. You know that I want yo inside me. Please. Fuck me.”

“What do you want Ann?”

God damn-it Patrick, FUCK ME. Fuck me with your hard cock. Please don’t tease me anymore. Just fuck me.”

As I begged for it like that the last time he rammed his cock inside me. I wasn’t expecting it and he knocked the wind out of me as his cock drove deeply into me. I held on for dear life, loving every inch, every second, every muscle begging for him to fuck me hard and fast.

He rammed me again and again, then slowed down to a soft and light pace. Then, just when I got used to the new pace, he once again began to ram me hard and fast. He kept this up several times, with stops in between when I got too close to cumming. We had never fucked like this before. He was driving me up the cliff and then, without warning, he drove me over and off.

My orgasm snuck up on me and when it hit me I was overwhelmed with it’s intensity. Patrick was still fucking me hard and fast as I came and came. My nerve endings were on fire, my legs and arms wrapped around my husband as tight as I could get them. My pussy flooding with my juices.

In the background I heard someone screaming loudly. I wanted to tell them to shut up that they were being too loud, when I realized that it was me screaming. I was screaming in orgasm and hadn’t realized it until that very moment.

After I came I felt Patrick lay next to me and hold me close. I fell asleep that way. In my husbands arms. Happy and content. Having just had the best and most delicious orgasm I had ever had in my life.

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