tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 06

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 06


I see a need to explain the long breaks in between chapters...my job requires me to be gone from home for a bit more than two weeks at a time. I tend to like to submit my stories chapter by chapter...meaning that while I am at work I cannot submit to lit. I thank you all, readers, for bearing with me all this time and having patience with me. Also, I had a hard time in how to 'classify' this story. Since the predominant theme is about a husband and a wife I chose loving wives. I am sure many arguments could be made for other sections to have put this. I will say that in the future I plan on putting my longer stories, such as this one, in the novel section.

Having seen my wife strapped down and used like she had been had been upsetting to say the least. I knew that I had to cooperate with these people though. My meditation worked for the most part, although deep in the recess's of my mind I was beginning to formulate a plan.

The woman cradling my head moved out from under me, gently laying my head down as she did. Then other hands began to massage that oil into my skin. The massage was sensual and sexual in it's entirety. Knowing hands skillfully applying just the right touch in just the right places.

The oils were doing their stuff too. I could feel my whole body warming up and that tingle beginning to take over. My cock was hard as steel, throbbing. My mind began to get blurry as the 'herbs' in the oil took effect.

Once again, the naked women came to stand around me and one by one they climbed on and either fucked or sucked my cock. Hands caressing me all over, wherever they could. My mind in a haze, I just laid there and let them take me however they wished. I knew that I would be cumming eventually, and how good it really did feel when it happened.

This time, there were many more women, and after what seemed to be hours, they had each sucked and fucked me. At one point, they undid my legs from those restraints and pulled them up into the air, back until my knees were almost to my chest.

I felt tongues and fingers caressing my ass, my balls, and playing with my cock for quite some time. It seemed that the longer they played, the tighter my ballsack got. My cock, well, it was so hard it hurt just to breathe on it, and they were doing that quite a bit too. I needed and desperately wanted to cum but nobody would give me that oil in my mouth to allow it.

My balls felt like they were about to explode way before they were done and they kept me in that horny and sexual state for a longer time tonight. I knew that my sperm was building up to probably the largest amount I had ever produced. I just wanted it over with.

They put my legs back down and fastened them to the restraints, my cock was standing up high and hard. A different oil was now rubbed on it, and my balls, as they began to shift to the next step.

Suddenly, they all got off the bed and stood back in a large circle. A new woman came into the room. Her skin was far lighter than the rest here, more like a very well tanned white woman than a native woman. Her facial features were strikingly beautiful, as her high cheekbones and almost prominent chin gave her a model's look.

She was wearing a single white almost see-through sarong type robe. It was held together at her waist with a large gold intricate clasp. I could just make out that the designs engraved in it were of naked people in various sexual poses. Her eyes had some kind of deep red makeup around them, and her facial features were touched up in many colors as well.

I was pretty sure this was the High Priestess that I had been told about. I could see that under that robe her breasts were quite large and very firm, with nipples that stuck out quite a ways. The sway of her hips told me that her body was in great shape as well.

As I was telling myself that this Priestess wouldn't be too bad, another two women came in dressed similarly as the first. I realized that if one of them was the High Priestess, then the other two were some kind of hand maidens or something. Or, perhaps, none of them were the High Priestess.

Each of them stood at the foot of the bed I was tied to, and each undid their gold clasps, allowing their sarongs to open. The bodies I saw were very firm, very tight, and very beautiful. Each was different in a special way, but each desirable to have too.

They pulled off their sarongs and then climbed up onto the bed. One to each side and one right in the center, they slowly moved to lay with me. The one laid right on top of me and her nipples scraped along my chest as she moved up, getting her head even with mine.

The one's on the sides of me turned to face my body and then moved in close, touching me fully from head to foot. Then they all just laid there waiting for something. Sanya came up to stand by the bed and in her hands was a small cymbals. She began beating them together in a soft clapping that was soon joined with instruments played by the others.

The women laying with me stayed still, their hands held to the sides, their eyes open and looking at me. I could see their lips were moist with some kind of sheen that looked almost metallic. Even with them just laying there not doing anything, my cock still throbbed as hard as it had been before.

The 'music' was reaching a high pitch as the others began to circle us. I was seeing a true ritual dance and instead of being a tourist off to one side, I was the center attraction. The women laying with me began to undulate against my body, rubbing slowly and gently.

The one on top of me placed her hands on my head and guiding her mouth to mine, she stuck her tongue out between her tightly closed lips. I held mine closed for an instant, then opened them allowing her tongue admittance. As her tongue plunged inside my mouth, her lips came to seal tightly around mine.

I could feel a warm honey like substance flowing from her mouth into mine. Her lips stayed tightly sealed to mine, and eventually I had to swallow or choke, so I swallowed. Just as my throat worked the very sweet liquid down, she pulled away and changed places with the one to my right.

The kiss began again, in the same manner. This time the liquid pushed into my mouth by her tongue was salty. I could feel a tingle building in my belly as I swallowed the second 'gift'. The partner change happened again and the one on my left came to lay on top of me, her mouth on mine. As I waited, she held her mouth closed. Waiting for some signal or something.

The music stopped suddenly and in the silence that followed I could hear moaning. I wondered briefly who was making that sound when I realized that I was moaning. I don't know when I had started to moan, but I was now, and quite loudly. I heard sticks being hit together in a fast beat then other percussion sounds rolling out around us.

As the beat grew louder and stronger, the woman on me opened her mouth and let her 'gift' flow down my throat. Her liquid gift was sweet and sour tasting, with an oily texture. As I swallowed it I felt a heat rising where it touched.

At that point my cock felt like it was ready to explode into millions of tiny pieces it was so painfully hard. The throbbing had taken up the beat to the sounds around me and I couldn't control it at all.

The three women with me began to touch and caress my body. Their tongues and lips soon replaced hands and fingers. Each worked towards my crotch area in slow and patient pacing. Someone brought up a gourd that had been dried and cleaned out to make a natural bowl.

It was placed between my legs, close to my balls. When they all reached my cock, I felt their tongues beginning to lick my shaft from three angles. One was holding my cock upright like a rocket on a launchpad, and they all took their time licking my shaft in unison.

I felt the start of my orgasm building, and as my body began to shake, their licking motions became faster and faster. Just as one of them topped out at the head of my cock it began to shoot.

I felt her lips around my cock head and I filled her mouth with my seed. As soon as she could no longer take anymore, she pulled off and another mouth replaced hers in a smooth motion. Then, as the second one's mouth filled she switched with the third one. As each one moved away, they spit my seed into the bowl. The way they did this was with a soft spit, not a harsh hard one.

My orgasm was flowing through my whole body by now and I lost track of where or when I was and just laid there lost in the nirvana of a long sustained orgasm of proportions I had never had before. Each of the women with me took at least two mouthfuls of cum from my exploding cock.

I passed out from the intensity of my orgasm long before they were finished with me. I awoke to the three still licking and kissing my body all over. My cock was unbelievably still hard and throbbing.

As I came to my senses, they pulled away and got off the bed. I was not alone for long. I looked between my spread legs and standing in front of me was my wife. She had been dressed in a similar white sarong as the three just finished with me. Her hair had been done up with natural flower braided into it, and ringlets of hair hanging around, highlighting her natural beauty.

I was wondering what was going on when Sanya stepped alongside of Ann.

"Patrick. This is your queen. She is to present you to the High Priestess. It is how it has been done...forever. Your grandmother presented your grandfather to the High Priestess in the same way, wearing the same things. Your queen must present you, and you must accept how it is done. Do you understand me?"


"Don't sound so defeated Patrick. You have lost nothing. You still will have your queen, your children, your life. This is just a short...turnout in the road of life. One that will benefit a great many people. It is the start of your new life as well."

"Like I have had any choice in the matter. Lets get on with it shall we?"

I wanted this all over with and Ann and I to be out of here. I was still hurting from witnessing her being taken by those four men, and the guilt of the women I had been with didn't help things at all. My body was tired from being tied up like it had been, and even though I was still hard as steel, my cock was sore.

Yeah, I know, you're thinking, "Poor lucky bastard." but let me tell you something. Having been setup and used as I had been had not been very fun. The oils and the drugs or 'herbs' they contained had put me into that place of enjoyment, but the love of my life was not there with me.

This was not of my free will, and not where I would have gone alone or with my wife. Watching as my wife was used the same way I had been didn't help things either. I felt powerless and weak for not being able to protect her. I hadn't been the superman and saved her.

In fact, we had both been used against our wishes and now, I just wanted this to be over with. I laid there waiting for their High Priestess to come in and use me like the others had already. I was not expecting the High Priestess to be anyone I knew or had seen now.

The four men entered my vision and they stood watching as my arms and legs were released from the restraints. I rubbed my wrists and then my ankles a bit but remained laying on my back. I knew that I was expected to 'please' the High Priestess, and I was prepared to do so.

When Ann was introduced to the High Priestess I am not sure who was more surprised, Ann or me. Joan was brought in and stood in front of Ann. Joan was naked, her body covered in an oily sheen. I realized immediately that Joan was the High Priestess.

Ann's shock was pronounced. She at first shook her head in a negative motion as if to deny that Joan was the High Priestess. Then, she began to stutter.

"You? Y-y-y-our t-t-he Priestess? YOU KNEW! All this time you have been lying to me and leading me on. You lying bitch. You have always known haven't you?"

Joan stood there with a catty smile on her face. She didn't answer Ann but instead turned to face me. As she did, she licked her lips, her eyes traveling over my body.

"Present me now Ann. We can talk later of what I knew and didn't tell you. Right now, the time is for the High Priestess to join with the High Priest. Do what you have been told to do."

Two of the four men turned and gave Joan their hands, helping her to step up onto the bed over me. Joan's feet were on either side of my hips, spread out about three feet. I was looking right up at her shaven and quite wet pussy. Ann came up along me and kneeling in by Joan she took my cock in her soft hands and then looked up at Joan.


"Yes? What Ann? What do you want to say to me?"

Joan was not being mean or harsh. She was actually gently prodding Ann to say whatever they wanted her to say. Ann was having a hard time with her part of this ceremony. She looked into my eyes then up at Joan, then back at me.

I tried the best I could to convey my love to Ann, but I could not say anything for fear that I would lose control of my barely held anger. How dare Joan pull this. Ann had trusted her fully all this time and to find out that Joan knew way more than she had ever let on.

"I...offer my King...my husband to you Jo...High Priestess. Your needs are his to satisfy. My gift to you is this...my husbands..."

"What Ann? What of your husbands are you offering me?" Ann shook her head no and started to pull away from us. I could see that she wasn't able to fulfill her part of this ritual and wanted to be away. I could see the men paying close attention to Ann. They went around us moving to grab Ann, but surprisingly, Joan waved them off.

"Ann will cooperate gentlemen. She knows the penalty for not and she will do what is necessary for her and Patrick. Won't you Ann?"

"I...yes. Yes I will do what you want me to do Priestess. I know what...it's just that this is so hard. I..."

"You will do what's right for you both Ann. Now, I know you have been told exactly what to say and what to do, so lets get this going shall we?"

I could hear Joan's patience wearing at this point. She was the one in control now and Ann would have to do what they wanted or something would happen to her or me, or possibly the both of us. My mind was flying, trying to think of some way to save us, but I could see that not only were we outnumbered, I had no idea where any clothes or our passports and things were either.

Ann moved back in close and once again took my hard cock into her hands. She held it upright, pointing towards Joan's wetness. I could see her swallowing as she built up the strength to continue on with this painful ordeal.

"High Priestess, I offer you my...husbands...cock."

She started out loud and confident, but by the last word she was down to a whisper. Her eyes went to mine and I saw her pain and at the same time, a look of loss. I smiled into her eyes, hoping she would know that I loved her and her alone. Not matter what happened here today or over the last days, I still loved my wife. Only my wife.

Joan had begun to lower her body down towards my hard shaft. Soon I could feel the heat her body was giving off. Ann held my cock up and as Joan got in close enough, she rubbed it along Joan's pussy lips. Joan moaned a bit when the head of my shaft slipped between those hot moist lips and then pressed against her little clit.

Ann continued to hold my cock until Joan had gotten the head fully inside her opening. Then, as Joan began to slide down on me, Ann let go and moved up above my head. Once kneeling there, she picked up my head and slipped her folded legs underneath me becoming my pillow.

Ann's breast's were just above my head, swaying in the cool air of the room. I could see that her nipples were hard as if she were turned on. I knew that it had to be remnants of the oils, or perhaps the cool night air causing that.

I felt her hands cradle my head on each side, her legs fully supporting me, watching as Joan began to stroke up and down on my hardness. Joan's eyes were on both Ann and I, and as she rose up and down on me, she put her hands out and took Ann's shoulder's in a firm grip.

Ann was soon being lowered down, bending over me until her breasts were in my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked them, feeling that I had to show somehow that I still wanted Ann and loved her. I was gentle and loving, sucking first one then the other nipple.

Ann's hands held me close to her guiding me ever so subtly as Joan moaned loudly. If it hadn't been the difference in the tone of her voice, I could have imagined that Ann were sitting on me and we were face to face. Joan's moans made that impossible though.

Joan began to get faster and harder in her movements, her orgasm must have been approaching. She moved to push Ann up and away from me as she bent down, lowering her breast's to rub on my chest.

Her hard nipples felt like little knives as they moved up and down on my chest. I could feel that they were also very hot to the touch too. Whatever oil was on her was causing the oil on me to get warmer and warmer.

Joan's mouth came down and covered mine. Her tongue forced its way inside, slipping between my lips. I had my teeth closed and I felt her press hard against them, insistently, until I opened my jaw, causing them to separate enough for her tongue to enter fully into me.

I could feel her pussy muscles milking my shaft, begging me for my liquid gift. I was half wanting to cum right away in order to get this over with and half wanting to never cum causing her to feel rejected by me. The first half won out, probably due to the oils reacting as they were.

She began to orgasm hard and as she did her muscles contracted hard on my shaft causing me to erupt as well. Ann still cradled my head as my cum shot into her alleged friend. I came and came, for such a long time for a bit I thought there might be something wrong with me or something.

The orgasm was good, but nowhere near as great as I had with Ann. This was a mechanical orgasm for me. One of 'have to' not 'want to'. Joan passed out on top of me and as she laid there eyes closed, Ann bent down and kissed me hard on the lips.

I kissed her back, our tongues intertwined, my heart going out to her having had to witness her husband being with another like I had. Our kiss would have gone on longer, but the 'four' pulled her away from me and out of the room.

Joan stirred and sat up. Her hands on my chest, her pussy working my cock again. I realized that I was still rock hard. That damned oil was getting to be a real pain. As long as they used it on me my erections seemed to last forever, regardless of how much I came or how often I came.

Before I knew it, Joan was back in motion, fucking me again, and the other women came in close, caressing my body now. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Ann on top of me and that is the image I kept until several hours later when they were done with this 'ritual'.

I didn't know where they had taken Ann off to, but I knew that it didn't bode well for either of us. They were keeping us apart now almost as if they had changed plans. I had a feeling that things were about to turn for the worse...again.

After the ritual was done, I was lead back to my room. Walking in the first thing I saw was that all of our things were still there where we had left them. They left me alone, although I figured that there was probably a camera or two around somewhere and perhaps microphones as well.

I went in and showered, taking a long hot and relaxing one. Coming out I felt a bit better, and put on some shorts and a T-shirt. I went to my suitcase and found my passport, then I located Ann's passport also. These and my wallet I put in the waist of my shorts as unobtrusively as I could.

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