tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 08

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 08


My initiation into this sect of my grandfathers was not exactly what I expected. I was pretty revved up with the oils and ‘herbs' that the oils contained. I remember Ann leaning in to kiss me before they removed me from the room.

As they had been rubbing those oils onto my body, I had kept my eyes on Ann as much as I could. I even was able to shift a few times to keep her in my view. I saw that she knew what I was doing and inside I felt a bit better about all of this.

When Ann kissed me I was so sexually alive I couldn't help but lick her lips. I wanted so much to take her right then and there, no matter who was watching. My wife looked so beautiful and sexual at that moment I just wanted to be with her.

I know that the oils and ‘herbs' had much to do with my heightened state of awareness and I was a bit curious if I would learn the secrets of the oils in my hopefully short time with them. I could see how having that oil at home with my wife...well...dream come true for both of us I think.

I was led into a dark room. There was light from some kind of fire on the end of sticks that surrounded us. It was like a jungle movie setting of sorts and I almost laughed at that thought. Even though I was more or less a prisoner here, it did have some corny aspects once in a while.

I then noticed that candles were being set up in a large circle. In the middle of this circle were two area's that had rings in the floor and suspended from the ceiling. I was not certain but I had a hunch that someone was to be tied up to at least one set of those rings.

When they led me over there I knew that I was the intended...victim. I had no idea of what was to follow, I could only hope that whatever happened, Ann would be set free. For all I knew, I was to be sacrificed at this point since they obviously thought that they had some live ‘samples' of my seed.

I was tied up, arms apart and legs apart as well. The cloth that had been draped around my body was removed by some very intimate and knowing hands. Those hands caressed the cloth off my body, saving my cock for the last caresses.

I didn't need any more stimulation at this point. The erection I was sporting was longer and fatter than any I had ever had. It actually hurt it was stretched so tightly. I was wondering if anyone had ever had their penis blow apart from the application of that oil.

I was left to stand there, alone. Then I saw movement and Ann was led into the room to the other place in front of me. She was tied up just like I was, about ten or so feet away from where I was. I could see her looking around, then at me. Her eyes gave me a window to the thoughts she was having. A bit of fear, a bit of curiosity, and something else.

When the women began to dance around me I was surprised at first. Then, once in a while as they danced in front of me, one would reach around from behind and caress my cock or balls. Ann couldn't see them doing this. Matter of fact I don't think she could see me much at all the way they crowded to the front in their dancing.

I could see Ann and then the men as they began to dance around her. The sight of my wife, tied up helplessly as naked men danced around her naked body...well I was torn between sexually turned on and anger of her distress.

Hands began to touch me constantly and pretty soon I lost track of Ann and what was happening with her. Joan came to stand in front of me and she leaned in, hugging me close. Her breasts and nipples rubbing on my chest, her lips on mine.

As her tongue forced its way into my mouth her hands took my cock into their soft firm grip, and she began to stroke me. Her tongue was touching my teeth and then running in and out like a little cock.

I was getting turned on in spite of myself. Ok...I was already turned on what with the oils and stuff, but Joan was pushing me to want to fuck her bad. She knew what she was doing and she did it with serious intent.

Then she knelt in front of me, as the dancers kept up the circling and chanting, Joan began to lick, then suck my shaft. I was amazed that I didn't shoot off right away as her lips clamped around me.

Her sucking was driving me close, but as before, I could not get into orgasm. Whatever those oils had in them, they had one purpose and one purpose only. To drive whoever had it rubbed on them into a sexual heat to depths that they had never gone before, but not let them see satisfaction.

I wondered if anyone had ever died because someone didn't give them the release...well...agent...and their heart burst from the pressure of almost but not quite being at orgasm. I could see that an extended time with this would drive someone crazy, possibly insane.

Joan stood and just before she stepped in to hug my body close to hers I looked over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of Ann, hands all over h er, her mouth open, her moans becoming loud enough for me to hear clearly over all else going on in the room. She was chanting too.

My attentions were brought back to Joan as she picked up one leg, spreading herself wide. Someone picked her up a bit and as they did she put her arms around my neck and then her body slowly lowered. Hands took my cock and guided me into her tightness. She settled down on the base of my shaft, her pussy moving around me.

Her eyes were on mine as she began to rock her hips slightly. Each movement drew a spasm from my body. I was so close...yet so far. I thrust up into her, and as I did, her eyes flared in surprise. A passion I had not seen in from her before seemed to go over her and the next thing I knew she was humping up and down on my shaft, hard and fast. Her breast, those nipples sticking out half an inch, rubbing me chest roughly. Her arms tightly around my neck trapped my head so that when she leaned in to kiss me, I just went with the flow. I couldn't fight her off, and actually, didn't want to now.

Her tongue fought with mine, then soon her explorations of my mouth caused me to want to explore hers. Our tongues fought again, briefly, then I won out. My tongue inside her mouth, touching and feeling.

Her eyes were still on mine and once I opened them I couldn't stop looking back into hers either. Her tight pussy was clasping me, milking my hardness. Hot and wet, I was approaching orgasm, but still...couldn't quite get there.

Joan broke our kiss, and turning her head, someone shoved a gel capsule into her mouth. If I hadn't been staring at her eyes like I had been I would have missed that act completely. Whatever the release mechanism was, it was in gel caps. I was mildly surprised. Modern technology in ancient rituals...different.

Joan turned back to me and with a small biting motion her lips crushed against mine. Her tongue shoved inside my mouth and a bitter-sweet taste flooded my mouth. My head got light and my body seemed to explode. Joan hung on to me and she was smart to do so. Even tied up like I was, my hips began to thrust up so hard and fast that if Joan hadn't been hanging on she would have been thrown off.

Her breasts flopped around wildly as I drove into her. My movements were hard and long as I could muster under the circumstances. I was in overdrive and could feel my orgasm building. This time I was going to blow, I could tell. The tingle started in my center, then spread outwards, intensely touching every part of my body.

I don't know when Joan got off my body, all I knew was the other women were now riding my shaft. I didn't get soft, and I was having an orgasm every so often. I had been released from the tied position and was on the floor on a fur rug of some kind.

Each woman would straddle me and push her pussy down on my shaft. Hands on my chest, hands on my balls, tongues everywhere as well. I was lost in a dream of women, pussy, breasts, and tongues.

After a bit, the women were all done, except for one. Sanya walked up and stood over me. A leg on each side of my body. I was looking up at her trimmed pussy, slightly open and dripping juices. I know it was an involuntary response, but my tongue slipped along my lip at the sight of her standing over me like that.

She lowered down, her legs spreading as she did. My shaft was being held upright by someone off to one side of me. Sanya let the head of my cock touch her pussy lips, then just as I thought she was going to just tease me or something, she drove her body down. The unexpectedness of her move caught me off guard.

As her pubic mound crushed around the base of my shaft, I felt a large orgasm hit me. Then she was bouncing on me. Her pace was fast yet each stroke was taking the full length of my shaft each time.

She posted on my like that for a bit and I had two or three orgasms before she started to cum herself. The hand was still around the base of my shaft holding me up and Sanya's orgasm caused her to drop fully down on me.

That hand stayed there, trapped now. Then, as Sanya got her composure back, she sat up. Looking into my eyes she muttered something like a chant to herself. Then she raised up slightly and pulled my cock out of her pussy.

She then lowered her body back down and I felt my cock entering a very tight and hot hole. Sanya had moved my cock from her pussy to her asshole. Before I could get ready, she just dropped down on me once again. This time it almost hurt. Her little hole was so tight that it squeezed me harder than I was prepared for.

She bottomed out on my shaft and held still. Getting used to me back there I thought. Or, letting me get used to her tightness. Hands came in and one of them had a dildo, a large black dildo. Two hands spread her pussy wide open right in front of my eyes and then the third hand shoved that dildo right up into her.

Sanya moaned and her hips rocked a few times as the dildo bottomed out inside her. I could feel the hard shaft rub on mine with just that thin membrane between her pussy and asshole separating them.

Then, the hand began to literally ram that shaft in and out of her body. As it did, her ass moved on my shaft and pretty soon I was having yet another orgasm. Her tightness got slippery with the addition of my cum and since I didn't get soft, she kept right on moving on me.

She had three orgasms with that dildo before she had enough. She rolled off to the side, off my body. Someone immediately sat on my shaft, enclosing it in heat again. I was tired from all the orgasms but knew that the end was not in sight for quite some time. I also knew that I was going to be quite sore in the morning.

Three more women had me after the one on me got off then I was led over to where my wife was. My shaky legs barely supported my weight. Once I saw what my wife was going through I forgot all about that though. Laying on her back, spread wide, loosely tied to that table.

There was a man in her mouth, driving his cock in and out, his nuts bouncing on her forehead. I could see her neck bulging as the head of his cock slipped deep down her throat. Here breasts were glistening in the firelight, her nipples sticking out so far I thought at first that someone had put some kind of rings around them to force them out like that. There weren't rings there though. They were sticking out all by themselves. Or from the sucking they had gotten from the various mouths presently kissing her body all over. The man in her pussy had a huge cock, long and fat. Her hips moved in time with his, her body showing her need of all that meat.

I felt my heart beating, the sight of my wife getting fucked so fully right there in front of me was quite a bit to take. I was torn between jealousy and intense sexual awakening. Ann didn't see me, but her hand was nearby, resting on the arm of the X-table. I stepped in pretty close, looking at her sexual debauchery, and suddenly her hand closed around my shaft.

I looked into her eyes, but she didn't seem to register that it was her husband standing there as she was getting fucked in mouth and pussy. Her hand stroked my cock so softly and just right, that it didn't hurt me at all.

I was getting turned on more and more, especially when the man in her mouth started to cum. His cock was buried in her throat as he started to shoot off. Then he pulled away, letting his cock slip out of her mouth fully. Ann kept her mouth wide open, and sticking her tongue out, tried to catch his cum as it sprayed all over her face and neck.

Then, after he was done shooting, he stepping in and wiped his cock around her face, shoving that cum into her open mouth, where she greedily sucked and licked it clean. At some point I had orgasmed, and it was now all over her arm and hand. Without looking up at me at all, she calmly yet urgently put her hand in her mouth and licked and sucked arm clean of my cum too.

My wife was gone into a zone I had never seen her at before. Would we ever be the same happy couple we had been before now? Would I be able to provide for her needs after all of this? I knew I had to get my points in now while she was aware, and show her that I could bo her ‘man' still.

Bob had moved her onto her tummy and was taking her tight little ass as yet another man took her mouth. Someone reached out and began to caress her back, rubbing more oil into her in the process.

The man in her mouth shot off, filling her throat with his gift and he moved away. Not sure if they would allow me to, I boldly stepped in front of my wife and stuck my cock out. Her lips closed around my shaft and sucked me in. Then as I bottomed out I saw a startled look come over her eyes. Realization that this was a white cock dawning.

Ann, my beautiful and naked wife, full of other mens cum, being filled with another man's cock in her ass, the sexual being that I had never seen before, my Ann, was the most sexy and sensual person I had ever known.

She looked into my eyes and I saw a bit of fear, love, sexual intensity, and flat out lust. That look passed quickly as she returned her energies to sucking my cock. I could see and feel a change in how she sucked me too. I was getting a better and fuller treatment than any other man had so far tonight. Well, that I was aware of anyway.

This knowledge, plus the oils and whatever was in that gel cap, caused me to shoot off rather quickly. I filled Ann's mouth and throat with my cum and she swallowed it all without missing a drop.

Bob finished ramming her ass and stepped back. He looked into my eyes and nodded down towards her bottom. I pulled out of her mouth and went around behind her. Looking down I saw that her poor little hole was wide open. I pushed my cock into her very wet pussy, feeling the heat and juices of other men flooding her there.

My thoughts were of how different she felt now versus when just her and I had been together. The added cum and her looseness was stimulating and I knew that if I stayed her too much longer I would cum. I pulled out and aligned my cock on her tender brown bud.

I caressed her ass, touching her all over, then gently, pressed my cock into her now loosened hole. My intent was to be careful and not hurt her, but her body had other plans. She shoved back, taking me all in one full thrust. Her ass began to cling then envelope my cock, and pretty soon I was fucking a velvet glove.

My hands were on her ass cheeks, holding her close as I began to fuck her faster and faster. Bob had stepped around and was pressing her lips open with the head of his cock. Soon that long fat shaft was fully in her throat just as mine had been a bit ago. Ann was swallowing him easily and seemed to be enjoying it too.

I still tried to keep an easy pace as I fucked Ann's asshole, not wanting her to be too sore in the morning. I should have given up after the first shove though since she began to roll and shove her body into me on each of my forward thrusts.

I was not sure if she knew that her husband was taking her ass or not, but she acted like she was there just for me. Even though there had been other men in her tonight, I got the feeling that in this too I was getting a fuller treatment.

Bob pulled out of her mouth and nodded to me. I got his drift, and holding my cock in Ann's asshole, I reached around, hugging her to my body, and lifter her up into my arms. Her legs were dangling down as we stood there. Her ass impaled on my shaft.

Bob reached down and picked up her legs, holding them behind her knees, in the crooks of his arms. Then I felt a voodoo like feeling as his cock pressed into her pussy from the front. I could feel his shaft pressing in, slipping deeply inside of her. As it rubbed against mine I could feel the ridges and bumps on him.

Ann groaned, then moaned. Her hands went around his neck, helping to support her weight as two cocks began to drive her into nirvana. Her ass was clamping tightly around my shaft now, and as Bob stroked in and out the added stimulation caused me to shoot off rather quickly.

We fucked Ann like this until I reached yet one more orgasm, while she had maybe ten or so. She passed out in our arms and when Bob and I were done fucking her, we pulled out of her tender hot little holes and laid her gently on the table. She curled up there, sleeping soundly.

I watched as two men picked her up and carried her off to another room. I was led into a room and fell on the bed there and crashed. When I woke up, Joan was next to me. I could tell that she was wanting something more from me, and since I didn't know where Ann had been taken to, and I was still quite horny...shocked by that fact too...I slipped up behind her to spoon.

Joan came to, and grabbing my cock in her hand, she pressed it into her pussy from behind. We had a nice slow fuck, my orgasm nice, but not too intense. She on the other hand seemed to have a huge orgasm. She passed out afterwards, so I got up showered, and then went looking for where Ann was at.

Walking into our room I was surprised to see Sanya and Ann embracing. Naked, they were exploring each other's body. I couldn't believe that my wife would touch let alone kiss another woman like she was Sanya.

I watched as Ann kissed her way down to Sanya's pussy, her face buried in that dark soft wet spot. I was behind them a bit so I was looking right at Ann's butt as she knelt on the bed between Sanya's legs.

I couldn't resist the temptation, and slipping in behind Ann, I grabbed her asscheeks in my hands and gently spread them wide open. Looking at her tight little hole, winking at me as she kept her face buried in Sanya's pussy was too much and I found my face drawn in close to her.

As I reached out with my tongue I felt her move as if startled, then relax, letting me have her fully. With her asscheeks spread wide by my hands I proceeded to lick and tongue her asshole and once in a while down to her pussy as well.

I could tell she was getting worked up by my technique and this whole act had me so turned on that I was about to cum from just doing it. I had deep down wanted to do this to Ann for a long, long time. Fear of ridicule or refusal by Ann because it was too nasty had held me back. Now, after all we had been through, I just went with my thoughts and feelings.

At some point Sanya came and I found Ann having a hard orgasm as well. Ann fell to the bed, out cold from the intenseness of the orgasm I had given her. I kept fingering her for a bit, then moved to lay beside her, hugging her close to me.

As she slept in my arms, her head on my chest, I couldn't help but stroke her hair and just hold her. My love, my best friend in the world, all I had or had ever wanted. I was about to lose her, maybe forever, and that thought drove me crazy inside. I wanted to remember every little detail about her so I just laid there looking, staring, memorizing her body, her face, even the what she smelled like.

Ann stirred after a while and kissed me hard. Sanya had left after Ann had fallen asleep. Her words to me had been softly spoken yet intense.

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