Most of the stories I write are from recent experiences, this is from years ago, when I was married to my first wife, Patti.

Patti was a pretty redhead, the kind of gal you see wearing wireframe glasses, roundish face, lots of freckles. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, which I didn't mind, it was what got my attention about her in the first place!

We always confined our little escapades to strangers, and little trips away from home, after all, word could spread rapidly in the small town we lived in if we were not careful.

But once out of town, all bets were off. If we stopped for gas, the attendant would get a nice peek at her panties almost without fail. We visited shoe stores, beaches, all sorts of places, looking for opportunity. The trips were fun, and they always ended up with us in the sack enjoying each other. It never really progressed much beyond that until an event at a party we had.

It was just a party, beer flowing, little groups gathered chatting, some music, nothing out of the ordinary. Except that Carol showed up. Carol was one of my schoolmates, and had always acted like she liked me. This evening she was making it obvious, every turn I made she was there. Since the evening was a bit warm, she was dressed in a skirt and halter top, and several times Patti caught me sneaking glances down the front of Carol's top at her medium sized titties.

Carol was well aware of where my attention lay, and was taking some efforts to let as much show as the outfit would allow at every opportunity!

I was aware the Patti was getting madder and madder, but try as I might I just could not stop myself from glancing over at those boobs, that top was open so far that I could just almost see her nipple!

Carol started insisting on dancing with me, sensing danger I tried to beg off, but she would have none of that. Finally I got up to dance, and as she was wiggling and jumping around to the music my eyes were drawn again to those breasts, bouncing and jiggling to her movements, and every now and then a tiny peek of brown nipple would appear for a second. Bluntly, it was driving me nuts, and I soon forgot about Patti as I danced and stared.

The song ended, and we sat on the couch, Carol reached over and put her hand on my thigh, high enough that the edge of her hand pressed right against the edge of my now hardened dick!

I glanced around in a bit of panic, no Patti! Almost in relief, I got up to compose myself, when Patti flounced back into the room! My jaw dropped when I saw her, she had gone into our bedroom and changed into one of those "sizzler" style skirts so popular in those days, and put on a white criss-cross top that was as close to sheer as one can be and still not be. She had put the top on so that it was loose, it wasn't really tied in place, it more or less just lay on her breasts. Her nipples were as plain as day through the material.

Bouncing past me with that kind of step that always told me she was pissed off, she marched across the room and grabbed Darin, a friend of ours, and dragged him up to dance. Darin looked sideways at me, almost like he was ready to run, everyone in the room just stood and stared. Patti was breaking our rule, she didn't dress this way close to home or around friends, but she was mad and she was trying to upset me! And there was no way in hell I was going to let her get my goat.

I sat back down on the couch next to Carol, as Patti started bouncing around to the music. It hit me in seconds, from my vantage point, that there were no panties on under that skirt, either! NOW I was pissed!

Poor Darin was making a big show of pretending to dance, but as Patti jumped around, her breasts bouncing wildly, skirt flipping up, there was no way he could keep his eyes off her. In no time at all Patti had managed to shake one bare breast out of her top, she just kept dancing! Getting madder by the second, I draped my arm across the back of the couch around Carol, she leaned into me and placed her hand on my chest, fingers brushing lightly against my nipple. This wasn't lost on Patti, who now started doing some whirls which made her skirt fly out, and I was getting glimpses of red pubic hairs as she did.

Mercifully, the song ended and Patti walked over to grab a drink. I figured that was the end of that, but another song came on, Patti took a big gulp, and went over and got Carl who was sitting there with a big grin on his face. She got him up to dance, Carl has always been a bit bolder than most of our group, and he was enjoying the hell out of the dance, as Patti again did her thing.

I looked around the room, Other than Darin, Carl, Carol and me, there was just Tara and Bill. They were completely engrossed in necking on the other couch. Darin got Carol up to dance, which left me sitting there. I watched as Patti was doing some kind of hip thrust motion in time with the music, knees apart, half squatted down. I realized that each time she flipped her hips forward, the skirt rose up above her pussy. The skirt was so short it only came to just below her crotch standing upright! Carl was smiling, staring at her pussy as she wantonly displayed herself! Then she turned, looked right at me and bent over at the waist, hands on her knees. She shook her fanny to the music, Bill stepped up close behind her and I saw his hand drop down between her legs.

Then he reached down and unzipped his pants! Patti realized what he was about to do, and stood upright quickly and stepped away from him. Then she walked over to me and sat down, saying, "Well, how do YOU like it?" I thought for a second, then answered, "I liked it, you are hot!"

I looked over at Tara and Bill, still necking, oblivious to all of us. Tara had her hand down the front of Bill's pants, he had her blouse off one bare breast and was carressing her. Darin and Carol had retreated to the other side of the room, in an embrace. I looked at Carl, and patted the couch on the other side of Patti. He came and sat down, she giggled and reached over and started to stroke him. I whispered in Patti's ear, "Me and Carol?"

"Later," she told me. "Me first. If you have anything left, then maybe."

I slipped her top off her bare breasts, and started to lick. I figured I would have something left...

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