tagLoving WivesPatti Ch. 2

Patti Ch. 2


You simply MUST read the story preceding, "Patti," to understand the following...

I sat on the couch, one arm around my wife Patti. I had the other hand on her bare breast, exposed to the entire room. But no one was really paying attention, Darin and Carol were progressing nicely, she was rubbing the front of his blue jeans, he was french kissing her, lost to the surroundings!

The only person who was paying any attention at all was Carl, hard for him to miss out, Patti had her hand wrapped around his dick, sticking out of the front of his trousers.

I must say right here that this was all amazing, this group of friends just more or less hung out together, we partied, got drunk, made fools of ourselves, but none of it ever slipped into a sexual thing, this was fast becoming an orgy!

I glanced over at Bill and Tara, they always necked, that was normal. We were all used to that. But usually they would vanish as the night went on, we cracked some jokes about it, but no big deal. Now they were going farther, I was getting glimpses of Tara's nice boobs from time to time, she was making no effort to cover up.

Patti was totally engrossed in jacking off Carl, who was simply laying back, taking it. He never made a move towards Patti, just let her stroke him..

I was quite pleased, to be honest. I like to look, and here were all my friends, making out, I was in seventh heaven! I was getting nice flashes of Carols fine boobs, as Darin worked them, then I looked over at Tara, Bill was slowly but surely working her pants down, I could see the tops of her pubic hairs. I was beginning to not know where to look first.

Then the damn phone rang! "Shit," I thought, "Just who the hell?" As I jumped up to answer it.

Picking up the phone, I heard the voice of my neighbor, Janet. She said, "You guys need to pull your blinds," in a voice almost laughing. I told her I was sorry, then she said, "Can Dick and I come over?"

I thought for just a second, Janet is a cute little 35 year old lady who can best be described as hot, her husband, Dick is a 50 year old, but in shape. Well what the hell, the whole evening is going nuts, so why not?

I said, "Sure," but YOU are mine, in manner intended to be a joke. There was a moment of silence, then she said, "OK..."

I took a moment to let THAT sink in, and turned back to the couch. Too late, Carl had Patti flat on her back, and was very busy fucking the hell out of her! I looked for a moment, then over at Carol, she was engaged the same way with Darin. So I checked out Bill and Tara, Tara was completely nude by this time, at least I would get to see her naked!

I almost made it to the couch where Bill and Tara were, when the doorbell rang. I turned to answer it, I was Janet, with Dick in tow. "Well, come on in" I said. "The whole evening is going to hell." Janet smiled, and reached out and ran her hand up my chest. "Damn!" I thought, "Now what?"

In almost no time, I was feeling up Janet's nice titties, and I was ready to find someplace to lay her down, when suddenly Bill was there. I looked at him, he said simply, "Tara wants you."

I gave janet a last kiss, and went to see what Tara wanted, I wasn't really surpirsed to find her naked in the other room. I sat down next to her, she looked at me with a shy smile, and said "I may never get another chance, fuck me!"

Now that is hard to turn down, so I started in with her, touching her breasts, sides, all of the things one does. Finally, I lowered myself, and slipped into her. She was snug, not tight like Patti, but still pleasent, I probed and stroked finally orgasmed in her. She hugged me close, for quite a long time. But my mind was on Patti at the moment.

I finally found Patti in the back bedroom, she was on her knees, taking Darin from behind, with Dick's dick in her mouth. Dick was kind of small, as our group went, but no matter, he was enjoying her immensely. I left them to their pleasures, I was looking for Carol!

Carol was sitting in the living room, with a robe she had found somewhere around her. I walked up and said, "Wild evening!..." She looked at me for a long moment, then just took my hand and led me to the couch where I had been earlier with Patti.

"Did you save me some?" She said with a giggle, and a touch of huskiness in her voice.

"Try me and find out," I told her. She reached out for me, all night I had waited for this, I was hard as a rock.

"Yep," she smiled, "You saved me some."

"And lots more later," I told her...

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