tagLoving WivesPatti Ch. 3

Patti Ch. 3


*Author's note: This is the 3rd and last installment of a story that happened many years ago, when I was still a very young man. Patti was my 1st wife, Carol soon became my 2nd. Carol was lost to me in an accident 5 years later. Things happen in life, those were my best 5 years. I was continuously stone drunk for the next two years, when Lee came along, and saved my life.

I am now an old man, married to Lee, for nearly 20 years. All of my stories are mostly true, this series is true as best as I remember it.

I snuggled up on the bean bag chair next to Carol. I had a boner that wouldn't quit, this entire evening I had been like a kid in a candy store!

Here was the one girl, now a woman, that I had jacked off to thoughts of so many times I long since lost count. We had been friends, classmates. We rode the school bus together as kids, held hands, all the things kids do.

Somehow the opportunity just never arose. I remember glancing at her in History class, she sat right across the aisle from me, she would turn and look at me. That smile would begin, and the whole room would go hazey for me, it was a smile that just melted my thoughts!

Now here she was, naked under her robe, snuggled up in this old beanbag chair, right next to me!

My wife Patti knew how I felt about Carol, and usually went into a bit of a hissy fit at the idea. That was what got all this started in the first place, Patti caught me sneaking some peeks at Carol's nice titties, and sort of went nuts on me. She had danced with Darin, then Carl, flashed her own boobs, even her red pubes at the guys. Things were completely out of hand from then on!

"I took a shower," Carol said. I just then noticed her hair was damp. "How was Tara?," she added..

"Uhhh..fine," I stammered, my mind flashing back for just a second to Bill walking up to me and offering his wife, just like that. It seemed that Tara wanted me, too. That was a bit of a surprise, I had never even thought of it, other than enjoying the way her round bottom stuck out of her Bikini on our beach trips as a group.

I slipped my hand inside Carol's robe, brushing her breast. Her nipple was standing up nicely, I slid the robe back to take a look. There is one thing about me, I do like to look! She had a few freckles on the swell of her breast, I just took my time, touching and enjoying this fantasy come true!

Carol's right hand slipped over to my navel, she stroked my stomach, letting her hand drop down and just bump the end of my penis. "Ummm" is all she said, as she stroked up my chest, then pinched my nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Leaning forward, she teased the tip of my other nipple beween her lips, while rolling the other. My mind just whirled at the sensation.

By now I was stroking her naked sides, from her breast to her hips, we were just exploring each other. Then she touched me through my briefs, I realized I was still sticky with Tara's juices. "Just a sec" I told her, and jumped up to hit the bathroom.

I glanced in the bedroom as I walked by, Dick was nursing happily on Patti's left breast, Janet lay beside him, stroking his 7" erection. Carl was just sitting in the chair, nude, obviously spent. I had no idea at all where Darin, Bill, or Tara were, until I heard some moans from the opposite bedroom.

I sneaked a peek, (told you I like to look) Tara was licking Bill's cock, still hard as a rock, but Bill was rubbing Darin's erection! "Now this is something I didn't know about" I thought, as I went on into the bathroom to quickly wash up.

I hurried back to Carol, and we resumed cuddling. I really liked Carol, It was always assumed by everyone that we would be a couple, but Patti had come along. Patti is a hot redhead, and she obviously loves sex, and I was lost in her from the first day! We had messed up the back seat of my old Chevy on the first date, and it was at least once a day from then on! Patti loved to tease in public, she wore clothes that excited me, totally different from Carol's more conservative style...until lately.

I lay there stroking Carol, the feeling was so fine I simply didn't want it to end. But finally, she rolled over, her robe parted, she slipped her naked body up above my rock hard erection, and without using her hands, simply slid down on me in one smooth motion. I swear, I could feel every square inch of her insides, as she wrapped around me. "Finally!!" escaped from her lips, and she looked me right in the eyes, that same familiar slow smile spreading across her face. It was like the sun suddenly came out, I was where I belonged. I reached up and pressed my hands against her soft breasts, rolling her nipples slightly as I did so. Her hands came to my chest, and she did the same to me.

We began a slow, even motion, perfect. She was feeling me, I was feeling her, we both knew right then. As we both orgasmed, I didn't even go soft, just continued on to another, then another. I was nuzzling her, I realized her cheeks were wet, she was crying in joy. Finally, we just lay there, for what seemed like hours.

"Aren't you guys done yet!" came Patti's voice. I opened my eyes, she was standing there with her hands on her hips, the hissy fit was back. The look on her face was hard to fathom, it wasn't exactly anger, but she wasn't happy, either..I looked her up and down, she had slipped on a pair of panties, but that was all. It seemed odd to me to see her standing there nude to the waist, hands on her hips. I knew from where she was standing that she could see my manhood embedded in Carol. The thought hit me that I wanted to see that myself!

I kissed Carol on the forehead, and got up to go wash up. As I went down the hallway, Janet stepped out of the side bedroom, naked. "Where did you run off too?" she asked with a smile. "Carol" I answered simply. Janet reached down and grasped my soft penis, which stayed soft, I was done. "I saw the way Carol looks at you," Janet said with a smile. "But when you get this going again, come on over to the house!." "Any time!," she added, and with a giggle went back towards the bedroom with Dick and Carl. I looked at her tight 35 year old behind as she stepped away, Janet glanced over her shoulder and caught my look. She bent over at the waist, reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her pussy to me completely! No doubt this lady was hot, her lips were red and swollen, clit protruding. I took a good long look in appreciation, and told her, "It's a date!" I noticed Carl was still sitting in the chair, exhausted. "It seems I missed a lot of the action," I said.

Carl just grinned at me, so I went on into the bathroom.

As I finished towelling off, I felt arms go around me. It was Carol, hugging me. I turned to her, saw the smile, felt the same whirling sensations. "We need to talk," I told her simply.

"Yes," was all she said.

"I think I need to be with you," I told her. She dropped down to her knees, took me in her mouth, I felt the beginning of another erection. Carol stopped for a moment, looked at me with her eyes damp again, the glimmerings of hope, fear, all the range of human emotions were on her face. "I will do anything for you," she said simply. I suddenly realized Patti was standing in the doorway. We looked at each other for a long moment, she just sighed, and turned and walked away...

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