tagBDSMPatti Likes It Long, Hard & Often

Patti Likes It Long, Hard & Often

byJack Gates©

My downfall through out the years has been the demon drink and yesterday was my 44th birthday and I just had to go out and celebrate. My boyfriend who drops in from time to time was on night shift and for some unknown reason only known to me I was kicking on the wild side.

Tom my boyfriend is not exactly a giant among men and his six and a half inches doesn't exactly get into places a certain beer gets into, if you catch my drift. When I was getting ready to paint the town red, my pussy was throbbing for something big. There was a club in the town where if a girl strolled in there on her own and lets her hair down she can have herself a fantastic night or two or maybe more, depends on how tight she is tied down, also the desire of the guy to let her go.

I was looking for an odd ball, sorry a Master. A guy who knows how to treat a lady willing to obey his every command. A guy who would positively hate her to be wearing clothes and have no desires other than to submit to his will and his every need.

Who am I? My name is Patricia which has been eroded down to Patti over the years. Amazingly I am still keeping my looks, in fact I look younger than my age. I have long dark hair. I am five feet nine inches in my stockinged feet. The bras I fill out have a size tab of 38c cup. Waist, when I breathe in, is 24 inches and my comely hips which hold all my goodies are thirty six inches. When I'm naked and look into a full length mirror I know I am still very fuck-worthy.

Back to my throbbing pussy. I shave it regularly because I think guys will go down on me more eagerly if I keep it like that. Saying that my present boyfriend don't think it's aesthetic to do things like that. Much to my disappointment.

I arrived at the club shortly after ten o'clock and a guy caught my eye as soon as I walked in. He looked a right horny Daddy figure of a man. He was dressed well and wore a goat-like beard with his almost grey hair. There was a steely glint in his eye and he looked as if he was appraising me. The bar-girl served my drink at my table and I turned to talk to her and flashed my open legs at the guy. The girl was quite talkative and we had a good laugh which gave me an excellent chance to display myself to the gentleman. He was interested, I waited with baited breath. Another guy came and looked around. His eyes lighted on me and he smiled. I smiled back and to my surprise he went and sat with the guy I was baiting. They both looked at me. Then they both stood up to leave and as they were passing my table. The older guy whispered, 'We will meet you outside. Don't be long.'

My pussy started to cream my knickers and the vibes was telling me this was dangerous enough for me to enjoy. The idea of having two cocks to play with turned me on deliciously. I was going to be fucked and that had to be good. I had been picked up like a slut and that too was playing havoc with my clitoris.

I walked out of the club and saw the younger guy standing at a large saloon car with shaded windows which I could not see into. He saluted and opened the back door to me. I got in and sat next to the older gentleman.

'Good evening, Miss. My name is immaterial. You call me Master. What is your name?'

'Patti, Master.'

'Good you learn quickly. From now until I dispense with you, your name is Bitch, is that understood?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Take off your knickers, Bitch!'

'Yes, Master.'

I stood up in the car and removed my already wet panties.

'When did you put them on? Bitch?'

'Just before I came to the Club, Master.'

'Make them into a pad with the wetness on top and put then to James the drivers nose. Be careful not to spoil his vision of the road. Bitch!

'Yes, Master.'

I did as I was told almost leaning over the driver.

'Taste them, James!' He ordered. The authority crypt and terse.

I held onto them while the driver gobbled the crotch of my knickers into his mouth. The master put his hand up the back of my legs and I trembled as he fingered my anus and my pussy. I gyrated my pussy onto his probing fingers. I was getting hotter by the second. Juicy hot! he withdrew his fingers and I heard him slurping on them. He was tasting my juices too. I was getting desperate to get what these two guys had to give me.

'That's enough. Turn round and take off the rest of your clothing. Now!'

This was unexpected. I was trembling with anxiety as quickly obeyed the Masters command. I saw James ogling me through his rear-view mirror as I bared my breasts shedding my last piece of modesty.

'Make those rags into a bundle you will not be needing them again for a while. Kneel down I don't want you fouling my seats, Slut!'

'Yes, Master.'

I knelt in front of him looking at the huge bulge in his trousers, wanting to take it out for him and worship it. Just then we turned off the road and paused until some iron gates swung soundless open. We drove through along a twisting turning tree lined drive which was ghostly with the odd bat or two winging through the head-light glare. I shivered even though the cars heat was stifling.

We drew up in front a posh looking porch guarded with concrete lions either side. The doors opened and a man dressed as a butler stood waiting for us. James opened the car door and took my bundle of clothes off me and handed them to the butler. I got out and gingerly walked across the stoned drive to the steps.

'Take this Bitch away and do what you have to do to make sure she is clean and prepared for me, Charles. She is a slut, treat her like one! Don't touch her, you will get your share of her later. James, when you have seen to the car, I will be in my bedroom. Make sure you are naked, I do not want your clothes littering the place.'

Both men salaamed the Master and my arm was taken and Charles led me to a door marked, "Butler"

'What's your name?'

'Patti, Sir!'

'Relax, Patti, I am not going to eat you, well, not yet awhile. You have delicious tits. How would you like to take my prick out and suck it for me?'

He sat back in an armchair and open his legs wide and I knelt down between them and started to unbutton his fly.

'Have you taken a dick up that beautiful asshole of yours, Patti?'

By now I had managed to unravel his rapidly hardening cock out into the open and was stunned at its size. Must have been nine inches and still growing. By this time I was desperate for some action and tucked into his meat like a true carnivore. There is nothing like a cock fresh from its packaging. It don't even need tomato ketchup! He was soon pulling on my long hair like reins and urging me on calling me his cock-sucking whore. This is the true me. I looked up at him and winked suggestively as I lathed him from balls to foreskin-less knob. I was disappointed, I like to tongue out the sediment from under the many ridges of a foreskin. Call me smegma crazy if you like. That cheesy/fishy taste is a marvel! I think of the Bisto Twins when the aroma wafts into my flaring nostrils.

I am sucking it now and Charles is getting more and more ambitious in his gullet reaching thrusting. My saliva glands are working overtime and my pussy is starting to ask for penetration. I had just gulped it down when he started to fire off a salvo of stomach bound spunk. I pulled back off it and caught the rest in my mouth. A girl is robbed of the taste when its fired way past her taste glands. There is me thinking every guy knew that. I sat back on my haunches slapping my chops just like I had put down a roast and veg.

Charles was looking as if he had just finished the marathon.

'Can I take a shower, Charles.' He jumped up as if I had shot him and looked at his watch.

'Hell! Yes, Patti, you had better hurry to. His Nibs will be waiting.'

Fifteen minutes later, Charles showed me into my Masters bedroom, after I had been freshly washed down with Charles's fair hands and syringed out in all my orifices and pre-greased. That got me hot, I can tell you, especially when I had Charles's big dick flapping about all over the place as he had stripped down too. We were both desperate for him to get it into me.

'Ah! There you are! Come in, Bitch, James and I were about to start without you. You will be punished for keeping me waiting. James has a riding crop which he likes to have primed with rump blood. That will be all, Charles. I will call you later.'

Charles bowed out and James grabbed me and pulled me over to the bed. A finger tracing my anal canyon. The more I was touched there, the less my aversion to anal sex was becoming. I felt my asshole spasm. I had never felt so horny in my life. I needed to be fucked stupid! I wanted to cry out, "Fuck me!" But, I dare not.

I stood by the bed with my eyes down cast, waiting for the Masters command to go to him.

'Give her six, James!'

'Bend over the bed!'

I did as I was told as James picked up a vicious looking riding crop off the bed. The leather strap handle was frayed down to feather like shreds. He bought it down onto my right ass cheek which made me cry out with the agonising pain. I bit into the bedding and took three on each ass cheek thinking I was lucky to get off with six.

'Chain her up!'

James crossed the room to a black box with a lot of buttons on it. He pressed one and a flap opened in the ceiling and my blood ran cold as I saw a long thick iron bar lowering down from the trap door. It was on two chains two feet apart and the bar was about a 3feet long with manacles dangling on smaller chains. James beckoned me to him and I crossed over to him and he bound my wrists with tape and then locked on the manacles and he pressed another button and my arms were pulled up above my head until I was lifted onto tip toe.'

'Open your legs wide, Bitch!' The Master barked at me. I tried but my feet came off the floor. James lowered me a bit and then he got a long bar out of a cupboard and he manacled my ankles to it so that my feet were stretched wide. He then produced my knickers and I opened my mouth expectantly. He pushed them fully in.

'Give her six of the strap on her pussy, James. Make her feel it.' James opened a drawer and took out a length of strap about twelve inches long, looked as if it had been cut from inch wide leather belt. He slapped it on his hand and looked at me smiling. Then he sat on the floor between my legs, almost underneath me, looking up at my naked pussy. The fact that I was shaved meant this was going to hurt me more. He was going to get wet if my bladder reacted adversely. The last time my pussy was slapped it made me want to pee. Already I could feel my vagina secreting. Someone sucking my clitoris to hard makes me feel I want to go.

He held the strap as if he was playing conkers, measuring the strap to the place he wanted to hit me. I grimaced when I realised he was aiming for my clit. I screamed into the knickers gag when it struck, his aim was true. My knees sagged and my weight dropped onto my manacled wrists which made me moan again.

The Master clapped his hands and cheered loudly, delightedly! ' Go on, James! Give it to the slut! She will enjoy us fucking her a lot more if you do. Stick your pussy out, Bitch and take it!'

Each blow gave me more agony and there were times when I was hanging limply from the chains. It was hurting me badly, but I was wanting that. I was cumming profusely so that my juices were squirting onto the strap. A girlfriend of mine said she got off on pain and I thought she was joshing me. Even more so when she told me it made her cum. My cunt was gyrating on its own accord.

'Right, James, a job you like doing. Lubricate her asshole and get your clothes off. You can have her ass. Tell me when you have got that big cock of yours right up her. Go on, make a pig of yourself, get it up her. Fuck her, James!'

This is what I had been waiting for. I had never had a cock up my ass, but had always wondered what it would be like as I had heard a lot of my friends saying that they get it and some of them love it. Some saying to me that I had not been fucked until I had been fucked in my asshole.

I closed my eyes and gave myself up entirely to my feelings. The lubricant was cold in contrast to his warm fingers as he multiplied them, one, two, three, four until I was convinced he was going to fist me. Could I take that? Would he do it? Would I be able to boast to my friends that I had been fisted? I was that horny, that was what I was thinking!

Suddenly his fingers were away and his bulbous knob was pressing into my ass. I moaned as it entered, a lot easier than I thought it would. His hands came round me and cupped my taut tits, gripping them to give him leverage. He thrust it hard up me. Now I got pain! I was being deeply buggered! At last, it was happening to me. 44 years of age and at last I was being fucked in my ass. I felt I had been robbed. Why had no one tried to fuck my ass before? James stopped, lodged fully inside me and the Master got off the bed and removed his silk pyjamas.

I could not compare his cock to James's because I hadn't seen it. He measured an almost to Charles. It was thinner in girth. He played with it, stroking it as if it was still to grow bigger. He came to me and put his fingers to my vulva and caressed me and tasted his fingers. James hands were now on my hips and the Master started to massage my pussy juice onto my tits and nipples. This was turning me on even more. But for the gag I would have been begging him to fuck me. I so wanted to feel both their cocks inside both my orifices. Before now not a fantasy, but from this fuck on it would be. This would be the fuck of all my dreams.

James was using his cock muscles to jerk his cock inside me, marking time until the Master got his cock into me. That act he was doing right now. He stooped and came up and the pressure of his knob was suddenly there inside my labia and inserting, reaming itself insidiously snaking into my last vacant love hole. I moaned and thrust forward, trying to impale myself I was that eager to get it into me. he gripped my tits tighter, leering at me and thrusting it up hard until I felt his balls mingling with James's balls. We were all as one. This was double penetration and It felt so good. My juices were really spurting now. At last I was the filling of a fantastic fuck-sandwich. The chains started to rattle as their movement within me started. My spittle laced with my own juices from my knickers were trickling down my throat. My wrists were hurting and I was pulling on them deliberately to make them hurt me more. The cocks started to slam in and out and my hips were being shunted back and fore and my cumming was now like a constant ripple of chain-reaction type cum sequence. The shag was now ours. I wasn't being fucked. We were now fucking each other like crazy people. The more and harder and deeper they gave it to me the more I wanted. Before they both came in me I was ready to sag on the chains again. I was gasping for breath and really tired.

The Master and James withdrew from me and it is amazing how you feel afterwards. Its like desertion. Suddenly your orifices are empty. There is a void which feels as if you are full of ultra light gas.

I was released and allowed to go to the bathroom where I washed out my bum and my pussy and then had a lovely relaxing shower. I was so happy I was singing. They had given me exactly what I had been craving for.

Back in the bedroom, Charles was on the scene, naked again, stroking his marvellous cock. His had been the only spunk I had tasted so far. The shower had rejuvenated me. I was ready for some more. His eyes fastened onto my pussy and they were filled with hot desire. I moved over to him without being bid. I was past caring, I didn't care how much they hurt me now because I knew I could take it as long as the end result was them fucking me. I seriously wanted the prick Charles was holding up for me. The Master was back on the bed in his pyjamas and was laying down if he was asleep. I was relieved because it meant I was free from restrictions.

I felt Charles caressing my bum and I waggled it until his fingers found my freshly greased anus. I whispered into his ear, 'Go for it, Charlie, I want your cock up there.'

I moved in front of him and felt him anointing my ass with a lube. James came alive and approached me so his flaccid cock was inches from my mouth. I caressed it and as soon as it started to erect I took it into my mouth and kept on waggling my ass. Like James Charles gave me as many fingers that he could get into me. When he had four in I willed him to try his thumb, but he didn't go for it. I was so into pain now I wanted to feel what it would be like.

James slapped my ass hard and I moaned around the cock in my mouth as James wedged his cock into my ass. I kept waggling it urging him into fucking me. Soon I was guzzling cock and being anally reamed and it felt good. I hoped the night was still young and that the guys never ran out of spunk for me. I had the feeling I would not be having a boyfriend for much longer. I wanted what I was getting this evening on a regular basis.

When the Master woke up he instructed James to take me home which disappointed me as I thought it would be for a few days at least. Half an hour later James and I were in the car.

'The Master must be very rich, James. I like him. He really seems a very nice Gentleman.'

He didn't reply right away as we were just arriving at the place where I wanted dropping off.

He got out and came round and opened the door for me, I couldn't help flashing my thighs as I got out. He smiled and kissed me on my cheek. And then said quietly, 'Patti, the Master is abroad just now on business and wont be back for a few days yet. Your master last night was the Head Gardner.'

I looked at my watch, it was 4am, it truly was Saturday morning.

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