tagGroup SexPatti's Arrangement Ch. 2

Patti's Arrangement Ch. 2


This is part two of the story of Patti and Charlie. You may want to read " Patti's Arrangement" before you read this.

* * * * *

Charlie leaned back on the couch, enjoying the feeling of Nate's tongue sliding up and down the shaft of his stiff cock. Still tasting the flavor of Nate's cum on his lips, Charlie's mind seemed to spin, the sheer joy of what he had just done fueling his sexual desire. He had just sucked his first cock, brazenly made love to it, right in front of his beautiful, loving wife. Patti was sitting on the end of the couch now, watching Nate and Charlie, slowly rubbing her clit, enjoying the scene before her.

"You're cock tastes so good, Charlie," Nate said in between licks of the beat-red head of Charlie's cock. "So good, so wonderful." Suddenly, Nate opened his mouth wide and engulfed Charlie's cock all the way down to the base.

"Oh, oh, oh...," and Charlie exhaled deeply. Nothing he had ever experienced had felt this wonderful, he thought. His arms and legs spread wide, he felt like he was giving himself up to the gorgeous man between his legs. Nate's hands rested on his thighs, keeping his legs spread, and Charlie felt totally under his control. He loved sex with Patti, but this was totally different. Nate was engulfing him, taking him deep, working his cock. On the downstroke of his mouth, Nate's lips would part slightly, as if to swallow him like a snake swallows his prey. Nate was slow, deliberate, taking his time, letting Charlie savor the electric sensations. On the upstroke, he could feel Nate's tongue slither sideways across his shaft. To Charlie, his cock was swimming in a bath of hot oil, warming his body, sponging his dick in a vacuum of pure pleasure.

The music had stopped, and Patti could hear the sounds of Nate's slurping mouth around her husband's erection. Her legs spread, she lazily played with her pussy, pinching her clit, enjoying the live man-to-man show in front of her eyes. It was incredible to see her husband perform oral sex on a man for the first time, and he did so well, but watching Nate work his magic on her husband was just as exciting, if not better. Nate, the experienced one, obviously knew what he was doing. Charlie looked to be in a trance as Nate continued to make love to his cock. Patti's eyes were pasted to the scene; she could not look away, nor did she want to.

Nate brought his right hand upwards and began to stroke his new lover's cock, keeping it in time with the movement of his mouth. Each down and up movement was taking two to three seconds, and Charlie could feel the urge to orgasm somewhere far away in his mind, in his body.

Nate came off Charlie's cock with his mouth, continuing to stroke him. His eyes shifted to Patti, and he could see she was staring right at him.

"So, how am I doing, Patti?" Nate asked.

At first she was speechless, and could only nod her head.

"Enjoying the show, baby?" Nate wondered.

Struggling for words, Patti could only groan at first. Her hands moved faster and faster on her clit, her hips grinding into the couch.

"My gosh, yes, I love it, love it, oh damn..." she muttered. "Oh fuck...yes, suck him, I love to watch it, I fucking love it. He sucks you so good, doesn't he baby?"

Charlie nodded his head, still in a world of pleasure.

Nate looked up to him. "Charlie, you are going to cum like you have never cum before, I guarantee it." Nate loved being in control, and he was toying with Charlie, playing him like a harp. He continued his adroit cocksucking, keeping Charlie in a stage of relentless pleasure, watching with delight as Charlie's head nodded back and forth. Nate would keep this rate going for another ten minutes or so, quickening his pace ever so slightly, knowing Charlie was gaining on his far off orgasm.

Patti was also nearing her orgasm, but she would slow the pace of her masturbation, attempting to keep time with her husband. She wanted to cum at the exact moment he did.

With his thumb and forefinger of his left hand, Nate formed a tight ring around the base of Charlie's cock. He was now sucking, licking, jacking, and massaging Charlie's cock. He would pause, and rub the shaft all over his face, kissing the tip, soaking it with his saliva.

"Look at your cock, Charlie. Look how big and hard it is. It's huge, baby, and I love it. I love sucking your cock," Nate teased. Nate licked the head all over, jacking it with sharp strokes now, and Charlie began to ooze pre-cum. Nate would then slow somewhat, licking up all the cum that he could, working Charlie to the bursting point. He moved down to Charlie's balls, laying long licks all over them, which elicited a groan of approval from Charlie.

Nate could sense that this was the moment. Charlie's cock was streaming pre-cum now, and Nate worked it, jacking at an even rhythm. He was teasing Charlie, denying him his orgasm, and relentlessly tantalizing him, for all of their pleasure. But the time had come.

Nate took a few last sucks of Charlie's cock, and then began to stroke him quickly with his right hand. Charlie started to buck his hips, his mouth agape, and his eyes wild. Patti was fingering herself, taking sharp breaths, slapping her clit with her left hand. Her orgasm was near, also.

With his fingers digging into the fabric of the couch, Charlie groaned, his legs stiffening. His cock was a wet pipe of flesh, being stroked into oblivion by Nate's talented hands. Nate then flicked his tongue over the crown of Charlie's cock, producing sensations that drove Charlie over the precipice. With precise timing, he released his grip on the base of Charlie's cock, and palmed those tight balls in his hand.

"Charlie, CUM NOW," Nate bellowed.

"Awwwwfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk... oooohhhhheeeeegaaaaaaawwwddd," Charlie shrieked.

His first blast of cum arched into the air, splashing onto his own face, neck, and shoulders. Suddenly, Patti arched her back, her head fluttering back and forth as her body convulsed from the onset of her climax. A long, high-pitched neighing made its way from her mouth.

With each stroke of Nate's strong hand, Charlie burst forth a long stream of cum, soaking his body in his own cum. Each blast made Charlie's body shake, each shot releasing a torrent of pleasure into his body. As his orgasm subsided, Nate slowed his pumping motion, but held Charlie's cock tight in his right hand.

"Enjoy this, you stud," Nate told him, and suddenly Charlie could feel Nates warm, wet mouth surround the head of his cock. He ever so slowly worked his tongue in circles around the ultra-sensitive tip, finally working his way down, then back up, to release it from the chamber of his mouth. Softly Nate released his grasp on Charlie's cock, and moved up his body. Nate began to lick up all the puddles of cum, tasting it, savoring it, cleaning it all up, moving upwards, until he and Charlie met in a cum-drenched kiss.

Patti was now a quivering mass of flesh, her body twitching from the orgasm she had just experienced. She looked up to see Nate and Charlie in a deep kiss, and her eyes fell on Nate's cock, once again hard, pointing skyward. All she could think about now was having his lovely cock inside her. She moved up to her men, and shared a loving kiss with them. Their three tongues intermingled, swirling in circles, tasting each other, seeking new pleasure.

Patti finally broke the kiss, looking at Charlie. "I want him, honey. I want him to fuck me, and I want you to watch."

Charlie couldn't have argued even if he had wanted to. He was entirely within the firm grasp of his wife's sexual urges, and whatever Patti wanted, Patti would get.

"Yes baby, whatever you want. I love you so much. You do whatever makes you happy," he whispered.

"Put some more tunes on, baby," Patti said.

As Charlie put a jazz cd on, Patti moved to the floor, placing a pillow under each knee before leaning over into the classic "doggie-style" position. Her head down, arms splayed out before her, she began to slowly twist her firm ass in circles, beckoning for Nate's cock.

As the music began to play, Charlie looked at Patti, and he couldn't help but crack a huge smile. Glancing at Nate, he was pleased to see him rolling a black condom down the length of his rigid cock. Just the sight of this brought a renewed tingling into Charlie's groin.

Nate moved down directly behind Patti, palming her lovely round buns in his strong hands. She began to purr like a kitten, mewing softly, the mental picture of Nate's cock painted across the canvas of her mind. The thought of Charlie watching her fuck another man seemed to awaken her latent dominant personality. Far off, in her mind, she thought about how this would change their relationship forever.

Suddenly Patti's head sprang upward, her eyes bulging, her mouth open in a silent scream. Nate had pushed his cock into her moist pussy, his hands still gripping her ass. He began to slowly penetrate deeper, inch by inch, until he was buried deeply inside of her. For a few fleeting moments, Patti could feel every inch of his shaft. She tried to stay mentally "in tune" with exactly what was happening, but she knew that this wouldn't last long. It would only be seconds before she gave herself up to him, riding his cock with ultimate abandon.

Charlie was sitting on the couch now, stroking his semi-hard cock with both hands, enthralled with the sight before him. Nate began to fuck Patti slowly, his hands still gripping her ass, feeling entirely in control. Even through the thin layer of the condom, her pussy felt wildly hot to him.

"I have to take this slowly...make her cum," Nate thought to himself. Deliberately, he thrust into her with a constant pace, feeling out Patti's sexual signs, listening to her. Patti could only moan softly to herself, lost now in the feeling of Nate's cock. It seemed to feel out every inch of her, lost inside her, seeking every spot within her. Her breath quickened as she moved her upper body up off the carpet, using her arms for support. Patti's head began to swing from side to side, her soft moaning growing into louder grunts.

Charlie's cock was now very, very hard. His eyes moved from Patti, to Nate, to the panorama of both of them fucking with enthusiasm now. He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would be so turned on by the view of his wife fucking another man. But he was, and he loved it.

Patti's eyes met his, and through contorted lips, she hissed, "I love his cock, baby! You like to watch...him...FUCK ME. Oh fuck yes...he is fucking me so good...oh fuck yes!"

Charlie watched in awe as Patti's orgasm enveloped her body. She began to cuss like a drunken sailor, writhing in pleasure as she used every ounce of her strength to slam into Nate's body. But Nate held her hips tightly, making sure that in her wild gyrations that he wouldn't lose her. Wave after wave of insane pleasure burst through her, blanking her mind, searing these feelings deep into her soul.

Charlie couldn't believe his eyes; Patti had always had pretty wild orgasms, but he had never, ever seen her climax like she was now. On and on it continued; her screams, her passion, and her lust overcoming her. She was so out of control that he began to wonder if Nate was actually hurting her.

"Okay, time to slow a little. Let her catch her breath," Nate thought.

For perhaps thirty seconds, Nate slowed the pace, but soon after, began his onslaught again. Patti stayed right with him, begging for him to fuck her hard, and Nate was only too happy to oblige.

Time seemed to stop as Patti approached another mind-shattering orgasm. She struggled to keep aware of her surroundings, the last relative part of her mind seeking reason. But it was useless, and that last inkling of understanding soon vanished.

"Charlie, slide under her, like you are going to sixty-nine with her," Nate instructed. Like a zombie, Charlie did exactly what he was told. Nate had grabbed Patti's wrists, pulling her back toward him, capturing her in a position of which there was no escape. She had no feeling of Charlie sliding beneath her; all she could fathom was her continuing orgasm, her body feeling like a rag-doll's.

Her eyes shot open as she felt a set of wet lips on her clit, and at that precise moment, Nate released her wrists, pushing her body downward. Suddenly Charlie's hard cock was right before her face, and she took him in her mouth in one motion. Patti, Charlie, and Nate were now one incredible sexual machine.

Charlie was giving it all he could muster. He alternated from sucking Patti's clit to licking Nate's beautiful balls. Patti's mouth on his cock felt so wonderful and he knew that it wouldn't take much for him to explode in her mouth.

The three of them were locked in the moment. They shared the same thoughts and felt the same feelings. If this could last forever, they would have wished it upon themselves.

But Nate could feel it building from somewhere deep inside him. He loved to fuck, and could go for hours, but every time he felt that first urge to cum, there was never any turning back. His orgasm began to build and build, gaining momentum like a runaway locomotive. When Charlie had sucked him off earlier, it was an easy orgasm to achieve, the sheer delight of a first time cock-lover taking him in his mouth. But now it was deeper, stronger, more intense, surfacing gradually. Eyes closed, body rippling, face askew, he moved past the point of no return.

"Cum with me, Charlie!" Nate roared.

With three last thrusts into Patti's pussy, Nate knew. He pulled his cock out of her, ripping the condom from his erection.

Patti could only moan past the meat between her lips, jacking Charlie's cock repeatedly. His fluid began to blast into her mouth, and she was determined to swallow every drop. She could hear Nate groan as rivulets of cum rained down upon her back and ass. Patti could only think of how wonderful it all was.

Nate couldn't help but stare at Patti's ass as he jacked his cock with both hands. He poured his cum all over her, saving most for her cute rear-end. Nate loved cock, but there was just something about blasting his cum all over a pretty ass, male or female, that turned him on like nothing else.

Charlie felt like he was watching himself in a movie as he bucked and writhed under the firm control of Patti's mouth and hands. As Nate's semen dripped down Patti's thighs and past her wet pussy, there was nothing he could do to resist licking up every single drop that he could. In just a few hours, he had grown to love the taste.

Incredibly, the sexual energy subsided. Nate had moved back toward the couch, leaning against it, breathing deeply. Patti simply rolled off of Charlie, and both of them rested on the carpet, panting as if they had both just run a marathon. Eventually, they all moved to the couch, with Patti sitting between her men, each hand holding a soft cock.

Soon after, they quietly moved upstairs to the master bedroom. Patti settled in between Charlie and Nate beneath the covers of their king-sized bed, and within minutes, all three were fast asleep.

To be continued...

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