tagErotic CouplingsPatty: Patty Jenkens Cums to Bat

Patty: Patty Jenkens Cums to Bat


[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies, and as such, may or may not be entirely realistic. All locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


It was the bottom of the last inning, two outs. With a runner on second, I had two strikes and three balls. We were behind State by one run. The pitch was on the way. Thhhwwwaaaack!! I hit the ball straight out into center field and onto the top of the outfield fence with an absolutely beautiful bounce over the top to the other side! A two run homer!! I did it!! ME!! Patty Jenkins!!

It was my first time at bat, as a last minute pinch hitter, in only my second softball game as a college freshman! Man oh Man was I in seventh heaven! I did a slow jog down from third and stepped on the plate to the cheers and high fives of my team mates, especially the first string girls. I had been a top notch player in high school, good enough to get a four year scholarship here at State U. I hoped this was a harbinger of things to come for me on the field and not just a lucky fluke. Little did I know!

Coach O'Leary (John, a.k.a., "Jack") gave me a high five and then a swat on the butt with the words, "Awesome, Jenkins, awesome!" Coach had looked me over and watched me in practice, but had said nothing to me before this game. Now he said, "Maybe we ought to put you in a little more often if you can produce like that. I am going to have my eye on you in the next practice." I just grinned as my cheeks turned crimson.

I got carried into the locker room on the shoulders of the first string players and promptly thrown into the shower. It felt pretty damned good! There was a lot of teasing and kidding as I was forced by the team to strip out of my soaked uniform in the shower. When I got down to my sports bra and panties, things suddenly went very quiet except for the sound of the running water.

The senior team captain, Steffee, stepped in with me and said, "Well, Jenkins, this calls for your 'official baptism' as a full fledged Puma player!"

I looked a bit puzzled, but began to catch on when Steffee leaned in close and pulled off my bra, letting it drop to the floor. With the rest of the team fencing me in the shower, resistance would have been futile, if I had wanted to resist.

Steffee, the only black player on an otherwise all white team, began to caress my 34B tits with her hands and rolling my nipples between her thumb and first finger. "OHHH," I gasped, as electric currents were suddenly generated in those erecting nipples and in my pussy. Now Steffee's mouth descended on my nipples and she gave them a tongue lashing. She then bit lightly with her teeth, stretched the nipple, and let it snap back. Ditto with the other boob. The amperage in those electric currents suddenly shot way, way up!

My panties were already wet from the shower, so no one had yet noticed that my pussy was really leaking now. Steffee took care of that, however, as she hooked her thumbs behind the waist band of my panties and began to ever so slowly lower them. First my bush, neatly trimmed so that it looked like a tiny upside down pyramid, appeared, then the top of my gash, then my clit. Here, Steffee stopped and moved her hand onto my clit, alternately pushing and kneading my pubic mound and tweaking my clit to erection. "Ohhh, My Goood," I mumbled, "don't stop!" as my pussy really started gushing in earnest. But the cascading shower was washing us clean as fast as I leaked. My pelvis now began to hump up and down in tune with Steffee's hand. Suddenly, Steffee ripped the panties completely off and dropped them. Now I stood, buck naked in front of all the girls.

Steffee stripped, which must have been the signal for the rest of the team. Just the first string eight, though. Steffee stepped behind me to rub my butt cheeks in slow time while each of the other first string girls in turn walked around us, spending a couple of minutes massaging first my pussy from the front and then Steffee's pussy from the rear. Usually, a girl got at least one finger into my love canal for a good wiggle before stepping around behind Steffee.

To say that I had orgasms, plural, is an understatement. It seemed to be one continuous roll of orgasm. I began to moan, "Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh God, Ohhhhhhh GoooooOOOOOODDD! More! More! Ohhhhh Shiiiit!" Finally, my legs just literally buckled, and I fell too my knees on the floor. Steffee kept me from falling flat on my face. Before I knew what happened, Steffee had me turned and on my back on the shower floor.

In a flash, Steffee was on top of me in a sixty-nine, her face buried in my pussy. I returned the favor as the water continued to cascade down on us from the shower heads. Several other team members paired off into similar entwinements while others floated around between couples, caressing a boob here or giving finger assistance to a tongue there. I didn't see her leave, but one of the girls must have stepped out to her locker for a minute, because Steffee suddenly had a dildo she started to use on me.

Steffee parted my pulsing pussy lips and rubbed that dildo through my gash, front to back and back to front before teasingly hesitating at the entrance to my cunt. I thrust upward with my pelvis just as Steffee began to push on the dildo. That pseudo cock just slid in to the hilt in a flash. And I orgasmed in spades!

The dildo was slowly slid out by Steffee with a loud, sucking pop. After a moment to catch my breath, I suddenly rolled us over and said to Steffee, "Your turn now," as I grabbed the dripping dildo from her hand.

Steffee moaned as I went to work on her pussy with that rubber cock. She orgasmed quickly and as hard as I had cum a few minutes earlier. "My God, that felt good, but I wish it had been the real thing diddling around in my pussy," Steffee commented after she got her breath back.

The other girls finished pleasuring themselves to orgasm with each other while Steffee and I showered clean and stepped out to dry each other with towels. Steffee did me first and then, as I dried her, I thought to myself, Girl, I want another really long session with you and that black pussy of yours sometime soon! I fumbled into my street clothes and headed out. The girls I passed along the way gave me significant, knowing looks. I wondered what that was all about. I found out very quickly.

The hall passed by Coach O'Leary's office before exiting into the gym and then outside. As I passed the office window, coach beckoned me into the room. The office was actually a suite of several rooms, this first one more of an anteroom with offices proper for coach and his assistants located off a hall at the back of this room. He said, "Please, come back to my office, I want to have a chat with you about your game (significant pause) and future on the team."

I thought, Jeeze, that was fast, I got his attention out there on the field Alright! I hope he is going to let me play some more. Oh, he was going to let me play alright, but I was thinking softball and he was thinking something else!

It may be that I am only a freshman, just turned nineteen, but I am neither totally ignorant nor totally naive. I pretty well figured what was "cumming" here. Sure enough, coach got down to it rather quickly.

He said, "Jenkins, you got some real talent, or you would not have received the four year scholarship. In these next four years, I can coach you and develop you into a top notch college player. But, if you expect to play regularly on the team with the other eight first stringers, you have to play ball with me, with my bat and balls, if you take my meaning!"

Yeah, I took his meaning Alright! Apparently, all eight first stringers were "playing ball" with coach, and, if I expected to join that elite group, I would have to do the same., sleep with him for four years! Well, on the one hand, the situation did have something to say for itself. One: coach was single, Two: He was young, probably not more than five or six years older than I, Three: he was one hell of a good looking stud, almost a Greek god in looks, (how he is hung was yet to be determined), Four: I had a hell of a healthy sex drive and required a lot, and I mean a lot, ot sex,

Five: with nine of us, not all of my sex play time would necessarily be taken up by coach, unless they had one hell of an orgy each time he wanted sex. And, I did not yet know who else other than team members he might be fucking to take even more pressure off my time. Six: I was no slouch in the looks department. Tall and willowy, I have strawberry blond hair,brown eyes, a small upturned nose, a bright, pretty (not necessarily beautiful) face on top of a long, slender neck, and moderately large, perfectly shaped, tight tits with very large aureole. The nipples are to die for when they stand out fully erect. My ass is very tight and compact on my 125 pound frame. Finally, seven, I might actually get to be a real collegiate softball star.

I remained silent as I stood in front of his desk thinking over his proposition, he sat on the corner of his desk just looking at me and waiting expectantly. I was dressed in a sweat suit, pants and hooded, long sleeved sweatshirt, and sneakers. I was pretty well covered And, although our player uniforms revealed more about our figures, the uniforms did not reveal all that much more.

So, In answer to his proposition, I slowly began to lift my sweat shirt over my head. Coach's eyebrows went up as his eyes opened wider, and his mouth developed a slightly leering grin. My tits came slowly into view, covered by a half cup bra that left the nipples more or less exposed. That for sure got his attention. I gave him my best, seductive smile and hoped my eyes were glinting. The shirt came off the rest of the way and I let it dangle and sway from my extended arm before dropping it at his feet.

I noticed a bulge beginning to form down his left trouser leg and chuckled. I stuck my thumbs in the waist band of my pants and sort of twisted the pants top in sync with a twisting of my hips in a real tease. I was verrrry slowly lowering the pants at the same time. My lower belly came into view. The bulge in his pants was growing immense!

The top of my thong triangle came into view next. Then all of the thong was visible and the pants top was at mid thigh level. I waddled up closer to coach, stuck one sneakered foot into his crotch and said, "Pull off the shoe and sock."

He grunted with a little pain and about jumped off the desk when I planted that shoe, but he pulled it and the sock off my foot. I repeated the action, and the command, with the other foot. Coach just continued to sit there on the corner of his desk, waiting to see what I would do next.

Now I stepped back a bit, let the sweat pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them. So, there I am now, standing in nothing but my tiny bra and thong. Coach's bulge was still growing longer! I did not alter the "come hither" smile on my face, but I thought, Jesus, just how big is that fuck stick going to get?

Coach started to get up, but, without thinking, I blurted out, "Sit, big boy, I'm not ready for you yet. You may be the coach, but I am your sex mistress! I'll tell you when to move!" To my everlasting surprise, he rather sheepishly, did just that. He sat back down!

I unhooked the front closure of the bra and slowly flapped it open and closed in a teasing, hide and seek display. His cock grew some more! Unbelievable! Finally, I totally freed my beautiful boobs by dropping the bra to the floor. By now, it was obvious that my pussy was leaking as the thong (a dry one put on after my shower) was showing a large wet spot that was growing larger. So was coach's cock!

Now I repeated the swaying, twisting tease with the thong removal as I did with the sweat pants removal a few minutes before. As the thong finally dropped to the floor, baring my pussy to the light and his eyes, I did a slinky little shuffle over to stand in front of coach. He started reaching for me, but I barked, "Keep those hands on the desk until I tell you differently!" He immediately rested his hands back on the desk.

I leaned over and unbuckled his belt. That long trouser snake twitched and wiggled! I unfastened the pants button and then, ever so slowly, I began to lower his zipper and spread the pants open. The zipper hit bottom. Coach was lifting and lowering his pubic area just slightly in anticipation of me reaching in for his monster sausage. I didn't do that!

Instead, I now began to use the forefinger of each hand to trace the line from his ear, down his jaw, and then around his lips, one side and then the other. Now I began to unbutton his shirt. By now he was really moaning softly, almost whimpering. His hands were trembling to move and grab on to me. I looked him straight in the eye and slowly shook my head no.

I got his shirt open and pulled wide out of his pants and began to tweak his nipples through his undershirt. His cock was now really twitching to be free. And I finally had to surrender to the curiosity of just how big that trouser snake really was. So, i began petting his cock down and through his shorts, as if I were petting the back of a cat. Coach's moaning now began to get a more desperate sound, like he was about to die and he had trouble breathing.

With a really wicked grin, I reached into the opening in his shorts and began to reel out what I found. The damned thing just kept cumming, out of his shorts, that is. When I finally got it out, it was not quite erect, but in a second it did spring quite stiff and straight up, all fourteen plus coal black inches of it!

I simply could not believe it, and said so with just those words. He choked out, "There is a ruler behind me, measure it yourself, and you'll believe!"

I grabbed the ruler and measured, fourteen and three quarter fucking inches! He had a set of balls to match. They were the biggest God damned balls I have ever seen, and I have seen a fair number of them since my eighth grade year in junior high school.

"God damn, coach," I said, "You are hung even better than a damned horse!"

"Ain't i though," was his answer.

"I wonder how many 'home runs' I can hit with that 'bat'," I mumbled.

With all this "foreplay" with coach, I had sort of "recharged my batteries," so to speak, from the locker room activities of a half hour ago. And, I was beginning to feel that charge real good by now. Electric shocks were once more pulsing up from my pussy and spreading up to my aching tits. Aching from the immediate past locker room action and the need for more action right now. But, there was a bit more teasing and exhibition of my newfound control left yet before I got my sexual release.

I kneeled down for that giant black snake and began doing a two handed stroking up and down of that fourteen inches of fuck stick. This one was uncircumcised and I loved to watch the cock head play hide and seek as I stroked. Precum and maybe even cock cream were oozing in a steady drizzle from his cyclops eye. On my down stroke, which exposed that huge globe of swollen purple cockhead, I would pause and lean in to swirl my tongue around that bulb to lick it clean of juices.

Coach was twitching, his hands were twitching, and most of all, his cock was twitching and pulsing in my two hands, so hard, that I had trouble hanging on. Coach's moans were now piteous! I said, "If you move without being told, I will punch you a heavy jab in the balls and walk out of here!" His uncontrollable twitching continued, but he made no other effort to move.

I stood and took his cock to my slit. I rubbed that monstrosity up and down with real emphasis on my clit. That did it for coach. He could hold it in no longer. He literally roared into orgasm, erupting in a sea of cock cream. I was covered from chin to clit in a splattering of goo! Coach just shuddered and shook, moaning and groaning as he sat there on the edge of the desk. My clit rubbing with his cock at brought me to a shattering orgasm just a bit behind his. There was still pussy juice left, so I added it to the mix and just shuddered, shook and groaned much as coach did.

When I got my breath back, I said, "That's it for this time, you fucking horse. Now you know what to look forward to doing with that horse cock the next time. I am going to shower again and get dressed. I'm already overdue now at the dorm. By the way, coach, how in hell does a black man get a name like O'Leary?"

Coach, who had by now also got some breath back, said, "Jesus, fucking Christ, I have never come that hard or that much before. Jenkins, you and I will be seeing a lot more of each other! Oh, the name? That's a long story, but the telling is for another time."

With that, I picked up my clothes and walked out the door to the locker room and my second shower.


[If you liked or disliked this story, you know what to do and how. Feed back and votes are appreciated. Regards, caprine.]

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