tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPaula & Her Pool Man Ch. 02

Paula & Her Pool Man Ch. 02


The next week Paula was determined to get closer with Rod. She couldn't stop thinking about his big cock. Paula had sex with her husband on the weekend but kept thinking it was Rod pounding away. Every time she thought of his naked body she would get all horny.

Anyway, Thursday eventually came, and Rod was much early today then usual. He finished his shift at the public pool at 11:00am, and was at Paula's house by 11:30. With more time on his hands, Rod planed on spending a bit more time at Paula's, where he could do a more thorough job then usual. Rod was already roaming the yard naked when Paula stepped out in her two piece bathing suit. It wasn't exactly a bikini. She had a blue and black top that allowed for a great view of her breasts. It was more like a sports bra, but made with swimsuit material. Her nipples poked through the material as her breasts wobbled like jelly with every move she made. The bottom piece was a matching g-string that finished nice and high up her backside to give a good view of her bum cheeks. She had been eager all week to wear the suit, as it would give Rod a good opportunity to get a view of what she had to offer. She came out with a pair of sunglasses and hat that made it difficult for Rod to see what her eyes were focused on.

"How are you Rod? Your nice and early." Paula said.

"Great, I finished my shift early today, I was thinking I could do some more work on this pool of yours. It looks like it needs it." Rod replied

"You don't mind if I sun bake over here do you Rod?" Paula asked as she turned the chair to face the pool.

"Not if you don't put on some sun cream" he replied. She smiled as Rod continued to work.

Paula had her hair tied up and began spreading her arms and face with sun cream as she glanced at Rod's cock. It was hanging down pointing to the ground. It was a wonder it didn't get in the way of his work. He seemed quite used to having such a big tool to work around. As Paula looked down to rub her legs, her breasts pushed up against her knees, and her tits looked like they would fall out. As she rubbed up and down her leg her breasts bounced off her knees. Rod couldn't help but take a good long look.

Paula began rubbing her cleavage with sun cream. She started at the top where her breasts joined, then dug down into her top to grab hold of her tits. She massaged them under the costume, and it seemed to get Rod's attention, as he found a reason to look over at her. In a bundle of nerves, Paula noticed this and pulled her hands out and turned over on her back.

Paula dangled her legs as Rod approached her with what seemed to be a hard on. With a big smile on his face, Rod sat on the edge of the lay out chair. He grabbed the sun cream and said "Here, you've missed a spot," pointing to her ass. Since her costume top covered her back well, the only thing bare was her back side. "Let me rub some of this on" he added.

Paula turned her head with a smile but was overwhelmed by the view of his growing pecker. She felt rude to even look again. Rod began rubbing her ass cheeks in circles. He would push her cheek buns up and watch them stiffly wobble back into shaped. He pushed his fingers underneath the rim of the g-string and rubbed there ensuring full protection. He rubbed a little longer then he needed and didn't want to make it seem obvious he was feeling horny. He quickly stopped and got up and went back to work. Paula looked as he maintained a huge erection. She had finally been able to see it. His cock pointed everywhere, but mostly up, and was really gonna get in his way.

Paula became wet and simply couldn't get enough. She was somewhat frustrated he didn't take advantage of her as she lay there. She doubted herself, maybe she wasn't good enough for him? Why would he be interested in an older women with large breasts and a curvy bottom when he could have some slim young women. This doubt made Paula head for the house, so she got up and went inside for a shower. She was hot all over, and still couldn't get her mind off the naked body circling her pool.

She put on her pink g-string, and then pulled on her white cut off pants that finished at her shins. What was neat about this little out fit was that you could see the g-string right through the tight pants. She put on her matching pink bra that held her breasts well, which added another D to her already double D's. She put on her red high-heeled shoes that added another 4 inches to her height. Even her toes were somewhat sexy, with her toe-nails painted red and a lovely curvy shaped pair of heels. She fitted a nice snug buttoned shirt over herself, with the top 4 buttons open, and the last three down up. This would provide more then enough cleavage for Rod to gawk at. She didn't even need to bend over, and you could see plenty of cleavage.

She went downstairs where Rod was siting down on the sofa watching the television. Paula was going to get him some lunch. He was semi-erect, but when Paula walked by into the kitchen he was harder then a rock. There was no point in hiding it Rod thought. Rod watched from the couch into the kitchen as Paula bent over (purposely) to reveal her large breasts. He admired her tight ass, and the see through pants. She come over to serve Paul on the small coffee table. He bent forward to clear some room, as it gave him a better view of her cleavage when she bent down to place the plate on the table. She had this lovely gold chain hanging between her tits. She gently covered her tits with her hand as she bent down, although did this slow enough to at least give enough time for Rod to look.

Paula sat opposite Rod on a kitchen seat as he sat low on the couch. The TV was to his left, and to her right. She was a little further from the TV, which allowed her to occasionally glance at his body. His dick was solid hard for the whole lunch. Paula purposely walked by when she could to give him a view of her body. She faced her ass to him and purposely bent down so he could get a good look at her tight ass. Paula was still waiting for him to make his move. But he kept denying it, was he shy or not interested. It was starting to annoy Paula. She watched him as he held his hands up in the air and stretched his legs. His cock was still hard.

"Since you've finished today Rod, why don't you go up to my room and take a well-earned shower" Paula suggested.

"That's sounds great, I could do with one right now." He replied. He needed to get his mind off Paula otherwise he would have cummed all over. He didn't want to embarrass himself. I mean, it could ruin his reputation.

Paula ensured all the doors were locked. It would be at least 4 hours before her husband would come home. As Paul showered, she entered the bathroom, and placed a towel on the bench. She took a glance at Rod stroking his cock with soap. My, my she thought, he was still hard. She closed the shower door that led to her bedroom and came up with a splendid idea. If you can't beat them join them she thought. Perhaps if she was an exhibitionist, he might be more interested.

She took off all her clothes, and placed them on the bedroom chair. Her tits, her husband had once said, was her best asset. She let go of her bra, and her breasts were released. They were big, and a good handful. They sagged a little, and had the odd stretch mark. But who could complain, when her nipples were large and protruded well. She kept her g-string on, and sat on the bed, where it faced the bathroom door. The shower stopped and Rod was drying off.

Rod wrapped the towel around his waste, and opened the bathroom door. He froze at what he saw. Paula was sitting in the middle of the bed caressing her large breasts. She massaged them in all angles. She would close her eyes and rub thoroughly. Rod's towel fell to the ground and his cock was stiff again. He watched for a few seconds, but was drawn to her large breasts. He hopped on the bed and sat behind her with his back against the pillows and wall. His large cock rested against her smooth creamy back. She continued to rub her tits as Rod began rubbing her thighs. He spread his legs so that her back was siting inside him. Slowly he moved his hands to her breasts where he began taking over her job. She slowly withdrew her hands and Rod was now in control. He circled her breasts with both hands as she began to moan.

Rod must of rubbed for a least five minutes, and he still wasn't tired, although he was getting hungry. He placed his head downwards so he could suck her breasts from the side. He pushed her tits to his face. Paula knew full well that he wanted to suck her large breasts. She pushed Rod's hands away and got up from her position. She kneeled on the bed in front of him, where his legs were still spread apart. She got in as close as she could. He grabbed her breasts again. They would sometimes slip out of his hands because they were so big. He took one breast with a hand and began licking her nipple. They were so tasty, and large. With his other hand he massaged the other breast. Paula helped him as her breasts would occasionally slip out of his hands. She encouraged Rod to take a load of the other breast and so he did. He put his head between her tits, and she put her arms around his head, making sure he had a good feed.

Paula pushed herself back, and put a firm hand on Rod's chest and made him lay his back down. She kissed his lips, and slowly moved to his neck and shoulders. Meanwhile Rod was playing with her nipples as they rested against his hard cock and waist. She kissed his chest all over. Rod's large cock fell in between her breasts, and they both laughed. Paula jokingly pushed up against his cock as if to have a tit fuck. But she wasn't here for a tit fuck. She was after his large cock. She pushed back and looked at his cock point upwards. She put one hand on her stomach to hold Rod down, and the other under his balls. She massaged his large balls. Rod noticed as her tongue came out. She slowly licked the top of his penis which gave him chills. She licked it up and down, just testing the water it seemed, so to speak. Paula couldn't help but lick like his large balls. Pushing them around like he had pushed her breasts.

Rod wanted her mouth over his cock. Paula moved back further down the bed. Rod laid his whole body flat on the bed. His arms were stretched up so his hands were touching the wall as his feet fell off the end of the double bed. Paula wanted him to be fully stretched. She took hold of his large cock, and placed her hands in the same position as before, one on his chest the other on his balls. She put her mouth over his cock and sucked. She pushed the cock in and out of her mouth. She became faster and faster. Rod just closed his eyes and lay firm. Her breasts bounced on his waist which drove him crazy. She continued to pull the cock into her mouth and out, making wet suction noises as she sucked. Rod was on the edge of cumming. Paula withdrew her mouth and started masturbating him. Rod couldn't hold on any longer and cummed all over Paula's tits.

As the penetration slowed, and finally stopped, Paula got off the bed and wiped her tits with the towel. Rod got up from his position and kneeled on the bed, wanting some more. Paula glanced as he was already hard again. With both hands she pulled her g-string off, and got on the bed to lay on her back. Her tits swayed with every movement. She wasted no time and took hold of Rod's cock and pulled it to her pussy, where Rod entered. Her legs were spread wide apart as he fell on top of her pounding away. It was like he was doing push ups as he fucked. Paula just closed her eyes, and wrapped her legs around his legs so he wouldn't lose grip. Rob kissed her mouth and neck all over. The fucking went on for a good 15 minutes as Rod couldn't stop. His initial cum had slowed the second load down. Rod was pounding rapidly and couldn't stop. Paula's tits were flying all over the place and she moaned as Rod began to cum inside her. He just flowed and flowed until the penetration began slowing down when there was no fuel left.

Rod pulled his cock out and lay next to Paula massaging her tits and ass. Paula still had her eyes closed and felt like she had been to heaven. She felt wonderful to have such a young cock fucking her mad. Her skin was smoother then ever, as Rod's hands glided all over it. She brushed her smooth legs against his.

Rod got up and had to go. He went downstairs and put his shorts back on. Paula followed him downstairs naked to say her goodbyes. "Well honey, that was wonderful" she said.

"That was great Paula. I better be off before your husband gets back." Rod replied

"That's fine baby, I just want you to know how great it felt" Paula said.

"Well, I'll see you next week." Rod replied as he bent down to kiss her. He couldn't help himself as held both of her breasts in his hand and gave them each a kiss. "I'll be missing you" he said.

Paula pulled his hands away from her breasts, and placed her hand against his groin and said. "By the looks of things, you're already missing me."

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