tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPaula Deen Loves Her Chocolate

Paula Deen Loves Her Chocolate


World-famous cook book author, celebrity chef and media personality Paula Deen sat in the office of her psychiatrist, Dr. Roselyn Angelique, and fidgeted slightly in the comfortable couch on which she sat. Things weren't going well for the Queen of Southern Cooking. Ever since that lawsuit by a Black female ex-manager of one of her restaurants hit the national news circuit, Paula Deen's once clean-cut image had been severely tarnished. For starters, all of America now knew about some unsavory words that come out of her mouth every now and then to describe certain segments of society. That she admitted so in a court of law didn't do much for her image. Already Twitter was ablaze with people who got fed up with her. The Food Network was considering giving her television show the axe if she didn't make the mess go away.

Looking at her three-hundred-dollar-per-hour shrink, Paula Deen pursed her lips. I've got a confession to make, the round-faced mature southern belle said. The shrink looked at her with that carefully blank expression that so many professionals in the field of psychiatry adopted when dealing with difficult cases. I've been having those dreams again, Paula Deen said. The shrink looked at her and raised a slender eyebrow. The same ones I told you about last time, the southern matron conceded. With a pleading look in her blue eyes, she begged the shrink to make her forbidden fantasies go away. It is beyond my power, the shrink said gently, you must figure it out yourself.

Paula Deen closed her eyes hard. Indeed, things were not going well for her personally and professionally. She'd been so busy with work and traveling and that damn lawsuit that her relationships with family and those friends who hadn't deserted her were suffering. And it didn't help that night after night she was having forbidden dreams about...men. African-American men, to be exact. Try as she might she couldn't banish those erotic dreams and forbidden fantasies from her mind. Every time she saw a tall, well-built Black man she got...hot. Just like she did in the wickedly sexy and deeply sexual dream she had last night.

Lying on her back, her blue eyes shiny with tears of joy and her mouth slack and drooling, celebrity chef Paula Deen was right where she was born to be. The Queen of Southern Cooking licked her lips, and winked at the trio of gentleman who were working on her. The king-sized bed shook under the horny foursome as they did their thing. For Paula Deen, it was just another night in Georgia. African-American porn legend Mr. Marcus smiled at Paula Deen as he eased his thick ebony cock into her asshole. At the same time, his buddy Brian Pumper slid his dick ever deeper into Paula Deen's hairy cunt.

The plump southern matron gushed with happiness as she finally felt filled with beautiful chocolate dicks, just like she had yearned to be for the longest time. Rounding up the trio was none other than legendary porn icon Lexington Steele, and he buried his thick chocolate stick in Paula Deen's mouth. The plump southerner would have urged them to fuck her harder if she could but she could barely move let alone talk with their giant black pricks filling her every hole. And that's just how she liked it! The three ebony studs went to work on her and fucked her real good.

Lexington Steele rammed his long and thick ebony cock down Lexington Steele's cock, going balls deep. With his dick in her mouth and his big hairy black balls resting on Paula Deen's chin, Lexington Steele was showing his truly dominant side. Though she kind of gagged with that huge dick down her throat, Paula Deen loved the way it felt and tasted in her mouth. She licked Lexington Steele's ebony cock as well as she could and when he came, blasting his hot cum deep into her mouth, she swallowed his nut. All of it. Without spilling a single drop. Lexington Steele rubbed her head patronizingly and told her she'd make a great BBC slut. Paula Deen, who only became acquainted with that terminology recently, gushed with pleasure. Her cum-soaked face lit up like a Christmas tree and she thanked Lexington Steele profusely.

Lexington Steele went to sit at the side at the bed and watched the action while stroking his big ole ebony cock. Meanwhile, Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper showed Paula Deen what they were working with. The plump southern belle moaned in pleasure as the two sexy black studs slammed their dicks in her aged pussy and tight asshole. Although she was no stranger to butt fucking, Paula Deen had never been double penetrated before. Even with the lubricant Mr. Marcus thick ebony cock felt huge inside Paula Deen's ass. As for Brian Pumper, the muscular African-American stud was living up to his name as he went on pumping his dick into Paula Deen's aged, hairy cunt like there was no tomorrow. Grabbing Paula Deen by the scruff of her neck, he teased her and told her that she was lucky he wasn't in the mood to show her his "gape man special". Linda Deen had no idea what he was talking about but nodded. She would have said yes to anything he asked her as long as he filled her cunt so deliciously with that thick ebony cock of his!

The two ebony studs flipped her and now she found herself on all fours instead of on her back. Face down and ass up, that's how Paula Deen found herself sandwiched between Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper. Licking her lips, she ground her big round ass against Mr. Marcus groin, driving his dick deeper inside her asshole. At the same time, Brian Pumper wrapped his arms around her hips and thrust his cock deep inside her cunt. Straddling Brian Pumper, Paula Deen told him to fuck her as hard as he could. At last her long-time fantasy of getting fucked by Black men was coming true and she couldn't get enough of it.

The young Black porn stud didn't need to be told twice. If anything he began slamming her pussy with his hard, pumping cock even rougher than before. Hard and fast Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper drilled their dicks into Paula Deen's pussy and asshole, until they came, flooding her with their cum. As they pulled out of her, Lexington Steele came to finish her off, once more making her suck his dick, which the tired but horny southern matron did happily. Paula Deen sucked him till he came for the second time that night, and drank all of his manly cum. Once all was said and done, the four of them lay on the bed, talking and laughing, basking in the warm afterglow that only a spectacular fucking can lay on a person.

Which was just about when America's favorite celebrity chef and cook book author Paula Deen woke up in her mansion in Georgia, her curvy body covered with sweat, and her heart thundering in her chest. And she could feel a wetness between her legs. No doubt about it, she had just had the most explosive sexual dream of her sixty six years. A hot, sensual dream where she got fucked by Black men, the very people she publicly railed against every chance she got. Smiling, she lay there in that comfortable darkness and fingered her cunt, thinking about ebony bodies and masculine funk while masturbating to a guilty pleasure. Funny how fate makes for strange bedfellows, even in the realm of fantasies.

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