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Paula's Feet


My girlfriend and I have been together since high school. She knows about my fetish and accepts it completely. I have done everything with her feet that it is possible to do. I still feet that longing for "new feet". That feeling of uncontrollable excitement when you have a girl's feet for the first time. It is like a drug to me and I feed on it. My university is 70% women, so you know what a foot paradise it is!

One day my girlfriend, Kim brings a new friend over named Paula. Paula is a typical college girl. She loves to drink and flirt; Paula is all about having fun. Kim made a no shoes rule in our house because she didn't want to have to pay to have the carpet cleaned. Fine by me! Kim and Paula hang out on a regular basis and I love Paula's feet. They are size 6 to 7, perfectly shaped with a nice high arch.

She is 20 years old and her feet are well taken care of. Paula would come over and we would sit on the deck and drink and talk. I couldn't help wanting to have those feet. One day our school had a week long break and Kim flew home to see her parents. I stayed behind to "study". After the first night passed I gained the courage to ask Paula to come over. She arrived about an hour later wearing shorts, t-shirt, and the usual tennis shoies with cotton white socks.

She came in and started to remove her shoes. I stopped her and told it that she could leave them on. We sat out on the deck and had a few beers. I could tell that Paula was attracted to me and she knew I felt the same about her. Paula is in great shape with long sandy blonde hair. After an hour I felt it was time to give this a shot. I brought the converstaion around to stress. Paula said that she often got headaches from too much stress. I started talking about different stress relief practices, with one she hadn't heard of, reflexology.

I told her that reflexology was like a foot massage, but there were different areas on the sole of her feet that when pressure was applied to it would help heal different parts of the body. Of course I am no expert in reflexology, I just used it as an "in". Paula uttered the magic words,

"Can you show me?"

No sooner had she said that my hands began to tremble and my mouth went dry. I scooted my chair in front of hers and reached down and placed both of her feet in my lap. My cock was ready to explode! I sat there for a minute playing it off and talking more about stress. While my mouth was running my fingers were gently running over her shoes. I wanted to prolong the moment as long as possible. Finally my fingers found her laces and I slowly begand to pull the knot lose.

"Paula, sit back and close your eyes. It is important that you try to clear your mind of everything" I told her.

Once I had the shoes untied I put one hand under the heel and the other grasped the sole. Slowly I slid the shoe off her foot. I placed it next to me. Her little sock clad foot was really warm to the touch and moist too. I placed it on my leg and I could feet the heat through my jeans. I ran my hands up and down her sock covered foot. The clean smell of young female foot sweat mixed with shoe leather rose to my nose.

Of course I wanted to go crazy and start pressing them to my nose and licking them, but I needed to prolong the moment as long as possible. I did the same with the other shoe. I placed her feet together in my lap and continued to caress them. It was now time to remove the socks. I slid my fingertips down into the tops of her socks and gently rolled them off.

I had my eyes fixed on each part of her foot as I slowly exposed her soft bare foot. Once the socks were off I brushed the sock lint off her feet and from between her toes. I looked at her innocent face and she was loving the attention with her eyes closed shut. I began to massge them. Paula's bare feet felt a little sticky from the sweat, but it wasn't enough to be unpleasant. I wanted to tongue bathe those feet so badly! I sat there and held each foot like a sandwich.

My 8 fingers held the top of the foot as my thumbs ran up and down the lenght of her soles and pressed the balls of the foot. I took my fingers and gently pulled her innocent toes. After about a 20 minute foot massage Paula excused herself and went to the bathroom. Once gone I picked up her socks and pressed them to my nose. I almost came in my pants which were a little wet from the pre-cum.

She came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa inside. She looked out at me and motioned for me to join her inside. I came in and sat on the sofa. I asked her to give me her feet and I would finish the massage.

" No that's OK, I don't think you need to be massaging them anymore tonight." I almost died! My mind raced, I knew she had seen me with her socks, I was so embarrassed.

"All that massaging was really making me horny" she said!

"Kim is my friend and you are her boyfriend, it is wrong for me to feel that way about you." She picked her socks up and slid them back on.

"If you want to massage me, how about my shoulders" Paula said. She sat between my legs and I rubbed her back. As my hands got to her lower back her starting laughing and tried to get away. I pulled her back down and she landed across my lap.

Our faces were inches apart. We looked into each others eyes and for a moment I thought we might kiss. She got a devilish look in her eye, and tried to get up once again. I flipped her little body over so she was across my lap in a spanking position. I went to work on her ribs with my fingers. We were both laughing and having fun.

"It's a tickle fight" Paula said!

She tried to reach my ribs but I held her back. She managed to get away but I caught her and pinned her face down on the carpet. I sat on her butt facing her feet. I grabbed her ankles and bent her knees back toward my chest. Her tried her hardest to get away. I wrapped an arm arond her ankles and held her feet tightly against my chest. With my free hand I raked my fingers up and down her soles.

She was laughing wildly and begging me to stop. Then I romoved her socks and hand her bare feet inches from my face. She had her toes pointed and was moving her feet in different directions to escape my tickling. After tickling her for a good two minutes I decided to go for it. Paula was seeming really horny from all the tickling. I grasp her ankles tight and pressed her feet together. I started to nibble on her toes and the balls of her feet. She was thrashing around and laughing so badly that it felt like riding a wild bull! She was loving every minute of it and so was I!

My excitement got the best of me and I quit tickling her feet and started french kissing her soles. My fetish was unleashed. I licked her soles with flat broad strokes of my tongue from heel to toe. Paula laid there quite for a second which scarred me. Then she started to slowly grind her hips on the floor and softly moan.

"That really feels good, please don't stop." she said.

I turned her over and knelt in front of her. I raised her toes to my mouth and started sucking on them one by one. She and I were looking into each others eyes as I sucked her toes. She had a dirty little grin on her face. After five minutes her entire foot had been licked clean. I licked the tops of them, between the toes, and especially the soles (my favorite part). I spread her legs and laid on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my back and we locked in a deep french kiss. As we lay there I confessed my fetish for her feet. She told me she knew I liked feet from the way I always starred at hers when she was over with Kim.

Paula has completely endulged my fetish and she is my secret foot girl. I have taken lots of pictures of her feet and she loves the attention. We went to various websites on the Internet and I showed her what foot guys liked. She loves the fetsih and thinks it is a lot of fun to tease me with her feet when Kim is around.

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