tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaula's Story Pt. 01

Paula's Story Pt. 01


This story was inspired by a LADY I know, Paula. It started off to be a story about her and then I realized... I guess you first write by experience. Never the less, this lady is someone I admire deeply and I consider her a friend. The story may not be about her life, but it is certainly about my admiration for her. I love you, Paula

I would like to thank Mr. Tamerlayne McQueen for his assistance in editing and some helpful hints to make this more readable.

(Warning: This is a piece of fictional story-telling, all events and characters are fictional and pieces of imagination, and are not real. This story entails descriptions of non-consensual sex, between a man and a woman against her will. This is a work of fantasy, and is not to be taken serious in any way. This is written as a story of reluctance but it has a strong underlining thread of first love and to a lesser degree, incest. This is my first story I've ever submitted so... DON'T GO EASY!


Ron, my boyfriend, was never mean; he just always seemed to be in control. He was older than I was by several years. I think I fell in love with him the first moment I saw him. The problem I had was that I always thought I would lose him from the moment I met him and I was desperate to keep hold of him. That started a period in my life that was odd, but I still look back on it with fondness.

I was with girl friends at a local teen hangout that we were fixtures at. Ron came in, smiled and sat down next to me, taking the seat that my best friend had vacated to use the lady's room. When she came back, he just stood up, surrendered back her seat and took me by the hand. A simple, "come with me," and I left.

I wasn't all that much to look at back then. I didn't have a woman's curves just a growing girl's flirtiness. We went to his car, he opened the door for me and I got in. I was scared to death but so excited at the same time I couldn't catch my breath. We finally stopped at a popular place to park and make out. He said, my name is "Ron" and you're "Paula". Until that time I didn't even realize that I didn't know his name. I was awed that an upperclassman would know my name, however.

He pulled me across the seat and softly stroked my cheek. His fingers softly caressed me as he leaned over and kissed my lips for the first time. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" he said. I just nodded my head too stunned to say anything. "Good." That was it? "Good?" He reached over again and his lips touched mine. His tongue gently danced across my lips and forced them apart. I wanted so much more. I couldn't control myself. I wanted to let him touch me, everywhere. To allow him to do things to me that I never had let another boy do.

As he was kissing me, I felt his hand move over my blouse, moving softly across my breasts. I wasn't that big then but I was so sensitive to the touch. I had only let one other boy touch me there. I ached for him to squeeze them, to own them. Finally he said, "You like me to touch you don't you?" I just nodded again, like some awestruck teenager! "You want me to touch you more, don't you?" I nodded. "No, you have to say it." I nodded and stuttered out in a whisper, "I do, wan... Want you to touch me more." He shook his head and just said, "No. Louder, and you have to say please." I gulped and just said, "Please, I'd like you to touch me more."

Ron smiled at me and told me to unbutton my blouse. I had never allowed anyone to undo my blouse before, never mind undoing it myself for someone at his request. My fingers just seemed to reach for the front of my blouse and slowly unbutton the front of my top. When I had finished, he just looked at the tails tucked into my skirt and he just nodded. I just kind of knew what he wanted and I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and opened it wide for him. His hand covered the cup of my bra, squeezed my nipple through the fabric and made it so hard. "Unhook your bra for me."

I just automatically reached around and unfastened my bra. What was I doing? I didn't even know this guy and I was automatically doing things that he told me to do?

His hand went under my bra, and I felt his palm cup my breast. My nipples jumped to the warmth. Sweet god, I can't do this. His fingers pulled at my nipples.

He told me to reach down and take off his pants. I reminded him that I was a virgin. He nodded and told me to take down his pants. I unfastened his belt, pulled the button from its collar and unzipped him. He just nodded and I knew he meant, "Take off his pants." I circled my fingers into his pants and tugged them down his legs. He just looked at the shorts that I had left on him and nodded. My fingers worked their way into his waist band I pulled them down off his legs. God he was big, I thought, anyway because other than pictures I'd never seen a cock before.

He kissed me more, his tongue taking time to explore my mouth. He took my hand and placed it around his cock, and showed me how to give him a hand job while he kissed me. I could feel the smooth shaft of him, there actually was a pulse in it as I stroked him. His wetness dripped down the shaft. His hands cupped me, and my nipples responded to his pinch. I could hardly control myself when he said, "Lay down on the seat."

"I'm a virgin, you know?"

He just nodded yes. He told me to pull my skirt up so he could see my panties. I reached to the hem of my skirt and lifted it past my hips. Somehow, I knew, I was supposed to leave it bunched up against my hips while he looked at me.

"Open your legs."

I did as I was told and he just looked at the crotch of my panties. I was getting wet. I could feel it and I started to blush. He got between my legs, I could feel him as he laid on top of me. His weight pushed me into the car seat. "You want me to fuck me, don't you?" I just nodded. "You haven't earned it. In time you might but not yet. Now ask me to dry fuck you.

I had no idea what he was talking about but I did. "Please, dry fuck me?" My eyes pleaded.

"When you want something from me, when you need something, always say please and sir. Now try it again."

I was a little confused but I did it. "Please, sir. Dry fuck me?"

All of a sudden, I felt him between my legs. His cock, pushing against the front of my panties. Moving hard against me. OMG, this feels too good as he moved my legs upward. He just whispered, "Tell me."

My hips pushed against his hardness, "PLEASE, DRY FUCK ME."

He ground into me and... I just... I started to cum... As he did. This huge pulsing thing... started to squirt all over my tummy. I felt him collapse, all his weight pressing into me. Done!

"Clean me off." He just whispered, "Clean me off." Ron knelt on the seat, pulled me up into a sitting position and held himself to my lips. "Clean me" He pulled my head to his softening cock and I just opened my mouth. I licked him and cleaned him. When I finished, he kissed me, told me that I could now be his girlfriend but that I would always have to do what he told me to do. I guess I just fell in love or was simply overawed that an older boy would even look at me. I nodded and he said, "You are my girlfriend and you will do whatever I tell you to do."


The next week he called me and made a date for Saturday with me. He actually came to my house, met my parents, (who he impressed by the way he acted), and we went out on a real date! We hit a movie, (which I could hardly concentrate on) and then grabbed a pizza. When we were finishing up the last slice, he leaned over the table, kissed me softly and said, "you are my girlfriend what is it you have to do?"

I just looked at him doe eyed and said, "whatever you tell me to."

He smiled and nodded.

We drove to "our spot" and he kissed me. He just held me and my lips parted for him. His tongue was insatiable and I just sucked on it as he probed me. Finally he told me to take my blouse and jeans off. I actually hesitated for a second and he reached to the keys to start the car.

I panicked, "NO" "PLEASE NO".

He just nodded and I reached for the first button of my blouse. I unbuttoned them one by one. I pulled the tail of my blouse from my jeans and slid it off my shoulders and down my arms. He smiled and nodded. I just reached down, unbuttoned my jeans and slid them over my hips. I kicked them down off my ankles and there I was! Sitting in a car with just my panties and bra in front of a guy I had actually known for one week! Control of someone is a wonderful thing. I guess?

He pulled me to him and he started kissing me. I felt his hand on my tummy, reaching up and cupping my breast through my bra. His fingers nursed my nipple through the fabric, making it hard. He gripped and pushed my hand down to the front of his pants. Being moved over his hardness. I picked up the rhythm and stroked him as his hips pushed against my palm. "Take my pants off," Ron whispered.

I got on the floorboards on my knees and desperately tugged at his pants. The button seemed so much harder to open, and the zipper seemed to need oil... but I finally got my hands into his waist band and pulled his hard cock free.

"What is it you want?"

"You, please." I watched him arch his eyebrow and I knew I said it wrong. "I want you, sir."

He just told me, "Clean me."

I was a little confused because I thought you did that after a guy came but... I took him in my hand and stroked him like he taught me. My lips, reached over the hard head of his cock, my tongue... tasted his seeping wetness on his little slit as I licked him and took him into my mouth. His pushed me down on his shaft and I took him deep in my mouth as I sucked him with my lips, my tongue trailing over his shaft. I felt his hips starting to surge into my mouth. His words came, "I'm going to fuck your mouth and you are going to ask me to." He stopped his movements and I just looked up, "Please fuck my mouth, sir. Please." He grabbed the back of my head and started to surge into me. I couldn't keep up with his movements so I just kept my lips tight and sucked on him. His cock got so big, I could feel his heart beating on my tongue and then... Suddenly this surge blew into my mouth and he forced me down on him. I kept trying to breathe and swallow at the same time as he made me take it all. Finally he was finished and I was ...? I was unable to control myself. I needed to cum... I had only had an orgasm a dozen or so times in my life, and only last week with another person, HIM.

"You need to cum," he said.

I just nodded my head.

"No, Say it."

"I need to cum, sir."

Ron finally held me. Kissed me and I felt so protected, so wanted. He told me it was my turn to cum because I had earned it. I just nodded. Waiting for him to tell me to open my legs, to feel him hard against my panties like last week. I crouched down on the car seat waiting for him.

He just smiled and said no. I needed to learn to earn it. He asked me if I had thought of him the past week and I just nodded. Did you touch yourself, thinking about me," he said.

Again, I blushed and nodded my head, "Yes, but just once!" He smiled and told me that I needed to love him and to learn to obey. He told me to put my hands inside my panties and show him.

I snaked my hand across my tummy, down inside the waistband of my panties. "Take your bra off so I can see your flat chest." I sat up and reached behind and unfastened my bra. I lay back down in just my panties.

"You will do everything I tell you to do, because you love me, won't you?"

I just nodded and said, "Yes sir."

"Finger fuck yourself and cum for me. Cum just like you do when you are alone at night, thinking about how much you want my cock inside you."

I placed my hands inside my panties, my palm grazing my soft mound. My finger softly spread my lips, moisture soiling my panties as I found the hidden little nub. I rubbed across it and gasped.

"You only came once last week thinking of me?"

"Yes sir."

"You should be punished for ignoring me. Get on your knees."

I got on my knees and he forced my face into the seat and my lower body rested on my elbows.

"Pull your panties over your ass."

I immediately did what Ron wanted. I had never been spanked and I was scared, very scared.

"Your tits are too small." SMACK!

I lost my breath...


"Yes Sir! Sorry."


I started crying almost immediately. "Please, sir... I'm sorry!"

"And you'll obey me in all things, now?"

"Yes sir. All things."

"Turn over and cum for me. Pull up your panties. You don't deserve to have me look at your cunt."

I pulled up my panties immediately. My hand slid under the waistband, my finger clutching my clit, another deeper inside my pussy. My thighs started clutching together, the walls of my pussy, caving in, grasping onto my finger, a flood..."Oh My God." My hips arched into my palm. Flooding over as I came so hard, CAME FOR RON!


I didn't see Ron for another week. I had masturbated for him every night to make him proud of me. He actually called on Thursday and gave me the privilege of cumming for him on the phone. As he hung up, he said, "You love me, you don't want to lose me and you'll do everything I tell you to do." "I will fuck you, WHEN, you have proven to me that you love me and have earned the privilege of my COCK." I just nodded my head and told him on the phone, "Yes sir."

Can he be thinking about leaving me? We just started! He mentioned that I didn't want to "lose"_ him. Please, I couldn't bear to be without him.

Sunday came and my parents were having an outdoor BBQ! They invited Ron and I was so happy. They liked him, maybe loved him! I wore a nice yellow sundress for Ron. Spaghetti straps over the shoulder, lightly flared in the skirt and reaching slightly above my knees. I really was a bit flat at the time and I didn't need a bra with most of my clothes. I had a pair of matching high cut bikini panties, (yellow of course) and I really looked cute!

The BBQ turned out to be more of a family reunion. Just about everyone there were family. The adults drank, Ron had a few beers as he was of age and we ate! I mean ate. As evening came along, Ron suggested we go over my cousin's house down the street. I was happy because the aunts, uncles and even my parents were getting a bit ... Annoying!

My cousin Paul was my age and he thought it was great to hang with an older guy. We when into the basement game room and watched TV, chatted and the two guys had a beer. I got up to make snacks and use the bathroom. When I came back down, I sat on the couch between both of the guys. Ron said to Paul, "So, have you ever seen a girl in just her panties?" Paul shook his head no, (he was a bit geeky). "Would you like to?" He just gulped and nodded his head.

"Paula, you'll show Paul what you look like just in my panties, won't you?" I just shook my head no. I didn't know what to say so I just got up and fled upstairs to the kitchen. Seconds later, I heard Ron coming up the stairs.

"I thought you said you love me?" "That you would do anything I wanted?" I started crying in a panic, "I do love you but... I can't do that?" "Especially in front of my cousin."

Ron shook his head, "You said you'd do anything for me." "Ok, I'm leaving!"

"No, please, I do love you." "I just can't." I said.

"Not a problem." "That is what I get for dating someone who acts like a child!" "You embarrassed me in front of your cousin."

"I'm sorry, please." I begged him not to leave me. I was crying as hard as I ever could. Ron started out the door and I screamed at him to please don't. He closed the door and I ran after him. "Anything, Ron." "I promise anything." "Just please don't leave me," I begged.

Ron took my hand, turned around and dragged me down stairs in front of Paul. "Tell your Cousin."

I looked at him questioningly, wiping the remaining tears from my cheek. "Paul, I am sorry if I embarrassed you or hurt your feelings."

Ron smiled and gave me a questioning look as..."AND?"

I was starting to feel sick to my stomach but I gulped and said, "I would like to take my clothes off for you so that you can see a girl in just her panties." "May I, Paul." My cousin was speechless and just nodded

Ron sat down on the couch and waited for me to start. I was so embarrassed. I reach for the spaghetti strap of my sun dress and untied the one side. It half fell across my breast, still covering me though. I reached and untied the other strap. I held up my front and Ron just nodded. I let it fall to my tummy exposing my breast to both Ron and my Cousin Paul. Paul just looked.

I heard, almost like it was in the distance, Ron's voice, "take the dress off Paula!"

I took the dress over my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of it and placed it on the game table. I was standing in my panties in front of my cousin. One hand moving to cover...

"Hands to the side, PAULA!"

I placed my hands along my waist.

"Now, Paula, Tell Paul what I have you do at night when you are thinking of me?"

"Please, Ron? Please no?"


"Ron makes me masturbate, Paul."

"Do you like to play with yourself, Paula?" Ron said. I nodded. "Tell your cousin."

I gulped, "I like to play with myself, Paul."

"Get on your knees, Paula."

I did as Ron commanded and got on my knees in front of both of them.

"Paula, because you didn't show me your love when I first asked you, I will be nice and let you show me more of it now." "Put your hands inside your panties and show Paul how you finger fuck yourself for me."

I just looked at Ron, pleading on my face. "Go on, DO IT PAULA!"

I nodded and slowly slipped my hands beneath the waist band of my panties. Moving it over my lightly covered mound. My finger caressing between my pussy lips. I know they could see what I was doing even with my panties on. I touched my clit, lightly with my finger and caressed. Letting it swell under my finger. Slipping my other finger inside as I started getting wet.

"Pull your panties down, Paula, so Paul can see better."

I didn't even argue this time. Tugging my panties down my thighs with my fingers hooked into the waist band. Ron just smiled as I kept making my clip ache for my finger and my hips moved slightly onto the other finger inside my pussy. I heard Paul let out a slight moan and I looked up. He was stroking himself through is shorts! Ron looked at him too.

"Paula, look what you've made Paul do." "A man should not have to relieve himself when a woman is here to do it for him." "Sit next to him and give him a hand job."

"Ron, he is my cousin!" "Please!?" He just looked at me and said nothing. I got up and sat next to Paul. I opened up his belt, unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped his shorts. This is only the second person I've given a hand job to and I'm doing it to my cousin, I thought? I reached inside his under pants and pulled him free. I started to stroke him and he grew in my hand. He was gasping hard and moaning. I could feel him ready to explode. I kept on stroking and I heard Ron say...

"Take your panties off and hold it under Paul's cock." "Catch his cum in your panties."

I kicked my panties off and picked them up with my unused hand. I held them to the head of his cock. My cousin was really starting to quiver. I stroked him up and down as I was taught. I felt a spasm in his shaft and he started to explode into my panties. I milked all his cum out of his cock into my panties. I felt Paul collapse as the last of his cum squirted into them.

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