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Pauletta Defends His Title


This is my entry in the Literotica Halloween Contest. I'm late getting it in, so I will quickly need a lot of votes, hopefully high votes, to win any prize.


The city of San Francisco is almost certainly home to the most beautiful drag queens in the world, and every Halloween there is a competition to determine who is the fairest of them all. Paul Porter, who is better known as Pauletta, was last year's winner, and was expected to repeat in 2012, but everybody in The Castro District knew he would be facing some tough competition. Probably the strongest of his challengers would be Sweet Sue, a beautiful redhead with long legs and an ass almost as cute and curvy as that of the defending champion. The entire population of The Castro had been looking forward to this contest featuring two of the most beautiful drag queens in the world, especially after Sue claimed he had been cheated the previous year.

Some people believed him, and even those who didn't would be willing to admit he had a certain point. As always, the voting was done by a panel of judges, all of whom were bar managers or owners in The Castro and, as always, there was a great deal of politicking going on among them, with each judge trying to help his favorite win. Pauletta is a regular patron at The Purple Knight, and one of the judges was Jack, who is the owner and night bartender there, and is widely believed to have an enduring crush on the beautiful young blonde. He certainly spoke out strongly for his favorite customer, and almost certainly persuaded his fellow judges to vote as he did.

Sweet Sue had been relatively new in town the previous year, and had not yet become a regular at any of the bars and clubs. Such establishments form the primary social outlets for gay men in the district, just as Halloween in the primary holiday of the gay community. Since the previous year, he had become a regular at The Eagle Club, where he is as much a favorite as Pauletta is at The Purple Knight. The owner of The Eagle was to be a judge at the pageant, as was Jack again, and either man was intent on seeing his favorite take home the blue ribbon that night, along with being presented with the silver tiara. That bauble had been held for a year by Pauletta, the defending champion, and he would be proudly wearing it to this year's pageant until the judging to decide this year's winner began.

Halloween was on a Wednesday in 2012, and Pauletta took that day off from work to prepare himself. He had no trouble doing so; at the high-tech sales office where he works, everybody knew about his plans for that night, and they all wished him luck on the day before. Not wanting to depend too much on luck, he used the time to have his legs waxed and his hair and nails done so he would look and feel his absolute best. The salon he patronizes is not the same as the one used by Sweet Sue, so the other patrons and the management also told him they would all be cheering for him.

Pageant rules allow all contestants to dress in the way they feel best displays their beauty and, in Pauletta's case, this would be his usual micro-mini skirt, see through blouse and matching padded bra and crotchless panties. It is a very well-known fact around The Castro that his normal attire when in drag includes the latter, which he buys at Fredericks of Hollywood. It is equally well-known that he wears the panties backward to allow men easier access to his ass when they go for some quick sex in the men's room of The Purple Knight. Of course, that never happens anymore, at least not since Pauletta started having his lover share his apartment.

However, there would be a change in his usual attire for the event. Mostly his panties have the opening surrounded by ruffles, which are decorative but hide his ass. For the pageant, he had bought a matching set of red panties and bra, and the opening in the former was not concealed at all. When he bent over with his back to the audience, everybody would be able to get a good look at what so many bears and other tops in The Castro lust for. The pageant rules are quite flexible, regarding displays of skin, and Pauletta was sure nobody would object to the show he intended to put on.

Pauletta's live-in boyfriend and one of the most envied men in The Castro was there when the contestant arrived home and, as usual, they greeted each other with their hands, arms, lips and tongues. Cliff had picked up take-out Chinese food on his way home from work, because he knew neither of them would be willing to cook before such a momentous occasion, and Pauletta especially wanted to avoid farting during the judging. He ate only enough to keep his stomach from rumbling, which he thought of as being equally unlady-like.

After eating, Pauletta undressed completely and finished his preparations, first putting on his panties, while Cliff watched admiringly. He helped put on the bra, which was a size larger than his sweetheart usually wore and, once it was secured, reached around to fondle the padding.

Pauletta giggled. "Oh, you fresh thing," he cooed, but he really enjoys small attentions like that.

Rather than buying a new dress and blouse, Pauletta had decided to wear his red skirt and the transparent pink blouse that buttoned down the back. The outfit perfectly matched his new lingerie, and even Cliff drew in his breath at the beauty who was appearing before him. With a clean sheet spread over his shoulders to protect his clothing, the beautiful blonde contestant applied his makeup. A small amount of eye shadow to accentuate his beautiful blue eyes, mascara to lengthen his eyelashes and a bit of carefully-applied lipstick was all that was needed. Pauletta has such a beautiful face already, the only reason for any makeup was to accentuate perfection.

Just before they left, he put on his red leather pumps with the four inch heels, but no stockings, because Pauletta wanted the judges to feel the smoothness of his newly waxed legs rather than that of some nylon covering.

As it had been for the last several years, the pageant would be held in Eureka Valley Recreation Center, a block away from Castro Street. Cliff drove there in his car, and parked in one of the spaces reserved for pageant contestants. The sponsors of the event are aware many of the entrants would be wearing high heels and skimpy attire, and they wanted to accommodate them as much as reasonably possible. For Pauletta, that was not a problem, because he would be wearing the same Oxfords as he normally wears to work, and his slender body would be wrapped in a warm wool coat against the October chill of San Francisco. Even so, he preferred being driven to walking the short distance.

He and Cliff entered the Center and went directly to the stairs that led to the back of the stage where the beauty contest would be held. The first thing he had to do was turn in the tiara, which he had kept meticulously polished as he showed it off on the mantle over the fireplace in his apartment. As the winner of the last year's pageant, Pauletta would be the final contestant to promenade before the audience and judges, so he would not have to select a number to determine when he would strut forth onto the stage.

Other contestants had already arrived, among them Belle Black, Pauletta's best friend among other drag queens. Being careful to avoid smearing each other's makeup, they hugged each other and kissed the air near each other's cheeks. "You'll win again this year for sure," Belle told his friend.

"Well, I hope so, but you're still gorgeous and some really tough competition."

"No I'm not, but some of these other girls are, like that one."

He pointed out China Doll, a petite beauty of Chinese descent. That young man was wearing a traditional cheongsam made of light green silk that showed off his flawless yellow-brown complexion and dark, almond-shaped eyes. The dress was slit to above his hip, and he appeared to be wearing no panty under it, so his shapely leg flashed every time he moved. His straight black hair was worn to his shoulders and cut into bangs in the front. He greeted Belle in a very friendly way, but essentially ignored Pauletta.

Others were still arriving, all of them beautiful and wanting to show themselves off, but most not really expected to be contenders. Sweet Sue was the last to arrive, and he ostentatiously ignored Pauletta and Belle. The latter snub might have been a tactical error on his part, because the two time winner of the silver tiara was beloved by almost everybody, partly because of his affable nature and partly because he was not expected to be a serious contender this year.

At the previous year's pageant, Sue had worn a slinky cocktail dress with his red hair in a bouffant style, which had not served him well, because the choice of attire had been seen as elegant, but not sexy. This year, he had gone in the opposite direction and was dressed as a cheerleader, in a short, twirly red and white pleated skirt with tight red panties of thin, clingy fabric that showed off his ass and legs. Above that, he wore an abbreviated white top that covered his bra but left his slender midriff bare.

His red hair was worn down in ringlets, and it swung fetchingly from side to side as his hips swiveled when he walked. Rather than high heels, which the other contestants wore, his costume even extended down to wearing red and white sneakers with small silver bells attached to the ends of the shoelaces. After he had drawn his position in the line and showed the slip of paper to the person recording the order, he went to stand by himself and wait for the promenading, which would be the best time for the contestants to show themselves off to the large crowd waiting to be entertained and aroused.

All seven drag queens who had entered the contest were ready, but there were a few minutes to wait before the judging was scheduled to start. When the time finally arrived, the first contestant sauntered out onto the stage, flirting with the crowd and smiling seductively at the judges. The audience all cheered for the young man, as they would for all the entrants that night. He was a beauty by most standards, but not in the same class as either Pauletta or Sweet Sue. The judges looked him over rather perfunctorily, and their fondling was more for their own fun than it was to make a serious evaluation. The second entry was treated the same way, and it was then time for China Doll.

Twirling a parasol, he strolled onto the stage, with the slit in his cheongsam on the side toward the audience. He made sure everybody in the crowd could see his leg and hip through that slit, and that he was wearing nothing under the dress but his bra, which included the perfect amount of padding for his petite figure. The judges spent more time evaluating China Doll, and all eight of them made sure their hands fully investigated the soft, supple skin, which must have felt as good as it looked. The fourth contestant was given the same quick inspection as the first two had received, partly because Sweet Sue was the next in line, and he was standing offstage holding his skirt above his waist to show off his long, shapely legs and the red panties.

When the judges signaled him to approach, he took two steps forward, bells tinkling, before stopping and twirling, his skirt flying out at his sides. The display ended when he bent over with his ass to the audience, letting them get a look at one of his best features. He repeated the performance again before stopping in front of the men who would be deciding whether or not he was the fairest of the fair that year. Sue was certain he would be so declared, and he flirted with the judges and the audience and anybody else within his sight.

The people who would decide that weren't so sure, but they and the spectators did know he was one of the leading contenders. They loved their jobs, especially when the contestant being evaluated was somebody like Sweet Sue, and they took turns fondling his curvy ass and caressing his long legs. Like Pauletta, he had them waxed that day, as well as having his hair shampooed. Unlike his main rival, he believed his hair would be sexier if it was simply long and flowed over his shoulders. The judges did not disagree, and gave him very high marks before letting Sue join the others who had been evaluated.

Belle Black was next, and he got a standing ovation from the audience, all of whom were very fond of the smiling African-American. Although a previous winner, he was not expected to be a contender this year, but he was still a favorite around The Castro. The judges' inspections of him were less personal than those of any other entrant, and then it was Pauletta's turn.

Swinging his hips provocatively and letting his long, blonde hair cascade over his shoulders, the defending champion sashayed out to the loud applause and whistles of the crowd. Stopping briefly, he stopped and threw some kisses to them, before turning his back and bending over. The sides of the slot in his new panties spread open, showing off the cleft of his ass and the creamy skin surrounding it, evoking a cacophony of cheers and whistles and other sounds of extreme appreciation.

After turning slightly from side to side to give everybody the same view, he continued toward the judges, stopping just before reaching that goal to put on the same erotic display, with the same loud result. He felt a bit shameless and even slutty, but he believed it was a good way to get the crowd on his side. Audience reactions were not supposed to sway the judges, but he believed it would help him, at least to some degree.

"Hello, Pauletta," Jack greeted his friend after stepping forward from his fellow judges. "You look really scrumptious tonight."

"Thanks, Jack. You look quite handsome yourself."

"What was all the audience noise about?" Jack knows, as well as almost any other person in the world, what a beautiful ass the young blonde has, but the reaction of the crowd seemed too passionate for that.

"Well, take a look." Pauletta bent over right in front of Jack, even farther this time, and his panties gaped open even more than they had earlier, even giving a quick view of his cute pink rosebud.

"Whooo! Well, I see," responded the bar manager of The Purple Knight.

Some of the other judges, curious about the byplay between the two men also bent over to get a look, and they were similarly impressed. The rules guiding the actions of the judges are vague, at best, but they do ask for a certain level of decorum. Jack flagrantly violated that rule, although the audience couldn't see it, because Pauletta was facing the crowd and smiling and blowing kisses while a hand was all over his bare ass, with fingers running up and down the cleft. Even when Jack stroked a long, freshly waxed leg, he only used his left hand, because his right was busy with the ass he had lusted after for a long time, but had never even seen bare before, let alone caressed.

The other arbiters did see what he was doing, and they eagerly awaited their turns. When Jack finally stopped fondling Pauletta and passed him to the next judge, the same scenario was played out. All of them stroked what they knew to be one of the sexiest bottoms of any of the drag queens, if not the very tops. The fun they had was reflected in their evaluations, almost all of which rated Pauletta in first place. The one exception was the opinion of the owner of The Eagle Club, who rated Sweet Sue number one, even though he had spent more time stroking Pauletta's naked ass than anybody else but Jack. China Doll was a unanimous third choice, and the four other contestants finished in a virtual tie for fourth place.

The member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors representing The Castro and the rest of the eighth district read the announcement of the winner and most beautiful drag queen in a city known for its beautiful drag queens. The custom is for the winner of the title the previous year to present the silver tiara to the new winner but, when that is not practical, the most recent winner does the honors. Belle Black, therefore, was called upon to present the diadem to Pauletta for the second straight year. The two men kissed each other soundly on the lips, but with no exchange of tongues, between them, because they could never be anything but very close friends.

With the exception of Sweet Sue, all the runners up gathered around to offer their congratulations to the winner. China Doll was more than satisfied with his third place finish, because he hadn't expected anything better, and he joined the others in hugging and kissing the winner. The one exception to Pauletta's well-wishers strode angrily from Eureka Valley Recreation Center, neither twirling his skirt or flirting with anybody or even waiting for his many supporters, who followed a few minutes later. He probably went to The Eagle Club, which is less than two blocks away from the scene of his loss.

Pauletta's plans were much the same, except he wanted to ride with Cliff over to The Purple Knight. After his second victory in as many years, he was eager to receive the admiration of the friends who would be waiting for him to arrive there. He could have walked, but not comfortably wearing his heels and in the chill air of the late October night, and he wanted to make an appearance in the same costume that had so raised the lust of Jack and the other judges.

He and Cliff were expected, so much so that the parking space directly in front of the entrance had a large sign saying "Reserved for Pauletta." As they pulled up, several of the regulars swarmed the door, almost like paparazzi, but the only cameras anybody had were for the purpose of taking pictures of one of The Castro's favorite sons. One man held the door open while several others offered to help the triumphant passenger step to the curb.

Inside the club, everybody tried to buy drinks for Cliff and Pauletta, but the former would be driving home and the latter stuck to his rule against too much drinking. They limited themselves to two bottles of beer and three small glasses of white wine respectively and, after an hour of receiving the congratulations of their myriad of friends, took their departures. Cliff dropped Pauletta off in front of the colorful Victorian in which they shared an apartment and left to park the car in his assigned space he rented by the month in a nearby parking garage.

Except for his shoes, Pauletta was still fully dressed when Cliff let himself in the door, and the silver tiara had been returned to the place of honor where it had sat for the last year. They shared a long, kiss, with their tongues and lips pressing together, not as a greeting, but as foreplay for what they would soon be doing in the double bed, which Pauletta had already prepared. They had the heater set to a level that would be comfortable to them while they cavorted naked on top of that bed.

With his arms around Pauletta and their mouths grinding together, Cliff lifted the short skirt so he could better caress the ass of the beautiful drag queen he was holding. He didn't know it, but he was at least the ninth man in the last few hours to have his hands on those beautiful cheeks. The recipient of that previous fondling thought it would be a good idea to refrain from telling his live-in lover all the details of how the recent judging had been conducted. Communication may be the key to a good relationship between conjugal partners, but there are some things that are better left untold.

Cliff could have reached his fingers through the slit in Pauletta's panties as the other eight men had done, but he preferred to raise the skirt higher so he could reach both hands through the waistband and caress the entire bare ass that was partially concealed. The skin there was even silkier there than the fabric, and he could and did spread his hands to stretch the elastic band and slide the panties down and around the succulent curves that he knew would be under his body before very long.

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