Pauletta Defends His Title


"Oh, you're a fresh guy," Pauletta remarked as he wiggled his ass to let the garment slide down his legs and puddle around his ankles. "I like fresh guys." It was his favorite line, and Cliff never got tired of hearing it.

Both men were eager to go to bed for some hot sex, followed by a night's sleep, but there were things that had to be done first. One of the reasons Pauletta is able to keep a clean, fresh complexion is that he washes his face every night, to remove makeup or simply to cleanse himself, so he headed to the bathroom to take care of that need. After carefully applying the cold cream and wiping his pretty face with tissue, followed by scrubbing everywhere with warm water, he was ready to join his lover. Cliff waited patiently, fully aware the result would easily be worth the time necessary.

With his face clean of makeup and his hair brushed the requisite amount, the pretty drag queen returned to the bedroom, there to be embraced by his lover. The hug was more functional this time, because Cliff's hands were busy with the buttons on the back of his blouse, followed by unhooking his bra and, a few seconds later, Pauletta was bare above the waist. It was time to return the favor and, clad only in his miniskirt the lovely blonde stripped his partner all the way down to his boxer shorts.

Cliff went a step beyond that, unbuttoning and unzipping the skirt, which dropped to the floor. Completely naked, Pauletta picked it up and hung it over a chair before going to the bed and lying face down with a pillow under his slender waist and his legs spread. A towel lay partially under the pillow, and would be put to use later.

After picking up the bottle of Aqualube and a packet containing a condom from the dresser, Cliff mounted the bed and knelt between Pauletta's knees. He gazed at the perfect ass in front of him, curvy and white and flaring out at the hips and from the back to curve around to meet the long white legs of his partner. He gently kneaded the perfect hemispheres with his hands before bending over to kiss each quivering mound and, when he raised his head, Pauletta reached back and spread them, exposing his pink rosebud.

Everything he and Cliff did in bed together brought joy to Pauletta, and one of the many things he loved about their sex life together was having his ass made ready for fucking, starting with the kisses of both round cheeks. He squirmed in delight as his lover took his time about those preparations, especially when he felt the tip of the plastic squeeze bottle being gently pushed into him.

Cliff inserted the neck of the bottle into that beautiful orifice, squeezed in a big dollop of the lubricant and withdrew it. Pauletta quivered in delight when he felt the cool oily liquid gush into his bowel and murmured happily when a long finger followed to spread it evenly. Having gone that far, Cliff stopped to look at the packet, which he still hadn't opened and was holding in his hand. There was something he wanted to ask his partner, and the time was ripe to do so.

"Can we bareback it this time?" he asked.

Pauletta thought about that. There were two reasons he had always made Cliff use a condom, and disease prevention was not one of them any longer. They were both checked regularly at the Castro District clinic, and had gotten a clean bill of health just a week ago. After being fucked in the ass, Pauletta liked to lick and suck the cum from his partner's cock, and he would adamantly refuse to do so if a condom hadn't been used. Additionally, he disliked the idea of having the bed sheets so badly soiled. At the same time, he did like the feel of cum squirting into him. There was a way to forego the condom, enjoy the feeling of cum gushing into his ass and his mouth and keep the sheets clean, and he decided that would be the way for both to enjoy the benefits of passing on the condom.

"Okay, but you have to take a shower afterward. We can take one together."

"No problem."

With that settled, Cliff eagerly covered his cock with the Aqualube. Whether a condom was used or not, his partner's ass was as tight as it was beautiful, and the lubricant would be needed. Pauletta was still holding his cheeks spread, so Cliff reached between them and used the thumb and index finger on one hand to pry open the cute pink rosebud that was exposed, while his other hand was guiding his cock to the target.

After making contact, he rubbed the tip in the lubricant to spread it and placed the end against the tiny hole being created. A firm push wedged the head into Pauletta's ass and elicited a sigh of pleasure. Seconds later, another thrust drove an inch of his hard shaft into the tight channel where it was so desired.

"Oooo, that feels good. Give me all that big, hard dick," the sexy blond on the bottom murmured.

That was exactly his intentions and, with a series of short firm strokes, Cliff's cock was all the way inside Pauletta's ass, and his pubic hair was tickling the soft, smooth insides of the cheeks under him. He stayed like that for almost a minute, his hands resting on his mate's shoulders, while giant waves of joy swept through the drag queen's body, making him squirm even more with the bliss he was feeling that night.

The small movements of the tight channel gave Cliff as much pleasure as he was giving, but he knew they weren't the best part of the sexual adventure he was starting to share. Very slowly, he drew his cock back, paused when just the head was inside the beautiful ass he was starting to fuck, and plunged it forward again, all the way until his entire shaft was buried inside the tight oily hole that felt so good. He sighed from the exquisite pleasure he was getting, and he knew, from the way Pauletta was writhing under him, that it was great for his partner too.

It was more than great, it was marvelous but, after a few more strokes, the young blonde knew there was a way the fucking could be even better for both of them. "Let me get up on my knees," he suggested.

Cliff knew what that would be for, and was eager to change to the new position too. With his cock buried all the way in his partner's delightful ass, he helped Pauletta to his knees. Both hands were resting on his partner's hips to help guide him and, after one slow, deep stroke, the reason for the change became apparent. When Cliff drew back, paused, and slowly thrust forward the next time, Pauletta fucked back to meet him, and they ended up with the top man's shaft deep inside the drag queen's ass and pubic hair tickling the insides of the bottom's cheeks. In unison, they sighed happily at the tremendous waves of joy sweeping through their bodies, and Cliff drew back for another stroke. This one was even better, and so were the many that followed.

There are two reasons why Pauletta likes to be on his knees while he is getting fucked. One is so he can thrust back the way he had been doing, and the other is so he can masturbate himself in time with the cock plunging in and out of his ass. Of course, he likes and expects Cliff's hand to be the one that is gently wrapped around his cock to pump until he climaxes. After a long period of slow, mutually delightful fucking, he had reached the point where his own cock was as hard as the one being crammed into his ass.

Cliff knew what was expected and reached around Pauletta's hip to gently grip his rigid shaft. While continuing to plunge his own cock in and out of the drag queen's succulent ass, he stroked his partner's shaft in the same tempo. His movements were slow at first but, as he felt his climax and that of his partner mounting, he started fucking faster, and his hand matched the increased pace.

Pauletta felt the greater speed, and it was what he wanted too. "Faster, Cliff," he told his partner. "I'm getting ready to come."

"Me too."

Pauletta bent forward and bowed his back, giving Cliff a better target to fuck, and wrapped his arms around the pillow while he thrust back from his arms. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" he crooned in time with the big cock surging in and out.

At first, his hands had been on Pauletta's hips to help guide him but, as his partner's orgasm became imminent, one helped keep him upright while the other pumped his cock back and forth. The bottom gave himself completely over to the pleasure pouring through his body from two places and babbled about the joys of getting fucked in the ass by a big dick. He felt his cock start to throb, and cried out joyously that he was coming.

Cliff already knew that, because he could also feel the cock in his hand and, when it started to jerk, he knew Pauletta was starting to climax. He stroked faster, until his partner ejaculated a big gush of semen onto the towel that had been placed in front of him for that purpose. He also knew there would be more than one gob of cum, so he kept stroking until two more had landed on the towel and on his hand. Pauletta completely relaxed after his orgasm, and the man who had brought it about allowed him to fall slowly forward, until he had landed in his own puddle of cum.

As a gentleman should, Cliff had let his partner come first, but then it was his turn. He followed Pauletta in falling forward until he was sprawled on top of him, gripping his shoulders, and resumed plunging his cock into the beautiful but inactive ass. After less than half a minute, the climax that had built to a high level inside him exploded. He gave a short grunt and felt a great flood of cum erupt from his cock. As it had been for his partner, one ejaculation was not enough, and Cliff kept plowing in and out until semen had gushed twice more. He was through coming then, and he relaxed as much as Pauletta had, sprawling on top of the drag queen's back with his shaft fully imbedded in the tight, oily place that had brought him to his tremendous climax.

The two men lay like that for a long time, relishing the fabulous love-making they had just enjoyed. Cliff's cock softened and slipped out of Pauletta's ass, but that was not enough to make them get up and end the wonderful moment. Finally, Pauletta spoke.

"I think I've died and gone to Heaven. That was the greatest."

"If you go, I hope I go with you. I think it was the greatest ever for anybody in the world."

They lay quietly for a few more minutes, but both men knew they had to get up eventually and shower and get ready for sleep. Finally, Cliff slowly arose from the other man's back and rolled over to one side of the bed. Pauletta held the towel, soiled with his semen, and held it in front of him while he slid over to the other side. Without sitting on the bed, he got to his feet and quickly used the towel to wipe off the worst of the mess that was starting to ooze out of his ass. Cliff got to their feet also, and they went to the bathroom, where he turned on the water. While waiting for it to get hot, they embraced and kissed.

Taking a shower after making love was no hardship for Pauletta. He always went to the bathroom to wash his ass and legs, and this was just an extension of that. Cliff had no problem either. Barebacking and squirting his cum into his partner's ass had been pleasurable enough, as he had known it would be, to be worth the requirement that he take a shower after doing so. In their apartment, the shower is a bathtub with a spray attachment and, when the water was hot enough, he applied the multiple needle streams of water to Pauletta's back, followed by scrubbing with a loofa and soap. By the time he finished with that, most of the malodorous mix in his partner's ass had already been washed down the drain.

Not wanting any of it to remain, Pauletta bent forward and spread his cheeks to let his partner apply the spray between the perfect hemispheres, followed by using the very gentle organic soap that helps keep the drag queens complexion as pure and soft as it is. After finishing what was the main reason for taking the shower together, Cliff knelt and washed off the smooth legs that had so fascinated the judges at the pageant a few hours earlier. He finished his share of the washing and, while still on his knees, he kissed either of the curvy white mounds that were directly in front of his face.

It was his turn to be washed, and Pauletta turned to face him. After sharing another kiss, the affectionate blond started scrubbing the bear's big, hairy body, quickly washing his way down to one of his favorite parts, and the reason they were in the shower in the first place. From being in the stream of water, most of the noisome mixture had already been rinsed off Cliff's semi-erect cock, but he wanted to be very gentle and thorough and be sure to get it all.

Kneeling in front of him and smiling while looking upward with his beautiful blue eyes, Pauletta covered his lover's balls with soap and water and gently washed him, being careful with all the wrinkles in his scrotum. From there, he went to the most important part and covered the cock in front of his face with more soapy water and started moving his bare hands back and forth. His smile grew wider and more lascivious when he felt the big shaft getting harder in his hand. After the washing and rinsing was complete, he had another method in mind of stroking Cliff's big giver of pleasure.

The owner of that giver of pleasure was all for the idea, especially as he looked on Pauletta's lovely face and big, blue eyes. His lover, whose mouth was also a world class giver of pleasure, quickly washed the legs in front of him before going back to concentrate on the waiting stiff cock and, after all traces of soap or any unwanted substance remained, started licking the head. The familiar velvety texture felt so good to his tongue, Pauletta nestled it between his lips and kept his tongue moving until he was licking under the ridge.

Withdrawing his face and holding the big, hard shaft in his fingers, Pauletta smiled at his mate. "Are you ready for some deep throat?" he asked.

"I'm always ready, as long as it's your throat."

He was glad to hear that and, opening his mouth wide, he let the head pass between his lips, with his tongue laving everything that entered his wet, warm chamber of joy. Pauletta's movements were slow, because he wanted to give and to derive maximum pleasure over everything that happened in the shower. He continued enveloping the long, hard cylinder until it bumped against the back of his mouth, which meant he had to adjust his throat to take the entire length until his lips were being tickled by the other man's pubic hair.

The water that had still been running over their bodies was no longer needed, so Cliff turned it off, held onto the chrome rail attached to the wall and reveled in everything that was happening to him in the bathroom. The visual treat was one of the most erotic and beautiful things he had ever seen, but it paled in comparison to the tremendous blow job he was getting. The lips around his shaft were applying the perfect amount of pressure and the tongue was making wet love to his cock while that beautiful face moved back and forth in front of him. He felt so good, he wouldn't have traded places with anybody in the world.

Pauletta felt the same way -- he also wouldn't have changed places with any other person. He took immense pride in having won the silver tiara that was then sitting in a place of honor in the bedroom, and he had just gotten one of the best fuckings in the history of man. To top that off, his mouth was being alternately filled by and emptied of what he considered the best cock he had ever seen and, smiling down on him while they made love, was the handsome bear who owned that cock, and would be cuddling with him in bed a little later that night.

Seconds later, life was even better for both men. Pauletta felt the big dick throbbing inside his mouth, and he shortened his strokes so his tongue would be able to catch the cum that would be spurting in less than a minute. He sucked faster too, in his eagerness to have that marvelous event happen.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Cliff murmured as his body squirmed blissfully. "Yes!" he cried out joyfully as he climaxed and shot a big wad of semen into the mouth that had just earned it.

Pauletta caught that initial burst right where he wanted it and kept sucking, because he knew there was more. Cliff ejaculated two more times, and they both knew there would be no more coming that night. Pauletta swirled it in his mouth the way he always does, relishing the flavor and texture, until he let it slip down his throat. There was more still dripping out the tip, and he licked off everything there and everything that was still on the outside of the shaft, before going after what was still inside.

Placing a thumb on the underside of Cliff's cock right in front of his scrotum, with the other fingers on the opposite side of the shaft, Pauletta started slowly drawing his hand toward his mouth and letting his tongue catch everything that oozed out of the end. When his hand was pressed against his lips, he probed the slit to get every drop of cum he could and finished by enjoying that mouthful of semen the same as he had the first. With the blow job completely finished, Cliff knelt in front of his mate, and they shared a long embrace in the bathtub.

The sex had been great that night, maybe the best ever, but they both had to work the next day. Pauletta got to his feet and stepped out of the tub and Cliff was right behind him, so they could begin their preparations for sleep. For the latter, this began with brushing his teeth and ended with wiping off his face, but things were much more complicated for the drag queen. Although he loves the taste of cum fresh from the source, it develops an unpleasant aftertaste after a while, so Pauletta rinsed his mouth out with Listerine before brushing his teeth.

Cliff made the bed, put on clean pajamas and turned down the heater. It had been set quite high for their naked frolicking, but they both considered a cooler room to be better for sleeping. While this was going on, Pauletta was brushing his hair again, because it had gotten wet in the shower. Cliff waited and, when his lover rejoined him, both men got into bed from opposite sides and slid toward the middle where they shared a long goodnight kiss and some whispers of endearment, before getting into their preferred positions for sleep.

As he usually did, just before falling into his normal peaceful slumber, Pauletta took a last look at the tiara where it sat on the end of the mantle reflecting the light from the streetlight outside that sneaked past the edge of the blind. On the first night it had gone on display, it had been centered, but that changed when he and Cliff realized it would be much more enjoyable for both of them if the symbol could be in the light, rather than being centered just for the sake of balance. That had been exactly one year earlier, and the tiara had remained in the same position every night since then.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: I hope you had as much fun as Pauletta and Cliff did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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