tagNonConsent/ReluctancePay Up, Put Out, or Get Out

Pay Up, Put Out, or Get Out


I am a college student that has had their share of struggles like any other coed that goes for a degree.

Though enrolled full time, I also had a job at the time that wasn't exactly exciting and barely met the bills. If my father hadn't been sending a weekly check on top of that, I doubt I had made it at all.

Meanwhile, I was rooming with two of my closest girlfriends in an apartment in the college district we managed to find cheap.

This was an area where rents were totally outrageous, so finding the place, Phyllis, Kellie and I considered ourselves lucky--at least at the time.

The landlord was a Greek guy, age thirty, that everyone called Tino; it turned out his dad had died and left him the property.

Those who had lived there when the old man had the place talked about how generous and kind Leo had been, but with Tino, they didn't have the same liberties.

First, he was too cheap to fix anything in the building to make it remotely decent.

If we didn't have two guys, Jason (who I suspected had a crush on Kellie) and Tommy, living down the hall picking up the slack from time to time, we would all be living in a dump.

Of course, Tino neither reimbursed them nor knocked off anything on the rent for improvements, which pissed us off even more.

Second, most of us found Tino to be an asshole. He was always nasty to the older couple that managed the building next door that Tino now also owned.

He also bitched at anyone who showed up at his door when HE thought was too early in the day, getting pissed off when people had parties and being too loud (never mind he had a few beer and weed parties of his own with his creepy friends while they took in a porno movie or two), and was always dissing the older, less attractive women in the building.

If that wasn't bad enough, Tino would eye up women in both buildings and check out the girlfriends and/or female relatives that would visit, trying to flirt with them, before commenting to his drinking/weed buddies later about how hot or not they were.

Being we girls that lived there were all anywhere between eighteen and twenty one, most found Tino, despite being hot in his own way, to be pervy and weird, and avoided him as much as possible.

It wasn't easy, being he lived downstairs and we had to pay rent to him every month; Kellie managed to still avoid him when she would write a check every month (after Phyllis and I pitched in our share to her), and slide it in Tino's mail slot.

Tommy and Jason, as well as some of the other girls that lived there and a few guys in the building next door had a name for him behind his back: The Greasy Greek.

Even being the tightwad that he was when it came to maintaining the buildings, Tino was, for some odd reason, generous when it came to the pool area of the place.

Both the decks and the large, in ground pool were always immaculate, with him always upgrading things and the water was always clear.

Tommy would laugh and say that Tino kept up the pool so he could watch the young chicks from his picture window (that faced the pool area) while he was jacking off.

And of course, he also liked harassing Phyllis for some reason.

But unlike some that would retreat in tears to their units, Phyllis, a fiery redhead, took was Tino dished out and gave it back to him in triples.

The funniest moment had to be when he had asked her one day if her boobs were real.

She had glared at him. "Of course they're real. Is your cock real? Or is it as much as a prick as the rest of you?"

For once, The Greasy Greek was speechless. We all had a good laugh over it for a long time.

But one summer, I had just turned 19 and had enrolled for classes for that semester. I hadn't made enough money during spring term to cover all my books, even with the money Dad sent, because The Greasy Greek had raised the rent again.

Worse, Phyllis had moved out, and Kellie and I ended up having to go halves instead of thirds on the rent.

We were still buds with Phyllis, but her boyfriend had asked her to move in with him, and besides, she'd finally gotten tired of Tino's bullshit.

Kellie and I were really in a jam; I was about to drop some classes, and we were already behind a month in rent when Kellie had lost her job.

It looked as if we were going to have to beg our folks for more money to ward off both Tino's bitching and the process of him putting us out.

As the saying goes, desperate people do desperate things.

I had gotten an idea one afternoon after I had gotten in from school and changed my clothes.I thought that if perhaps I could reason with The Greasy Greek to hold off until my dad sent another check, Kellie and I wouldn't be thrown out.

At least I hoped so, but with the asshole Tino was, even that option looked dim. But it was worth a try.

I had figured since unlike most of the girls in the place, I had at least made the attempt to be nice to him previously, so I crossed my fingers and prayed that would at least work to my advantage.

And it would, but in a way that had been the furthest thought from my mind at the time.

"He's just going to bitch us out more," Kellie said when I told her what I was going to do.

"Maybe not. I never really had a problem with the guy, even if he is weird," I replied.

"Okay, knock yourself out. But I still say you're wasting your breath."

It had taken me awhile to get up the nerve, but then I went downstairs and knocked on his door, expecting to be cussed out.

He didn't disappoint, at least at first.

"Who the fuck is it?" Tino yelled on the other side.

"Um....it's Tara."

His tone changed a little. "Hey, Tara! Just a second; I'll be right there."

The place smelled like weed and his stare creeped me out at first when he let me in, but then I remembered why I was there.

Of course, he had looked me up and down with those dark eyes of his. It was then I realized I still had on my short denim skirt and a pink tank top, and worse, I had forgotten to put on a bra underneath before coming downstairs.

Tino too had cut to the chase.

"I was just wanting to talk with you girls, but for some reason, I can never catch Kellie. You know you have that back rent to take care of," he stated, all business.

I nodded. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. My dad is going to send some money next week....."

"Tara, you girls are going to be two months behind pretty soon. Unless you come up with the entire amount you owe, then I'm going to have to evict both of you. I don't care what happens to that bitch Kellie, but it would be a shame to do that to a nice girl like you."

"Isn't there anything I can do in the meantime?" I begged.

He then gave me a look over again. "Well, there is another option."

"Really?" I was a bit relieved, figuring maybe he wanted Kellie and me to do some work in exchange for clearing our back balance.

"Sure. Tell you what. I won't evict you if you do something for me right now."


"I want you to suck my cock."

"Tino, I..."

"Either put out or get out, baby. Your choice."

I was taken aback and felt like I was about to barf at the thought of having The Greasy Greek's dick in my mouth.

But between the option of being on the street and giving Tino a blow job, I was stuck with the lesser of the two evils.

I then nodded, still not keen on lowering myself to this, while he had dropped his shorts, his cock springing out. He was kind of big and I wondered how I would be able to suck him without choking.

I've sucked cock before, but I never had a guy that big. Tino had to be a good eight and a half inches.

He sat on the sofa and opened his legs, his entire manhood on display and fully erect.

"You like what you see, don't you, baby?" he leered as he began stroking himself.

I couldn't say a word; I was still a bit queasy at the thought of getting him off orally.

Slowly kneeling in front of him, I ran my fingers up and down his legs, over his balls, and stroking his cock; where my hands had gone, my mouth followed.

"Oh, baby...don't tease me like that...suck me now..."

I licked up his enormous shaft and around the head until he moaned, begging me to take him into my mouth.

I then gradually downed his dick and continued to caress his inner thigh at the same time.

"Shit, Tara....you are so fucking talented....God, you are a hot little cocksucker! I've always wanted those nice lips around my cock...what a great little mouth on you...yeah, come on, suck me, baby..."

I had been sucking Tino for at least a good ten minutes, surprisingly getting down most of his dick without gagging.

And now enjoying every moment of having his hardness practically in my throat.

Soon, I felt his muscles tightening, sensing he was about to cum at any minute.

"Oh fuck...." he groaned, before he popped the first shot into my mouth.

Without gagging--I'd swallowed before--I took down every stream as he continued to cum in my mouth.

When he finished, his now-soft cock popped out of my mouth and he let out a sigh of satisfaction.

"God, baby, that was great. I've had a lot of blow jobs, but yours was the best one yet."

"So does that mean we're settled?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh, I'm not finished yet."

"But you said that if--"

"Yeah. But if you fuck me, I'll not only forgive the back balance, I'll give you free rent the rest of the year."

Even though I had enjoyed sucking him off in spite of myself, I started to protest again. After all, didn't I suck a good cock?

"It's either cash or pussy if you girls don't want to be on the street. Either you have to pay up or put out if you don't want to get out, Tara," he reminded me.

My heart sank for a moment. He was serious about having sex with him--or getting thrown out.

But at the same time, clearing the back balance AND free rent for the rest of the year was sounding quite tempting.

Sure, I had to fuck him for it, but it sounded better than the alternative. I had no choice; neither Kellie nor I had the money to pay the entire balance otherwise.

Plus I had to admit I was getting horny; it had been a long time since I had been with a guy last, not to mention I was curious about how Tino's big dick would feel inside me.

He then came over, stripping off the rest of his clothes before he pulled off my top.

"You have got some beautiful tits here, baby," he said, approving of my natural 36C breasts.

Then he started to lick and kiss my nipples, working his way down to my stomach, taking down both my skirt and thong, tossing them aside.

"Damn, baby, you are one hot young chick," he said, his hands running over my ass and bare pussy.

Tino then lay me on the couch, spreading my legs and diving his head between them. He found my clit, now ready for a good licking.

He sucked my hot cunt, lapping his tongue over my clit while sliding two fingers into my pussy and his thumb into my ass, pumping them in time to his eating my pussy.

It hadn't taken me long to cum, my orgasm flowing right into his mouth as his fingers and thumb fucked both my holes. It felt so good!

Before I could recover after I came, Tino then got up, mounting me and ramming his cock in, filling my pussy the way no other guy I had been with had done before.

"Shit, baby, you got a tight cunt," he commented as he began to fuck me. "I think some little girl hasn't been getting any."

He was right about that; with work and school, I couldn't even remember the last time I'd had sex with a guy. Kellie and I had gotten each other off when we got horny.

But now, I couldn't get enough of Tino's willing cock now deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, grunting to him to give it all to me, to give me the fuck of my life.

At one point, he rolled us over until I was on top, his hips coming up to meet mine as I bounced up and down on his cock, grinding down on his hips as I came.

Tino then pulled me off of him, flipping me over. I let out a little whine, wanting more of him and my pussy felt empty.

"Horny little bitch, aren't you, baby?" he asked. before ramming his cock back into me from behind.

He began fucking me harder, his balls slapping against my ass. It hadn't been long before I had begun to cum again.

"God, Tara, I've always wanted you," he panted, not missing a beat as he grabbed my shoulders and continued the assault on my body, pushing his cock deeper inside me.

"You don't know how much I've jacked off thinking about fucking the shit out of you. You are one hot fuck, baby...."

I had never had anyone so long lasting; we were still fucking thirty minutes after we started, and he had yet to cum.

After doing me doggy style for a bit, Tino pulled out again, putting me back where we had started, turning me over and getting back on top.

This time, he had my legs over his shoulders, watching his own cock slide in and out of my now very wet pussy.

I was ready to cum again; he sensed this and sped up his thrusts, fucking me through my hardest climax yet as I cried out in pleasure.

When he was finally about to have his own orgasm, we were both covered in sweat, despite the air conditioning running in his apartment.

"I'm gonna cum now, baby," he said, suddenly pulling out of me.

Still positioned between my legs, he jerked his cock wildly, aiming toward me. Tino then exploded, long streams of cum covering my stomach and tits.

By the time he had finished, my body was covered and glistening with his seed. He had dropped back on the other side of the couch, breathing heavily the way guys did when they were sexually satisfied.

He looked over at my cum-covered body and raised an eyebrow.

"Looks like you earned a year rent free, baby. And consider that back balance paid in full."

We then got up, going to the bathroom and cleaning up the best we could before going back to the living room, gathering up our clothes and quickly dressing.

I gave him a wink. "I'm glad we could work things out."

Tino smiled at me. "Me too, baby. Just come by anytime you need something else."

When I went back upstairs, Kellie looked at me with worry. I'd been gone so long, she had begun to wonder if I'd gotten into a battle with The Greasy Greek and we were getting thrown out for sure.

"Not a chance," I grinned at her. "We worked it out. And what's better is since I was nice about it, he not only forgave the back rent, he's giving us free rent for the rest of the year."

"How did you manage to get the cheap bastard to do that?" Kellie asked, then gave her kidding smile.

"What did you do, fuck him?" she teased me.

"Maybe," I said, giving a shit eating grin.

I then went to shower, leaving Kellie staring at me in amazement, her mouth wide open. Oh if she knew how serious I was!

From then on, we had no more problems with Tino in our building; if something needed fixed, we no longer recruited Jason and Tommy.

Instead, everyone insisted on sending me down to "have a talk" with Tino.

If they only knew how little talking actually went on.....but at least now I no longer had the "pay up, put out, or get out" option to deal with.

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