tagLoving WivesPayal ki Jhankar Ch. 04

Payal ki Jhankar Ch. 04



Payal's hands slowly increased the rapidity with which they were caressing Shahnawaz's penis. Bit by bit, the stimulus was bearing fruit and his member was rising but not to its fullest. It was not that he normally needed any external force to give him an erection. Just the sight of his wife partially clothed or naked would do the job. Today, however, things were different. Today he felt crushed under the weight of family obligations and expectations.

They had been back from the honeymoon for months now and the marriage itself was beyond the half year mark. Yet, contrary to the desire of his mother or his mother-in-law, Payal was not showing any signs of pregnancy. The mention of demonstrating his manhood, which had been a simple jest a few months back, was now beginning to take on different undertones, making Shahnawaz question either her ability to conceive or worse his own to fertilize her.

Payal was not oblivious to the whisperings in the hallways. Just a few days earlier, she had heard her mother-in-law suggesting to someone on the phone that Payal be shown to some good doctor in Lahore or Karachi. Her demeanour, however, was not as furrowed as that of her husband. After all her father and mother had enjoyed married life for three or four years before Payal had come along. So what was the big fuss about Shahnawaz and herself holding off for now, the babies would come in time. For now, she had to keep her man happy and sexually sated. The only cure for anything bothering him was sex, better sex, and more sex.

"Payal, dear, Abba Jan says that he will be dead before long," Shahnawaz suddenly spoke up even as his cock straightened and expanded a bit as she rubbed it.

"Oh come on, I am sure he has been dying for a while," Payal shot back, playfully drawing her finger across the tip of his penis and sending a shiver up his spine, "just see how our honeymoon got shortened months ago."

Rather than passing away, as had been feared when they rushed back to Pakistan, the Chaudhry had instead regained much of his health and spirit. He had taken to Payal from the very first day and it had been rare for her not to ensure he got his meals and medicines on time. He had also appreciated the fact that Payal was relatively well educated, compared to Parveen, and was open to conversing about a range of topics.

"But he is concerned that there may not be any grandkids," Shahnawaz let her know.

"Oh come on, Haqnawaz has a child, and your elder sisters have two each!" was her spirited response.

"Sweetheart, that is a fact, but he needs one from us also, and soon!"

Seeing Shahnawaz in a down mood, Payal had tried to lift his spirits using a variety of methods. Simply snuggling up had not done the trick. Leaving the bed for a bit and returning in some lacy lingerie, acquired on the trip, had received some appreciation, but not to the usual extent. Stripping down and letting her boobs caress his chest was also a failure. At least the hand job seemed to be delivering some results. It was time for more.

Her mouth closed over his penis and she began to suck and lick with both passion and need. Problems at home can only keep a man's interest occupied for just so long. There usually is just about nothing that can trump a blowjob. Shahnawaz appreciated the fact that his wife was trying to get him into a good mood and now even his nether regions had awoken to that realization.

His cock fully erect, Payal came atop her husband's torso and inserted his manhood inside her vagina. She had made a significant effort in getting him aroused and now planned to ride him hard. And ride him hard she did, bouncing up and down. But every time he seemed to lose control, she slowed the tempo and diverted his attention by placing his hands on her breasts. This sequence continued for a number of times, before he finally could hold back no more and massively flooded her insides.

"Happy now?" she asked while still in his embrace.

"Of course, should I not be?"

"So perhaps we should let good things continue for now, why tax ourselves with added responsibility so soon?"

Shahnawaz had to agree that she had a point there. He had seen so many of his friends' wives deliver children within the first year of marriage and then expand to huge sizes. It would be a real waste if the same happened with Payal.

"Okay, we'll think about kids another time," he assured her, concurrently concerned that the chorus within the family would only heighten. He would have to think of a way to satisfy both sides, but for now Payal was delivering on expectation, the others were just all talk!

Payal meanwhile had restarted her massage of his cock and this time he was up in a flash. Kids were not on the menu yet, but plenty of fucking was.


"Haramzaadi (bastard daughter), soorni (sow), randi (whore)," Parveen let a string of curses fly at Naziran, who covered at the force of the assault.

"Bibi ji, mera kasoor ki weh? (Madam, what have I done?)," Naziran meekly pleaded for mercy.

"You thief, bitch," Haqnawaz's wife continued, "when did you steal my neckchains and clothes?"

"Bibi, the master gave them to me," Naziran replied, receiving a stinging slap in response.

"And why would he do that," Parveen continued, "is he some saint or philanthropist?"

"Shahji is a good man," Naziran protested, "he felt like giving those things to me, I did not steal them."

"And what did you do for him, spread your legs and let him stuff his ugly cock in you?"

Naziran turned visibly red and this prompted Parveen to hit her a few more times.

The cacophony from the family room led to an unintended consequence for Parveen. His ability to listen to the test cricket commentary on the radio disrupted by the screaming, Haqnawaz strode in with murder in his eyes.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he demanded.

"This bitch has been caught stealing my stuff," Parveen responded, "and now she claims you gave it to her."

Haqnawaz had been a bit too taken by Naziran lately and had been giving her presents after every tryst. Perhaps in one of the aftermaths he had sent out some things from Parveen's closet that actually were missed. He cursed his wife inwardly for not just going shopping around and making up any losses. Instead she was intent on getting things off a servant girl.

"Yes, I gave the things to her," he yelled back, "everything here is mine and I do whatever I feel like!"

"So why do you not marry this bitch also," his wife challenged him, "after all she has your streaks of pettiness and evil!"

Haqnawaz strode across the room and whipped his hand across Parveen's face. She flew back against the wall, but remained standing and with a defiant look on her face.

"So today you are really demonstrating how big a Chaudhry you are going to be," she mocked him, "big enough to hit defenseless women!"

Haqnawaz hit her harder a second time and she lay prone on the floor concussed by the blow.

"Let me show you what I mean by being the Chaudhry," Haqnawaz hissed.

Indicating to Naziran that she should come over, he undid his shalwar. Haqnawaz ripped her shirt and shalwar off. Laying her face down on a string bed of the kind present in every Punjabi home, he spread her legs and forced himself inside from behind.

Parveen began to weep and wail as Haqnawaz started to fuck Naziran quickly and without concern for the environs. Very soon he was done. Withdrawing from Naziran's cunt, he fixed his clothing and went over to Parveen.

"Strip," he ordered her.

Parveen balked and received a slap. He gave the same order again and when again she refused to comply another slap followed. The third time he repeated the order she removed her shirt and dropped her shalwar. Haqnawaz ripped her bra and panty off leaving her totally naked. Haqnanwaz handed her clothing to Naziran, who quickly dressed up and ran out.

Haqnawaz headed back to the other room to listen to the commentary, leaving his wife to either put on the servant's ripped clothes or walk out naked to her quarters. He had wanted Parveen dead the day after he had managed to get her deceased father's estate registered in his own name, but she was still alive and nagging.

Haqnawaz was also peeved that Payal and Shahnawaz had been back for months and yet his own father had refused to head to heaven. It appeared that Payal's arrival had reenergized the old man.

And furthermore, the object of his affection was in the same house, but not available to him. The period of time that had elapsed meant that Haqnawaz had little choice but to fantasize about Payal while his brother did all the fucking. The episode he had just gone through had helped relieve some of the pain he was feeling in not possessing the brother's wife.

A few moments after he exited, Parveen discovered Payal standing in the doorway holding a set of clothing in her hands. Parveen began to sob uncontrollably and it took Payal quite a while to calm her enough to put the new clothes on. Parveen's face expressed a serious debt of gratitude. Payal felt she had gained an ally in her contest with Haqnawaz. The bastard could not be allowed to act in such a way and with his own family.


News of the way Parveen had been treated got around the household pretty quick. The Chaudhry ordered that Naziran and her family be expelled. Naziran herself was nowhere to be found, Haqnawaz having had the feeling that her life could be threatened. He had, instead, taken her along with him to Lahore where he planned to watch the next cricket test match at the stadium. The father, brothers, sisters and mother were taken to the edge of the village and told unceremoniously never to show their faces again.

Shahnawaz had known all along that his brother had dalliances all over the place, but the fact that he had treated his wife in such a manner was inexcusable. The poor woman had locked herself in her quarters and refused to take food for a couple of days until Payal finally delivered the meals herself and coaxed her into eating.

"Are you going to treat me the same way?" Payal point blank asked Shahnawaz in the privacy of their room.

"Have I ever treated you badly," was his true put pained reply. He did not like to be put into the same category of humanity as his ill-mannered brother.

"Prove it!"

Shahnawaz strode up to where Payal was standing, went down on his knees, held onto her legs and begged forgiveness for sins of the present, past and future. The scene was so ridiculous that Payal could not help but giggle away.

The awkward moment dealt with, Shahnwaz let his hands go to her shalwar and undo it. He pushed his head under her kameez and pulled her panties off concurrently. His tongue traced the outline of her cunt and she felt energized. His tongue penetrated her and she opened her legs a bit wider to improve his access. Shahnawaz had not performed oral sex on her with regularity so this was a relatively new experience. His mouth melded with her vagina and his tongue probed her insides while her juices went down his throat. Payal had a mighty orgasm and clasped her legs tightly around his head. Shahnawaz had to pry them open in order just to keep breathing!

Payal pushed him into a plush armchair that sat opposite from their bed. She motioned with her finger that he drop his pants, which he did in a flash. His cock was at heights it had not touched since their honeymoon and she lowered herself onto it by straddling him. His penis was engulfed in her hot pussy in a second and she began moving up and down with purpose. Shahnawaz let her control the flow of events while somehow managing to get her kameez and bra off and leave her threadbare. Just as Payal sensed that he could no longer be controlled, she jumped off. Shahnawaz began to spray his jism around and gobs of his ejaculate landed on her torso and all over the furniture.

"So you do not want to get pregnant yet," he surmised, picking her up and depositing her on the bed. His cock slick with his juices and hers, he turned Payal over and rammed it into her asshole. They had been having anal sex relatively often since their honeymoon and she was ready to receive him in any orifice.

She received him in many orifices throughout the next few hours, and in the days to come! And did he come and so did she!


The matter of Naziran having settled down in a month or so, Haqnawaz was back home discussing politics with the other males. He could not understand why his father was so worked up over the President's dictates towards adopting Islamic laws in Pakistan. A new set of Hudood Laws had been introduced in the early-1980s, severely curtailing not only the ability of women to work and be a part of society, but also to inherit property, bear witness in trials, claim rape, and even perform certain functions. In Haqnawaz's mind, women had already been given too much power in the country, he wanted them fettered, fucked and forgotten. After all, the one female who was running about loose in the house, and through his mind, was more than a handful and needed to be tamed, something he himself wanted badly to do.

Shahnawaz, on the other hand, was apprehensive about the changes that would be wrought on Pakistani society. Never identified as dens of iniquity like Beirut, Cairo or Bangkok, Pakistani cities were not known for their overly conservative values either. In order to get the religious fringe to help prop up his illegitimate regime, Zia-ul-Haq had bent over backwards destroying civil liberties, censuring dissent and now effectively disenfranchising half the population. In order to keep himself in power he was quite satisfied with turning the country over to the lunatic religious fringe and to destroy the moderate Islam that had been practiced so far. The man was universally hated but could not be challenged by anyone.

The Chaudhry himself was furious. Calls to his well-connected group of friends and acquaintances had all provided the same negativity that he felt. Yet no one was willing to stand up to the dictator. After all a man who had not flinched at hanging a popular prime minister was not going to be swayed by public or feudal opinion. The Chaudhry could sense that the Pakistan he had fought for, side by side, with giants like Jinnah and Suharwardy, was now being sent to the same fiendish maulvis who had opposed the creation of the country in 1947. He could only see bad tidings from the events, and his foresight was incredibly right.

As far as inheritances were concerned, sons were now worth twice as much as daughters and elder sons had even more thrown in for good measure. No surprise that Haqnawaz was all for the laws. Shahnawaz could see his own inheritance increasing a bit, but being offset by a reduction in any property that Payal would bring in the future. While Haqnawaz decided to celebrate with friends, figuring that his luck was improving, and sent off a congratulatory telegram to the President, Shahnawaz pondered over the implications with his father, mother, sisters and wife.

What Haqnawaz had not foreseen was that Hudood laws relating to inheritance applied only in case of death and notably if no solid will was in existence. While alive, however, a person could bequeath his wealth as he saw fit, as long as the gifted property was then registered in the name of the new owner. Unlike a will, which could be challenged, a living soul could decide according to one's own desires and not be liable to challenge.

The family council of war, sans Haqnawaz, reached a solution pretty quick. The property would be divided equally among all the Chaudhry's children and a similar portion would go to his wife. On reaching this decision, he set up an appointment with his lawyers to draw up the documents in a few days' time. He also took on the job of calling his own brothers, sisters and cousins and giving them his point of view. As a consequence, before the evening was done, Payal's father had called her and confirmed that his family had reached a similar consensus and that no child would be favoured more or less than any other in the division of property.

For now things seemed to be in good order. But then it is often that someone planning for the future actually does not realize the dream. Things were not destined to turn out quite so well for the family.


Haqnawaz made a point of dropping in at the bungalow he had been forced to get for Naziran in Lahore. The place previously belonged to Parveen's family and had been used when her folks stayed in that city on business or for other occasions. It had passed to him after his father-in-law's death and was best suited to now house his whore. It wasn't a particularly large place by the standards of the area it was located in, but had been well constructed and well furnished. For Naziran it was a thousand-step jump upwards from the servant quarters. And to boot, she now had a bevy of servants herself, including a guard, two maids and assorted gardeners and cleaners. Her elevation to mistress of a house was complete, now all she wanted was equivalent success in cinema.

Haqnawaz did not even make small talk but lifted her off her feet and carried her into one of the bedrooms. Not even bothering to close and doors and unmindful of others that may be around, he ordered her to disrobe. Naziran was happy that he did not tear the clothes off as usual; the ones she was wearing were really nice. She dropped all her clothes and walked to him just as a maid brought in a bottle of scotch, some ice and a glass for Haqnawaz. Her eyes popped at Naizran's nudity and she placed the drinks on a table and tried to run off.

Haqnawaz noted that the girl was about sixteen and reasonably attractive, if not as pretty as Naziran had been when he first fucked her. He called her back and flatly advised that the girl would be moving to his village and haveli when he would be returning home in a few days. The poor girl was mortified, Naziran bit her lip and pondered her next move, and Haqnawaz dropped his pants and asked the girl to come hold his cock. The maid slowly moved forward and hesitated. A sharp slap from Haqnawaz knocked her to one side of the room.

"Get lost for now," he barked, "and wash your hands next time before you bring something over." He had noted dust on her hands as she had come near. This, however, provided the reprieve the girl needed. Naziran would ensure that she would leave within the next day or so and not become a threat that could one day take over this house.

"Shahji, why do you keep looking around, when I am always there for you?" she coquettishly asked, while grabbing his cock and pulling him onto the bed.

Haqnawaz buried his cock in her and began to pummel away. It did not take too long before his juices mixed with hers. She thanked her stars that a friend had suggested that she get an IUD from a nearby doctor. At least she was not going to get pregnant and thereby ruin her chances in film.

Haqnawaz flipped her over and entered her ass. He had not yet come to terms with the fact that her father and brothers had frequently butt-fucked Naziran, but for some strange reason, in the new environs, the ass looked desirable. It was a much better fuck than he imagined and it took a while for Haqnawaz to grunt and release. After he pulled out, Naziran quickly had napkins out to wipe his dick off.

As he lay back and sipped a scotch, Naziran started massaging his legs and shoulders. It was an opportune moment to ask for more things, now that she was out of the haveli.

"Shahji, when can I be introduced to the film people?"

"Why, am I not fucking you enough?"

"You are, but I am looking to be a performer and you can proudly show me as your mistress!"

"Perhaps, I'll bring my director friend, Hanif the next time around."

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