tagLoving WivesPayal ki Jhankar Ch. 05

Payal ki Jhankar Ch. 05



Lying in bed, reading the latest letter from Shahnawaz, Payal could not help but feel proud that her husband had found the business legs he so wanted in the joint project with Sam Chen's Malaysian company. In the past years the concern had increased revenues by more than 100% and his decision to focus on work looked like it was paying off. Shahnawaz's frequency of visits to her campus in Washington, D.C., had reduced significantly in the nearly four years that she had taken so far. From coming over every other month, he had not shown up in almost six. In just a few weeks she would have a master's degree in Political Science to add to the bachelor's in journalism she had completed a couple of years earlier at the same school. Despite her university mentors suggesting she go on for a PhD, Payal had decided to pass on that option, for the time being, given the changed political situations in Pakistan since 1985. Payal figured her husband would not miss that future occasion, having been present at the last one, and that they would then head back home.

At the same time, while staying in bed late over the 1986 Easter weekend, she wondered if she had violated too many taboos in her drive to gain allies in the obvious conflagration that would result on the return of both Shahnawaz and herself to Pakistan. Despite entreaties from her parents and mother-in-law, Payal had not been home since leaving a few months after the death of Shahnawaz's father. The demon that Haqnawaz represented would have to be faced and the time was soon.

The arm that came across her bare chest and fingers that playfully caressed her perky nipples testified to the lengths she could go to ensure things would work out in favour of her family and herself once the US episode had ended. Mike Whittaker, bachelor and freshman congressman from the state of Texas was rising up to another round of lovemaking with the goddess in the bed. Payal spread her legs as Mike brought his lips to hers and concurrently pushed his penis into her pussy. He knew she was married and would be leaving shortly after graduation. He also knew that he would support any cause she would be associated with for as long as possible. Their friendship had grown to the point of regular sex over the past few months, but soon things would be changing. Mike felt a pang of regret at realizing that Payal would soon exit his life.

"You're unusually randy this Easter, you did not even go to church?" she whispered in his ear.

"Well I am worshipping you right now, ain't I?" was a rather true reply.

"I thought you were keen to go to Texas and enjoy mom's cooking?" she ribbed him.

"I don't usually get the pleasure of such exotic goodies as you possess," he responded while kissing her neck.

"And how many do you usually have that are not so exotic?" Payal ribbed him.

"Oh not enough and not like you at all," he confessed, getting a smile on her face in return.

His arms went around her waist and he lifted her torso while bearing down with his cock. Payal felt she was being forced in two different directions. Her tits moved towards his mouth and he began to suck on one and then the other. Her hands began to tousle his short hair. Mike increased his speed and Payal felt the rush from her oncoming orgasm. She let out an audible yelp and came just as Mike released his load into the condom he was wearing. After their orgasmic spasm had passed, he slowly lowered her back to the bed and pulled out of her cunt. Kissing her deeply, he headed off to the bathroom.

Payal, getting up from the bed threadbare, went to the kitchenette to prepare breakfast. She was in the process of making eggs when Mike saw her in the kitchenette just wearing an apron. Despite the multiple bouts of fucking over the past few hours, his cock regenerated. Leading her to the dinette, he pressed her head down over it and entered her pussy from behind. This time, however, he controlled himself for a while and pulled out before releasing. Payal realized that he did not want to come in her unprotected, turned around and took his tool in her mouth. His sperm hit her throat just as the fire alarm went off. The eggs and oil were ablaze! Mike had the fire out in a few moments but since breakfast was ruined the only sane route was to stay in bed till lunch! Neither of them had any problems with that option. Payal probably had received some nutritional value from the ejaculate she had swallowed as the alarm went off. Mike was hungrier for her body in any case. Shaking their heads and giggling over what had transpired they returned to the bedroom.


Within a few weeks of the death of her father-in-law, Payal knew that Haqnawaz was hell bent on acquiring everything that had gone to the other siblings. Almost immediately any communal property magically transferred to his name, increasing his share substantially. While Haqnawaz was smart enough not to directly cause any loss to Shahnawaz, he had no compulsions about taking more than half of what the sisters had inherited. The sisters had all sworn never to return to the haveli again, cursed Haqnawaz and his succeeding generations, and slunk off to their husbands' homes. Haqnawaz could not force the mother out of the haveli and still had to give her due respect.

Shahnawaz and Payal had almost immediately come to the conclusion that they could not stay for long. While Haqnawaz would not force them out as long as his mother was alive, their stay was not safe. Shahnawaz had already built on the contacts with Sam Chen in Malaysia and was ecstatic when asked if he would come on to the joint venture board and split his time between Kuala Lumpur and the new plant site near Faisalabad (the city name being changed from Lyallpur by Zia-ul-Haq following the murder of Saudi King Faisal).

Payal was not keen on staying in the haveli, given that her husband was usually away and Haqnawaz had regained his old ways of leering at and ogling her. In fact, within the first few weeks of his father's death, Haqnawaz had accosted Payal three times in the corridors while no one else was around and her husband was out of the country. The first time he had simply tried to hug her close, but she slipped from his grasp and ran off. On the second occasion, he had actually backed her against a wall, and rubbed his hands over her clothed body, while she fought off his attempts to kiss her. As his tongue probed into her mouth she bit down, causing him to yell out in agony and let go. The third time around he was most brazen, pushing her face forward into the wall and actually getting his hands under her kameez and shalwar to feel her breasts and hips. Payal screamed as his fingers managed to slide her shalwar down a bit. Haqnawaz was emboldened that no one had responded to her pleas and lifted her kameez up to partially bare her backside. As he tried to undo her shalwar, Payal instinctively smashed her foot down onto his and jerked back so her elbow hit him square in the face. His nose and toes broken, Haqnawaz had to abort this attempt at rape also. Payal had no intention of having a fourth encounter, but was not sure either if she wanted her husband's mind diverted to this situation at home. She decided to visit her parents for an extended stay, letting Haqnawaz stew while she worked out her alternatives.

Payal's solution came from her old friend Fariha, whose brother Abid she had a tryst with prior to her marriage to Shahnawaz. Fariha had written to her of the wonderful educational opportunities in the US and suggested Payal take a shot at it. Given her high grades in school, her family background and her husband's willingness to let her attend, Payal was soon admitted to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Shahnawaz was also able to focus on his work in Kuala Lumpur and Faisalabad without worry regarding the safety of his wife in the familial circumstances that existed. Sam Chen was both a great mentor and an excellent family friend. No surprise that in no time the joint venture began to turn over in earnest. Shahnawaz had wisely invested a substantial portion of his inheritance in the venture, selling off unneeded agricultural property to other landowning school friends rather than to Haqnawaz. Very soon he realized that his returns from the investment were more than making up from any inheritance losses or any revenues from planting the now sold lands. The only downside was that Payal was not always with him, and his increased work involvement meant his trips to see her kept getting further apart. Still he was very proud that his wife had received her bachelor's with honours and with a master's would be the most educated female in any of the landowning families that he knew.


Arriving at Georgetown in May 1982, Payal could not believe how different things were from American movies and also from her home in Pakistan. Expecting a capital city that would be dead like Islamabad, she instead found Washington, D.C. to be abuzz with life, intrigue and excitement. There were quite a few Pakistanis around, both because of a large embassy and since many Pakistanis worked in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. Payal, however, had been advised by her friends to steer clear of her fellow countryfolk and instead learn from the Americans. The exception was that she remained close with Fariha, who also went to the same university and was now one year ahead as a junior.

Payal had immediately been drawn to the political science and journalism courses. Fariha was majoring in journalism and this gave her the opportunity to get some mentoring. Politics came almost naturally to her. Payal was able to get credit for some base courses, on account of work done in Pakistan, and had entered Georgetown as a sophomore.

The sophomore year had gone by in a rush. Shahnawaz was so proud when he saw that she had been on the Dean's List both semesters. His trips to the US had been relatively frequent that year since Sam was also handling some trade with that country. Given that Shahnawaz had a real reason to go to the US, Sam was happy to let him officiate on his behalf in those matters. The project with the US ended in summer and Payal stayed on to complete a full semester's worth of work during that period. Given that she had also done a full semester's equivalent during summer 1982, she found herself able to finish the degree by May 1984. It had not been easy by any means, but Payal was bent on proving herself not only to her peers at Georgetown but mostly to the menfolk in Pakistan.

Payal wondered why the teaching assistant in the American Political Systems class would stare so intently at her whenever class was held. However, other than collecting assignments or helping answer a question he had not approached her in any way. He was a rugged and handsome type. Classmates told Payal that he was from Texas, was working on his PhD, and belonged to a political family. Her formal introduction to Mike came when she ran into him at an event relating to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

"Would you mind if I sat next to you?" he had asked, indicating that the hall was nearly full.

Payal shook her head and he got into the seat, while extending his hand to her.

"Hi, I'm Mike, I believe you are in the American Political Systems class. I have been noting that you are quite keen on Political Science."

"I am Payal, and yes to both your other points."

"Isn't that an Indian name, are you from there?"

"The name is Indian, but I'm from Pakistan."

"That explains your interest in the lecture on Afghanistan."

The very next class he handed Payal a paper titled "Support to Pakistan: Key to Afghan Victory." It was a paper that he had recently submitted to a major journal and presented to the Senate Foreign Affairs sub-committee. Mike was for strong support to Pakistan, rather than building up individual Afghan warlords, and could foresee the Soviets withdrawing but Afghanistan falling apart because of current Western attitudes to the region.

"Mike, that is an excellent paper," Payal complimented him after the next class.

"Why thank you, pretty lady," Mike responded with typically Southern US mannerisms.

"I wish you could meet our politicians and I could talk to yours," Payal continued.

"I could arrange to have you see someone in Congress."

"If you could, I'd be so grateful," Payal responded.

"Perhaps enough to accept an invitation to a nice American dinner this weekend, my uncle the former Senator from Texas is visiting and I really need a knowledgeable date along."

"I wonder if you know I am married."

"Yes, I do, but also know that your husband is not here currently. Besides this is your chance to meet someone politically important. In any case, his fifth wife, my current aunt will be there and she's about our age!"

Payal could not refute the logic and agreed to dinner on the coming weekend. For the rest of the week she seemed to be on tenterhooks wondering if she had done the right thing to accept, what to wear, what questions to ask, what to do if things moved in uncharted directions. All the time the handsome face of Mike kept encouraging her to give things a go.

Mike looked seriously dumbfounded when he picked her up. Payal had selected a knee length skirt and fancy heels in which her figure and legs would make an impression. He held the door open, kissed her hand and presented her a rose as she seated herself. Payal turned crimson, but Mike simply got into the driver's seat and headed to dinner.

Richard Whittaker was a larger than life character. Hailing from the Austin area, he had represented Texas in the Senate for nearly three decades. There had been talk of him as a possible presidential candidate but his predilection for a new Mrs. Whittaker every few years finally got in his way. With no further route upwards, he had resigned prior to the last election and promptly married Bonnie, a typically buxom Texan blonde, perhaps a third of his age. He appreciated having a babe on his arm, she knew he was loaded and when divorce happened she would be set for life. But even with the beauty married to him, he could not take his eyes off Payal. He sat one on side of Payal, while Mike was on the other. There was a rare moment when Richard did not have his hand on Payal's hand, leg, knee, shoulders or other part of anatomy. Payal realized Richard was no Sam Chen, who had also taken to her on her visit to Malaysia but had been proper. Yet she also felt that with Mike around the flirtations were harmless. Anyway, she had the man answering every question she tossed at him, some almost verging on issues of national import. As dessert was served, however, Richard surprised her by working his hand under Payal's skirt.

"Mike my boy, you know this here filly is the perfect campaign assistant that you could have," he gave a suggestion out of nowhere while squeezing Payal's thigh and leaving his hand there.

"Campaign, what campaign?" Payal wondered as Richard's hand moved up a bit towards her panties.

"This young lad will be aiming to become a Texan representative to the House next November."

"Thanks for leaking information that is not quite public knowledge yet," Mike protested.

"Young lady, you go work on this guy's campaign. Lord knows he needs capable people to help him. And it may be the best on-the-job training you get towards your next degree in politics."

"But my major is journalism," Payal responded as his hand went even higher.

"Why my dear would you want to be a piss-ant reporter in your country or any other, when you could learn how to be a leader?" His hand had now reached high enough to rub against her panties. In fact he had placed his fist in such a way between her legs as to prevent her from closing and crossing them. His index finger was slowly feeling the outline of her pussy. Payal was at a loss how to manage the situation.

"Oh hell, don't get me wrong pretty lady. I just have a hard time remembering how old I really am and how good the skin of a really exotic woman feels. Yours is really nice, but even if I could, my faulty mechanics would not allow me to get near you!" He withdrew his hand rather than forcing his finger inside, given that he had managed to push the fabric aside and was actually touching her cunt. He fished for something in her pocket and placed a card in her hand.

"This is my private address and contact information. You just let me know if there is anything you ever need, and don't worry about any complications from my side." His hand found its way back under her skirt. Payal alternated from red to white as Richard continued to rub one thigh and then the other. At least he did not have the physical ability to ask for sex. Payal wondered why she had not stopped him very early in the meal from fondling her. Perhaps she was in awe of the great man.

Richard stayed true to form as the dinner ended, giving Payal a sloppy kiss on the lips and copping a generous feel of her behind. Mike apologized all the way back from dinner. He did not know exactly how far his uncle had progressed but figured out that he had been inappropriately touching her. Just before she stepped out of the car, however, Mike asked her to sit for a bit.

"Payal, my uncle is a dirty old man, but he is right that I am running for office and could use a qualified person like you on the team."

"But I am not sure if I will stay here beyond graduation in May."

"Yes, you will, in fact you are going to join the Master's program in political science at Georgetown," Mike laid things out for her, "in summer you will move to Austin to be part of the campaign."

"But would I not be in school beyond the summer and would your uncle be around?"

"Yes you would, but I will arrange things so that you receive credit towards your degree by working on the campaign. As far as my uncle is concerned, he is all bark and no bite in everything except American politics! On one hand, I again apologize or his behaviour. On the other I am glad that you did get a lot of interesting information from him this evening. He may be a good political source of support for the future!"

Mike stepped out of the car, went to her side and let Payal out. Payal wondered if he was going to try something. Her pussy was wet from Richard's fondling and Mike might have had the opportunity to convert the dinner date into breakfast in bed. Instead he stuck out his hand to shake hers, said that he would have a contract sent to her shortly, and drove off.


Haqnawaz rued the day he had introduced Naziran to his producer friend Hanif. On their very first meeting, Naziran had seduced Hanif into offering her a bit part in his upcoming Punjabi film "Dildar da Waar" and she knew that her path to ascendency went through him. The role in itself was no more than a supporting one in a song and dance sequence involving the actual heroine. Naziran, however, had not objected one bit to the low cut bra, the high side slit on her gharara, the shots of her jiggling breasts and moves that were incredibly vulgar. The film would have bombed if the song had not resonated with the poor and sexual repressed masses. The words were not memorable, her performance on screen was. Turned on by her actions during the numerous retakes, Hanif had asked her to be brought to his office in the studio. He became the second man, after Haqnawaz, to vaginally fuck her. In fact, Hanif shot a few unnecessary scenes with her over the next few weeks, just to ensure she would be on set for a later fuck. All these scenes ended up in the trash bin during final edits.

Within a week of the release of the film, she had four more offers of dance numbers and one to play the role of a vamp. Suddenly the magazines, newspapers and other media forums wanted to talk to her. Naziran realized she had serious deficiencies in the matter, asked for educational help, and was assigned tutors for Urdu, English, acting, dance and etiquette. The three male teachers all made sure they sampled her wares as often as they could as she surprised everyone with her speed in learning. Within a few months, she spoke proper Urdu and could hold a basic conversation in English. While none of the dance numbers had the same oomph of the first one, the sexiness that oozed from her as she played a society call girl brought her recognition as an actress with some capability.

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