tagNonConsent/ReluctancePayBack Ch. 02

PayBack Ch. 02


Will was disoriented for a few moments when he woke, then as he felt the two young firm bodies on each side of him he grinned as he remembered where he was.

'Which one first this morning?' He thought to himself, 'Sweet little Crissy or tall sexy Casey?'

He finally decided that he wanted Casey's long firm legs wrapped around him first. She was facing away from him, so he rolled toward her and snuggled his hard rod between the firm cheeks of her ass. He slipped his hand over her sleeping form and cupped her large firm breast, as he began to kiss the back of her neck. She stirred and moaned, but didn't wake. Will gently pulled her toward him. She moaned again, mumbled something incoherent and rolled onto her back.

Will slid his hand down across her firm flat stomach until his fingers touched the lips of her pussy. She moaned again as he slipped a finger between the bare lips of her snatch and began to stroke her clit. He felt her lift her hips toward his hand, wanting more of his finger inside her. He grinned, then very gently, so as not to wake her, eased himself between her legs.

He was in no mood for anything but a hard fuck this morning, but he wanted to have his cock buried in her cunt when she woke. He worked the engorged head of his cock between the lips of her snatch, then began to work it in and out, in short slow strokes, pushing it in deeper and deeper as it became coated with her juices. Before long he was buried to the root in her tight young pussy. He stopped and looked down at her. He could tell she was close to waking.

"Now my little play thing,"He whispered,"Time to fuck."

He began to slid in and out of her snatch in a slow steady rhythm. Before long he saw her eye lids flutter, then her eyes came open. He could see the disorientation in her eyes for the first few moments and thought she was going to try to push him off her, then he saw the disorientation change to recognition.

He grinned put his mouth next to her ear and said,"Good morning sugar pussy. I like the feel of your sweet cunt around my hard cock first thing in the morning. Now wrap those long legs around me and lets fuck! "

He reached down and cupped both her firm ass cheeks as he began to hammer into her. Before long he felt her start to respond, felt her hips begin to rise to meet each of his strokes. She began to let out small moans,"Uh,uh,uh," with each stroke of his cock.

He closed his eyes and reveled in it. The sounds; the slap, slap, slap of his skin on her's as he slammed his cock into her, the wet slurring sound of his cock sliding in and out of her wet slick snatch and her ever increasing moans. The feel; his cock in her warm wet cunt, her smooth skin against his, her hips rising to meet his thrusts, and to his delight her arms clutching around his neck pulling him tight to her.

Sometime later, he had no idea how long, he felt her tremble, moan and her pussy begin to pulse as she came. A moment later his balls tightened, then exploded as they pushed his cum deep into her tight snatch. He groaned and shoved his cock to the root as it throbbed inside her. He lay buried to his balls in her pussy until his cock began to soften.

As he started to roll off her he caught sight of Crissy. She lay on her side facing them, her lower lip caught between her teeth, her eyes wide as she stared at them.

He grinned and said,"Like watching do you?"

Crissy's cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but she also gave her head a tiny nod.

Will rolled over next to her, slid his hands under the blanket that covered her and slipped a finger between her legs. Her snatch and thighs were sopping wet. He grinned as he felt the wetness damping her thighs, then his grinned widened as she stiffened and let out a small moan as he slipped his finger between the lips of her cunt and touched her clit.

"Turning in to a bit of a slut are we?" He said pushing two fingers into her warm wetness.

The only reply she gave was to close her eyes and open her legs wider to give him more access to her hot, wet, wanting snatch. He looked over at Casey, who was watching them, and motioned her to him. He took her hand, covered it with his and then guided it to Crissy's bare pussy. He used two of his fingers to guide Casey's into Crissy's wet hole.

"Keep it warm until I get back." He said.

He got up and as he walked toward the stairs and as he began to climb, looked back at the two girls. Casey's was totally absorbed in what she was doing, and Crissy still had her eyes closed enjoying being diddled by her friend. He climbed the stairs to the bathroom, emptied his bladder and stepped into the shower. As the hot water ran down his body, he thought about the coming month, about how he was going to use the two girls, and how much fun it would be.

As he thought about how well they were taking to it so far, how much they both liked to fuck despite the fact that it wasn't voluntary on their part, he wondered if that was a hereditary trait. He stood under the hot water with that train of thought running through his mind, leading him to speculate about other possibilities. As he turned the water off he had decided that, with a bit of planning and luck, the coming month could be even more fun for him then he originally thought.

As he came down the stairs he was treated to a very erotic sight. Crissy had thrown off the blanket that covered her and had rolled onto her back. He could hear her moans, hear the squishing, slurping sound of Casey's fingers as she furiously diddled her friend. As he walked across the carpet toward them he heard Crissy groan, watched as she took hold of her friends hand and pulled it tighter against her pussy. A moment later he heard the brunette gasp, watched her small body quivered as an orgasm ripped through her.

As she felt Crissy's cunt contract around her fingers, Casey pushed them deep into her friend and used her thumb to stroke Crissy's clit.

As she felt Casey's thumb on her clit, Crissy gasped then moaned,"Oh, God! No More! I-I-I- AGHHHH!" She screamed as a second orgasm thundered through her.

Crissy collapsed whimpering, and Will watched in wonder as Casey pulled her cum wet fingers from her friends snatch and proceeded to lick them clean.

'Yep, this is going to be a very fun month,' He thought.

"Time to shower and get dressed." He said.

Both girls got to there feet. Crissy was a bit slow and just a bit unsteady as they both walked toward the stairs.

Twenty minutes later both girls returned, dressed in normal (for them) street clothes. "Ok this is how it will go," Will said,"I have things to do for the rest of the weekend, so I'll not need you two. I get home from work at 5:00 PM during the week, so next week, Casey you'll be here Monday at 6:00 PM, Crissy, Tuesday the same time, Wednesday I'm busy but Thursday, Casey and Friday Crissy, 6:00 PM. Both of you will be here Saturday evening 7:00 PM. Any questions?"

"What if we have something else to do at those times? Something important?"Casey ask.

"It's simple," Will said,"don't have. For the next month you are mine when I want, is that understood?"

Both girls nodded and Will said,"Ok then go home. If I want you before the time we have arraigned I'll call. If I do you better be where I tell you at the time I tell you, dressed as I tell you. Now go."

Both girls picked up their bags as they climbed the stairs. Will watched them go, his mind already working on the next part of his plan. ______________________________________

It took Will the rest of the weekend, talking to friends, looking up addresses and checking out online resources to find the information he wanted. On Monday he arraigned to take a long lunch and at 12:10 PM was standing outside the First Bank Building. This was where Casey's mom worked as a loan officer. He went in and ask for her. The receptionist directed him to her office and a few steps later he stood in front of her door. He knocked and a pleasant female voice bid him enter.

Casey's mom stood as Will entered and he was instantly attracted. She was tall, as tall as Casey, and had an athletic body. Will guessed she must work out on a regular basis to stay in such good shape.

She extended her hand to shake his and said, "Hi, I'm Fran. How may I help you?"

Will took her hand and liked the smooth soft feel of it. As he seated himself he found himself wondering how it would feel wrapped around his hard cock.

"Well I have a problem,"Will said,"It seems several kids broke into my house and did some damage to it."

Fran frowned and said,"I see. But how can I help with that? Do you need a loan to repair the damage?"

"No. Do you have a DVD drive on your computer?" Will ask.

"Yes." She replied.

"Is it secure? Can anyone else access it or see what you are playing?" He ask.

"N-no." She replied, suspicion creeping into her voice ,"Why would you want to know that?"

"Here." Will said handing her a disk,"Take a look at this and it will explain everything."

"I'm not sure I want to put this into my computer." Fran said turning the disk over and looking at it as if she could see what was on it,"How do I know it's not a virus? Or something harmful?"

"Scan it with your anti-virus program if you want." Will said,"It's a movie I think you will find interesting."

Fran stared at the disk for several heart beats, then slipped it into her DVD drive. Will sat back and watched her face. At first she had an expression of puzzlement, which soon changed to interest, but was shortly replaced by a look of shock.

After she watched the disk several times, Fran turned to Will, a sick look on her face.

"She did this? My daughter did this?" She said in a whisper.

"Yes she did." Will replied,"What we need to do is decide how we will handle this. If I go to the police Casey will be arrested and probably go to jail. That will put an end to her scholarship chances. And that will put an end to her following in your footsteps and playing college basketball."

"I-I know."Fran's said, her face white as she nodded. "Well I have a solution to this problem. If you accept, no one needs to know about what the kids did. " Will said.

Hope lit Fran's face as she said,"What do you suggest?"

"I've talked to all four kids involved and have agreed to not press charges if they pay me for the damage done. They didn't want me to tell their parents and I said I'd think about that, so if you accept my offer of restitution, don't ever mention to them you know about this incident." Will had worked out this lie to make sure that Fran wouldn't know what currency Casey had been paying in.

"Yes, Yes! I'll not mention it to them. Now how much money do you want?" Fran said, excitement from the prospect of protecting her daughter in her voice. "Well, I don't really want money." Will said watching a look of puzzlement cross Fran's face,"You see I'm single and I don't have a girl friend and I do get lonely. What I need is, companionship, if you get my meaning."

It took several heart beats for Fran to realize what he meant, then a shocked look crossed her face.

"You-I-we, can't! I'd never! ," She sputtered.

Will held up his hand and said,"Don't answer now. Here's my phone number, call me this evening at 6:30 and give me your answer. I'll take the disk by the way."

Fran handed the disk to him and Will said,"I'll await your call tonight."

As he walked out the door his mind was already on his next stop.

Ten minutes later he pulled into a parking spot at Blore Elementary school. After wandering around for a while he found the room he was looking for. He knocked and a female voice bid him enter. Crissy's mom stood from behind her desk as he entered. She was short, only an inch or so taller then her daughter, and looked to have breasts a bit larger then her off spring. Will estimated her at a B-cup size. She, like Fran, looked as if she worked out on a frequent basis.

"May I help you?" She ask.

Will introduced himself and ask,"Your name is?"

"I'm sorry. Sandra, call me Sandy." She said.

"You have a daughter, Crissy?"Will ask.

"Yes, why? Is She alright? She's not hurt is she?" Sandy ask.

"No, she's fine but in a bit of trouble." Will said. "What kind of trouble?" Sandy ask, panic creeping int her voice,"Can you tell me what she did?"

"I could," Will said, " but it's easier to show you. Do you have a class room computer with a DVD player?" "Yes." Sandy said rising and walking toward a computer sitting on a corner desk,"Right over here."

Will popped the disk into the drive and a moment later Sandy was watching the destruction done by her daughter.

"How could she? How could she do this? She's a good girl and she's up for a gymnastics scholarship!" Sandy said, the sound of tears in her voice.

"I talked to the kids and they have agreed to pay fro the damage if I don't report this to the police, or tell their parents. So if you don't mind, don't tell them you know about this incident." Will said.

Hope lit Sandy's face as she heard this.

"You're not going to report it?" She said between sniffles.

"No, but I do need something else besides money." Will said.

"What ever it is I'll be glad to provide it!" Sandy said.

"Well you see I'm single, I don't have a girlfriend and I do need companionship, if you get my meaning." Will watched her face for her reaction.

She frowned then as it hit her, utter shock showed on her face.

"You want me to-----, " She said as Will held up his hand.

"Don't answer now." He said," Call me Tuesday at 6:45 PM with your answer. I'll be waiting to hear from you." He popped the disk out of the computer and walked away without looking back. _________________________________________

At 6:00 PM the door bell rang. Will opened the door to find Casey, dressed in a long skirt and white blouse waiting.

"Come in." He said.

As she passed him he ran his fingers lightly down across her firm buttocks. He was already hard just thinking about fucking her. He motioned her to followed and headed for the basement. He walked over to the couch and plopped down. Casey stood in front of him nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

He grinned and said," Take off your clothes."

She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She slowly unsnapped her skirt and stepped out of it. She reached behind her and undid the snaps on her bra, and slowly pulled it off. Will was delighted by the jiggle of her large, firm tits as she did this. She hooked her thumbs in the band of her black panties, hesitated for just an instant, then pulled them down and off.

"Go over and get the sybian and bring it here." He said.

As she walked over to get the machine, Will stood and removed his jeans and shorts. When she returned she found him again seated, stroking his hard cock.

He pointed to a spot between his feet and said," Put it here." She sat it down and he pointed at it and said,"Sit."

With a look of anticipation, Casey slowly sank onto the machine. A moment after she was settled, Will turned it on low.

He motioned to her and as she leaned forward he pointed his rock hard shaft at her and said,"Suck it."

Casey leaned forward and as her mouth slipped over the purple knob of his cock, Will bumped the controls on the machine up one notch. He felt her hesitate as the increase in the vibrations rattled her clit.

He leaned forward and said in a low voice,"Keep sucking, don't stop for anything. I'm expecting a phone call but I'll take it while you are sucking my cock, understand?"

Casey nodded and Will said,"Good girl. Just keep sucking. Even if you climax, I expect you to keep sucking. "

Again Casey nodded her head without stopping the motion of her mouth along the length of his cock.

Will leaned back, grabbed the phone off the end table and closed his eyes. He could feel Casey moan around his cock from time to time as the sybian caused tremors of pleasure to course through her young body.

The phone rang, jerking Will out of a stupor of pleasure.

"Remember, keep sucking, no matter what." He said as he answered the phone.


"This is Fran. I've had time to think about your offer. I could tell my husband about this and he would probably want to kick your ass. Or I could tell the police that you're black mailing me."

"You could, but either action on your part would cause me to tell the police about what your daughter did. And besides, if you were going to do either of those you would have already." Will said.

Her voice sound resigned as she said,"Yes your right. I would have. I can see no other way then to do was you wish. When do you want to get together?"

Will watched Casey's tongue tease the underside of his cock head as he said to her mom,"Wednesday, 6:00 PM, my house. Don't be late."

"6:00 PM Wednesday, I'll be there." she said.

Will hung up the phone, took hold of Casey's head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Oh God yes! That's it you little slut, suck it! Suck it until I cum!"

He was almost tempted to add,'That was your mommy I was talking to while you were sucking my cock bitch, and I'm going to fuck her Wednesday!' but he didn't, knowing it would freak her out and probably put an end to the whole thing.

Instead he plunged his rod down her throat and said,"Yea! Suck it cunt! Lick it! Swallow it! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!"

His rod throbbed and he could feel her gag as he filled her mouth and throat with his spunk. He looked down to see a bit of his cum leaking from the corner of her mouth. He grabbed a hand full of her hair, jerked her mouth off his cock and pushed her face against the gob of cum at the base of his rod.

"Lick it up." He ordered.

As she licked up the spilled cum Will turned the sybian on high. Casey groaned and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. "You don't get off until you beg." He said," You're going to have to beg me to turn it off."

As the minutes rolled by Will started to admire the young woman. Orgasm after orgasm shook her young body, she moaned and screamed but didn't beg for him to stop, until finally she could take no more.

"Please, please stop!" She whimpered.

"I can't hear you!" He said.

"P-P-Please st-t-t-op!" She said a bit louder.

"I still can't hear you." He said.

Finally she screamed,"OH, GOD STOP! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE, PLEASE!"

He grinned and snapped off the machine. Casey slumped and slowly slid to one side, collapsing in a sweaty, exhausted heap.

Will grinned and said,"You had better get going. You don't want your mom wondering where you are."

After a few minutes Casey recovered enough to stand. Her legs quivered with exhaustion as she dressed. When she was done Will took her by the hand and lead her to the front door. Before he let her out, he reached under her dress and ran his fingers between the sopping, swollen lips of her pussy. She trembled as his fingers touched her abused clit.

"Still sensitive?" He ask.

Casey nodded.

He grinned and said,"More to cum later."

He opened the door and watched as she walked slowly down the sidewalk. He raised his pussy slick fingers to his mouth and as he tasted her sweet sex, wondered how her mom was going to taste.


Tuesday afternoon Will arrived home at 5:00 PM. By 6:00 when Crissy knocked on the door he was showered and had everything ready to go. As she entered Will was surprised and pleased to see how sexy she was dressed.

She had on a pair of thigh high white stocking, a short red leather skirt that didn't quite cover the tops of her stockings, showing a bit of naked thigh between the two, a pair of three inch high heels and a very tight halter top. He could tell she didn't have on a bra because of the outline of her erect nipples under the tight top.

"You look scrumptious!"Will said.

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