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Payback Pt. 01


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My name is Daniel Cross, I am twenty five, five feet eleven and about two hundred pounds and live just outside of Orlando, Florida. I keep pretty fit because of my gym equipment and my job, which would class me as a sort of wheeler-dealer. I buy and sell most things but will not touch guns or drugs but pretty much anything else goes and sometimes a shipment is, if not hot, it can be a bit warm. I have a small warehouse in the industrial area of town with a good security system, linked to the police and my house up in the hills about ten miles out of town. Occasionally I do thing for shady characters so there is always the risk of someone taking a dislike to me or my operation, so I spent a couple of years training in martial arts, I'm good with computers/ internet, I am a good shot and can use a knife effectively and have learnt some burglary skills and how to pick locks. I also have quite a few contacts who can do the things that I can't, like hacking into secure files.

Over the last few years I have made a good deal of money but have not lost very much, I seem to have a nose for a good deal. This is how I bought my house up in the hills about ten miles out of town. Number 269 is a split level house, with two big bedrooms (both are ensuite), a kitchen/diner and a lounge on the top floor. There is a double garage and workshop area underneath, with a secret access to a corridor leading to four other rooms, three being twenty feet by twenty feet that I've had tunnelled into the rock of the hillside. Each room is lined with reinforced concrete and has its own temperature controlled system and ventilation up to the hill and some shelving for small items. This is for storing more valuable items that I don't want to trust to a bank or leave in my warehouse, from coins to antiques to paintings, the fourth one is a safe room with all my office equipment and a week's food supply plus a couple of guns and ammo, a burn phone for emergency use and a toilet/shower room. I drive an old Chevy that has an eight litre supercharged engine under the hood for avoiding pursuit and a similarly boosted old Ford van.

My parents Konrad and Stella live a few miles away in the exclusive suburbs, it wasn't so exclusive when they moved there but things change and their big estate is worth a lot more now. It is a five bedroom house they called 'Duncellin' due to having worked in Real Estate all their working lives. It has two bathrooms plus the master bedroom is ensuite, it has a big kitchen and very big lounge/dining room and treble garage with utility room and a small gym. There is also a two bed room guest annex for relatives which is attached to the house at one end and the garage at the other with a corridor through one side and the three bedroom Guest House just past the garage block for visiting friends and a good sized pool behind the house. They are not rich but are quite well off, having made their money in the real estate business for forty years. Both are in their sixties and have now retired and are fairly fit and healthy although Dad had a heart attack a couple of years back and has to be careful. Mom is slim and five feet six and Dad is five feet nine and a bit overweight. They have employed a cleaner for some years who comes in three days a week who was offered the job but she didn't want to work full time as she would have to do if she accepted it.

Stella told me this part of the story at a much later date but I have added it in here for continuity. Konrad doesn't like to drive too often and Stella never learned so they decided to employ a chauffeur/cook as she didn't like cooking much and wasn't very good at it. They contacted an agency that specialised in employing live-in staff, who had a good reputation and gave their requirements, stating that the staff accommodation would be in the guest house.

In due course an appointment was made to interview a single woman applicant with two children (girls) who had the satisfactory qualifications. The woman and girls arrived on time and introduced themselves as Natasha Hunt, aged thirty six. She was quite pretty, about five feet eight inches tall, about a hundred and forty pounds and slim with long blonde hair tied in a single plait.

Her daughter Connie, aged twenty, was more attractive than her mother, she was a couple of inches shorter, about one hundred and ten pounds and slim with slightly bigger breasts than Natasha, her hair was also blonde, long and free flowing.

The second daughter Madeline, aged eighteen was about five feet tall and about ninety pounds, she was petite with small breasts, had short brown hair, she was also very pretty but seemed very quiet. It was obvious the two girls had different fathers but Natasha told them that there was no Mister Hunt in the picture. They seemed suitable and her references were very good so they took them on and negotiated the rate of pay and the family moved in the next day.

I go to see my parents every two or three weeks, usually staying overnight and arrived about a week after the Hunt's moved in. Konrad was very pleased with the arrangement especially as the quality of the food had improved, Stella was still a little wary but said they were okay.

I was introduced to the family and Natasha was friendly which I assumed was because she was new into the job. Later as I was walking to the pool for a swim I saw Connie standing over Madeline shouting at her as she sat on the guest house steps.

She was calling her a 'Stupid fucking cow' and some other things a young lady shouldn't say to anyone, let alone her younger sister. She looked round and saw me and stormed back indoors and slammed the door, leaving the girl crying and cuddling her teddy bear. I walked over and said 'Hi', she looked up and gave me a little smile, before hugging her teddy again.

"Why was your sister so angry with you?" I asked quietly.

"Oh she's always like that, she couldn't find her phone and when she told me to get off the couch it was under the cushion where she was sat earlier but she blamed me for hiding it" she explained "But I didn't know it was there." Just then Connie came out and shouted,

"Get inside and go to your room, you know you're not allowed to talk to strangers!" she said sharply, looking at me then followed the young girl inside again. It looked like the sisters did not get on well but it was none of my business so I went for my swim and thought no more about it.

Dinner was very good, cooked by Natasha and assisted by Connie and served in the dining area while Konrad and I talked about my latest business deal. I noticed that Natasha was listening to the conversation but there wasn't anything secretive about it but later she was more friendly than before, even Connie was more polite which seemed odd.


A month later and I'd been quite busy but still managed to visit my parents twice, the last time I was there Natasha asked if I needed any help in the office as she had done secretarial work in the past. I thought about it and the state of the office and said 'OKAY', she had her own car and could spend a couple of mornings a week sorting out my office as well as the cooking and driving at Konrad's and on those days Connie would make them lunch.

Four weeks later I needed some extra cash for a deal and checked the business account and found it empty, I phoned the bank to query what was obviously an error as there should have been $100,000 in it. They couldn't give any details over the phone but said that I could come in and see the manager immediately. I drove into town and was seen straight away,

"There should be just over $100,000 in that account but it shows it's empty, what's happened to the money?" I asked the manager.

"The money was withdrawn yesterday on your authority Sir, here is the slip and is that your signature?" I looked at it and agreed that it was my signature but I didn't remember writing it, I made an excuse and left. It could only have been Natasha, she must have slipped in the form when she asked me to sign some letters a couple of days before. I immediately drove to my parents' house and was told that Natasha and the girls had gone during the night. I asked Konrad to check his bank account and he found that it too had been cleared out, nearly $250,000. I called the police to report the thefts and the employment agency to see if there was any other address where they could be traced to, but there wasn't.

The next day the police informed us that a woman matching Natasha's description had been defrauding families in many states across the country and so far they had been unable to catch them as they changed cars or switched number plates often. It was all too much for Konrad and he had a second heart attack and was rushed with Stella to hospital. I checked the guest house but they'd left nothing behind except Madeline's teddy and that was probably done by the bitchy sister for spite.

I knew the make and model of the car they were using and hoped that they hadn't just stolen some number plates to disguise their vehicle. I checked on-line on all the car sale yards in the area to see if I could trace it there and finally found it a few miles away in a back street in the next town. I drove there and asked about the vehicle and the previous owners, it cost me fifty bucks to get the information. At least now I knew they were driving a VW camper and I had the registration number too, although it had taken me a week to get this far. I knew that they had been general travelling south but would have to go west soon or come back the same way.

I guessed west and contacted an acquaintance/friend who was a computer hacker and dealt with the 'Dark Web' where the majority of illegal transactions took place and anything could be bought and sold for a price.

These 'Black Hats' as they were known were very secretive but I had known 'Ren0' for a few years and he had done some work for me in the past. I asked him to find the camper preferably with Natasha etc. still driving it for me and gave him the probable direction to search.

I had an idea of how I could get the money back but it would need about a month to prepare, at least it was only the business account she had access to not my personal account.

I cleared out the three secret rooms behind my garage, some things would have to go back to my warehouse but the best would be looked after by my parents. I painted all the walls and ceilings white and installed tiny cameras connected to a central computer in the safe room. I ordered some furniture and other fittings and some other bits which were far more difficult to obtain which had to be collected privately. Everything was installed and ready in three weeks, I just had to wait for the call.

Ren0 finally called me and gave me an address where the camper had been staying for the last three weeks and it looked like Natasha was working another family as she had done mine. I took the van and staked out the address, everything looked normal for a couple of days (I slept during the day in the back of the van and watched at night) but the next night the gates opened around two am and the camper came out slowly without its lights on and drove up the road before turning them on.

I quietly followed with my lights off until we reached a busier road so I hung back and turned mine on to continue trailing them. We crossed the border into the next state and they pulled into a motel about a hundred miles from their last victim. I guessed that they would either sleep here for the day and go on that night or use this motel as a base to start a new scam.

That night they drove to restaurant for dinner and came back to their room after eating, I had time to get a couple of burgers to keep me going. I had already scouted out the back way to their room to make sure there were no cameras covering that area and at about one am I carefully inserted a pipe through the gap in the open window and opened up a small tank of chloroform based sleeping gas. After thirty minutes I donned a gas mask with night vision goggles, opened the window and climbed inside with a small bag.

It took thirty minutes to gag them with tape and tie their wrists and ankles with cable ties and carry them through the trees to deposit them in the back of the van with their bags. I used a 'Slim Jim' to open the camper and searched it but found nothing useful but back in the van, when I checked out Natasha's bag, I found six fake I.D.'s and driving licenses in different names for Natasha and six I.D.'s for Connie. There was nothing for Madeline, it reminded him of the story of Cinderella. It took five hours to drive home with one stop to give them a whiff of sleeping gas. I arrived just before seven and carefully installed one female in each room and left them to wake up in due course.


Room 1 -- Natasha slowly woke up and looked around and said "What the fuck!!" She was lying on a double bed, her arms are tied by cord to either side of the headboard and her feet are tied similarly but each cord goes through a pulleys to the wall behind the headboard. There is also a stout leather collar and chain leading to an eye-bolt fixed in the wall. She realised that she is naked but with a sheet covering her and the temperature is pleasantly warm.

Room 2 -- Connie woke to find herself in exactly the same situation as Natasha, she calls out to her mother but the rooms are soundproof and nothing is heard, only the camera records everything.

Room 3 -- Madeline woke up to find she was alone in a double bed with a pretty patterned light quilt on it. There are some shelves with books on them and some games. She is still wearing her nightie and her bag of clothes and personal bits is by the shelves. She gets up and tried the door handle but found it was locked, she banged on it and called to her mother but like the walls it has also been soundproofed. She got dressed and looked through the books, picked one and sat on the bed to read.

After checking the cameras, I called someone, who for a fee would go and collect the camper and hide it for a while, they would take a tow truck and haul it on board and drive away. I decide to grab a couple of hours sleep before I interviewed anyone and let them stew for a while.

Room 1 -- Two hours later.

I opened the door to a torrent of abuse.

"You fucking bastard! How dare you do this to me! Let me fucking go!" she struggled on the bed and the sheet fell to the floor, "And why am I fucking naked, you pervert! And where is my daughter!"

I stood and looked at her for a few moments and thought 'Not bad' but she said daughter not daughters, I waited for her tirade to stop.

"OKAY Natasha, if that's your real name, you are here because you stole $100,000 from me and $250,000 from my parents which caused my father to have another heart attack, fortunately he is still alive" I stated.

"You will give me the details of your bank account and I will have the money transferred back to me plus 50 grand to each of us as compensation if there is enough in the account. After that is done I will return you to the motel and you will leave but will not come back to this state again, if you agree to this I will not contact the police who have been searching for you for some time."

"NO WAY!" she screamed "You're not having my money, you bastard."

"If that's the way you feel then I will have to go and speak to Connie" I said walking to the door.

"No you can't! Don't you dare touch her?" She screamed as the door closed and locked.

Room 2 -- Five minutes later.

I opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind me.

"You!" Connie cried, "Why have you done this to me and where is my Mom?"

'She didn't ask about Madeline either' I thought, 'neither did her mother, there's something odd here.'

"OKAY Connie it's like this," I started "Your mother and you have stolen a lot of money from people you've worked for, over a few years. Now I didn't give a shit about that until you stole from me and my family and what's more it caused my father to have another heart attack so he's in hospital." No response from her so I continued "I want our money back with some compensation for all the trouble you've caused us. Give me the account details where the money is and I'll transfer to back to me and let you go."

"No! You'll take all of our money" she shouted.

"How long have you been doing this and how much money have you stolen?" I asked her.

"I don't know and I wouldn't tell you anyway, bastard!" She hissed. I stepped closer and pulled the sheet off the bed leaving her nakedness exposed to my eyes. Her breasts were a lot bigger than her mother's but the body shape was similarly slim but sleeker, she could have been a model. Her nipples had hardened with her outburst, I reached out quickly and gripped one and gave it a hard tweak.

"AHHH FUCK! You bastard that fuckin' hurts" she screamed. I looked at her for a moment, the reddened nipple the flat belly, the patch of golden pubic hair above her pussy, I ran my fingers through her bush and looked at the hate in her eyes and the shock as I ripped a small bunch out.

"Aiiiieeeee!!!" she gasped and burst into tears.

"Now will you tell me the details of the accounts" I enquired again but she shook her head.

"Eventually one of you will tell me, things can only get more painful and I have plenty of time" I told her and turned to walk away.

"Wait, I need to pee, I don't want to do it in the bed and have to lie in it" she said. I went back to the bed and pulled a kids plastic potty out from under it, then unstrapped her ankles and wrists but leaving the padlocked collar and chain still attached. I showed her the Taser I carried in my pocket as a warning and stepped back to allow her to get out of bed and use the pot.

She climbed back onto the bed when she'd finished and I re-strapped her limbs, covered her with the sheet and walked out of the room with the pot. After emptying the contents in the office facilities I left it outside her cell, I would take them some food and drink later.

Room 3 -- Cinderella?

I checked the cameras while I was in the office, Connie was quietly crying but Natasha had spotted the camera and was send a torrent of abuse at it, Madeline lay on her bed reading. As I opened the door and went in, she looked up and said

"Hi, where am I and why is the door locked?" I closed the door and stood at the end of the bed.

"Hi Madeline," I answered, "You are here because your family has stolen a lot of money from me and my parents bank accounts and I want it back with some compensation."

She looked surprised and said,

"I wondered why we moved in the middle of the night again, we do that quite often. You can call me Maddy if you like, where is Mom and Connie?"

"They have their own rooms but they are not as good as this one because I have to get them to tell me the details of where our money is and they won't tell me yet" I explained, "Do you know which bank they use?"

"No I don't' but I think it has something to do with a crocodile or alligator, something like that" she said. I thought for a minute, then it came to me, "Could it be Cayman, that's a South American crocodile?"

"Yes that's it, I thought it was funny at the time but Connie told me to shut up as usual" she answered.

"Thank you, that will help, I will bring you some food and drink later and unfortunately you will have to use the pot under the bed if you need the john." I finished and left as she said 'OKAY.'

I checked on banks in the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven for shell companies to launder money, there were a few banks but only two international ones, and I would look into them later. I took a break to think about what to do next, an hour later I had made a few decisions, time to play hardball. I prepared a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water and a bag of bits and headed for Natasha's room.

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