tagNovels and NovellasPayback Pt. 03

Payback Pt. 03


Categories: Oral, anal, Group, Love.


Showered, dressed and fed, I left around nine am and headed home arriving in forty minutes. I did the usual security checks and parked in the garage and found the girls in the lounge. Maddy jumped up and ran to give me a big hug and kiss.

"How did it go?" She asked, two questions in one, the sneaky minx.

"Pretty good, Konrad will be there for a couple more nights so I'll take you back after lunch on Monday, okay?"

"Okay, when have we got to be at Ren0's?" She asked.

"In about an hour and a quarter so we don't have a lot of spare time, I just need to get changed" I replied.

"I'll help you" Maddy said, laughing.

"Better make it a quickie" laughed Carmen.

"I don't do quickies" I replied and headed for my room followed by Maddy.

"How did it really go?" she asked, excitedly.

"Maddy for this one time I'm not going to tell you, it was very personal and private for someone I like and admire, maybe one day when they have gone but for now I'll say she was very surprised and happy in the end and I learnt a lot more of their story, which was already bad but it was worse than that, I'll tell you that part later. I changed and we left in the usual way and it took an hour to drive to the usual carpark near Ren0's apartment.

I did the coded knock and he opened the door to let us in, everything seemed to be the same as before except for a big new monitor in pride of place with the smaller ones like satellites around it. I introduced Carmen to Ren0 and she shook his hand, looking nervous, then we all sat in various chairs and Ren0 started asking her questions.

I had already briefed him about the courses she had done at college and lost (and briefly why she would be nervous of a stranger) and the type of career she was looking at in bio-engineering or genetics.

He set her up some computer puzzles and sequences to assess her current skills, then he showed her some harder ones and she seemed to do quite well with those. Anything more than that was lost on me but Maddy avidly followed it all and even offered her suggestions after clearing it with Ren0. There was no dark web work as she wouldn't need it and time was short, only an hour or so later, the girls left and I paid him for his time,

"She is smart, not as good as Maddy but close but different, I'll speak to someone and text you with some suggestions for courses." Ren0 said. Then I heard a shout and a scream, I looked over the balcony but couldn't see anything so I ran down the stairs to find two girls in the ready stance, Maddy was holding the telescopic baton and there was a young black male laying in the ground, obviously unconscious.

"He tried to touch me so I hit him, he staggered back and got angry and came for me saying that he was going to fuck me over but he ignored the frightened skinny white kid who came up behind him, kicked him in the back and hit him with her baton" Carmen said, grinning evilly as was Maddy.

"Good for you, both of you" I said as I checked his pulse, he was still alive so I stood up and said,

"Okay, let's get back to the car ASAP and the girls ran towards the carpark, I looked down and stamped my boot very hard on the fingers of his right hand, hearing and feeling the bones break.

"No one messes with my girls" I said angrily and ran after the girls to the car.

"What kept you?" Maddy asked getting in the back after Carmen. I got in, ignoring her, started the engine and drove rapidly away before any of his buddies spotted us.

"Let's just say, if he wasn't left handed before, he will be now!" I said nastily.

Carmen was shaking so Maddy lay down on the back seat and cuddled her, talking quietly and kissed her as well. We were home in forty minutes and secured in the house, I left my boots in the garage to clean the blood off later then joined the girls. Carmen had recovered from the shock and said,

"She's Maddy the Magnificent now not the Minx, what a heroine."

"Well you knocked him back the first time, he really wasn't expecting that from a poor defenceless girl" Maddy replied.

I poured them both a glass of wine and I had a beer, which I saluted them with.

"You were both amazing but maybe a bit more punch training to increase your strength, that way you could put him down first time, eh?" I said and they nodded and clinked glasses.

We made lunch and then soaked in the hot tub for a couple of hours, towards the end Maddy sat on Carmen's lap and cuddled her and then on mine giving me a good hard-on and then the minx got Carmen to sit on my lap for a cuddle and she wriggled against my cock in a very nice way. When I stood up to get out Maddy said,

"Look at that, look what you did, Carmen" pointing at my bulge.

"Oh no Maddy, you did that before I sat on his lap" she giggled and then shrieked as I smacked both their asses as they got out and ran off. Later after showering Maddy came and asked if the package had arrived,

"Why, does Carmen want to try it out now?" I asked.

"Well actually she does and I want to watch, do you?" she replied.

"Stupid question!"

"All right, you go and get it and bring it to her but it's her choice, okay" she said.

"No problem" I answered.

I collected the pink vibrator from the office and took it to their bedroom, both girls were under the sheet and grinning. I walked around the bed and brought out the device from behind my back and gave it to Carmen,

"I have cleaned it and put new batteries in, for your pleasure M'lady" and bowed, she took it and it disappeared under the sheet and I heard a slight buzzing.

"Carmen!" said Maddy sharply and then a laughing Carmen threw the sheet off and I watched as she rubbed the vibe around her nipples, making them stand up firmly, then moved it lower to her pussy and held it on her clit, eyes closed and moaning gently.

She spread her legs and pushed the end up and down her lips and down to her rosebud and held it there,

"OHH... Maddy that feels so good... Mmmm..." and she moved it back up to her pussy and pushed the tip in a couple of inches her other hand squeezed her tits. She pushed it in further and gasped.

"So quiet but so... buzzy, it's incredible" and she pushed the rest in.

Maddy was kneeling next to me stroking my cock, my shorts down to my knees, while my hand was down the back of her jogging pants and the fingers were dipping into her pussy, both of us watching our friend pleasuring herself. The vibe was being worked much faster now and she was panting then she cried

"Now Maddy please!"

"Danno get up there and fuck her now!" Maddy urged me. I was surprised but moved quickly, the shorts fell off and I was on top of Carmen who had removed the vibe, she grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her pussy and I was balls deep and pounding her, hard and fast.

"Ahhh, Maddyyyyy... I'm cumming with a cock in meeeeeee...Ahhhhh!" Carmen screamed, bucking her hips hard, "Ahhh Dannoooooo, fuck meeee." It was safe for her as I was not in danger of cumming soon, after my previous night and morning's exploits. As soon as her orgasm subsided, I slowed to a stop and looked at her, she was smiling and said,

"Hey Danno, I've done it, my brain has gotten past the panic barrier, I'm a woman now, not a frightened little girl and it's all thanks to Maddy and you," Carmen sighed, "Hey Maddy, I know how full you must feel now, I feel so very nice and full but now Danno, you'd better go and fuck her before she goes crazy, thank you yet again, hopefully we can do this again, properly next time."

I kissed her and pulled out and lay on my back and had Maddy on me immediately, she sucked the head and said,

"My two favourite flavours, Danno and Carmen" and opened her mouth and took the lot in, I pulled her around into a sixty-nine and found that she was soaking wet and had probably cum once already from watching me and Carmen's short fuck. She came up for air and cried,

"Fuck me now Danno!" She spun around and sat on the beast in one motion, gasping in pleasure, then she started bouncing hard and fast, alternating this with rocking her hips while grinding down on me.

Maddy wasn't going to last long and neither was I now, we were both working hard towards our climaxes, but Maddy got there first and cried out as her juices washed my groin. A few seconds later she said,

"Are you ready for this Carmen?"

"Yes, I think so" she replied and wondered what the minx had planned now but I didn't have long to wait as I was about to cum. I cried "Cumming Maddy" and pulled out of her pussy and Carmen dived in and grabbed my cock and pushed it into her mouth just before the first spurt, I was surprised but pleased, I could just reach Carmen's ass from my position and slipped a finger in her ass and one in her pussy and pumped them.

Maddy had obviously been coaching Carmen on how not to choke on the cum spurts which were powerful to start with, as soon as I had finished cumming, she sucked me as she released my cock so that she didn't lose any. They knelt facing each other and kissed and shared my load between them, then they separated and swallowed.

"What do you think of it?" Maddy asked, grinning.

"A bit salty and musky but not really unpleasant" Carmen replied, licking her lips.

"I have something else for you Carmen" and I got up and went to the office and collected the other vibe which I had wrapped and returned to the bed and gave it to her.

"Oh thank you Danno, it's lovely but why?" Carmen asked me.

"Well I thought you could have one here and one at home, if you hide it properly from any inappropriate eyes." I replied, grinning. She turned it on and tried it in her pussy,

"Hmm, a bit small but maybe perfect for in here" and she pushed it into her ass and held it there and smiled,

"Purrrr-fect" she sighed but after a few moments pulled it out, "One thing I must remember and you should have told me Maddy, is that I should have a clear out before I do any ass play!" she snapped but laughed afterwards.

"Oh sorry Carmen, I just do that automatically every time, I didn't think to tell you" she replied and laughed too.

"Well I have to go now so unless you want to smell it, I suggest you shower with Danno and I'll meet you in the kitchen to start dinner preparations." Carmen continued and got up and took her two vibrators with her to their bathroom. We went into the ensuite for a shared shower and once under the spray I asked her,

"When did you plan this little session?"

"Well, Carmen and I have been discussing her problem for some time and have decided that we are both bi-sexual, did you know that she has been sneakily watching porn on her laptop and not just girl/girl either. She's been looking at boy/girl sex and even anal, I guess your tongue in her butt gave her that idea" Maddy said with a smile.

"And your vibe in her ass must have helped too" I replied grinning, I wasn't going to tell her about using the webcam in her laptop to spy on them.

"Anyway, I got her to admit that she wanted you to fuck her but she was still scared and didn't want to feel an idiot if she froze. So I said, how about you test drive your new toy and when you're about to cum, Danno fucks you to your climax." Maddy explained, "She thought that would probably work, so we went with it and I knew you wouldn't cum early after last night.

Then she surprised me by saying that if it worked she would finish you off and she would swallow it, just like I do and in the porn films, as a thank you. I said that she would have to share it with me and so we did."

"It was a surprise for me and I loved it, thank you for a wonderful present" and I kissed her, and lathered her again.

"No, the present is tonight! You can give her the full treatment from licking to fucking her pussy to cumming in her ass, she was hoping that if the test session worked then maybe I would allow you to give her the whole works, in fact she begged me. I made her tongue beg my pussy for permission too, she was very enthusiastic and I had a good time agreeing to it" Maddy replied, laughing, "But I gave her a good time too, just to be fair."

"You will get your turn in the morning and we have all day and tomorrow night too, just one long orgy and you two can keep yourselves amused while I am recovering." I said, "Now let's go and prep dinner."

We all wore bathrobes for the rest of the day, food was prepared and left to cook and we watched a movie, sat on the couch, I had a beautiful girl on either side of me and a beer on the coffee table, life was so good at the moment.


There was a nervous excitement around the table as we ate dinner, as soon as the dishes were cleared away the girls went to their room, I secured the house and cleaned my teeth and swilled with mouthwash then lay in the middle of my king size bed with the sheet pulled half way up and waited.

A naked Maddy came in and said,

"There's a problem" I waited for her to continue, "No there isn't, I was just teasing. Ahem, Mister Daniel Cross, may I present for you to honour and educate in the fullest possible way," and she made a drum roll on the door post, "Miss Carmen Velasquez!" She stepped back and Carmen walked slowly into the room and around to the ensuite side of the bed and stood still, looking straight, being very dramatic.

Maddy walked behind her and Carmen stretched her arms horizontally out to the sides, Maddy then untied her robe and pulled it off her shoulders as she lowered her arms and stood naked before me. I ignored the tent in the bed and looked at her from top to bottom, she was now much slimmer with a well-defined waist; she must have lost close to another ten pounds in the last two weeks. Making a phenomenal thirty pounds in all and even better, she had shaved or Maddy had done it for her.

"OH... WOW! You look magnificent Carmen... Like a goddess or an Amazon..." I gasped. Now she looked down and smiled a little nervous smile.

"Do you really think so?" she whispered.

"Yes I do, please turn around?" I begged and she turned and I saw her beautifully sculpted ass and I wanted to bury my face in it, but that could wait until later. As she finished her turn I held out my hand and she took it and I pulled her gently onto the bed as Maddy whipped the cover off allowing her to lie next to me. I turned onto my side and looked into her eyes and said,

"You are beautiful." She smiled and pulled me in for a gentle kiss, a sweet kiss, which became a little more urgent. I teased her nipple with a finger although it was already rock solid as was the one nearest to me which I kissed and then sucked, making her gasp. I kissed my way down her belly and her right thigh to her toes then moved to the other foot and did the same before slowly moving back up. She spread her legs to allow me access to her moist honeypot and I kissed it too, inhaling the pleasant aroma of her pussy. I pushed my tongue through her lips and licked upwards.

"Ahhhhh..." she sighed, so I did it again, probing deeper the sucked on her clit, then lashed it with my tongue and she started to shake, so I worked faster and in less than a minute she wrapped her legs around my head and was cumming.

"Ahhh Danno, that's so good..." she gasped, "Oh Maddy, he is wonderful... You'd better marry him, if you don't, I want to."

"Fuck off Carmen, he's mine! He's just on loan!" She snapped but didn't mean it.

She opened her legs and I pushed them backwards, elevating her ass, now I had two holes to lick and went back to work on her pussy then down to her ass and back, up and down, up and down until she started to pant and hump her ass at me. I sat up and Maddy had a rubber ready to go, I rolled it on and rubbed the head on and between the lips of her pussy before pushing it slowly in about half way, then teased her by moving out a couple of inches and going back in the same amount.

"D-danno... Please..." she cried.

"Please what Carmen?" I asked teasingly.

"Please fuck me Danno, please fuck meeee!" She begged, so I pushed it all the way in and she cried,

"Ohhh fuck, that's big" She gasped and I waited for her to acclimatise. "Okay go for it."

I slowly pulled back until only the head was inside then pushed back in again, starting a steady rhythm and she was building up to her second climax. I had to decide if I should cum in her pussy and do her ass later or finisher her and cum in her ass this time. But the decision was taken away from me because Maddy took the pink vibe that she had hidden under the pillow and pushed it slowly into Carmen's ass.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck you Maddy! That's not fair, god that's big too, I feel so full and ...AHHH!" she cried as Maddy turned the vibe on and I could feel the buzz through body and condom.

I had stopped to watch but now resumed pounding a bit faster, Carmen was writhing on two cocks and loving it and was rapidly approaching her climax, I wasn't going to be far behind. I stepped up a gear and was thrusting harder,

"Oh Danno-o-o, I'm cumming soon... Please cum with me..." she gasped humping us hard. I felt my juices start to rise and I moved into top gear and pounded her harder, my balls slapping against her wet ass where her juice had leaked out and run down there.

"Oh god... CUMMING! Danno!" she screamed.

"Meee toooo!" I shouted and started pumping into the rubber and her at the same time.

Maddy had pulled the vibe out of her ass and was cleaning it as we lay together, panting. I propped myself up and asked her

"Was that good for you, M'lady" grinning.

"Oh... Hell yes, even better than with Maddy, sorry girl but like you said 'You can't beat the cock' and you were right, I need a drink... please?" Carmen asked her friend, who disappeared and fetched three sodas. I remove the rubber and disposed of it in the bathroom and washed my cock and balls and returned to the bed as did Carmen who had done the same. We all sat and talked about the experience and were all satisfied except Maddy who hadn't been fucked yet.

"Have you had enough Carmen, you look shattered" I asked.

"No, I was promised the works and that's what I want, this may never happen again so I want the full experience" Carmen stated.

"Okay Carmen, but I need a bit of rest and recuperation so Maddy can have a play now and I'll just watch" I said as the girls finished their sodas and came together for a cuddle and some serious kissing. Which progressed to a sixty-nine with the bigger girl on top and I just lay there and watched them loving each other with gusto.

Then I saw Carmen reach for her vibrator, I leaned over, picked it up and pushed into her questing hand, she looked up and grinned evilly and I suddenly knew what she was about to do. She went back to sucking on Maddy's clit and pushed the vibe straight into her asshole,

"AHHH! OH FUCK! YOU BITCH!" Maddy screamed, "You could have fucking warned me!"

"Like you warned me, bitch!" Carmen retorted turning the vibe on. Maddy was waving her hand to me and I quietly opened the drawer and gave her, her own vibe and watched as she did the same to Carmen.

"AHHH! BITCH! Danno that wasn't fair, she had help" she cried.

"So did you Carmen" I replied.

"Hey Maddy, guess who's sprouting a tent pole?" Carmen laughed, "We all know where I want to try it, where do you want me Danno?"

"Uhh, same positions but lying across the bed" I explained and they repositioned themselves, "Now move back this way until Maddy's head is off the bed" I continued, and they shuffled back until I stopped them.

"Okay Carmen you can carry on while I slip this tent pole down Maddy's throat" I said.

"Yummy, I get to suck the tent pole, yay for me!" Maddy squealed and giggled but I soon shut her up. Normally she lowers her head onto my shaft but this time I was going to throat-fuck her. She dropped her head back and opened her mouth, I pushed a few inches in and let her lick and suck it and then I eased back to let her take a breath and pushed it further in, pause and now all the way.

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